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  2. I don't speak Chinese but I do recognize two of the characters (also used in Japanese) as meaning "noodle soup." Tattoos and body piercings... why make it easier for the authorities to recognize you?
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  4. I remember development before Google, and before Intellisense. That was for real men
  5. ☹️ Can you not see why the category breakdown supports what I was saying. Or why the ONS has criticised their use as a proxy for assessing EU immigration.
  6. Sledgehead

    Quarter of a rasher a day..... LOL

    And merely to say something is "essentail" is an oversimplification. There's plenty of people out there using that message as a justification to over-indulge. I merely pointed out that salt and sugar produce more proven harmful effects than msg. We all know, surely, that the body needs sodium and glucose. That's hardly the point. The point is that these (by which I mean their excessive intake) are the root cause of many developed country illnesses. Sure, glutamate is not essential in a dietary sense, but it is a human neurotransmitter we'd be f**ked without. We just happen to synthesize enough of it for our own needs.
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  8. Do you remember this exchange? https://assets.kpmg.com/content/dam/kpmg/tr/pdf/2018/03/global-automotive-executive-survey-2018.pdf (p14) From KPMG's 2019 survey:
  9. I'm sure you are annoyed that you can't find any facts to back up your narrative. From your own link: So, once again, 68% of NINo registrations are from EU citizens: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/759782/nino-registrations-adult-overseas-nationals-september-2018-summary.pdf
  10. Confusion of VIs

    No interest rate hike in no deal brexit

    At their recent select committee appearance a BoE representative (cannot remember who, it wasn't Carney) described their likely response to a no deal Brexit, in brief it was - provide liquidity, restart QE and a very extended period of near 0% interest rates.
  11. For that money you could get a very nice unrestricted E60 BMW M5 better in every way and about 50mph faster. Admittedly it's not a frugal with petrol as the Mustang but you cannot have everything.
  12. thewig

    Rightmove February 2019

    I had my eye on a house with a massive garden, sold for ~470 then went back up for sale for 380 minus 80% of the garden. all fenced off. sold stc.
  13. where can the best property be found with the best transport links and work potential in the whole of the UK ? 4 bed detached plus only ?
  14. 75% IT work = looking on google. fake interviews to go with the fake job adverts.
  15. Arpeggio

    I'm not entirely sure I understand life

    Make exams really easy and all kids get A grades. Sorted.
  16. I agree - the days when you would need to commit large amounts of data to your memory are long gone - the real skill now is knowing what to search for to quickly find an accurate solution to the problem. What matters is a basic understanding of the technology, not ability to regurgitate facts (which will never match what can be pulled up quickly from the internet on a smartphone anyway).
  17. Dup. Seemingly not that good with forums though.
  18. Lovely - but too German (ubiquitous). I was thinking Lexus? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201812133232788
  19. I don't know.....I've made a (quite decently paid) career out of searching stack overflow, adapting answers to solve a particular problem and gluing things together to make a total solution. Three days ago I knew nothing about gitlab and docker. Fast forward, and I've knocked something up that'll make workflow for a team leagues faster than before. I don't retain much info, or understand the nuances of template meta programming in C++, but I'm seemingly very good at being able to find something that I can use and realising that new technologies are all the same really. In contrast, I totally fall apart when someone is watching me work. I need 5 minutes of peace to Google and think. Being charitable, this chaps mistake might have been he wasn't up front about it. First thing I say in interview is 'I'm just really, really good at finding what I need, but don't ask me to explain it immediately!"
  20. stingray192

    North Coast apartment boom!

    Most of these developments are not due to complete until after the open
  21. stingray192

    North Coast apartment boom!

    Lol, in my humble opinion there is two entirely different markets at the port, I fully understand how some people see it as a tacky run down hole , especially Portrush, in the previous housing boom a lot of prime properties where sold along with prime sites, some where developed, a lot where left to crumble in the crash. I agree that a lot of people buy in the north coast , become obsessed with it and can’t actually afford the properties, they buy basic houses or flats and end up having to let them out at prime times just to pay the bills and don’t get the full use out of them the second market is the luxury apartments and houses with direct sea views, some of these have crazy prices, but also come with very high end finishes, interior designed interiors and they are generally not up for rent, mainly because the furnishings are worth more than the rent would ever cover, most of these people have downsized and retired or are owned by people with large disposable incomes who don’t have the time to fly of constantly to more glamorous destinations for me personally the north coast offers stunning coastlines, great walks on the beach, great relaxation and is only an hours drive from home, I don’t have to pack and unpack each time I visit and the car virtually doesn’t move the entire weekend, all bars and restaurants are within a reasonable walk
  22. warrior88

    Interest Rates

    Cant seem to see the charts on my browser, a bit weird.
  23. stingray192

    Am I mad?

    A lot of the old semis might have bigger gardens but they generally have tiny driveways which are no good for modern larger cars and they are badly insulated , need retired, replumbed etc
  24. Sounds good to me. If you are good at finding information you can find pretty much anything these days. But finding stuff is a skill. If you rely on the bio memory bank you only know what you can drag out of your head. Edit : I wonder also who is thicker. The person who cheats. Or the person who sets up the interview process that allows them to cheat. Ultimately if you don't put the effort in, you get the candidate you deserve.
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