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  2. “Estate agents only have 42.1 homes for sale, on average, close to record lows.” “In the rental market, demand from tenants was holding steady, while the flow of rental homes on to the market continued to slow” With the number of houses for sale decreasing and the number of houses for rent decreasing, either people are knocking down houses or there is a big glut of empty properties getting ready to be sold. Or have I missed something?
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/dec/13/uk-property-market-at-weakest-since-2012-as-brexit-takes-toll-rics?CMP=share_btn_link A slew of bad news to pick over. Brexit is clearly a factor but is trotted out as the explain-all reason here. Anyhow, i hope this slice of doom improves the taste of your cornflakes. Enjoy!
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  5. MPs want to keep stalling it so they won't vote May's deal (or at least she didn't put it forward). MPs want to keep stalling it so vote to keep May. Tactical.
  6. Lord Ashcroft has published the findings of a poll of 5000 Brexit voters. Make of it what you will... https://twitter.com/LordAshcroft They're all showing on his Twitter feed.
  7. There are no facts about the future - that is true on both sides. Leave will/would be run by parliament and the EU as is the case now. The vote this evening showed the true numbers of the ERG and rebels and they're not as numerous as they pretended to be. Significant yes, but far from a majority. It's not disingenuous, nor is it evasive. It's a genuine question. What is the planned direction for the EU over the next 10, 20 and 30 years? Follow that with, is that what the UK wants? Does the EU even want UK on that journey with them? We have a defined relationship for today but what will that look like tomorrow? We could have a defined relationship under WTO tomorrow (well 30th March but you get my point) or we could have May's deal but frankly I'm not sure that's a question that should be plopped out there again. We failed only to delay the full open borders (thanks Labour). Freedom of movement is a keystone of membership. I don't for a moment expect immigration to drop to the low tens of thousands but at least we have the option of blocking unskilled. I do however think immigration was the overriding factor but more specifically it was the rate of immigration. The Economist covered an interesting analysis that correlated the Leave vote majority with the rate of change of immigrant populations since enlargement, not the total immigrant populations. One thing that is interesting is the rapid increase in wages since the vote. Causation or coincidence? Alas, I babble. As of this evening I predict an extension of leave date to 29th September and if pressed would probably give good odds on another referendum. It might well look like the ballot you're proposing.
  8. AdamoMucci

    The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    Exactly. And what for? To look at it all googly eyed? If all the gold in the world disappeared tomorrow it wouldnt make a bit of difference. Just like bitcoin, it is not a store of value unless everyone gets together and arbitrarily, irrationally decides that it is. Just because. And people arent. So it isnt. And that is why did doesnt consistently go up. And thats without getting into the unfairness of it being finite/deflationary that is just as unfair a transfer of wealth as an inflationary money supply.
  9. We can certainly show it how to succeed in becoming a shithole
  10. She's going nowhere. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see her lead the Conservatives into the 2022 general election. Her continued run as PM is for the same reason that the withdrawal agreement will eventually get through the Commons: the alternatives are all worse.
  11. What is it about her that impresses you?
  12. Ours is not to question what happens inside the Westminster bubble. According to a survey of party members by Conservative Home, the sympathies are reversed, with two-thirds wanting Mrs May to stand down. https://www.conservativehome.com/thetorydiary/2018/12/our-snap-survey-almost-two-thirds-of-party-members-oppose-may-over-a-third-back-her.html
  13. Pebbles

    Its Going to Be Biblical

    Well it shows what is obvious that government will prop it up for all its worth because as he said gently rising house prices are desirable. If anyone on here believes the conservatives are serious about the housing crisis or have any intention letting prices fall they have quite frankly been living under a rock.
  14. Really good result, i can sleep happy, i am very impressed with Theresa May.
  15. Don't stop them just now, let them finish Brexit as well.
  16. Not in their current forms. I’m probably not voting anymore in any case so it’s a bit irrelevant.
  17. Are any of the LIBLABCON electable?
  18. Congratulations Conservative Party, you just ended yourselves. Unelectable.
  19. Yes, it's time for May to take big brush and clean her kitchen.
  20. If they did it surely that would have to mean the Conservative party splitting into two separate political parties. How on earth could ERG MPs who just brought down a Conservative government expect to stand as Conservative candidates in their constituencies? FPTP is making both main Westminster parties dysfunctional. Both the Tories and Labour could do with a good split. but they know it would be electoral suicide to do so.
  21. Best person for the job, according to the Tories/
  22. 200 Tory Mp's are happy while 20 million plus hold their heads in despair
  23. Burbujista

    Its Going to Be Biblical

    Our housing minister is clueless... https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06vcwq6
  24. Seriously May to continue? Leave or Remain, this is depressing right?
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