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  1. Ah thanks for that, I will update that. not that long until January is over. Plenty of landlords are going to be looking up ‘debt to HRMC’ moving forwards. give it 6 months and a lot of ex BTL houses will hit the market. im just looking forward to the sob stories!
  2. jiltedjen

    Xmas eviction

    Looks really nice. dammed if you do, dammed in you don’t. buy the house and some gold coins, then if house prices crash so will sterling, and then your gold is your instant deposit/buy outright for your next house. Doesn’t have to be a do or die, just hedge a bit. the banks can’t take your gold if they repossess you. If they don’t crash, then you only have a small pot of gold slowly loosing value, and a nice family home. the sellers however might be wanting top whack, hard to tell, probably 10% off too much, hard to tell.
  3. Yes. back then land was not as valuable, and houses were wider, some may not of had road-parking but enough front garden than you could make parking. Older streets had pavements on both sides also. now it’s as many houses on as small as plot as possible, with houses only single cars wide. Awkward curves in streets. pavements become impassable, god knows how wheel-chair users cope. the pavements are just for car parks now. new builds have postage stamp gardens, if not front doors opening straight onto the road. no where you could make parking. its all about housing density. I can see why delevopers build them, money for nothing when people will buy anything with an en-suite, and an upstairs bathroom 2 feet apart. they are sold to morons. they wouldn’t build them if people didn’t lap them up. Rushing to buy rubbish on the expectation they can sell to some other mug, and trade up with money saved from renting. time will tell, not that much time, but these new builds will just been seen as liabilities. the recent post naughties terrible cheapo houses have not had enough time yet to become liabilities. but another 10 years as even getting a mortgage on anything under 20 years old will get progressively harder without extensive rework.
  4. The parking is shockingly bad at new-builds. I frankly think you would be a moron buying a new build. they are designed so they look nice and swanky on viewing (as they are all on sale at the same time) so the parking issues are not apparent, nice wide open roads etc. but then everyone moves in bringing their 2 or 3 cars, when the houses are often only a single car wide, some houses are actually 2 flats on the width of one car. Then it becomes parking hell. i have had friends buy new builds and parking becomes such as issue it’s all about dog poo on car handles, paint stripper and slashed tyres, what a life. New build are basically all clever marketing how to get stupidly high amounts of money for tiny tiny plots of brownfield contaminated scrubland? make they white, pretty, with posh house letters, put in scaled down furniture to make them look bigger. People move in and find the kitchen cupboards are soo shallow you can’t fit plates in and close the doors.
  5. New builds will be the slums of the near future, tiny rotten, tainted crime infested estates. they wont last very long, and will look worse run down than older period properties. Same with all these ‘executive’ flats in London. Most will be torn down. or become terrible social housing. The old Grenfell style towers were fine when they were built back then progress was rapid, it was expected they would be replaced for something even better in 20 years from their build dates. But they stopped being family units when the social fabric of Britain changed with single mums etc taking priority. In other countries high rise living works well without the social problems. anything with good build quality, green spaces, good use of light, decently sized with nice proportions will last the span of time. simple as that. new builds do not have ANY of that. people don’t like older properties just for the sake of it, they like them as they meet all of the criteria above for human habitation. Would the government provide that? Well yes, that have done will well built council houses historically. now days maybe not. we live in a world when it’s soo bloody hard to get a nice house you have to sign your life away paying for somewhere nice. Should the government build council housing nicer than what working people can get? Or should they force them into shipping containers? it’s not moral, but it is fair.
  6. jiltedjen

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    Ok thanks for explaining, didn’t realise they didn’t trust you and sent someone to pester you. i 100% see what that gets on your tits. yours is the first use-case I can see where they are beneficial. thanks for the clarification!
  7. jiltedjen

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    But even with estimated bills, you always get your money back. it should t be an issue if you have slack in your budget anyway. I would imagine smart meteres only help slightly in being lean on a monthly basis. was the government pushing smart meters just to look like they care about the environment via pushing energy companies into fitting? to look like they are doing something without actually doing anything at all. some kind of scare tactic to get consumption down? I think the news was saying our energy consumption as a nation is below 1980’s levels now, is energy the real threat to the nation? We had lightbulb bans, powerful hoover bans. I suppose they only pushed for diesels when knowing full well they were horribly polluting was purely as strategic thing to make the nation less dependant on high demand and expensive petrol, America hates diesels on small cars. and again they only push petrol cars again as they needed a big short term economic stimulant, to rotate everyone from diesel back to petrol. Strategically for some reason they want smart meters. what’s done with the data? is it just for pure profit, or for changing tarrifs? I can’t see it as that important if it’s going sooo badly, what a mess. Pushing for people to shop around and pushing for people to get smart meters, which then don’t work once moving. let alone that some overcharge due to design errors in certain situations.
  8. jiltedjen

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    But why are the government pushing for them? what’s the actual plan? must be part of some strategy of some kind? Is it because we can’t really afford to keep buying oil and gas from abroad with a soon to be worthless pound? is it because we didn’t build enough power stations, and they need to figure out ways to smooth out demands? I really really don’t understand what the point is? They achieve nothing useful for consumers. it really make me think it’s something far more nefarois at play.
  9. jiltedjen

    Nearing the end of my sanity..

