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  1. Bitcoin has lifted many people out of poverty in third world countries. It has protected many from aggressive devaluation and currency collapse already. As much as we argue about how many 100's of K we have made, Bitcoin is very noble, it may be fueled by greed but it will deliver a better world eventually.
  2. this man gets it. you buy bitcoin at the price you deserve. DCA is the way, cold and mechanical, and with bitcoin most of its 4 year cycle is the lows, so your mostly buying the lows, only a small fraction is the highs. wish I DCA during my whole journey since 2013. but I have learn now!
  3. 100% this! bitcoin may bring fairness back into the world, it will do this either of two ways: 1. Cause central banks to raise interest rates and stop suppressing gold, house prices fall, pensions are wiped out, the young have a fair chance at a decent life or 2. cause inflation to rocket, house prices rocket but fall in nominal terms, Bitcoin just keep mooning, pensioners are wiped out, the young inherit all the wealth through their bitcoin holdings, houses stop being a value store
  4. trakion didn’t seem to regain a position at the following lows, which I don’t really understand. BB FOMO’d in late, I’m sure her position will be made good eventually but a little patience would of been better not great having more Bitcoin if it cost you way more than they are currently worth (and that value not to return for almost half a decade) and it was paid for with hard earned wages. Would cost a fraction to take the same position in the lows. I have plenty of dry powder for the lows in a few years time, could easily out-buy BB’s position at a fraction of the cost. buying t
  5. best attack vector is letting gold find its true value. fiat currency is never a good comparison to bitcoin as they are fundamentally different. Anyone wanting to kill bitcoin will pump gold, better the devil you can control. fiat will never get stronger, by design and policy it will lose value, which is brutal if your saving for a deposit
  6. We will all be millionaires, Bitcoin or not from shear inflation, although a loaf of bread may be £100 a rising sea raises all boats. think early retirement can be a realistic goal for people who invest in general, bitcoin should be a small % of an investment portfolio.
  7. I don’t know maybe you can ask the flying pigs when you see them
  8. Bitcoin is still a hugely lucrative investment if the investment is made at the right time. The four year cycle is baked in. Regardless of musk, it still has a predictable halving. Bitcoin will survive as long as someone think it has value, and I do, and so do millions of others. Will you invest when it hits in lows in 2-3 years time? When it’s worth say £12k? and has an upside of say £120k in 2024? would you not even stick £50 in then? A smart man has a little exposure to everything as part of a permanent portfolio, that how I bought my first bitcoin at £15 a coi
  9. Alts pump at the end of a cycle, same as silver does when gold pumps, or how the Japanese stock market pumps after the US market has been hitting highs for ages. alts pump at the end of a bitcoin cycle, and then bitcoin rolls over, the short sharp spike of alts collapse right back down again. Bitcoin is rolling over, alts are in a thicko mania, then will collapse very hard soon. alts are virtually the perfect mechanism for taking away money from morons. they perfectly capture the FOMO greed mindset, and most alt investors can’t bring themselves to sell as they lie to themselve
  10. Haha the MySpace argument. Woah that’s an old meme now. heard it all before, sat here with £100k profit from a tiny investment. how much money have you made?
  11. @Warlord you just sound like an alt-coin invested troll, you loose all credibility when you invest in alt coins. Alt coins live and die on the coat-tails of bitcoin. if bitcoin goes down the alts are a blood-bath. your certainly not the first alt coin investor on here! all eventually die off never to return after making massive losses while bitcoin stays alive and thrives.
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