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  1. Do you ever play that little game with yourself when you look at the occasional post of someone you've got on "Ignore" just to see if you are missing out and not every post they make is 100% mental? I've not felt the need to un-ignore anyone yet!
  2. Yes I think this is just another instance of coronavirus pulling forward something that was going to happen anyway. When I first saw the headlines about the Cineworld closures I thought "Bugger, I've still got loads of free vouchers left to go there". Which after a moment made me realise that even going to the cinema for free hasn't been enough of a temptation for me because on the whole it's actually a less pleasant experience to see a film at the cinema now than it is to watch the same film at home for the sort of reasons stated above here - other people and their phones/lack of manners. I think the brinkmanship argument between the cinemas, the film industry and/or the government is a strong one too. It's a drastic thing to announce but it might be more of a threat than an actual plan at this point.
  3. Pamela is furious. I would also wager that she is lying and the "sublet without my knowledge" is BS. My guess is she happily had 3 people in a 2 bed flat and now wants one of them out. And the legal process has now bitten her in the backside. As it should.
  4. Plenty of "advice" in the comments section too, telling them to get lodgers to pay for it whilst they are waiting for it to pay for itself. Lovely Lovely Doubly Bubbly. This country is sick.
  5. Wealth transfer. Will it turn out that the younger people "buying" the houses in the sub 200k bracket are those whose parents are buying them for them in order that the parents can keep prices artificially high so that they can still escape the ponzi at the top end? And those who don't have those parents don't have those houses. Again.
  6. My colleague moved recently and this is how her chain stayed intact. The house she was selling was the bottom house and she had two lots of FTBs drop out and the people at the top of her chain (4 house chain) got so twitchy that they bought her house themselves. I can't see it for sale at the moment so presume they have either rented it out or it is empty.
  7. Houseprices.io has started to get really interesting in the last few months for my area. Almost any house that is green (profit made) was last sold prior to 2016. Anything where the last sold date is 2016 or later seems to be red (profit not made). I first wanted to buy in 2016 and thought that prices were so crazy they had to be close to the top if not the actual top. Four years on those thoughts seem to be crystallising into mathematic facts.
  8. I looked into Shared Ownership when I was desperate to buy in 2016 and prices were insane. The first question I asked was "Once I've worked my way up to owning 100% does the freehold get transferred to me?" The lady on the phone said "I have no idea. No one has ever asked me that question before so I will have to come back to you". I was stunned. As it was my first question I presumed it would have been everyone's first question.
  9. Very informative, I always wondered when I saw those what it was all about and why only on a few, specific houses.
  10. Ladies and gentlemen please take your seats for tonight's performance. The fat man is warming up and the singing will start in five minutes. It's on. God help anyone with a house to sell in Ashford.
  11. This is a guess rather than anything based on fact, but maybe it's because the UK has leveraged every business to the eyeballs with private equity debt so there is no cash buffer to survive even the shortest downturn?
  12. .....and without jobs you won't be buying 2 bed flats in Peckham for fifty squillion pounds you selfish bastards The ONLY person that Kirstie Allsop has ever worried about is Kirstie Allsop
  13. I don't have any insider knowledge I'm afraid, but my experience is the same as yours. I think it's common practice that new build estates will offload any remaining houses to a Housing Association after a particular point because the developer needs the cash flow to move on to the next new build. The Housing Association will bulk-buy the remainder as whatever discount they hammer out with the developer. Around my way the new Shared Ownerships all get sold really quickly. The 2nd hand re-sales are really hard to shift, but no one who is buying the new-build ones seems to take that into account.
  14. Is is because the market is moving so fast? Or is it because volume is on the floor and those estate agents need to eat and don't want to waste their precious time on tyre-kickers?
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