    Value will go down, but the sterling figure will never go down. i didn’t think that way in 2008, but having seen the lengths they will go to to support endless HPI since then I think you would be mad to see a HPC in Sterling terms
  10. HPC Hive mind! What do we all think of smart meters? why is the government pushing them? are they positive/negative? is it just so they can chance peak time pricing?
  11. But that’s what they have done, it’s exactly what they will keep doing, maybe going much harder with it as it’s diminishing returns so they will have to run the presses on full blast, white hot to stop house price falls, and that’s what they will do. maybe throw in some helicopter drops such as PPI, any free money will only go to those who will definitely spend it straight away, so the worst of the debt heads will get the helicopter money. more agressive helicopter drops are coming, anyone with credit card debt over 20k, anyone who ever had overdraft fees all are due huge chunks of freshly printed money. fines for excessive bank savings in some indirect form. perhaps any amount over x amount will be converted to bank shares automatically. gold purchases taxed regardless if it’s soverigns or not. lots of pre-accepted credit cards put through everyone’s doors, with the debt bought by the government (I.e you and me) via forcing pensions to hold these new ‘super safe bond products’ a whole new range of ‘help’ for first time buyers, perhaps moving help to buy into second hand properties, and new ‘help to step’ mortgages. along with ‘help to rent’ total blanket ban on living in vans without ‘cultural passes’ given to the real traveling community. how dare you try and avoid rent or buying, special police vans fitted with heat cameras will be dragging those people out at 3am giving them £5,000 spot fines and crushing vans, with a 10 year prison sentence if they do it again. all seems some hellish nightmare but then again look what they did after 2008, never did anyone expect the government to go to such great lengths to protect HPI, too many people in power had too much exposure to the corruption and the bubble, just like the railway mania of the 1800’s, they bailed themselves out. All watched in complete horror by us on the HPC forum. our media are too clever and controlled to allow a yellow vest movement to take hold, revolution is dead even in France, all will eventually be tracked and arrested. CCTV everywhere. just takes a bit of time and the law will keep everyone in their place. our citizens are hell bent on screaming against they own interests and racist tendencies begging for brexit, when foreigners are not the issue, bankers are. any rage in this country will be lead and directed well away from the actual leavers of power, away from central and private banks and our corrupt government, and instead it will be split over multiple issues, fox hunting, chavs, foreigners, etc etc. people are getting more worked up about non-issues as they have a sense they are getting ******ed over, but don’t really ever look at root cause as they are too ******ing stupid. there is basically no way to rebel against this corrupt system than to change the way we store value and remove the ability of private and central banks to create money. there is new technology out there but again people are too stupid, lazy, ignorant or just plain luddites to give it a chance.
  12. jiltedjen

    The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    Just a typical bear market, will be pretty dead over the next 6 months, small steady trickle up from mid summer onwards heading into another bubble in 2020 after the initial halving buying causes the bubble heads to jump in on mass. In saying that, although the general overall trend is not manipulated, at the moment without much price direction other than the general downwards trend, it is ripe for some minor manipulation moving the market a bit, strange daily movements etc. But generally the price is down as the bubble burst.
  13. They will cope with debt forgiveness via massive money printing reducing the value of the debt. It wont be pretty, but no country is particularly pretty is it? which is a bit of a problem regarding punishing those with high debt, everyone is in the naughty corner. Which also means its going to be a battle for individual countries to compete in crashing their currencies fastest and hardest. if your in a country which currency refuses to devalue despite massive money printing, then you really want to be part of the elite and not the average man, that gap is going to grow like you have never seen before.
  14. jiltedjen

    Household debt record highs

    Great post. I saw very many similar episodes, can’t pay take it away is a gem of a show. i guess most owners bought very cheaply a long time ago, and have suffered poor wage growth compared to cost of living like the rest of us. highlights how unsustainable high house prices are without emergency rates.
  15. jiltedjen

    Bitcoins Going To The Moon?

    Where we are going we won’t need books. cracking to bring thing thread up, HPC’s we’re talking about bitcoin well before I heard about it back in the heady days of ‘13. Glad I took a small punt back then, as part of a portfolio, I still advise others to do the same right now. that small punt is going to pay my mortgage off! the technology is revolutionary.

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