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  2. I've noticed something curious... with retail rates, not with base rates, around 2%. Right now, the best 2 year ISA savings rates ~2.1%; the best 1 year ISA savings rates are ~1.6% (which seems consistent) - but the best 3 year ISA savings rates are ~2.2% (i.e. hardly any higher). The best term bonds (without an ISA wrapper) are a little higher... and one can borrow on some mortgages at around 2%. These figures suggest to me that demand for savings deposits is relatively high with a 2-year horizon, but relatively low with a 3-year horizon... and that these savings bonds provide yields closer to the cost of borrowing than ever I remember in the past. Perhaps it is just a quirk - perhaps a coincidence - maybe something more can be inferred?
  3. Rishi Sunak spends £500,000 of taxpayers’ cash on focus groups ‘to repair his image’ Rishi Sunak is spending a further £500,000 of taxpayers’ cash on focus groups and polling, new Treasury contracts reveal, sparking a claim that he is trying to “repair his image”. Researchers have been hired to carry out two focus groups and one national online poll each week until February 2023 – taking the total outlay over two years to more than £1.35m. The new contracts were awarded after Mr Sunak “told the British people he has no money to ease the cost of living crisis and that cutting their energy bills would be ‘silly’.” Independent
  4. Where? Where did I say vote Labour? Yes you are daftly deflecting I pulled up your not least worst claim which is literally matching your forum name at this point.
  5. Grant Shapps's Department for Transport spent thousands on civil servant 'away days' Thousands of pounds of taxpayers' cash has been spent on teaching civil servants to juggle and how to build a 'mini Mexican railway' using plastic tubes to guide a ball from across a room at team 'away days', it has emerged. In official data on its spending, the Department for Transport revealed nearly £19,000 was spent on 'away days' between November and January. The revelation about the 'away day' spending has seen the Government accused of 'wasting taxpayers' cash on absurd days out' as the British public faces the cost-of-living crisis. Daily Mail
  6. +1 £8,000 for your annual train ticket which guarantees you neither a seat or a train. Why do the British continue to put up with these grifts?
  7. No it is not you called me a fool when you have been fooled yourself. Now that is daft very very daft when you have just called me daft. We all know they all lie Tory, Labour, Liberal the whole lot of them ! Do you really think any of them are any different ? If so you are more than daft soft lad. So someone choosing to vote either or knows they are going to be lied to ! Are you keeping up ? I don't want the Labour Shower is that so difficult to understand. You Labour fan boys still have not given me one policy or shred of evidence that Labour would do anything for Jo Average UK voter but all you can tell me is don't vote Tory they lie yet admit Labour lie as well. Let me be blunt as well. As I said go and look at your Labour MP's. Have you looked up how many of them have been convicted of crime while they were still Labour MP's ? Answer NO ! thought not you write on here telling me why I should not vote tory yet refuse to look at the reasons why I won't Labour. Blunt, Police, Jail, MP's , Tory, Labour, Lies, More Lies , Am I Bovered ? While we are on the Police why is a woman who tried to stich up the Police crying racism while on every news outlet she could get her ugly face until she was found out LYING still in the Labour Party ? Answer because the Labour leader has not got the guts to sack her for what she tried. You want me to vote Labour NO THANKS.
  8. Referred to IOPC now so going to be interesting.
  9. But dominance has hardly risen. In previous bear markets it went up a lot. BTC may be the daddy but its children are becoming less weak.
  10. Biological weapons expert Colonel Kanat Alibekov, who now lives in the United States, claimed that the USSR considered using the monkeypox as a biological weapon until at least the 1990s
  11. No you are not, you are talking ********. Corbin (whatever his faults), hates war and loves the underdog. What, you would rather a decent, experienced, but socially awkward leader, rather than a incompetent narcissist liar who's party was quite literally and demonstrably in the pay of Russian money and who is (for whatever reason) consistently destroying the current and future prospects of the UK and its citizens, but has an ear for the soundbite?
