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  2. ... and soon the UK? Prices are rising everywhere you look https://edition.cnn.com/2021/05/09/investing/stocks-week-ahead/index.html About time with all the money printing. The tsunami is coming and people will feel the squeeze.
  3. ah the old "is it ethical to steal doctors from developing countries" card. Dressing up xenophobia as concern for the poor. Reminds me of this: "My name's Paul Nuttalls from the UKIPs and I say we need to ensure the brightest and best Anglo-Saxons stay in 5th century northern continental Europe instead of coming over here to the UK and laying down the basis of our entire future language and culture.”
  4. I don't think the alleged boomers allegedly blocking the housing developments would be enthusiastic pro-immigration people. On the contrary, they will be asking why do I have to put up with more traffic so they can bring in more immigrants.
  5. Let's see if you feel the same approaching 60. Also you've not explained to us how increasing tax on pensioners would help younger people buy houses. Or why someone in a £130k house should pay more tax to help someone else buy a million-pound house. Also if you are implying that NI should be subsumed into the income tax system I don't agree. It's insurance, and it has to be clearly identified who has paid in and who has not. Also no country in the world does this, as far as I can see, all developed western economies have separate social security and income tax.
  6. That our media is dominated by liberals. 75% of our media is right wing and controlled by three right wing entities. They have vomited lies about the EU and benefit scrounger and immigrants for decades. It is a widely held view that we have the worst press in the world in the developed world.
  7. You are thinking along the right lines. Really, all the internationalists (including the labour component who have never been that left leaning anyway) need to work together whether left or right leaning, because globalism is a very tarnished myth at the moment and they'll need every vote they can get. They would probably be better served by uniting around a domestic liberal green agenda than one explicitly internationalist. Most of the remainer crew are more upset by the lack of an international humanistic future than they are about issues like equality etc. What remains of labour is the
  8. I was (one) of the people talking about little c conservatives earlier on. Agreed there is a massive open goal for a party. The nearest I have found is the SDP (no idea if they are related to the SDP of the 80s) but they are very minor I don't they they field many candidates even.
  9. That's just some words on the internet. Back it up or I distrust your biased reasoning. Of course you do, as your sort have thought the ages, because blaming immigration is as old as the hills. Brexit is nothing new, it's just the same reactionary politics since forever.
  10. Yes, if there is an economic boom, them we should have fundamentals to match it. Solid inflation, confidence, 4-5% interest rates, paying back the debt at a rapid clip. Lol
  11. Build policies based on shared values between the two groups. Inclusive society and fair society to all participants. They should hang onto woke-ism, but push it from the front line focus. Front line focus should be on education, health, jobs and housing for all. On spending, more than the Tories. But put the emphasis as well on responsible and spending and value for money. This is ground to be seized after recent debacles. Throw out Brexit/remain and focus on the future relationship with Europe instead and how that will be taken forwards. Brexit is a political meat grinder. The soon
  12. No you don't, but Brits are trapped by the corrupt political class. We cannot change the system because they won't allow us to. It's a ******ing disgrace. And the sheer never of brexiters to tell us the EU was undemocratic.
  13. Note I said that I'm not personally doing that; my car's 12 years old, wasn't bought new, and wasn't bought on finance. 2-3 years old isn't exactly the same thing as new though. Why get slightly older or jump through more hoops if you're not fussed about money though? It's not what I'd do but as I said, you'd need to know the individual concerned and what they personally care about before you can decide whether their behaviour's rational or not.
  14. This old nonsense. I trust you voted against the Tories recently because of their new immigration policy which is to only steal the best and brightest people from developing countries.
  15. same at universities - most research groups are full of immigrants nowadays. So those middle classes absolutely do have to compete with immigrants for jobs.
  16. Where did I say I hate living near other people? Please don't try to paint things in overly simplistic black and white extremes. What I hate is the constant expansion of busier and busier, and the corresponding damage to what I truly love. And the people who are responsible for it. Saying "if you don't like it, move" is the equivalent of saying that to someone who's fed up with neighbours playing loud music at 3 am.
  17. Crypto.com are listing it. For some reason. Thats how I heard about it, people on the Crypto.com reddit wanking themselves off over how many million Shiba coins they bought. Other than that I think its on uni-swap.
  18. Dear oh dear. Like I said, denial. Or obliviousness. Odd thing to say though, "get out more", when you appear blind (or completely uncaring) about what's going on.
  19. But these are people who want want mass immigration - if you want mass immigration then you have to accept more houses.
  20. I( am not taken in with the odd hotspot being hyped by VI's.. Property Lion is recording drops in transaction volumes across the country. If there is a shortage of houses then how many chains are going to falter because buyers cannot find anything to move into...? I can see a scenario where few contracts are actually exchanged... In my, not so humble, opinion, Estate Agents and other VI's are having to pump up the market as they need to increase commission due to lower volume of sales... So they take a hotspot as an indicator of what is happening across the UK.
  21. The Lib Dems are back to all their MPs being able to fit into a taxi, Starmer's Labour are being handed their backside, but still the 'the answer is centrism' theory lives on.
  22. If anything, the demand for these areas have grown significantly since covid.
  23. Im expecting better than 0.5% savings rates If it beats the inflation rate even better. Trouble is there is not much stock about
  24. Lisa Nandy? My view is that in England we have three parties essentially chasing the same 1/3 of voters: well educated, left-leaning, and socially liberal internationalists - The Greens, LibDems and Labour. These Parties need to merge or at least start cooperating. And at the same time we have not got any party representing those of us in the working class who find tradition, openness, fairness, integrity, and local society to be the most important aspects of our lives. Someone upthread mentioned conservative with a small c. This 1/3 of the voters have been Labour voters
  25. Good luck, i don't think returns will be amazing, but if you don't see 100% gain with 5 years o would be shocked. If you dont, it shows Gold is well and truely fiddled, there will have been $5 trillion printed by then.
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