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  1. Fine. I’m out. I’m clearly not wanted. your all toxic. well done @Buffer Bearand @MonsieurCopperCrutch and @markyh you win. have your echo chamber. I made a call, which you all got wrong, you berated me for it, and I have been met by bullying when I quite rightly came back and did an I ‘told you so’ with the exact same tone that I was met with when I sold. you have driven a key contributor out. @Buffer Bearthanks for paying off my mortgage for me. good luck with you ‘new ATH’ this year. your bloody morons for thinking that. Deluded. honestly it’s laughable, you should of taken profit. I’m fine picking up the lows. Hope you all buy the bull trap. I didn’t really have malice towards the older posters, but instead they have taken a foolish ATH FOMO late cycle panic buyer over an old school correct calling original poster. I might of stayed if I got an apology and we could move from from harassing me. but instead I will be met by endless quotes and more harassment. later today I will change my password to something I won’t remember give it to my partner so I can come back in 18 months time. Call you all silly buggers again, buy the lows, quite your stupid bloody incorrect predictions. god help the next set of noobs who listen to you morons, your going to cause someone to lose more than they can afford and have a death on your hands. sorry I didn’t tow the party line, and didn’t get drawn into the mania. You are all emotional investors. I won’t be here in the bitcoin winter defending bitcoin. I won’t be telling you to sell when it’s reaching it’s next all time high while you all make crazy unrealistic bullish predictions as you brainwash yourselves. you turned something beautiful into something grotesque. enjoy your circle jerk when you all pat yourselves on the back for playing it really well while sitting on positions more than half of what they were a few months ago - and going lower. YOU MESSED UP. You made the same mistakes you made in 2017. I know how it felt after 2017 when I also made the same mistake, it must really sting doing it A SECOND time. silly buggers! I understand noobs getting drawn in, but why did you do it again? How bad are you at investing in bitcoin? there was a brilliant chart showing a lot of the really old Wales 1000BTC plus wallets sold on mass in February. I seemed to have called it right with them. they will be sitting in the wings to pick up the lows with me. its been a hell of a journey. thanks HPC in general, taught me a lot, gave me the tools to learn to save a deposit, invest to buy a house, and pay it all off, going from deeply into my overdraft to being mortgage free in just a few years. but it’s slowly turned from being a great learning resource to just being a place which is more negative than anything. I have taken all I can and I’m not wanted. There was a time in my life where HPC actually stopped me killing myself. it gave hope and a community of others suffering from the same broken system that I was. i have some absolutely brilliant PM’s of congratulations on my mortgage. There are a lot of people who read this thread who understandably don’t like to contribute but do like to read, people with bitcoin positions far in excess of any of the current posters, who understandably want to keep a low profile. people have seen the attack dog tactics of this forum and how those who dare sell are attacked, it’s killing the thread. honestly it’s boring to read. It’s predictable. It’s just a load of people who call it wrong, berate others. no-one seems even willing to admit they were wrong, I made plenty of mistake, misremembered stuff, and then went on to correct myself, and I openly admit plenty of my predictions have been wrong. you guys never do, never have I seen you say in plain text ‘I got it wrong I wish I had done the same’ your not the bigger man. your pathetic. People have reached put to me directly for their opinions on investments. bitcoin has been hugely positive for those with self control, and who listen to my advise, it’s provided deposits for mortgages, it has really helped people. I’m slightly odd as my original exposure to bitcoin was as a small prudent investment as part of a varied diversified portfolio. I actually kept risk on the forefront of my mind the whole way through. You could all have nothing tomorrow, it’s unlikely but could happen. Your now all exposed to the political wims of powerful bankers and state entities over the next 5 years. goodbye and thanks for all the fish. see you in 18 months.
  2. Thanks. as seen above they are still at it. they want an echo chamber. frankly it’s bullying. if they want an echo chamber they can have one.
  3. Buffer bear you have too much time. I don’t read your huge blocks of text. you are a noob, you bought late cycle. you look silly. I don’t think you realise you are coming across badly? give it a rest. move on. why not make some predictions and contribute instead of fixating on me? you have nothing to offer this thread apart from spamming links or attacking me. why not add some decent commentary on the price? or even the social-economic changes bitcoin could bring? Move the convocation along say something intelligent. bitcoin is a wonderful thing, expand on that.
