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  1. Yes HPI is no longer measured for inflation index purposes......wonder why is that? Inflation would be off the scale.
  2. What Thatcher said was we could all share in the ownership buying and holding a very few number of shares, a stake in the countries utilities that were sold to us, water and electricity etc.....but it ended up being held in foreign hands, not unlike our football teams..... shareholders were forced to sell to global Investors who now own what we as a country once owned collectively......now we own zilch, not the people or the country.......the money has been spent.
  3. ......and we have been led to believe that we live in a free market economy, see for yourself, ie; open your eyes, it has been fixed and rigged.
  4. They need a great marketing team behind them, the name is dated and the concept is dated.....they need fresh blood and a new thought process.....three catchy words.
  5. They started it....they tried, we waited to see but alas they were defeated.
  6. What can Labour do to though, perhaps they don't want to steer a sinking ship so to speak, is it not best to wait to see how things pan out, if they take on a problem they are unable to correct is it not better to wait for any fallout then start afresh from new beginnings?
  7. I agree we have seen this so many times with the BofE over the years, talk about what might happen to get people to focus and steady....they have pumped in so much liquidity into the market via debt, public and private, new mortgage lending, QE, giving money to people to spend into the economy, causing the blowing up of asset prices, the stock market, trying to counter deflation wanting to create some controlled inflation damage limitation.....0% interest is one thing, negative is quite another......they have little room for manoeuvre now liquidity is becoming maxed out but not flowing into a
  8. You can also say Londoners have been priced out of an area their families have always lived in, that is why they have to move.....There are places where only residents can buy property eg Jersey, there are also properties only certain people can buy tied property.......there are whole villages where not possible to buy.
  9. Who knows......but one thing for certain is, wherever the u.s. goes we will follow.
  10. Will get three years sometimes more off the new price.....sometimes half the price of the new price after three years and no VAT to pay......
  11. There wasn't a remain camp.....both Labour and the Tory's wanted brexit, what government would not wish for full power and control over a nation they rule.....the BBC did nothing and MSM must have had an interest in those in power getting brexit done they may then have more influence perhaps.....nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
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