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  2. Interesting analysis. I wonder what the distribution is between min and max amounts?
  3. Oh where do I start? You can only support a product if there is affordability for the product. Affordabiltiy is driven by income against the cost of housing, which (surprise surprise) is driven by interest rates. BTL is nothing but lending arbitrage as other more enlightened voices have explained before. Since you have form at bait-n-switch, I'll give you a nice example. There is plenty of demand for Ferraris, but how many people actually have them? With all the natural births and immigrants - how many more Ferraris are sold as a direct result of this? Now if I
  4. Public told to abandon summer holidays abroad "So we could fly off to Italy last year when there were no vaccines, but not this year when we are fully vaccinated. That makes sense."
  5. We should work towards freeing the British people first and foremost. Oppressed since 1066
  6. Appreciated @markyhI've now viewed and will watch again and follow. I bought at a little earlier tonight at $42600. Given the content above, it seems to have been a good call.
  7. Yeah, me! 😳 I clearly want to always see good in people...πŸ˜” Have I fallen for Bitcoin too. πŸ˜‚
  8. @MonsieurCopperCrutchWow! I've been watching the twitter fight between him and Saifdean was so upset with him. The new forward has been written by...you've guessed it, Michael Saylor. I respect him for sincerely apologising. This takes courage especially when in the pubic eye. πŸ’―
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  10. You can check out, but you can never leave. We all know that the EU and it’s negotiators were incredibly clear right from the beginning that any membership of the Customs Union or Single Market came with strings attached. Whether you accept this or not, the view of many people (certainly the majority of Tory Politicians) was that those strings did not recognise the U.K. as a sovereign nation post-exit. From very early on, Boris, for all his lying and dodging, made it abundantly clear that he could not agree to the U.K. being in any way subordinate to the EU. So we have ended u
  11. You for mean mean this in by? (you mean this?) Pfizer Vaccine left him paralyzed SIDE EFFECTS COVID VACCINE Covid Vaccine victims India. "7 died before, 3 today". Women interviewed about vaccine deaths DR. VLADIMIR ZELENKO - PATIENTS HAVE REGRETS ABOUT GETTING THE COVID VACCINE (Autoimmune Dependent Enhancement mentioned) Another one bi
  12. I did wonder if you what kind of job you did - let me guess - lighting or sound engineer perhaps? I would normally say IT or similar, so that would fit.
  13. No, it's a Bitchute spray for from you, but I guess that is much the same thing. There may be truth in them lies, but who who is brace enough to venture that far into the seedy, untamed wilderness that is Bitchute, in by goblins, trolls and orcs?
  14. Talking of Free Palestine: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9591281/Scotland-Yard-probes-footage-police-officer-hugging-activist-chanting-free-Palestine.html Just to add, I got a Free Palace Stein once for chugging 2 pints in the Bar at Selhurst Park.
  15. Baby Becomes World's Youngest Person to Get 2 Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Doses
  16. I've been to more medical conferences than you too.
  17. Hey G, I said this when the property lion figures came in. Certain areas, Wales being one of them, looked like the mini-boom is over. Moreover, the YOY increase in asking prices is much lower than oop north. I'm not buying the establishments propaganda, UK is facing real problems and trying to get people to pay more and more for shelter aint fixing anything.
  18. I prefer the nukes quite honestly. If we'd continued down the nuclear/reprocessing/breeder reactor route we wouldn't have problem by now. As it is, somehow we have to cover the area of Scotland in offshore wind farms. No-one is asking, so where is the detailed report, complete with calculations, which tells us how many wind turbines we will need and how we are going to get there by 2035. It doesn't exist as far as I can see. Oh and by the way the Smart meter programme alone is over-budget by Β£555 per meter. Β£15 billion wasted on a screw-up. If this is a model of how the
  19. I had completely forgotten that you were a medical expert, fully equipped to talk with expertise in such matters.
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