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  1. Weak pound means property is even cheaper to buy......the very wealthy individuals or collectives can move where they want, store their money where and how they want and buy-up what they want.....will always have FOM.
  2. Some of the most important things in life are free.....that is why they are rarely marketed or advertised.......its not more stuff, excess and waste.
  3. winkie

    More help for the irresponsible

    One of the reasons why there are powerful vested interests to do away with cash altogether....who will that benefit?
  4. winkie

    Instead of houses

    Kills the pain of saving.....when saving means running backwards.
  5. winkie

    More help for the irresponsible

    ....years ago it was free if held a certain amount in a current account earning zero interest.....savers already pay for their banking costs less than 0% to 1% credit interest paid is paying, every time use a debit or credit card are paying.....thankfully there are choices, not like the trains or water.
  6. I wonder why they changed their minds? Or thousands who didn't have enough information to make an informed choice so didn't vote decide next time having more information they will decide to vote?😉
  7. winkie

    Time for a Big Main Homelessness Thread on Hpc Forum?

    Help can be in the form of listening......every person has a story to tell. Our care homes are sometimes worse than living within a dysfunctional family......It is the children that should be invested in, they will be the future of the country, they didn't choose their parents.😉
  8. .....because of the divisions everywhere there will be angryness whatever happens.... didn't have to be this way.😉
  9. winkie

    More help for the irresponsible

    That can never happen......most money is tied up in assets outside a bank deposit account.....a banks asset is its debt....profits are interest and fees, those with the least pay the most, some people are not responsible enough or wealthy enough to borrow money......even debt that is never repaid makes money.😉
  10. winkie

    Time for a Big Main Homelessness Thread on Hpc Forum?

    There will always be someone worse off, often circumstances beyond their control with no support network....as many mad and nasty as well as good people with homes as without......mistakes happen, fortunes fail......thin line between sanity and insanity......we are all the same, we all need others and the support of others to survive......helping others if we can only help ourselves.😉
  11. winkie

    More help for the irresponsible

    Banks should be more responsible and see that unauthorised overdrafts can't happen......😉
  12. winkie

    Time for a Big Main Homelessness Thread on Hpc Forum?

    We are all spiritual.....some more than others, when human beings are judged as little worth, worth less than an empty flat, something has got to be wrong with humanity.
  13. Sounds about right, don't know what to believe anymore.....😉

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