  4. I don’t see why anyone would regret selling near the top and buying the lows? Is there some strange cognitive dissonance going on? who wouldn’t go and do exactly the same if they could? it’s hilarious those who were quite nasty to me when I sold, including buffer bear, who were completely wrong. Utterly and completely wrong. I think people get too sucked into overly bullish bitcoin news, and a huge circle-jerk about how everything is positive. I’m glad someone else has picked up on the abuse I get. it’s not vindictive to give ‘banter’ back, especially when the original attacks on me were just as vindictive and again masked as ‘banter’ i rather just talk bitcoin and make predictions. It’s fun to try and read the way. it’s others who keep attacking me as they don’t like the predictions. everyone seems to be willing for me to have been wrong, and that I have made some huge mistake. I clearly have played it brilliantly even if it was by luck or mistake, it feels amazing. I did brilliant! looking forward to the next peak in April 2025 to get another huge gain. happy days. I have also religiously been warning people not to buy the bounce when it comes. looking forward to ‘I told you so’ on that one. also hoping it does save some people from digging themselves a deeper hole.
  5. It did go higher from the point I sold. I didn’t get the top, probably 10%-20% off the top. I was fearful and panicked. as the saying goes “be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful” I followed another poster who took some profit, but I employed almost my full position, while they had enough to buy a house with, I had enough to pay my mortgage off with. no-one is admitting they made a mistake by not taking profit off the table, instead people are clinging to hope of an extremely unlikely ATH this year or a repeat of 2013 (while ignoring 2017) many now who say nasty things about me are the same that said ‘doing a jiltedjen’ would be mean selling out just before the big profit came. I’m glad I didn’t listen and reduced my exposure to then pick up the lows. instead doing a jiltedjen means selling near the ATH and picking up the lows. Buying low selling high. some of it was luck, but also not being blinded by greed. I think it’s sad that people berate someone who did get it right, I made a decision and made a big move for almost fully selling down my whole position, as sometimes it’s worth actually listening to those who do call it right. I just think people don’t like being wrong. it doesn’t feel good when it costs then tens of thousands of potential post profit. I’m not the ‘bad guy’ I’m not the salty no-coiners. I had even told the noobs to wait for the crash to buy, but a lot didn’t listen. but people love an echo chamber. People want to believe it’s 2013 again. I personally think people should use the bounce when it comes to take advantage of those deluded enough to think they will see an ATH this year. It’s an opportunity to take some profit before the bitcoin winter between now and the next halving. perhaps people are a little embarrassed to have gotten sucked in. and the paper profit they had, which is now reduced was cashed in by those selling near the top, like myself. it was not me who paid off the last of my mortgage it was those buying near the top. I can understand why that’s irritating. for now I will keep posting, ignoring the haters, and keep DCAing the lows and enjoying my mortgage free position. looking forward to taking profit again in April 2025. I hope others do also.
  6. lesser of a greater evil. Private banks create money, to keep house prices high, to keep the young crushed with poor quality of lives. Then working the rest of their lives to keep a single cohort rich, who control the voting system. Its corruption. its horrible. Indentured servitude. And what's worse its not just tax, its stealth tax via inflation. Never have humans worked soo hard for soo little. At least peasants have loads of holidays! To overturn a greed fueled system you need a weapon which is also fueled by greed. When people spend most of their best years in work, their only hope is often a lottery ticket just to own a small parcel of land with second hand bricks. At least with bitcoin you know you have a real shot of changing the system, or buying a ticket out of the system. What are you doing about the broken system as it stands? do you go to protests? Bitcoin is driven my hoards of crushed individuals on mass creating their own narrative. Taking the power of money creation away from the banks, but in a less obvious way. Its a silent revolution. Im sure most revolutions had lots of 'useful fools' who served a purpose, like those who bought the tops and sell the lows. The unfortunate cannon fodder. But many of us on this thread at one point were the very same useless fools, and suddenly we are actually drawing money in from established financial systems, its very hard to be a true 'no-coiner' now, and chances are somewhere in your pension, something has some exposure to fund who themselves have exposure to bitcoin. Slowly its changing the landscape from boomers hoarding all the wealth in property prices and land prices, and taking away the title of premier 'value store' from gold. Finally individuals can save in an honest value store. Such revolutions will take 50-100 years to come to fruition. And we will probably have a huge crash at the end of this decade to remind people what run away inflation looks like. Some will lose out, but the greater good with benefit. The old will find their unfair pensions worthless and their houses prices crashing against bitcoin, finally we will have a fair wealth-transfer. Bitcoin will never go to zero, people will hold forever. Some will trade in and out and take profit as best benefits their lives, some will be have huge bags and always be waiting for more at a detriment to their lives in the meantime. Each cycle does make bitcoin stronger, it creates new holders, it shakes out the FOMO late cycle buyers, it generally means a higher low after a bubble. I think that still holds. Doesn't mean it can still go down quite a lot from now. and have a bounce before final capitulation until the next halving. 2021 bitcoin is a world away from 2013 bitcoin. People are dreamers trying to make it fit 2013 when its much more likely to fit 2017. I haven't really seen anything compelling to justify a 2013 style event, nothing other than 'i hope it does, that would be good as i feel a little sick not taking some gains off the table and berating those that do even if i dont admit it to myself' at least on reddit you can put a 'remind me' event. would love to see how every prediction pans out, my hit rate would probably be terrible, but there are some real dreamers on here.
