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  2. Sounds more like COVID-induced issues than the emotive term swamped.
  3. Indeed, I suspect a COVID-related issue, but I will chase up with my egg non-supplier... We at least got both loaves this time. Before it was one loaf only, be it 400g or 800g. Two 400g works better for freshness, just wasn't working for actually getting them. Also some things were limited by quantity, except possible to buy a muktipack containing more...
  4. To be fair they are damned if they do and don't. Data is sketchy at best but if they don't go public and it turns out to be true imagine the headlines... Boris known for WEEKS yadda yadda
  5. It might, but so many differing opinions and we have a PM who changes his mind almost daily. 'Too early to say': scientists unsure if UK Covid variant is more deadly (msn.com) From where you sit, is the government doing a competent job with Covid?
  6. That might be a good question to ask the police at 0:20 of this video. There's seems to be concern about the events on the 6th but no concern over the actions of the police in this matter. Why is this?
  7. Yes, it has been the same throughout history. Wars have been fought over immigration and fear of the outsider.
  8. The uk is 86% self sufficient in eggs https://www.countrysideonline.co.uk/food-and-farming/feeding-the-nation/eggs/ doubt the problem is imports
  9. Visiting 14 sounds pretty risky in terms of Covid exposure. I wish I was getting eggs!
  10. So this is your reply to when I ask for clarification of: "Do you mean Antifa as Antifa or Antifa trying to look like Trump supporters?" To your question of: "If the 6th January was a false flag, wouldn't you expect the insiders (Antifa, perhaps) to protest at some of the 50 state capitols? Wouldn't it be easier for them to carry out as they wished if there were fewer Trump supporters or none at all?" Due to the fact that this started from: "many a conservative at many levels in advance, telling Trump supporters not to attend because it was goi
  11. I understand that. I'm not attributing it to Brexit. It's more likely an effect of COVID as it happened last April too. But I'm still not getting eggs in my deliveries!
  12. Every supermarket and mini market in my UK town (at least 14 that I know of, and have recently visited) has eggs and vegetables in abundance. I wish you would stop complaining that there are shortages. Only in your imagination.
  13. Today
  14. Odd that a remainer might worry about that, isn't it? Because it isn't one? Doesn't meant any definition I know. What definition are you using? You claim to be a remainer. Mask slipping? That doesn't make it a literal empire any more than Trent Reznor's empire of dirt. Almost certainly. I doubt the UK will. What catastrophe? 😂😂😂😂 +1. But this time it's real!!!! +1. AFAIR, voted remain, didn't vote, forced to vote Brexit, didn't vote, voted Brexit. Hard to keep up. French staff are more
  15. 2 bed apt in London SE1...v close to Tower Bridge. OK this one is strictly 19%ish off from initial price to current price. But if I take the increased price of £2.98M on 19/08/2018 then its a 22%ish drop from that peak. Due another drop. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/75216542#/ Price Change History 11/08/2020 Price Changed: £2,389,886 £2,318,000 05/08/2020 Price Changed: £2,463,800 £2,389,886 22/07/2020 Price Changed: £2,540,000 £2,463,800 15/07/2020
  16. It might have more to do with the fact the ICU bed occupancy in England jumped by 120 patients yesterday.
  17. Quite a few respected commentators are saying exactly that for the next year, they say inflation may surprise on the upside
  18. Why do you keep lying about my position? The first thing I said about the Shaman guy was that I thought he was BS. Russia has their own horny Shaman now too! it's colder in Russia so he wears a top. I smell bullchit.
  19. Anecdotal, well known supermarket showing a shortage of vegetables, sparsely filled shelves, regular staples not available.......when asked why said they are having supply problems from Europe.....
  20. The fact the gov/sage are suddenly pushing the variant 'maybe' worse mantra might have something to do with the covid recovery group within the party who want a roadmap out of lockdown getting restless and BJ feeling them breathing down his neck. Coincide perhaps but right now who would bet against such things right now....
  21. Pass a quick law making summary dismissal with no recourse available where an employee in a contact role refuses a vaccine? Let the employers sack selectively & permit tax free hellos & provide corporation tax reliefs to cover recruitment of compliant staff on better pay? Where there's a will there's a way. These aren't my views but we shouldn't dismiss or ignore possibilities just because we don't like them.
  22. Swamped. https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/settled-status-european-citizens-living-uk-brexit-application-backlog-doubles-841348/amp
  23. To me the best solution is not to read the newspapers (even for free online). If literally no one was reading the Telegraph they would either be forced to have more acceptable content, or be screwed. The way the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Sun, tried to bounce the government in to ever more ridiculous actions at the start of the CoronaVirus, made me realise that they aren't any better than the Guardian, Independent etc.
  24. Hopefully it will stop people getting everything manufacturered with the only consideration being the lowest price of manufacture. Though obviously this would have a negative effect on inflation (probably very negative)
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