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  1. No, I dont think we will. Well have post covid structural change of the economy.
  2. Its probably a load of S. However .... Do these people not read the news??? Why would you make an investment in a Labour stronghold at the moment? Sae goes for London. Jobs n money are going elesewhere.
  3. Yes, they were. pretty much all the hTB crappy flats are Europeans or Indian nationals. Why in fk the option to buy share ownership was offer to non nationals Ill never know - other than stupidity + greed. Id love to know where th finance has come from. AFAIK UK banks will not lend to non nations.
  4. What does that snivelling tit on moneybox think guidance is? Mortgage providers are refusing to follow new guidance intended to help hundreds of thousands of people who are unable to sell or re-mortgage their flats because of the cladding crisis. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, RICS, issued the guidance to its members across the UK just two months ago. But Money Box has learned that despite being involved in preparing the guidance, many lenders aren’t following it - leaving people struggling to sell because buyers can’t borrow the money they need. Compulsion to lend????
  5. Britain's booming property market sees 13 buyers for EVERY home on sale... with some even following estate agents' cars so they can be at the front of the queue Agreed sales last month were up 57 per cent compared with April 2019 Many estate agents now immediately ask prospective buyers for their 'best and final offer' to ward off gazumping Experts said the industry was working around the clock, and buyers were resorting to extreme measures to secure a home Surge in demand has largely been driven by ultra-low interest rates and the stamp duty
  6. Time on the market is nothing more than web page scrapping. Easily gamed.
  7. Covid has massively disrupted supply chains, creating a lot of price noise. However North America is returning to normal now, so you'll get a view idea of price inflation.
  8. Time on market is a piss poor metric, easily gamed by taking property off and relisting, even by the same EA. Theres property that RM show as only being listed for several months. Yet anyone tracking the local area knows theyve been for sale for years.
  9. There is no spare Labour. They can ignore inflation for a quarter or two. But the US financial markets are nuts. The Fed has a lot of rowing back to some form of sanity.
  10. The only solid evidence is LR sales info and mortgage lending figures. The mortgage figures show a spike in Q121 caused by covid delaying previous sales. If the high levels of sales continue beyond summer then I accept your comment. However, going by what I've heard informally on bank lending - any minor wrinkle in credit and your mortgage application us shitcanned - I expect mortgage approvals and sales to collapse from end of Q2. It's possible that furlough will end and tge FED will raise rates in the same quarter. Now that'll be fun. BoE is notindeoendent. Sho
  11. Not really. Everywhere was stuck whilst covid was on, mortgage drawdown was stuck for almost 6 months. Then, the restrictions relaxed, 2 extras quarters of transaction happened nq320, q121, giving a alrge spike, which historically, isnt a huge number. Backlog will be cleared, furlough lifted, mortgages will drop. If the FED raises like I expect then the plummet will be more extreme
  12. spyguy

    Oh dear Labour

    And the implosion of Labour continues. This is not down to Starmer. Or Corbyn. Its Brown. In preparation for the Brown millennia, Brown bullied, bribed and blackmailed all senior people out of the party. The Labour left were ignored as he did not see them as a threat. When the whole Brown movement collapsed, starting with the Scottish banks blowing up, then the 2010 loss, which has carried on compounding, there was only the left loons and people who were elected post 2010 left.
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