  7. I think if your bearish on bitcoin the short term falls are probably a lot more worrying than the binance news, that’s a bit of a non-story I would be more worried about another leg down in the price, final dead cat bounce bull-trap and then the new cycle lows. Takes months to build up a buying frenzy needed for all time highs, and that euphoric haze once broken takes a long long time to build up again with soo many burnt hands. Also the really nasty bad news is saved for the lows, if governments or central banks want to kick bitcoin they don’t do it against a wall of bullish to the moon sentiment, they wait for the lows, they like to stick the knife in and kick a man when he’s down. They know it’s more effective that way (bastards) I think after the bounce it’s going to be quite dull and cheap. perfect time for people to first enter the market. and there will be a few really low dips on said bad news, which will be very cheap Sats. so auto buy and have a few cheeky buy orders at very low levels to capture those small dips. Once we are past the usual ‘bitcoin is dead’ stories then people start to buy before the halving, which sparks an uptrend which doesn’t finish until its full blown mania again around April 2025. it’s a long game, it’s a risky game, (it is risky nothing is certain) but there’s money in those hills. there doesn’t seem to be much direction in the price as the moment just a slow grind lower. I do expect a dead cat bounce but I have zero idea if it will start from this level or much lower. won’t see a new ATH for many years. it’s brave for people to make that call. I don’t see enough bullishness around, everyone is waiting for a direction, I’m not seeing new people pile in on mass. the stock to flow model is looking more and more broken every day this goes on. from Twitter a lot of people seem to be clenching at the smallest of straws to find a model that shows a new ATH. seeing a lot of bad news met with ‘any news is good news!’ ‘This is good for the price’ Also seeing genuinely good news having absolutely no effect on the price. the news is a side show to sentiment, and sentiment is shot. April 2025 is going to be an ATH. what we should all be doing is loading up when it’s cheaper than this.
  8. when satoshi released bitcoin he included an article on UK chancellor bailing out the banks - i suspect satoshi was british and crushed like the rest of us under the weight of said banks. Plus its right there in the code that its Anti-Banker.
  9. London is going down, another year or inevitable lockdowns will be the last nail in the coffin. rest of the UK will be boom times for years.
  10. I’m planning on doing big monthly investments at the lows. shame others missed the opportunity to cash in the highs with the peak now behind us. plus the mortgage interest saved is adding up each month, so the 100k+ I sold for is still earning me monies. and the new gains have been cleaned of such a heavy tax burden. the peaks are short lived so makes sense to cash out in one do than wait for a new tax year, when your investment could of fallen more than the tax itself, like what happened this year. What’s 20% tax when your looking at 80% falls. I have a nice war-chest (I earn reasonably) so could easily have more BTC than I sold for for a fraction of the price. I’m projected to. also without a mortgage I can bear a lot of risk now! Makes for a less emotional investment. seems like this thread is going around in circles. I think people feel bad they missed the peak and got carried away, (coppercrunch didn’t miss it) and somehow seeing me as the ‘bad guy’, I’m only predicting quite a vanilla bullish outlook, nothing special. Seem the sam outlook in several places other than this forum. human phycology is a strange thing. Very few people have admitted to have ******ed up. It’s like people saying I have done wrong when clearly that’s not the case, the same people telling me not to sell, the peak is well behind us now, they were clearly wrong. thats 7-8% of a human lifetime until the next halving, where the money could of been working for you in the meantime. whats more, is I think come the next peak people still won’t cash in. they will get carried away again. To be fair I should of sold in the 2017 peak and bought the lows afterwards that was a mistake a ****** up on my part. glad I didn’t mess up this time. Fool me once! perhaps people don’t like someone pointing out their mistakes, and are determined one day to be ‘right’ for me to somehow of played it bad, but it’s not like I won’t have a healthy BTC position by April 2025, if they win I win. the only was for me to of played it badly is it we do get a new peak this year, and I think it’s only about a 5% chance of that. maybe people need to wait until 2021 is gone, and the grim lows are upon us to really sink in that the peak has gone. outside of this forum people seem much more open to admit their mistakes, and seem to have a more realistic outlook. perhaps this is too much of an echo chamber, and people seek comfort in just having opinions they preferred. the positive thing is very very cheap Sats are coming. brilliant to load up, not really been worth buying Bitcoin for months and months until this stage.