  12. Its hillarious to watch people complain about the state of the country then say they want the people doing it to them as they are the best on offer... while apparently the Tories got in as people didn't want more of the same / Brexit no doubt was people sick of status quo...
  13. He is now laughing at the voters stupidity. I suspect he won’t be after the Byes.
  14. FFS this is the daftest thing I've read anyone put as a defence. I haven't been taken a fool as I didn't vote for this shitshow. I am not even advocating you vote for anyone but watching your half baked defence of the current ones is laughable. You also seem to assume I'm a Labour supporter and not someone just finding your current rant laughable. I can't guarantee Labour won't but FFS I can guarantee the Tories have and will continue to. So your defence is you want more of the same as change might not guarantee you won't get the same... So you acknowledge the current regime are a shower but won't move from that shower as you are not 100% nailed on that it won't be a shower even if that shower is less of a lie fest than the current setup. Let me be blunt - you have a guy who was found to have lied and been fired for it, helped arrange a professional hit on a fellow journo and would be in jail had the police not intervened early, who's repeatedly lied to you, who's ******-ups literally caused someone to be imprisoned 3 years longer in Iran, who's many failings have been exposed and that of his Gov and still you are sat there asking if others would be any better... a butty full of Trex would be an upgrade let alone a human being.
  15. You've no respect and you should know by now I don't just make stuff up. This should be clear to you by now after all the times you've accused me of that and then I supplied evidence. Didn't you say I made up the Smart Border 2.0 document ? Have you apologised yet ? As to your questions, they don't even make any sense as responses to my post.
  16. Bozo will be delighted, we are once again world beating:
  17. Well in fairness he hasn't been cancelled, his free speech hasn't been curtailed as you say
  18. EU expansion changed the economic dynamics quite a lot. I wasn't talking about competition from France and Germany.
  19. Maybe it's just numbers attending these events? If these festivals get enough visitors from abroad who participate in close and personal behaviour then when the event's over and they go home you get your cases popping up at the same time. Upon reflection, I have to admit that's a much simpler explanation than what I speculated about earlier.
  20. Its not just the corporate world though is it - footballer goes out of lash and someone gets a video of him wearing his old team's shirt while pissed with old team fans = fined. Drink driving same. Because its bringing the team / group into spotlight they don't need. Politicians say too many things seen as damaging + against party = withdraw party association. Charity volunteer says something damaging to the campaign being run, asked not to volunteer anymore. Its not being cancelled its basically do they see you as someone fit and proper to be a part of that org. If not then feel free to continue speaking about it just not as part of that org.
  21. Mortgage rates also lag changes by the BoE. (As do savings rates). Even if the BoE stop rising rates a 1.5% in August you will see mortgage rates trend significantly higher than today. There is a lag in the house prices due to this and the delay on mortgage approvals and house purchases. For example, this rise in mortgage rates over the last 5 months will only really start to be seen in the data now from HF and NW. The end of the year is when things should be looking bad for the house prices given the lags as follows: gilt prices ----> mortgage rates -----> house prices But there is a lag in each step. Maybe 3 months between the first two (to be fully realised) and about 6 months between the last two. My timings could be off though. But those increased mortgage rates WILL continue (even if the BoE stopped hiking rates today). And then that will eventually hit house prices. More likely the BoE goes to maybe 1.5% by August, in which case we will be looking at mortgage rates being maybe the highest in a decade (by the end of the year presuming they rise to 1.5% and stop). However the BoE's current plan is likely to be 2% by the end of the year. In that case it really remains to be seen where mortgage rates get too. My guess is we are back to about 4% on the 2 year fixed by the end of the year.
  22. Johnson lied and lied and lied and lied and lied.and there are still people saying 'but Labour...' 12 Years... 12... Years...
  23. How many Labour MP's have been convicted of crimes recently ? Maybe take a look at who is and has been in the party. Can you guarantee me I won't be lied to and taken for a fool like you if I voted Labour ?
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