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  1. You are applying logic to a mumsnet poster ....
  2. OMFG! Heretic!!! We bought our house for £7250 over fifty years ago so obviously it’s worth a lot more than we paid (even at 15% interest) but relatively, we haven’t made a lot of money on it if we want to move within the area. You can only 'make' money is you massive downsize or move to a much cheaper area. Taking on a very large mortgage to play that game is goign to go wrong.
  3. Inase it gets pulled. The only thing worse than Trump is someone saying HP fall...) New build 9 years ago. Sold this month for 5k less than we paid. We had spent around £20-25k on improvements, I would say. So we lost £5k on sold prices but a lot more if you add the improvements we had made. Id guess theyve lost a lot more than that 5k. Theres the IR used to pay the mortgage, which could be pretty high - 5k-10k a year. The number of people I know who go - 'We made <big sum> on this house. Then go crestfallen when I ask them to discount IR paid. Love, send this ca
  4. Bought my flat for 305 four years ago and current selling for 287. London/SE. HTB.
  5. Re Brexit vote. 52% vote leave. 48% voted remain. However turnout was 70%, meaning the actual vote was split roughly equally between In, Out, Dont care/didnt vote. I'd guess everyone who wanted to remain voted. However the active Renain vites were overwhelmed by Nos / Dont care, didnt vote. I mention this as Trump achieved the 2nd highest of votes ever, only being beaten by Biden, a candidate so dull n doddering n totally inspiring he was just the anti-Trump ticket. Trump discovered a huge number of voters that had been abandoned by both Dems n Reps. Equ
  6. You need a stable population of net tax paying under 65s. France n Belgium have 'fixed' their aging demographic problem by creating a younger, lower skilled, different culture and much more unemployed one.
  7. You are seeing this all thru LibDem Gammon eyes. Almost 50% of new tenants in prime London were from the EU https://www.business-money.com/announcements/37052/ Surely the question is - Should EU's under 50s seek to join the UK?
  8. Careful of big numbers and TC/UC. A large number of people will draw very little. Universal credit has been the source of considerable debate from the start. Firstly, it is complicated to work out exactly what you might receive. Some people, such as those with £16,000 or more in savings, will not be eligible at all. TCs did this, allowing a number of mid earners to pull ~100/m. There isnt a 'UC'. The amount is very variable. You need to see how many claim how much. Re 16k cash limit. They need to ensure a similar thing for housign equity. Otherwise you punish
  9. Are we??? We do. I know several families where it might not be true that multi generations have never worked, working has been a very minor part of their lives. As well as moving to contribution based welfare, I also think it would be a good idea to keep a tally of bennies paid - whatever form of income support/TCs + housing benefit. Then think of suitably big sum, life changing sum - 100k. Bennies stop when they hit that level.
  10. The Northern research group are much harder than even the most rightwing Tory. NRG is formed by people who are similar to that 'bigotted woman'
  11. Quick googles shows its the **** end of Laayds! prime city centre new living 'boom' Few OO were hurt in this experimentnt....
  12. UC @ £400 also also you to work ~20h week - and keep the money. A single person - anyone with school age kids gets much much more - would also get some housing allowance. UC is designed as a half step between benefits and work. Its not there for you to live forever on.
  13. Tells is nothing. Meaningless. UK mass market mortgages did not exist til the 70s. It took financial sector dereg in early 80s to open up lending. Then idiot Browns light tough to blow the retail banks up. Mortgage lending is not coming back in any form similar to 1975- 2008ish.
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