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  1. The capital is the big figure to repay.... to rely on inflation, inflation of pay increases and stay living in it for longer, see that it is a place that are happy to live in for longer, the mortgage is transferable, mistakes meaning unnecessary moving can be costly.
  2. Anyone read Viktor Shvets book....not done so myself, looks just a bit different, strange times.
  3. One thing for sure how much space costs in a particular place does not always correlate to how desirable that place is to live in......
  4. ....value of property not withstanding, many life long tory supporters are not happy with the size of debt their party have accumulated......if they had voted for that, they would have voted for labour.
  5. CEOs of charities get many multiples of what their volunteers earn....that is zilch....very special worthy people that are hard to replace.
  6. Could be that rents in high rent areas might not be cost effective......do away with the rents and office workers that can, can work from anywhere?......like shops, work mon to thurs to pay fixed costs...anything earned on fri and sat is profit minus tax.
  7. Don't live there, but know those who do.....seasonal grockles, unable to travel overseas pushing to holiday here, consequences.
  8. There are some excellent schools that are not private throughout London and in other places, there are also excellent private boarding schools all over the country.......are better schools than some private non-boarding high fee schools in London.......if you want your kids to be private you don't have to live where the school is......not that different to university students......some live up the road to the university they study at, some don't and some study from home, a home that can be anywhere.
  9. Was born there, lived there and at one point worked there, but no longer, times and places have changed, like people change and evolve, doesn't mean connections are lost......forgot Barnet Hill, high up there. Would not want to move back, walking forwards, onwards and upwards.
  10. Not all areas are at risk of water, Muswell Hill, Highgate, or as they say on the tube Highgit, and Mill Hill....used to and like is not a fixed feeling.....with technology nothing in the UK is that much far away from anything or anywhere....Borehamsticks is wood, but Wood Green is not green......
  11. Is that a good thing or bad?.......does it encourage inequality, widen the gap between the haves with nothing and highly unlikely to get much, if anything at all... and the haves plenty from asset growth, low and negative interest rates that can swallow up, hoover up everything going to keep them going?
  12. So a home of value comes onto the market......three offers, which one will be accepted, the one with something to sell or the one where they are ready to go? What is the cost of a bridging loan these days?
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