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  2. No link? From this one: https://uk.investing.com/news/economy-news/how-tiny-moldovas-brexit-grudge-could-cost-the-uk-17-trillion-1347305 It's not the WTO, it's a subset agreement, the Government Procurement Agreement. Sounds like a civil service screw up: Which should be easily resolved:
  3. Maybe Captain Kirk wants Scottie to transport them to another planet.
  4. If you want to understand the leave vote (which I doubt), then you should read this. https://whatukthinks.org/eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/NatCen_Brexplanations-report-FINAL-WEB2.pdf
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  6. Roman Roady

    Lib Dems will be king makers

    I guess the new party plans with Blair et al are not going well....time to abandon ship Nick!!! Good luck, fair winds and following seas etc.
  7. It wasn't all about people from EE. That plays too quickly to dismissing all leave voters as loons. Regards reform/evolution, don't you think anyone in the EU/27 might have asked themselves why so many Brits were feeling disenchanted with the bloc - not to mention the pan-EU rise in EU-hostile political groups? But then no, there are much easier explanations to hand...they were lied to, manipulated, they're loons etc. Regards minimum wage, think we're about 7th highest, though you don't see millions of people rushing to the highest min wage area.
  8. that is also an option which I would support
  9. The Inclosure Acts[1] were a series of Acts of Parliament that empowered enclosure of open fields and common land in England and Wales, creating legal property rights to land that was previously held in common. Between 1604 and 1914, over 5,200 individual enclosure acts were passed, covering 6.8 million acres (2,800,000 ha; 28,000 km2).[2] so several centuries ago....
  10. frederico

    Lib Dems will be king makers

    Probably because the choice is rather limited
  11. nightowl

    UK earnings growth accelerates

    I have seen similar graphs but the relationship breaks apart mid 1970s. It seems a lot of issues blamed on the 1980s actually predate it.
  12. sounds like we have reached 2008 level
  13. There was this little thing called the Inclosure Acts
  14. The gripes from leavers are too many Eastern Europeans living near them. The remaining member states like freedom of movement and won't "reform" to suit the voters of just one member nation. The UK should bump up the minimum wage if it is unhappy with low wages.
  15. What does that solve? I wish some remainers would begin to address the reasons for the vote, rather than the consequences and the vote being flawed/fixed etc. But I can understand them not wanting to. Our best representatives spent the last 20 years trying to avoid the same questions.
  16. At least we're still building some. Plans always change until one or two make it to sea, and then plans change again.
  17. its not even necessary, all we have to do is to re arrange they way farming is subsidised so we go from subsidising from acre to subsidising unit of production https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/oct/10/brexit-leaving-eu-farming-agriculture
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