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  1. "Retention bonuses are typical for bankrupt companies that want to prevent their management from abandoning ship. But they're always awkward: the company can't pay its employees or its debts to lenders, but it prioritizes payments to its already handsomely paid bosses." That is quite simply the best excuse I've ever heard for blatant troughing in my whole life. I'm almost admiring the brass neck of it.
  2. Private Equity seems to have destroyed everything these days, whilst making very small amounts of people obscenely rich. Sad
  3. Blimey. Was she taking advice from Kirsty Allsopp?
  4. Hmmm, that could be a very interesting financial change if the "VIP Tent" part of sports spectating is pared back
  5. Trouble is for the last few years it's me that's looked like the insane one for not buying a house. And much as I'd like to think that this is the big moment I've been waiting for, nothing has come to pass yet and may well never do so.
  6. I have a friend who is desperate to buy a 2nd home somewhere that she can use and put on Air B n B. Keeps sending me Rightmove links and asking what I think about various ones. I am trying to be vague and tactful rather than replying with "ARE YOU INSANE?"
  7. He explained himself on another thread. He's buying now because he needs to buy now because of his life circumstances. I'd be pretty stressed if that was me. Damned if you do (and prices drop) and damned if you don't (and they go up). It's the same ridiculous hamster-wheel stress that pretty much everyone is feeling now and has been feeling for years, if not decades in some cases. Buying a roof over your head should just be something that happens, not the biggest gamble you will ever take with the stakes being so mind-bendingly high one way or another all the time. It's horrible and wrecks lives and shouldn't be allowed.
  8. 6.6bn? The Tories could **** that out in a afternoon these days. On hoverboards to get commuters across London or something equally moronic Tiny numbers 😁
  9. I'm not sure that the accusation that this thread went "off topic" is valid. The original poster of this thread posted an article about market sentiment. According to the Telegraph, market sentiment is high with buyers "flooding" back. The original poster was questioning this position and saying they did not feel the same. I suggested in my first post that people might be flooding back to look, but sentiment would only become price reality if those buyers actually bought and didn't just look. The original poster again felt that it was unlikely that people were even looking and if they were then he thought it a strange thing to want to do straight out of lockdown. I pointed out that people are very different in what they consider to be important activities straight after a lockdown and used the example of McDonalds as something I don't understand but other people clearly do and therefore it is very hard for anyone (including the Daily Telegraph) to accurately predict the sentiment of any situation as we cannot account for other people having different priorities and perspectives from our own. To me that was very much "on topic" - i.e. sentiment is a fragile and essentially irrational entity whether applied to the housing market or any other aspect of human life.
  10. People are queueing in cars to buy McDonalds "food". I do not understand other people and I don't think I ever will.
  11. I have worked in the charity sector and what tended to happen in smaller charities was that Doreen the accounts assistant retired at 60 then came back and did her own job for free 3 days a week. Lovely for Doreen, who had been dragging out 3 days work into 5 days until she retired and lovely for the charity who didn't have to recruit for a new candidate or pay them. But in the same way that a BTL house gets taken out of re-circulation in the housing market, Doreen's job has not be re-circulated to the next generation of worker. It's a tough one.
  12. They might be flooding back to look (and get outside of their own four walls). Whether that looking turns into buying is what we need to see.
  13. I have posted on here before that the only person in a chain I know that has actually completed (two days ago) was when the person at the very top of the chain (with the most equity to lose) bought the house at the bottom of the chain "to rent out or sell later". They clearly decided that what they would lose on their new bottom-rung purchase was still less than what they stood to lose if the chain collapsed and everyone had to start again in the New World.
  14. Doesn't matter, most people only ride them a couple of times before they go in the shed!
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