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  1. stop_the_craziness

    Bank of England "models" 30% decline in house prices

    Anecdotal, but most of the 30-somethings I know have done the joint income mortgage thing then when the baby comes along, 1 of 2 things happen 1) If their parents are wealthier, they pay for the childcare/school fees 2) If their parents are less wealthy, then they do the childcare full-time for them for free until state-school age, then they do the school-run/after-school/school holidays care so both parents can carry on working full time all the time to pay the mortgage. That's how the plates stay spinning for those that I know.
  2. Brilliant! I still see ads for rentals that say "No DHSS". And that hasn't existed since 1988! Somehow "DWP" has never really caught on as a pejorative term.
  3. stop_the_craziness

    America's new aristocracy live in an accountability-free zone  

    After I watched that recent BBC documentary I did wonder what it's like to be Fred Goodwin. All that money and protection, but you are a pointless pariah and have no real purpose in the world at all. For someone who had a massive "masters of the universe" ego it must be a weird existence. A bit like being dead whilst you are still alive. I wonder what he does all day.
  4. stop_the_craziness

    The 10 yrs after the Credit crunch thread

    I know that many on here dislike the BBC, but I thought this wasn't too bad. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bmbhzb/the-bank-that-almost-broke-britain?suggid=b0bmbhzb Some of it was a bit "if we hadn't bailed out the banks the world would have ended so actually we did a good thing" garbage, but just the fact that some of the information was put back out there was encouraging. It makes me feel quite ashamed that in 2008 I didn't really "understand" what was going on with any of this, it was just the boring bit on the news to me. Which is pretty much the reaction I still get from a lot of my friends and family when I want to talk to them about this sort of stuff now.
  5. stop_the_craziness

    The adverts on this site

    But seemingly in a really crap way. I read a thread on here recently about how much of a pain it would be to own that Harry Potter House because a million Japanese tourists would be on your doorstep and then ever since I've had ads on this site for "Visit Japan". Someone's algorithm is a bit too simple. It presumably only went as far as "Japanese" and "Tourist"
  6. stop_the_craziness

    Rates on the way up?

    This is a brilliantly informative bit of maths. Thank you so much for taking the time to put down the figures to what swirls around my head regarding my situation re price falls and interest rate hikes. I for one would love to see such an algorithm.
  7. stop_the_craziness

    Is Prime London Crashing? - Merged Threads

    Perhaps the prices are so high and the volumes so low in London that a single super-mansion changing hands from oligarch to oligarch can determine a whole month's "average" ?
  8. stop_the_craziness

    Words fail me...

    I'm considering him the world expert on how to foul up an economy, so if he's looked at the books and thinks it's bad, then it's bad. Radio Four have been doing loads of "It's ten years since the financial crisis" pieces and every single one of them seems to end with someone confidently predicting "the next crisis". It has gone from "could we have another crisis?" to "When we have the next crisis". Everyone is suddenly predicting it as a nailed-on certainty. I presume so they can justify the next round of QE to "save" us from it.
  9. stop_the_craziness

    Examples of big & multiple drops

    Exactly this in Bedfordshire. One to two years ago everything was up for crazy prices and selling. Now it's all up for crazy prices and NOT selling but also NOT coming down. I can only presume that most people can service their mortgages in their current places and will just have put their dreams of moving up "the ladder" (*vomit) on hold and will just stay put. And the massive boomer paid-off-years ago houses will just sit there until their occupants die and one of their children will probably move into them if they can. Not sure how the whole tax/stamp duty side of that works, but it's got to be better than "giving it away"?
  10. stop_the_craziness

    Btl Scum Regrouping And On The Offensive. -- Merged

    It's what happens when your BOMAD deposit means you still can't buy in the South East so you use it to buy a BTL "Ooop North" and f**k up someone else's life chances instead.
  11. stop_the_craziness

    'Dog kennel' flats

    True The number of times in the last three years that I've had to talk myself off the ledge of buying an utter s**thole in the **** end of nowhere, just to be "on the ladder". And I like to think I'm quite sensible, but every now and again the madness creeps upon me and it's almost impossible to fight. Almost.
  12. stop_the_craziness

    Btl Scum Regrouping And On The Offensive. -- Merged

    One big difference though......you give a **** about getting the answers and most government IT employees don't
  13. IF he can find someone to sell it to. The details of this are almost identical to a friend of mine who got a £240,000 Interest Only liar loan in 2004 for a house that is now "worth" £385K. Problem is he is now trying to sell it for £385K and can't. And even if he takes a price hit and sells it for example for £340,000 and takes his £100K "profit" there is a problem. 1) Where does he live because he's now in his 50s so where does £100K get him when he won't be able to get another IO liar-loan mortgage to go with it. 2) His £100K "profit" is less than what he's paid in mortgage interest payments on the liar loan since 2004. So I agree he's done well by using his IO Liar loan to be renting his own house for 14 years and then effectively getting the rent refunded when he sells the house, but other than that it's not quite the gravy train I would have expected given the mental toll it has taken on him both then and now. And that's only if he can find someone to buy it at such a ridiculous price. When he took out the liar loan he expected to be "set up for life" only now he's got to either keep paying the mortgage and bills to stay, which is becoming increasingly unaffordable with his current self-employed work situation, or sell up and then what? I don't feel more sorry for him than I do for me (priced out and renting), but it's opened my eyes that even the "winners" in this shit-show are also the victims of the banks/politicians greed and insanity in allowing this awful mess to ever occur.
  14. stop_the_craziness

    Daily Mail - Help to Buy mess

    Grant Schapps Wiki page shows him to be a bit more than just a "spiv". No wonder he tried to edit it! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grant_Shapps
  15. stop_the_craziness

    Daily Mail: Are house prices set to tumble?

    Man I hope you're right. I'm so hoping that a lovely 3-bed semi with a garage, garden and driveway will one day be mine and I won't be living in nightmarish debt in order to keep hold of it. It's not a big dream, which is why it seems so cruel to be an impossible dream right now. Funny old world.

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