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  2. Patel's days were numbered before all this anyway. She has been promoted wildly beyond her ability, to an embarrassingly obvious extent.
  3. Rock the Kasbah. A pointless act of vandalism to show two fingers to the establishment. As far as I remember you are in favour of such approach.
  4. They are spending more than income by such a long way.
  5. I have to agree with you, my opinion of Boris has changed, but are you sure they have not accidentally joined the Labour party and not realised it.
  6. It was the same for the transport strikes. Some colleagues were amazed when i warned that they would be unable to get a train in france last year as the whole public transport system was shutdown. Almost no coverage in the UK press, i found it bizarre. Not sure whether it is too close to home to be of interest as nightowl says or part of the general “the uk is worse than the rest of the eu” meme. I have a colleague who owns a place in France, i occasionally ask about the GJ he mumbles something into his beard about them being “a pain in the ****” and then launches into the usual diatribe about Brexit. There are some difficult decisions coming in france about its state expenditure and the current Situation is bringing those forwards. Could be a lot of trouble there soon.
  7. Random surveyS gives a accurate estimate when you have millions of infected.
  8. London has had all sorts of protest marches, I agree; and largely peaceful, I agree. I’ve never seen those three monuments urinated on and spray painted before. It’s not just granite. Lincoln’s Statue celebrates a president who ended slavery as well as fought a civil war to do it. Churchills Statue celebrates a prime minister who fought and won a war against actual racist Nazi fascists. The Cenotaph, made from Portland stone, is a solemn memorial to the millions of British military who lay down their lives for the peace we have today. People who died fighting actual fascist racist. Shame on them for what they did yesterday. Uneducated bigots.
  9. Handcock going on about 'R' again on Sky news. 'R' means feck all in the UK as we have no clue how many people have already been infected. Totally laughable nonsense from the Tories, as usual.
  10. BJ is not happy with the WA agreement he negotiated and signed. Apparently it is unfair and needs fixing. That will definitely help with the current FTA negotiations, building trust.
  11. A fair challenge, I do not have one. I should have said that I thought there was a reluctance to report on GJ's activities which was what I thought when I heard late last year that the protests were still ongoing. So yes, I jumped to the conclusion.
  12. A reminder of some claims made. I think there is around 25-30% voters who would be happy with a platonic Brexit. The rest who voted for it, 20%-25%, at some point will feel duped when the reality meets the lies. The end of the transition period, an actual Brexit, will be a starting point of this process.
  13. I don't care what a journalist asks a politician. In fact I would actively encourage them to ask the most difficult questions they possibly can, using whatever technique they find works for them. That's the point of a free press. If they're not free to choose how and what to ask, then they're essentially just regurgitating political propaganda out into the world, unfiltered. Which is apparently what a lot of you would prefer.
  14. If you'd told me, in 1979, when I was a Conservative Party member working to get Margaret Thatcher into power for the first time, that 40 years later the party would have descended into this shambles, I wouldn't have believed you. The rot started with Cameron and has got progressively worse through May to BJ.
  15. Well in the end how can this be resisted? I remember visiting a house in the country perhaps 20 miles south of London I think, where Kipling lived. Apparently the house was for sale (maybe 1890s) and Kipling and his mates drove out there from the centre of town in a new-fangled motor-car to view it and make an offer... the owner looked at the motor-car and said, if I had known such a ting was possible I would have more than doubled the price. Now houses in that area basically are priced based on commuting cost into the city. So basically if you can equally live in India or England and do the same job, then the wages will equalise based on the additional cost of one over the other. Legislation or regulation can only hold back the tide for so long.
  16. Unless you think like me that such a need was coming anyway, just being ahead of the curve. Would create a few milluon new houses though, to be on topic.
  17. If you think nobody has made serious money in underlying asset values from btl through leveraged gains in the last 20 years then "fine" the sky is green etc etc Whether something has happened /happening is a different question than whether you agree with it. Not seperating the two only damages the decision making of the individual doing it.
  18. Deliberately putting yourself into a position where you are needy in the first place is not very smart.
  19. Not sure about a citation, but I have also noticed BBC didn't report much on it or certainly only the first weekend or two of it and appeared to have got bored with it. Despite Paris being so close they always have a correspondent reporting in Israel/Gaza/west bank which has been going on for decades but don't bored with that. I suspect it's not so much bored but the reasons behind the yellow vests is too close to issues here and uncomfortable unlike distant issues like Israel. As a general note on journalists today most are activists not invistigators anymore. Cathy Newman make little effort to hide she a career feminist in that video.
  20. The good news is that such a toxic regime will surely collapse in on itself.
  21. I’ve been watching a few properties since Lockdown. Yesterday one in South Birmingham which as been on the market along time was reduced by 6.25%.
  22. To be honest being slightly ingenious was thinking more digital or tech - Smart cars, smart houses etc with people working from demand only going up A good mate of mine who worked with me in IBM then I employed decided that softer non electro mechanical IT which finally died in the early 2000’s was what he really enjoyed so we paid to retrain him as a gas fitter and electrician Cleaning up - his knowledge of IP based systems is vast obviously and he looks like a king in these traditional worlds Most service businesses in addition are very poorly run from garden services to plumbing still plenty of opportunity if you take client service seriously - ticketing system, sla’s etc all cheap as chips now - trouble is if you have never been exposed to them all a bit of a dark art edit : not talking about repairs at a component level of course not much money in that more integration and servicing
  23. It's interesting that the mega achievers in their sectors like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, did precisely that, avoiding working directly for IBM, Goldman Sachs, Boeing, so they could accumulate and innovate for their own aims not simply the zero sum wealth accumulation of the big dominating corporations.
  24. There are other visions of the future, if the UK is forced to accept unfavourable terms for things it imports it could stop importing them. Eg We could actually massively increase food production within the uk with modern vertical growth technologies. We need energy for thei and that can done too, in a renewable powered world the uk has one of the world’s best wind power resources. The other real amazing energy resource tho is tidal power, a severn barrage could reliably generate 20% of our power virtually for free. A similar barrage across the wash would generate more energy and potentially increase England’s surface area by 10,000 hectares of prime arable land, alternatively a new city could be built (worked actually started on the construction on such a city in the wash in the 1960’s before you laugh). Necessity is the mother of invention.
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  • 390 Brexit, House prices and Summer 2020

    1. 1. Including the effects Brexit, where do you think average UK house prices will be relative to now in June 2020?

      • down 5% +
      • down 2.5%
      • Even
      • up 2.5%
      • up 5%

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