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Unemployment down since the Brexit vote, but wages aren't going up as they should. Now employers, rather than invest in new technology that increases productivity, opt instead for cheap unskilled labour on minimum wages and Zero Hours Contracts, with the full knowledge that with little employment protection and weak trade union backing, they can hire and fire as they please. 


Welcome to the new normal, and hope it doesn't get worse.

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2 hours ago, mathschoc said:


Two ways to read this:

1. Imminent recession barrelling down the tracks
2. This is a dip before the blow off top as can be seen previously.

So 2018 recession or 2021 blow off top.
Sadly i think its going to be a 2021 blow off top, not imminent recession. 

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4 hours ago, Sancho Panza said:

Fascinating set of charts.It'szing to think that when the UK had a Population circa 12 mn in 1800.

Really highlights increasing longevity...caling Paul Hodges.

What the hell was their secret in 1780 - 1800.  We still haven't been able to achieve that low death rate.  Mind you it doesn't explain what the units on the Y axis are so whose to know.

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On 03/02/2018 at 1:12 PM, stop_the_craziness said:

They probably didn't bother recording the deaths of poor people ;)

During the late 18th century adult deaths from smallpox declined sharply, whilst deaths among newborns rose sharply. Often newborns who died soon after birth were labelled stillbirths and abortions as there was no fee to bury them.

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31 minutes ago, evetsm said:

That is the single most frightening financial picture I think I've ever seen.  Wow!

Yup. I was too young to care about the tech bubble implosion, but 2007 looks like a mere blip compared to it with regard to investor credit balances. 2018- looks like an order of magnitude larger than 2007. :ph34r: 

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looks like before previous big falls in the S&P that the debt levels suddenly popped higher (the red bars suddenly spike downwards) we could of seen that very recently.

Either way just looking at that chart it could all go pop within the next two years.

But then again, it would of been very logical to say that at the start of 2015 also. This time its not just silly tech stock investors, or HPI maniacs, its basically the whole system (central banks) not allowing a crash.

Wish i had a crystal ball. 

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