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  1. It is also many who own their own homes outright.......they just can't afford the bills to keep it.......asset rich, income poor.
  2. Levelling up....that is if they practice what they preach, don't hold your breath......you home is what a London or a South East home was not that many years ago.
  3. Just to get some context..... a £150k freehold in Leeds a good deal.......a £500k or £600k in London walk away.....midwives are required all over the UK, same as teachers, dentists and doctors.....
  4. Looks okay.....go for it, nothing wrong with artex, not the worse thing have to live with.
  5. Don't worry about any leaky roof.....a bucket does wonders......a cycle can be many years away from now, just do it.
  6. Kids today require love and resilience not cotton wool to protect them from the outside world.
  7. You might, not everyone does......ships passing in the night.
  8. Buy it if can afford it, the right property in the right place and can live in it for 5 years plus...... don't worry about doing up, or what it might be worth done up......live in one room if have to or get a lodger, one with DIY skills all the better.
  9. Yes even a petrol car has a dynamo.......charges as it drives........so not only do electric cars need a battery to drive it, will have to power the lights, heater, all the electrics, sounds, wipers......goes fewer miles on one charge if can find a charge and it is working, in the winter. To make electricity we use oil, gas and other above earth methods power sources....... batteries are not clean and the infastructure is not in place anyway that will remove anxiety of being stranded......not all cars can use all power chargers, like not all mobile phones can get a signal from all mobile phone ariels or chargers.....we do not have roaming....not a universal system.......not about clean, more about competition.
  10. You could say working at home caring for someone elderly or sick, caring for children, cooking food, growing food, making clothes, washing car, making furniture etc and being paid from the public purse is being more productive than some are doing a job for money.......such as breaking windows to fix them jobs, or fixing a window another job has broken?
  11. Having a job to go to that pays a wage doesn't mean always being productive doing the job......spending the wages earned might mean are being more productive doing that.
  12. When wages and prices go up, governments collect more taxes...... More money sloshing around the economy doesn't mean we will be able to buy more with that money, we may well have more in the bank account that buying less with it.....that is not productivity.
  13. 80s stuff was more expensive/valuable......before the influx of cheap imports.....branding/names becoming more fashionable, people being judged by fashion, clothes, hair, trainers, toys etc.......today nobody cares what clothes you wear or coffee you drink, phone you hold, car you drive, what you look like or where you live......never judge a book by it's cover.
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