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  1. VMR has ably summarised your options but there is one other benefit under the new "flexible" pension rules & that is that you can bequeath your SIPP if you die to, say, your children. If you have children that may be something to consider. Depending on whether you die before/after 75 affects the taxation treatment to some extent. Also it sits outside (i.e. in addition to) your estate which may also be a consideration. hargreaves Landsdown site covers all of this pretty well imo (observation not recommendation)
  2. Ghost Bird, on 06 Jul 2016 - 12:23 AM, said: Im still waiting for you to apologise for your unfounded, unwarranted & nasty personal attack against me. I dont know who you are but if I dont receive your apology I shall ensure I will find out via the website owners or by other means if necessary. Are we clear?
  3. You can stop trolling me now ok. A reminder of the forum you are posting in:- It is not called "ghost birds personal trolling forum" If you dont have an on topic non-trolling post you wish to make as per forum rules then I suggest you refrain.
  4. It's my honest assessment of where we are atYou may have a different one I couldn't care less I ignore adhoms and trolls so try your little mind games with someone else. I don't play If you don't like my posts put me on ignore. FYI I don't have & never have had a property portfolio so you're barking up the wrong tree there sunshine However your post(s) do speak to the irrational paranoia rife on this site. If you don't want a house are not interested in house prices or the economy rather just wish to personally attack other posters one wonders what you are doing here in the first place.
  5. Tim Montgomerie ن Verified account ‏@montie Given super low interest rates UK should be borrowing more for infrastructure. Delighted that @ScrabbMP agrees Good lad
  6. Perhaps with rates close to ZLB he was rather hoping he could talk ££ down. First mover advantage & all that, same as Merv in 2008/9. It has worked rather well so far. ££ down to 1.30 and hes not had to cut rates even 1 bp. genius.
  7. Tomas Hirst ‏@tomashirstecon Tomas Hirst Retweeted Francine Lacqua That's now roughly 40% of UK commercial property AUM subject to trading suspensions...
  8. Neil Hume ‏@humenm Another one down. M&G SUSPENDS TRADING IN M&G PROPERTY PORTFOLIO FUND I guess nobody wants to be the last remaining fund to allow redemptions coz theyd get spanked. Typical financial market cascade/herding behaviour.
  9. Absolutely. My guess is they (BoE) will fixate on the pass through to wages rather than headline CPI. Ive said for several years they will likely want to run the economy "hot" for as long as they can get away with. Downside risk is stagflation for a time. All Brexit does is delay that for a time
  10. Soft patch (economy) into early 2017 followed by a boom (low real rates, full employment, low ££)
  11. CPI will likely be up +3-5% into 2017 (££, oil base effects etc) They will ignore it as they did in 2011 I think hotairmail referred to this in the past as "volaflation"
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