  11. I sold it all and made a tidy sum. I personally know some people in real life with a lot more than me who didn’t sell a penny and on paper have lost massively. plenty on here got greedy also, didn’t sell or didn’t sell much. I still think Bitcoin is worth investing in, next peak will be around April 2025. so you have years to invest, no rush. just don’t forget! Set a reminder for 12-18 months time. Load up the lows. Then take a reasonable profit of say 100% don’t go mental expecting too much more. don’t get married to an investment.
  12. A big enough crash would lead to some kind of rethinking of the system. i think a kind of centrally directed capitalism like China has is the dream of many central bankers and governments. government mandated spending, total control. also enough ‘have nots’ at that point could finally overthrow strong property rights etc. bit of a scary time to live your life. I mean acting against the general masses can often mean you end up on the wrong side of history (see HPC’ers on this site during ANOTHER housing boom) and a lot of current ‘home-owners’ will find out they actually never were ‘home-owners’ and suddenly real home owners will be a very perilous minority (including myself) I mean in life there is no such thing as security, it’s all an illusion, it’s a lie we tell to ourselves.
  13. Think the sentiment requires months and months of gains to create a frenzy, that’s what’s needed for an ATH, froth.. a big drop has happened and that will of knocked people out of the trance, of course some will think it’s all guns ahead and be caught by the bull trap, but as soon as it starts to bounce it will reach a point of quickly slowing momentum’s and then fear will seep in again. the fall is still fresh in people’s minds, and there will be plenty who see it as a last chance (until April 2025) to exit their positions at break even or profit regardless of what they feel the price will do. I actually think even those selling at a loss (from buying the peak) could sell the bounce and at least increase their sats at the real lows. it’s now got head-winds that we’re not there when it hit the peak of this cycle. law of diminishing returns, it’s still the best investment out there providing you load up on the lows. I just think 1-5 million is bat-shit crazy, one day sure, but like 20-30 years time. Bitcoin has rewarded the extremely bullish countless times, but I think it conditions people to expect unrealistic outcomes. which can be bad if you don’t one day exit your position to capture the highs, get greedy and don’t sell, or only sell a small % of your portfolio then ride the value of your portfolio right down into the dumps as you got greedy. also as the stock to flow model has broken there isn’t really anything else which is pointing to crazy high numbers. The projections thrown about (even by myself I will add, I said £60k were wrong) the only way for me to lose right now (by reducing my potential total return) is if the price does somehow reach a new ATH this year. but sentiment is shot to bits now. I carried on the winning streak by effectively getting paid each month in saved mortgage interest payments, and I can buy way way cheaper than my sell price, wait for the dead cat-bounce and load up at a tiny fraction of my sold price. I will do just fine come April 2025. equally what I’m saying IS bullish. It’s a better narrative than ‘it going to be $200K by end of the year’ if people are nailing their colours to their mast on that one, how they going to feel when it’s closer to say $18k end of the year? Better to just be positive and see the lows as a great place to stack, don’t get drawn into thinking the inevitable bounce is a return to normal and pick up yet more expensive sats thinning out their war-chest for when it actually hits its lows. I think people like Bufferbear will load up at the lows, and do just fine in the end. just a shame that 2025 feels like a really long time away. it will be here in a flash. I think 2025 and 2029 are great times to have injections of cash. As the general economy will be red hot by then and by the end of this decade will be a 2008 style crash.
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