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  1. spyguy

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Maybe we need to be picking the last collapse in 2018? Debenhams.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Bell_(university_administrator) Scratching my head on the ex Reading VC career. Hes 59. Did a History + Phil degree (3 y). Then PGCE (1y ) Then a Masters i nEdu + Admin (1y) whos who: Teacher, Cuthbertson Primary Sch., Glasgow, 1982–85; Dep. Headteacher, Powers Hall Jun. Sch., Essex, 1985–88; Headteacher, Kingston Primary Sch., Essex, 1988–90; Asst Dir of Educn, Newcastle CC, 1990–93 and 1994–95; Harkness Fellow, Atlanta, Georgia, 1993–94; Chief Educn Officer, 1995–98, Dir of Educn and Libraries, 1998–2000, Newcastle CC; Chief Exec., Beds CC, 2000–02; HM Chief Inspector of Schs, 2002–05; Perm. Sec., DES, later DCSF, then DFE, 2006–11. DUniv Strathclyde, 2004 Thats a lot of public sector churn and change of direction. I make that about 15 changes in ~30 years. Most hv started planning his exit as soon on the 1st day ...
  3. Pretyy good deal ... if you can get it. These artivles are BS. All these great deals etc, always limited to a handful of mortgages. LL locking in for 10 years need to be looking at s24 and ecpecting an even worse tax environment. What would Corbyn do?
  4. spyguy


    Come up North spermy. Ive a spare Whippet you can borrow. Ive been keeping it in the bath. It needs to go as i want to put coal in the bath.
  5. spyguy


    Crossrail - later and even more expensive. That extra cost is put on rail users and businesses. And rightly so. Probably be slower if they dont iron out the signalling.
  6. See my post a few back. Its been one lot of chaos after another since 2010. Governments have very finite capacity. On brexit theres no laws stopping us dropping all benefits bar JSA.
  7. QE n ZIRP has fuxed up many things, inc. The only thing governments listen to - bond market. Central banjs are mirons. One, blind faith that private banks will regulate themselves... Two, governments would wisely use QE time to reduce spending. Economists technocrats. Biggest idiots in world.
  8. 2010. Coalition won, eventually. Spent 18 months dicking around. Year 2 raised taxes. A lot. Year 3 started to look at cutting back on brnefits and publuc sector spend. Tax credit changes were blocked by libdem peer. Entire depend reduction plan fuxed. More so as tgey tose the tax free allowance to 12k to sweeten the heavy cuts. Year 5 do the brexit vote. All spare bandwidth tied up. Brexit wins! Chaos. Camoron resigns, re rlection. May wins. Start on the wtf do we do, which is where we are today. Again, as i said on tax credit sad face, should have raised the hours to 38, cutting payouts, then reduce payouts. Could have diffused tax credits in 5 years. Gidiot had the scope to be bold in the 1st 18months and would been able to do it. His hesitance to grasp brownfkup and reduce it has cost us out of europe and about 30% gdp of debt. Browns finznvial fup has cost him and every Pol their credibility. Anyone who touches the scorched earth of the brownian mess is destroyed. Thats why i reckon the only way to get on top is to be brutal on immigration and any benefits they claim.
  9. They dont have ore than one vote. The people who made out with flood of cheap Labour were not traditional Tories. Tax credit came from the idiot Brown. There were no companies lobbying for his idiot bribe.
  10. Because its costing billions. Because non brits dont have a vote. Theres no political risk when people cant vote. Because the Pols seem to have clicked people are p1ssed over low to no skilled migrants. The signs are that any migrant will need 30k+ job. The high rents are caused by migrants. There is no need for a low skilled migrant, never mind one onn benefits.
  11. spyguy

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    They may have. But if you are Chanellor in 97, encourage the biggest credit bubble the UK has ever seen, then see 80% of the UK banks blow up in your face then Id think more than a bit of blame can be applied to the moron from Kirkaldy. Trying to pull 100 years of Tories is a bit Momentumish esp. when Cons have not been in power for 100 yers in total.
  12. spyguy

    Death debt divorce.

    I know this one. http://www.thebusinessdesk.com/yorkshire/news/2014909-developer-snaps-north-yorkshire-hotel Theres a 'go getting businessman' bringing the world of hotel room investment to various unsellable large hotels in once popular resorts. He tried similar with care homes. He has a link. It comes with a warning - not safe for your sanity/side may split. Somewhere between IT Crowd CEO and David Brent, with a large dash of Charles Ponzi. You have been warned http://gavinwoodhouse.co.uk/
  13. spyguy

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    A 100 years ehh ..... Remind me, how many bans have failed inthe last 00 years? What years did they fail? How many banks failed? Which government was in power?
  14. spyguy

    Death debt divorce.

    They rent. Who do you think the main customers for all those IO BTLers are? IO BTL started 2002ish. FOM kicked in at 2004ish.
  15. They are not. The flood of EUers int othe UK is the major reason for Brexit. The flow is just so unbalanced, its insane. You'll find few workign age Brit in Europe - the typcial Brit living in Europe are rtired teacher in some way off French village or the costa chippies. In both cases, these are not entitled to any public services - both are required to pay tax for health services. Obviously there's no schooling requirement. In the UK its the total opposite. In your case, Spanish welfare runs out after 2 years. Mrs spy (Italian) has a Portugese dossers ki in her class. He, the Dad, turned up i nthe UK, with his Thai bride, after his Portguese dole ran out. Its not hypotehtical. Working age benefit really do not really exist in Italy. And the cnaces of a non itlian getting a job they could live off - pretty much zilch. Who's fault? Its Brown's mainly ,as the creator of tax credit. Before tax credits, living on benefots i nhe Uk was not much fun. Then Balir opening up the UK before theyd thoguht thru benefit entitlements. Here's Blairs predictions fro m2004: 'While the number of migrants from Central and Eastern Europe into the UK was predicted to be in the region of 5,000 to 13,000 on the assumption that other member states would also open their labour markets, most didn’t. And the flows turned out to be over 20 times the upper end of this estimate. ' The reality is, ~14 years down the line, is teres about 8-10m EUers (mainly EE) in the UK. The 3.7m figure that gets bandied around is plainly and massively wrong. Before 04/FOM UK v EU was roughly balance at 1.5m each. The number of UK in EU has probably fallen a bit. Brexit is a direct result of the mess from FOM + TCs. I keep pointing out that its very likely that all bebefits bar JSA will be removed from EUers. And therre's a good chance that the 30k earnign limit will be enforced. AS I point out to a couple of EErs (one Slovak the other Romanain) boht who've been i nthe UK for ~3 years and have kids at school now, - If you dont think you cn earn enough to sruvive, without benefits, then you might want to think about leaving ASAP so your kid does not get too far behind at school back home.

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