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  1. Has it bought a string of IO BTL flats? Sure, the Asian might be going, but the belugas are taking their place.
  2. spyguy

    Interest Rates

    Its he 'from' bit I d worry about. Those figures, ifyou can get them, might look small, but they are expensive when your real take home has been negative for years.
  3. spyguy


    Well Reading has few - and shrinking - nice areas. Bracknell hasnt any. The nice areas tend to be other, much smaller settlements.
  4. spyguy


    Both Reading and Swindon, like yawk, are/were railway towns - large number of blue collary type workers. All 3 suffered with high unemplyment during the 70s/80s. The solution, if there ever was one, was a combination of finservices - Reading (pru), Swindon (Nationwide) Yawk (CGNU/Avvida) and imported blue collary workers, well, at least for Swindon (Honda). Reading was close enough for blue collary type to be sucked up in the odds and sods of building up the area. Yawk, they all went on the dole. As far as these strategies have panned out - both Reading n Yawk have lost pretty much all their finsec jobs; Yawk esp. Swindons hanging in there with NW - which i did not realise was so big. Thats fine, but Ive NW on the top of the list of banks to go under - its level of IO BTL/barely disguised high risk commercial lending is insane. The SW business guru (public sector salary of course) was o nthe R4 early business news, poofing up Swindon: Swindon is 40m from Heathrow - that made me rise out of my slumber. It might be, with the pedal down in the middle of night. Its nowhere near in the day. Swindon is a very successful high tech place (no, it has sales offices). Im hoping the Swindon workers can retrain as (his words) 'tech-coder'. Swindon, more so than Reading, was just a back office place for any big employer daft enough to selct it. I think ther's only Intel left; motorola scaling back/going years ago. The idea that a bloke (normally) trained on assembling Honda bits - which requires some skill but is normally picked up on the job in a few months, is going to somewho retrain, typically degree followed by 10 years experience,as a software person is nuts.
  5. spyguy


    I knew a fair few people from reading who worked in swindon. It was very much reading west.
  6. With a 40y mortgage you are mainly just paying someones interest.
  7. Depends on the company an situation. If its gone over, your f-ed. If company is going concern but scaling back but might be growing later then you need to be doing a deal. 1y pay is much cheaper than an employment tribuneal
  8. No. Us is cheaper. Parents dont act as guarantor. Lots of scholarships. And cheap for in state students.
  9. spyguy

    Rightmove February 2019

    These are much better, even though the web interface is terrible https://www.home.co.uk/asking_price_index/ The northern point code I track have been flat for years - 12. But waaay above the getting prices.
  10. spyguy


    An hour up the M4 but .... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47282603 Thats a lot of well paying blue collar jobs going.
  11. I know. Its insane. I remember when I was finishing my masers in 92. I was sat down with a few frinds of friends, tlaking about whats next. I was going 'Oh, ive an interview lined up with X doing Y, then one with X2, etc etc' And the rest were going - Im not sure what I want to do. These people were 22, having spent an extra 6 years in education. Thats well on its way to a decade.
  12. Pay is not half the story. Its pay and benefits. Some of the supplementary stuff is eyebrow raising - 40k on serviced accomodation, cars etc etc etc.
  13. I mean its not a company saying 'Go and study ArtsnHum' You get schools and Unis conspiring to push kids into HE to score points/tick box. Actual companies input into what 18yo continue with is zilch.
  14. Well, thats not companies. The bone headed 'More money in HE' just led to Unis increasing the number of cheaper degrees - ArtsnHum and Law - stack em high, teach em cheaply. There no feedback to allow a market to develop - like pigs, all degrees are equal! What need to happen was for further funding be attached to the number of grads actually paying their student loan. Make the future pay and pension of VCs and HE staff depend on how many of their gards earn more than mean income plus, say, 20%. Otherwise, whats the point of going to Uni - bar a 3 year p1ss around?
  15. I think its the evolution of my mums/grans 'He's got a degree!' to the 'He's got a usefull, employable degree from a good Uni/dept' Go back to the 70s and most of the working pop did not have O levels - the old 'Apply in writing' to check if the job seeker could read n write. Go to the 80s and you had middle aged people who'd gone to red bricks in the previous ramp up of the late 60s. These were were probably the coasters, employees of that age blindly assuming ntt degree = smart rather than degree = stay in education for 5 years. A 40-50 yo with a degree in mid 80s was a a rarity and attracted a hefty pay premium. Go to mid 90s, vast number of middle managers had been laid off and companies moved to more meritocracy meaning people with vocation degrees outperformed Quentin with a HIstory 3rd. GO forward and people serving you a coffee have tertiary education - and the debt to go with it. And now just confused employees/BS HR insisting on 'a degree' mainly because hey have 'a degree' too. By the early 90s it was obvious to anyone who looked that the earnings that a male with an ArtsnHum degree had blown his future earnings - on average they earned less than someone who left school at 16.

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