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  1. We should have a vote to join the common single market.....
  2. Oh well....many didn't vote, some didn't have enough truthful facts and information to make an informed choice......we are where we are.
  3. If I recall did you not at the time vote for brexit, got caught up with the spin.....don't feel bad about it there are many like yourself that now think differently.......just got to see it through, nothing ever stays the same......nothing ever lasts forever.
  4. Hardly surprising. brexit = low tax, low regulation,a low tax heaven brexit government, that got brexit done.......chuck out there a few extra peanuts to pacify.....don't say don't give you anything.
  5. Completely agree because that is all they want....a job, they create their own work, are their own boss, own their own time, got a life......very flexible, most people don't have the guts to do it, others have no other choice or have carefully weighed up the pros and cons......minimum slave worker or freedom and potential to bloom and prosper.....
  6. Not that many words, very few infact.....what saying is the education system needs to evolve so that can be an improvement ongoing to the people that need and want to benefit from it.....not fit for purpose for all. people, different things to different people...when a lifetime, is a lifetime of education, reskilling and upskilling.
  7. Since so many things we have taken for granted have changed and are changing......could not education change big time......at the start of life and ongoing throughout life?.......do people come to learn, come to say been here, for the experience, for a particular piece of paper, meet the right people, learn a language, or to obtain a visa and employment?....so many facets to learning.......we need better choices that fit different people, different pockets and different ways......not a monopoly or cartels.
  8. Food and its cheapness is relative.....cheap to some not cheap to others and rising, food or rent or fuel? Food should never be wasted there is no reason why food bought to consume at home should be.....laziness or fussiness or affluent or no respect for it or not educated enough to know how to store or preserve it. Give it to the birds to eat rather than waste it, they love apples and stale cake and biscuits......fresh water if icy.
  9. Good point, as if those we support will protect us and look after our best interests.....vested influencers.
  10. Nothing wrong with quality and healthy and non expensive, tinned sardines or pilchards....on toast.
  11. At the moment nobody much moving to visit anyone anywhere.......if anything the reverse with covid, where best to rideout lockdown if fortune enough to have a choice. But otherwise would tend to agree.
  12. Young people and children perhaps, not so much elderly people though.......thousands are still catching or carrying CoVid daily so must still be exposed to other viruses, people still catching colds, runny noses and sore throats coughs etc......food poisoning still about so is bacteria.
  13. What facinates me are people that buy a place with three or four spare bedrooms and ensuites for all the friends and family they expect to want to stay.......when in reality they very rarely visit, if they do they are quite happy to stay on the put-you-up or stay the night in a comfortable b&b down the road...
  14. Short-term fix......like any adiction, what happens when both debt and rents are defaulted on....people can't magic money out of thin air.
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