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  2. She completed the purchase in April 2019. Grenfell fire was June 2017. I know the enquiry was not complete by April 2019, but it was clear what the main was. I wonder why the professionals, without whom she could not have bought the flat, are not held - at least in part - responsible for her losses.
  3. Hard to see how the data could be sketchy given the current death rates.
  4. Is it your view that staff should be able to put others at risk because of irrational concerns about their own safety?
  5. I think it's just Brexit and covid at this stage. Could be solved within a few months. I did think inflation is a possibility but I think these anecdotes are not connected to it.
  6. .......and so it starts. Slowly the supply chain begins to unwind, prices are really starting to go up Homepride 1KG flour used to be £1 now it is £1.50, China provided the world with cheap manufactured goods I can see that also unwinding, which as someone pointed out will increase inflation and thereby causing a property crash
  7. As I predicted. Taiwan reports large incursion by Chinese air force The presence of so many Chinese combat aircraft on this mission - Taiwan said it was made up of eight nuclear-capable H-6K bombers and four J-16 fighter jets - is unusual.
  8. Asda delivery for me were out of cucumbers and strawberries. Mother of God!
  9. Reading this thread scared me, I put an order in with Amazon Fresh they will deliver on Monday and they had no Raspberries no Strawberries and no blackberries in stock, I can see Musk being much richer than Bezos for more than 3 days
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  11. Just a bit of Brexit red tape. It will clear up by the end of next week. Hence: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jan/23/brexit-hit-firms-advised-government-officials-set-up-shop-in-eu
  12. Maybe Chuck was trying to crack a joke? he should have said "Laugh y' dumb bastards". Babylon Bee is now becoming a source for real news. https://babylonbee.com/news/biden-tells-freezing-troops-sleeping-in-garages-to-be-patient-theyll-be-in-iraq-soon They probably have more than 1 toilet per 5000 there too. Luxury.
  13. Individual vaccinations? TB, MMR, polio, pneomococcal, and multiple vaccinations for each? More like 400 million or even more, I expect. Although probably at most 100 million people. Yep.
  14. Do you really only have to have 'lived' in the UK for 1 day to apply for settled status? Surely it should be have worked given the EU freedom of movement was the right to work anywhere?
  15. Sounds more like COVID-induced issues than the emotive term swamped.
  16. Indeed, I suspect a COVID-related issue, but I will chase up with my egg non-supplier... We at least got both loaves this time. Before it was one loaf only, be it 400g or 800g. Two 400g works better for freshness, just wasn't working for actually getting them. Also some things were limited by quantity, except possible to buy a muktipack containing more...
  17. To be fair they are damned if they do and don't. Data is sketchy at best but if they don't go public and it turns out to be true imagine the headlines... Boris known for WEEKS yadda yadda
  18. It might, but so many differing opinions and we have a PM who changes his mind almost daily. 'Too early to say': scientists unsure if UK Covid variant is more deadly (msn.com) From where you sit, is the government doing a competent job with Covid?
  19. That might be a good question to ask the police at 0:20 of this video. There's seems to be concern about the events on the 6th but no concern over the actions of the police in this matter. Why is this?
  20. Yes, it has been the same throughout history. Wars have been fought over immigration and fear of the outsider.
  21. The uk is 86% self sufficient in eggs https://www.countrysideonline.co.uk/food-and-farming/feeding-the-nation/eggs/ doubt the problem is imports
  22. Visiting 14 sounds pretty risky in terms of Covid exposure. I wish I was getting eggs!
  23. So this is your reply to when I ask for clarification of: "Do you mean Antifa as Antifa or Antifa trying to look like Trump supporters?" To your question of: "If the 6th January was a false flag, wouldn't you expect the insiders (Antifa, perhaps) to protest at some of the 50 state capitols? Wouldn't it be easier for them to carry out as they wished if there were fewer Trump supporters or none at all?" Due to the fact that this started from: "many a conservative at many levels in advance, telling Trump supporters not to attend because it was goi
  24. I understand that. I'm not attributing it to Brexit. It's more likely an effect of COVID as it happened last April too. But I'm still not getting eggs in my deliveries!
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