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  2. Cool. Let's pick the worst stock and the worst Cryptos. How's Luna doing? At least Apple makes stuff, owns IP and pays a dividend (lame but better than zero). I think it's also fairly obvious that the tech stocks that've all seen huge chunks wiped were all expecting it. The prices rose dramatically during lockdown so I'd expect things to go back to normal. How many Apple Stock purchasers thought they would all become billionaires by sticking a few K in there? lol
  3. I presume so...they are dropping after a month or so or just hanging around. A couple of months back they were generally removed from RM after the auction date, but as stated, volumes are still low IMPO. All just observed anecdotal stuff...I am not doing any data analysis here.
  4. Tell you what... If you think you're tough enough, have a go. Regards, your friendly 61 year old 💪
  5. +1 I really don't understand how anyone can want their children to have work harder than they did to get a house.
  6. Strange how you're upset over your right to perv on the tube but not a squeak over moves to cancel public service broadcasting and the right to protest 😂
  7. Because I have children and I hope they won't have to put up with this nonsense.
  8. I'm old enough to remember that phrase being used by Universities and Companies to turn down applications from more 'diverse' candidates.... Didn't see you complain then?
  9. I don't think it's a conspiracy, they are being very open with their plans. "Not aligned to our goals and values" is the go to phrase for banning people from Twitter, getting someone sacked, and various other forms of cancellation. It is highly dependent on what the 'bad thing' is this week and woe betide you if someone gets offended off the back of something you say. That's a criminal offence in some of the freedom hating areas of the world Staring at someone was going to be a criminal offense too FFS. Anyway, the dealer was being a bit of a dck. The HSBC guy wasn't really but the senior management are terrified of getting cancelled themselves. It doesn't help the D.I.E.* political officers that every company is required to employ now are watching and waiting for any hint of apostasy either. If it's not a criminal offence then losing your ability to earn money in, what I would assume to be, the best job you can find is a bit off. Especially if the "offence" is a bit feeble or illogical and subject to the opinions of a minority of psychopaths you don't agree with. * Uniformity. Exclusion. Inequality.
  10. When you say failing, so you mean failing to reach their reserve ?
  11. I bet you the days appear brighter, do people say you seem more relaxed and have a spring in your step
  12. Yes, I think you could be right. The establishment dont carte about money/inflation, they all own land, property, assets etc.
  13. How is it great for HPI? My son is looking to buy. He can't find anywhere he can afford, which is suitable for him and his family. He has a good income. Why should he end up in a Honk Kong size flat?
  14. True for Gordon Brown as well. If the economy crashes Rishi will not be prime minister. I hope that he knows that.
  15. I would suggest you do what you feel you should do in your gut! I asked similar questions on here in 2003 and had a flood of people telling me to hold off as it was crashing soon. Not sure how to edit the above post as its not letting me!
  16. I would suggest you do what you feel you should do in your guy. I asked similar questions on here in 2003 and had a flood of people telling me to hold off as it was crashing soon.
  17. Well Labour really need to get their act together.
  18. I couldn't answer for Hammond. I do know that Osborne was warned, repeatedly, by both IDS and many other senior Tories that ramping property and going to war with the poor and sick wouldn't actually help anything (and would probably just end up making things worse). He was happy to please the "Moscow on Thames" crowd instead. No surprise he ended up working for Lord Siberia afterwards. Rishi? Again, I don't know. I will never not find it revolting that he couldn't see any issue with claiming to be American for tax purposes whilst his wife claimed to be Indian when he's supposed to be in charge of our flipping economy though... Think it's safe to say the UK economy is presently being run by global elites for global elites. Haven't a clue why anyone who isn't a global elite would support and vote for them either. It's not even like I can think of a single thing they've done with a tangible benefit for a normal Brit of late. Furlough for some I guess?
  19. Personally, I'd like to opt out of the state healthcare system (NHS) and all of the rules and regulations that supposedly exist to protect it.
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