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  1. A hit piece on gold from the FT in 2004. Gold was priced at $400 an ounce at the time.
  2. And? Your point is, exactly? In addition, please keep bitcoin discussion to the bitcoin thread.
  3. Elon also looking to buy gold as well. Not mentioned so much because everyone got blinded by the Bitcoin. The below is from the SEC filings:
  4. The talk on Reddit is about First Majestic Silver (AG).
  5. I haven't looked into this but saw it posted on Twitter so will post the link here. Make of it what you will: The Bit Short: Inside Crypto’s Doomsday Machine https://crypto-anonymous-2021.medium.com/the-bit-short-inside-cryptos-doomsday-machine-f8dcf78a64d3
  6. Yes, people on the twitter thread were saying that there might be some way to get the data off the drive. I think theoretically you could get an Intelligence technology specialist or the IRONKEY experts to make an attempt. I'm not sure why he hasn't done this already.
  7. Very unfortunate .. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/12/technology/bitcoin-passwords-wallets-fortunes.html
  8. Given that Schiff, like me, was buying gold before the year 2000, seeing gold at $1850 is not really a problem ... Having watched the Gold market for 20+ years, last week was mildly interesting but otherwise nothing special.
  9. This won't matter until it matters. There won't be time to react when the time comes.
  10. For the US taxpayers, there is a new question on the front page of the Form 1040: “At any time during 2020, did you receive, sell, send, exchange, or otherwise acquire any financial interest in any virtual currency?” You’ll have to check yes or no. “The first thing with cryptocurrency is that, if you have crypto transactions, you’ll need to report them,” said Andy Phillips, director of the Tax Institute at H&R Block. “The question is front and center — the first thing that they touch on Form 1040,” he said. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/01/bitcoin-hit-the-19800-mark-how-this-could-affect-your-2020-taxes.html
  11. If you don't have a problem with it, then there is no problem from your perspective. Go ahead - take the vaccine.
  12. Pfizer given protection from legal action by UK government The Department of Health and Social Care has confirmed the company has been given an indemnity protecting it from legal action as a result of any problems with the vaccine, the Independent reported. https://www.cityam.com/pfizer-given-protection-from-legal-action-by-uk-government/
  13. We really don't want a war. ‘Nobody would survive’: Putin to Oliver Stone on ‘hot war’ between Russia & US No country on earth would survive should the world’s most powerful nuclear states unleash their atomic weapons, Vladimir Putin has said. His remarks form part of a series of interviews with American film director Oliver Stone. “In a hot war is the US dominant?” the American director asked the Russian president. “I don’t think anyone would survive such a conflict,” Putin replied https://www.rt.com/news/391171-oliver-stone-putin-hot-war/
  14. There is no 'back to work' message. People have been working the whole time. There is no need to go 'back' anywhere. Work is a thing you do, not a place. You could be on a space station in orbit and still do most City-type jobs. As long as the work gets done well and on time, why do people care where you are?
  15. (1) I've seen numerous new employees fully trained using MS Teams. You just set up a training schedule and learning documents etc. Works absolutely fine and these employees are now fully integrated and working at 100% (from home - having never even seen the office or their colleagues in person). (2) Most modern businesses have been running from home with no loss of server access at all. Most people have very reliable broadband (mostly fibre - 50mb downstream, 10mb upstream). In my experience people have better internet at home than in the office! (3) Calls easily scheduled to a calendar - once or twice a week. If you need to call a team member you simply call on MS Teams. Works exactly like it did in the office. If they aren't there, you just drop them a note using the Teams chat function and call them 5 minutes later. Or you email them instead. Works exactly like it did in the office. This is why loads of businesses have reported the most productivity ever seen during lockdown.
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