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  1. People long stopped listening. Now the hard figures are rolling in. The only positive is that people buying hose within MMR (less than 3.5 income) and fixed for a ~5 years aer relatively protected. Everyone else is in trouble.
  2. Top rated comment - Translation: ‘oh *h*t oh **c* **#*¥^^ what the hell do we do now that it’s not transitory’
  3. BoE signals ‘modest tightening’ of monetary policy over next two years Policymakers indicate rates likely to rise sooner than previously thought as inflation climbs towards 4 per cent https://www.ft.com/content/80de9d5d-42c5-47f0-bc86-a46d05291691 The Bank of England said on Thursday that “some modest tightening of monetary policy is likely to be necessary” over the next couple of years to keep inflation under control after its latest policy meeting. The central bank’s Monetary Policy Committee warned that inflation was likely to rise to 4 per cent towards the end of this year and this, alongside a strong recovery, led the majority of its members to believe the conditions had been met to allow it to start discussing raising interest rates again. Anyone remember the Taylor rule? The most successful attempt at having a guideline for IR rates. https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/working-paper/2000/uk-monetary-policy-1972-1997-a-guide-using-taylor-rules Uk rates should be around 4%. Mortgage rates should have a clear 2% spread over base rates.
  4. Youll note that Italy spends less but out performs the UK.
  5. No it doesnt. There is a sperate pot/account for NI.
  6. BMA for one, which restricts training places to protect existing workers from coemption. https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/best-healthcare-in-the-world Theres a whole load of stats collected on healthcare systems. Singapore's prob the best, in terms of outcomes and cost.
  7. In terms of cost/capita the NHS is one of the most expensive healthcare systems going.
  8. Theres really no 'powerful groups' trying to dismantle the NHS. There are powerful groups within the NHS, clinging onto its current lousy organisation. No-ones copying the NHS. The 'bets in the world' spouted all the time just isnt true. Just pick one of the better performing health care systems- despite the claims, there are more health care setups other than the US and the UK - and copy it.
  9. Need to drop 'star' rating and start using bedbug or cockroaches.
  10. IIRC houseprices.io *IS* the LR data, just gussied up.
  11. Well .... youve picked the wrong example. ARM is fabless. Other than some very old, small fabs I dont think the UK has much in the way of silicon fab industry. The Welsh company for sale/buy out just makes wafers.
  12. Since 2000, the UK population has increased by 15m-20m. Thats a guess - but a good one. And its a guess as the record records are dire. Putting these extra numbers into GDP/capita shows two things - That the working natives are truly Trojans. Or, considering UKGOV 2000-2010 - Boxer. That the migrants are pretty useless, economic dead weights.
  13. Moving to another country and having to speak a different language is a pretty high barrier to jump. Most Westerners. with 12+ years of education, would - and do - struggle. You can prepare a bit, by at least getting started on the language and having some transferable skills. If you are single, going abroad and marrying a local will ensure your kids do well. Having some 40+ couple, with less than 5 years education, with o skills bar low output farming is asking for trouble. And that trouble was delivered. One noticeable trait is that a lot of 2nd generation migrant kids do a lot worse in education than the 1st lot. Thats a sign of a very poor culture.
  14. Eh? Its money on the banks balance sheet. They can do what they like with it - normally, having been banned from divis. Banks look to make money by lending money. If it costs a cost to lend money then they wont lend.
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