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  1. ********. I grew up near Middlesborough. There';s loads. Did you sit on the wall outside the station, and check out the X93? Or just walk down to Eastfield.
  2. 'Vanessa Warwick 16 hours ago Thanks for posting this and it is really good to know that such an ethical service exists, as I am sure it is going to be much-needed over the coming years. Having visited Landlord Debt Advisory's operations in Belfast on two separate occasions, and seen what a professional set up they have, Nick and I are very pleased to have them as a partner and supporter of this site and as part of the trusted Property Tribes "ecosystem" of legitimate services and products that landlords may need. Keep up the important work you do guys!' bwahahahaha.
  3. Why? Changes in ownership cause a charge. Let them change, then change the tax rules later. To be hoenst, Id guess they knew that IO BTL have not a hope in hell of remortgaging.
  4. spyguy

    Lib Dems will be king makers

    One current actual results, LibDem could be 0 at the next GE.
  5. Oh I know. I also know hat, nti lrecently, Skipon, have been operating in the racier end. https://www.skipton.co.uk/about-us/financial-results Loking at the heldlines, they've drwn in their horns - mortgage lendings dropped a fair old chunk 'together with the impact of more stringent customer affordability criteria we introduced towards the end of 2017;' 'Group administrative expenses totalled £249.7m (six months ended 30 June 2017: £253.9m), of which £171.8m relates to the Connells estate agency group (six months ended 30 June 2017: £169.1m);' Hmm. Id be getting rid.
  6. Nope. LL hypothecated that more taxes would mean higher rents. However, it looks like the more you tax LL, the lower rents go. Crank up the taxation......
  7. Funny. 6 months after Coventry BS start heavy marketing campaign. Youd think they were running out of money.
  8. Yep. Trialling a new train. That trashed the existing cabling.... Real geniuses in the rail industry.
  9. My post? Or the sheer bell-endianess of the bloke? I dont think being a bell-end is a crime. Yet.
  10. Apparently his Dad runs ones of those scammy private car park operations - Britannia Parking.
  11. 'I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie To the hip hip hop and you don't stop' Via afriend https://www.theguardian.com/money/2018/apr/07/i-started-my-business-from-scratch-and-now-work-two-weeks-a-month ' I prefer to travel by private jet because you can rock up at the airport 10 minutes before the flight. There’s no queuing and you get driven right from the plane door to immigration. I must save at least six hours of my time per round trip. That’s important to me, because I tend to work incredibly hard when I’m not on holiday, typically putting in a 10- to 15-hour day. ' 'I must have taken 45 or 50 flights in the past year to 30 different places. I like to go skiing or visit Paris, Milan and new places – I love immersing myself in new cultures. I don’t own my own jet; I pay for a membership service that enables me to get seats on private charters. ' Im guessing he must have walked back. Or got the bus... ' I’ve got a six-figure sum invested in cryptocurrencies, and it’s not uncommon for me to make around £1,000 overnight. I’ve made around £60,000 to £70,000 in total although I lost £7,000 recently when bitcoin fell back. ' ' I have two buy-to-let properties I own which pay my mortgage, and I’m about to take on a third one. And I do guaranteed rentals; I rent, say, a three-bed home and pay £1,500 a month to the landlord guaranteed for five years, then I make it an HMO (house of multiple occupation) doing things like changing the lounge into a bedroom and earning more than the £1,500 rent. ' OK, even by the wierd way IO BTLer work, I dont understand that. Does he 'own' them? Or is he sublettign them? Im glad hes earning more than 1500' He'd not be a very good business man if he was renting at 1500 and subletting at 1200... Subletting is illegal. HMOs are regulated in bmouth now.
  12. spyguy

    Fergus Wilson throws in the towel?

    Fatty is ot in charge ver his destiny. The bank are driving this. And have since 2008ish.

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