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  1. credit is currently cheap, unless that changes, madness will continue. ?
  2. Miras for first time buyers would be a fire cracker policy to prices. Wouldn’t surprise me to see that before a crash is allowed.
  3. Friend of mine sold his part ownership flat recently. 3 EA valuations at 250, HA gave the value 220 and used that for the share payout when sold.
  4. Bump as today's auction is under way: http://www.auction.co.uk/residential/ResultsLive.asp
  5. Wait till they implement MIRAS, then it'll be interesting to see how long the governor survives.
  6. Don’t know why they bothered, could have made a nice pre pack debt free post administration buy.
  7. I'm waiting for MIRAS to appear next before anything gets too out of hand.....
  8. Jesus, for someone invested in it the negativity is high
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