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  1. I know the feeling man. It’s nice to finally put the worry behind you. I really enjoyed doing DIY, I re-plumbed my whole house and installed central heating. Was nice spending money to save money instead of the endless drive for a huge deposit. The way they are going with money printing and inflation your mortgage value will be wiped out within 10 years anyway. a I thought I was buying near a peak but it turns out the insanity in the housing market means endless HPI forever.
  2. They won’t ever stop, they can’t stop, they can only keep increasing the amounts. they backed themselves into a corner, with no resets and endless money printing the only way this will eventually end is the mother of all blow off tops in all asset classes might nit feel like it yet but the 20’s are going to be roaring
  3. I think we are only going deeper away from reality and fundamentals over the next 50 years instead of any sudden realisation of any reality. Gold should be crazy crazy high but it’s not, and nothing is forcing any kind of reality, the young certainly don’t hold gold or houses, or bucket lots of shares, they will make their own new reality that suits them, like every previous generation have you seen GME shares? Millennials forcing hedge funds to go bust out of vengeance and spite. this is the start of a thin wedge. Bitcoin will be seen like gold once was, it will be an obvious safe
  4. I have worked abroad in a non ferrous metal place, one of their best selling products was a copper mix material. they charged quite a lot for it, the reason they could charge say 100% more than standard copper is that it was very conductive and basically it replaced gold in electronics at a fraction of the cost of gold. gold is not really an industrial metal anymore. It’s only used in tiny quantities as it’s expensive, plenty of alternatives. Jewellery yes, but not really that fashionable in the west, but very popular in places like India. It’s main function is as a value
  5. In 2017 many were told to sell, and we got a new higher low. The reason we get the new higher low is that after each bubble more and more people realize the huge potential in bitcoin and buy the lows, the bubbles and crashes are excellent at shaking out the weak hands. This time around the lows wont just be bought by individual investors but a range of institutional investors who are keen to be involved with the four year cycle. HODLrs will inherit the earth. This time around i may actually buy the lows as my first purchase since 2013 the fundamentals have never looked be
  6. we are waiting for the new higher low. future is bright for bitcoin, this is not the first time it’s had a huge bubble then crashes, but it’s always a higher low. Bitcoiners think in 4 year time-scales.
  7. Thank you that's perfect! Wish we could add on house prices + the railway mania also Bitcoin is not some flash in the pan, its not behaving like a pump and dump bubble, its acting more like early apple shares, its acting like a new asset class. Millennials are starting to disrupt the system, have you seen how reddit has caused chaos in GME shares? Its all very very anti-boomer, anti establishment. Bitcoin will do well with the new generation, the crushed generation is going to get very aggressive and vengeance and retribution is coming, you just cant have 99% of the we
  8. wonder how many years bitcoin will be around until everyone who calls its a ponzi instead starts to call it an asset class. 20 years? 30 years? 50 years? its never going to zero. bitcoin wont die.
  9. The conditions for buying bitcoin are the same right now as they were in 2013. I would buy more if I could stomach the risk of more exposure which I can’t. it’s still very early days. everyone should have at least some as part of a diversified portfolio. staying out is lazy and has proven to be stupid. trying to time the market is silly. Bitcoin does have a huge growth rate, we are above and beyond that right now, but after this temporary bubble cools it will eventually go back to that growth and once people realise it’s not dead it will bubble again to even more
  10. Seatbelts cant really be seen as just protecting the person wearing it, if you have a human corpse flying around inside a car unrestrained that corpse can kill the other passengers, or even eject and cause injury to others outside the car. A human is a pretty weighty solid object to be thrown at you with force.
  11. yep (its obvious now i put a second of thought into it!) - so in a way that balls of steel holder proof is only for the original holder cant be passed to anyone else. But then again it only really means anything to the longer term holders as a matter of pride, most people probably wouldn't care.
  12. Bitcoin is barely even seen a legitimate at this stage, it has a long long way to go yet. It would take 20-30 years to even begin the early stages of introducing a new asset class. Very few early adaptors left now, 2017 tool a lot of them out, this bubble some more. wonder if in 10 years time people will pay a premium for held coins, never moved since 2013 as they can buy them straight from the hodr without moving them, and then claim they were early investors as proven by the address they control, a status symbol of how solid their balls are.
  13. It did seem overheated given the stage in the cycle, the peak being around October 2021. This seems like a mini bubble (with a higher low which we will find eventually), which gives a good starting for for the big show in October. something like $80,000 a BTC in the October peak This mini bubble will murder weak hands, really shake them out. Great for institutions and other powerful hodlrs. For many of us, this is not our first rodeo.
  14. Excess money needs to be spent somehow. many retired now with mountains of cash. struggle to spend it all.
  15. They increased the limit due to demand at the time. They had soo many borrowers that they rather take the best and filter out the junk borrowers, now demand must of dropped off for them to offer it to junk borrowers again.
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