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  2. Supermarkets have done home delivery for the last 2 decades. With internet shopping, physically dragging yourself into a bricks and mortar shop is the PITA.
  3. There is no dividing line. Sugardaddying is a subset of prostitution. AFAIK. But fair comment aside from that.
  4. No. I was just blaming intergenerational inequality.
  5. Si1

    Lib Dems will be king makers

    May well have been because they were typing on a smartphone on the bus, or quickly in the office, or inbetween conversing with the spouse/mother in law etc.
  6. Riedquat

    Random Scientific Musing of the Day

    I suppose it boils down to "no-one's come up with a better idea that explains what we see". There's also probably a bit of "can't say anything about infinite density, that's just the direction the bits we have modelled seem to be pointing in."
  7. The world has reshaped itself significantly around the car (and easy transport in general), so whilst for some people in some places it's perfectly possible to do without it would be a right PITA for others. Small shops vanished and replaced by supermarkets - gives more choice and cheaper but relies on easy transport for example.
  8. I didn't mean young by younger, just meant that a bit less often than every three years when you're under 70. Maybe have to have another test a couple of years after first passing, then say once every ten years after that until 70.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Confusion of VIs

    Examples of big & multiple drops

    Strange that they seem to have decorated it with stuff they picked up in the B&Q sale
  11. https://www.inyourarea.co.uk/news/house-prices-in-reading-falling-at-fastest-rate-in-nine-years/ In the year to August, house prices in the town fell by 3.6 per cent, dropping to £301,616 on average - the lowest average house price in Berkshire.
  12. mrtickle

    Lib Dems will be king makers

    Another way of putting it is "thankyou, Si1, for explaining that". HTH
  13. Funny thing is I haven't changed my appearance or wear glasses anyway...unless maybe the odd extra grey hair is throwing it but I doubt that I'm reality! Machines everywhere else I travel in Europe have not problems which keeps pointing the blame at LHR ones. A mystery....
  14. You cannot be serious. We’ve telegraphed we are desperate for a trade deal, Trump, the best negotiating wizard on Middle-earth has declared America isn’t First enough, and the ERG are licking their lips.
  15. anonguest

    Sugar Daddying is so messed up

    Time would have been when seeing that would have shamed me into putting down/back in the packet the chocolate hobnob in my hand and halfway towards my open mouth, but now..........ah sod it. LOL
  16. Which trade deal did Trump bully the EU into signing? He's still cooking it up with Juncker, with some talk of lowering standards. My point was the bloc's no more immune from Trump's actions than we might be, (future uncertain) and their collective reaction doesn't seem to be having much effect on his policy making either. Though I'd accept it's going to feel tougher and a lot lonelier when we're out, but democracy's got its price.
  17. Byron

    Lib Dems will be king makers

    Some posters utterly amaze me in their strenuous efforts to achieve obscurity. WHY use initials, when the full words are efficient. Dosbodders pride themselves on their logic, practicality and pragmaticism. Why spoil it?
  18. I've lived and worked in your country, and I visit regularly. I hear your anecdote, but I think the solution is political, not economic. I sympathise that yes, you appear to have caught the britische Krankheit of extreme HPI, but it's still far easier in your place than mine. I'll leave it there as this is off-thread, but certainly not off-general-topic.
  19. You have to look at things like "row houses" in medium sized cities & burbs. Extremely low rates have let to insane prices. You can't save that kind of money anymore, while maybe 10-8 years ago you could. This is my own anecdotal evidence. In the generation of my parents, teachers and even railway workers could afford a "Reihenhaus". Now you need two full-time teachers with an inheritance. I am not talking collapse, I am talking healthy shrinking / "Gesundschrumpfen". The car areas, Bavaria/Munich and BW/Stuttgart are the worst. Too much money sloshing around.
  20. I suspect you're not very old. House prices in prime German cities have always been out of reach of most 'normal' Germans. However you can still buy something in non-prime areas - cheap as chips. Just that you don't want to live there. I genuinely do not understand why you'd want your own country to suffer economic collapse. No matter how frustrated I get with Britain, economic collapse will achieve far call positive. Nothing. Nada. Nichts.
  21. The zombie has risen again... This is why I have been sitting on gold & silver since 2006.
  22. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2018/10/21/italy-one-side-euros-woes-germany-sitting-outlook-hardly-rosy/ When's this thing gonna blow?
  23. Keep one of these and a 25L jerry can of petrol in the boot, sorted.
  24. I am German, live in Germany, and therefore suffer from the way too low interest rates and exchange rate, which have created an unprecedented export boom and - later - house price boom. It will go bust sooner or later, and I want it sooner. Also, re existing car tariffs and re defense spending, Trump has a point. So, not sure this is Schadenfreude, more like: this simply has to happen sooner or later, and the bubble is a nuisance to me. EDIT: Trump and hard BREXIT could be sufficient. Gotta wait & see.
  25. Why? Why would you get any Schadenfreude out of Germany being economically damaged by Trump's sanctions?
  26. Scanned comments. No a single commentator has pointed out that io btl was all part of gordies big credit bubnle, which cost the uk 20 years of growth and screwed over a generation. All for an idiot scots vanity.
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