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  1. Moderator, everything I wrote in the two posts that you have censored is objectively true. Point for point. Verifyably true. That makes you complicit in the btrash gatekeeping. But that's your job , isn't it ? You can put your finger in the dyle, you cannot hold back the tide. Ignorant jobsworth.
  2. According to you ? Lol ! Not according to market cap, transactions, hash power, and history back to the Genesis block. Just because you say something, doesn't make it true.
  3. If I walk down a street and double spend in multiple shops, and others are doing the same thing, all because it's possible with 0-Conf, you don't think it's going to eventually damage permanently the reputation of the coin ? The btrash numpties are brain dead. They don't have the first clue.
  4. If I have $1 and spend it twice then I have created an extra dollar. It's like fractional reserve banking, you take 1 ounce of gold and create 9 ounces of paper gold. There's still only 1 ounce of gold but 9 ounces have apparently been created and spent. That's inflation. In crypto it may be worse, because colluding miners can potentially create more actual coins if there is no check on them. That's the job of nodes to verify and if you cannot afford to run a node yourself then you must trust the miners.
  5. There is an air of desperation at Btrash. They have always spoken about the flippening, that is ,when it becomes more profitable to mine than bitcoin and then the hash power(miners) defects en-mass to Btrash leaving Bitcoin high and dry. For that to happen the price of Btrash tokens had to reach a certain premium and/or the total value of the transaction fees per block had to reach a certain premium. In a fee market the demand for blockspace, for a fixed blocksize, is rationed by transaction fees/price that varies with demand. To cap(fix) the fees you have to continually increase the blocksize , the supply, as demand increases. To get your total value of the fees large enough to attract miners you need to have enough transactions. Problem is that Btrash is woefully short of users and txns. https://fork.lol/tx/txs So absent the necessary criteria above to generate enough value, and in an act of desperation to kickstart the flippening , what they are now doing is : 1. Pumping the price of the tokens by miners buying them up themselves and removing them from the market (burning the tokens , to use their term). Increasing demand, while simultaneously limiting supply. https://web.facebook.com/AntPoolBITMAIN/posts/1836430923324473 This is a bit like a spaceship using up its life supporting oxygen for thrust instead, as one commenter observed. 2. Increase the number of transactions, by increasing the scope of the script opcodes and thus allowing more esoteric transactions, in this case allowing them to be filled with spam. Using the Btrash blockchain to support a twitter type messaging system called memo.cash. ie. Spamming message transactions into the blockchain. This is the exact opposite of what Satoshi proposed. In fact he reduced the blocksize from 32mb to 1mb and restricted the opcodes in the script in order to specifically restrict the possibility of spam. He wanted to make the blockchain dedicated to bitcoin as money to enable it to mimic gold as closely as possible. These desperate measures of Btrash are like a politburo frantically trying to kick-start an economy by rigging economic supply and demand from some underground bunker. Pass the popcorn........
  6. @VitalikButerin Replying to @_Kevin_Pham @SoakerPatoshi and 2 others Do you think monetary policy is really the most important government power that needs checking? For me I'm not even sure it's in the top 5. "Cultists of "Great Genius Vitalik" are up for a rude awakening one day when they finally realize he's just a kid with a pronounced Dunning–Kruger syndrome. " https://mobile.twitter.com/VitalikButerin/status/991095496520318976
  7. 0-conf is not trustless. Period. Why bother with mining and node verification if you can have trustless 0-conf ? It makes no sense. If it were that easy then why did it take 20 years and a system of massive mining and node verification effort to get to the point of trustless decentralization ? They could have just made a central database and called it PayPal 2.0. Until your transaction is confirmed ie. included in a block, and preferably at least 6 blocks, it is not immune from double spend ie. inflation of the coins. Only the brain dead Btrash dev(singular) and his co-hort of felons could make the leap that 0-conf is secure. It's a fraud and you'd have to be a dupe to believe it's not.
  8. Satoshi says that you can never scale the onchain, distributed, trustless currency to everyday coffee purchases without using second layers. In order to achieve distributed, trustlessness you require massive redundancy via broadcast/flood to many nodes, the more the better. This is incompatible with onchain , distributed, trustless instantaneous micropayments. 1:34:00 in this interview : https://tim.blog/2017/06/04/nick-szabo/
  9. This guy understands. : Saifedean Ammous: The real importance of bitcoin(on-chain) is not making cheap, easy payments. It’s not a way of making fast payments. It’s not going to allow for microtransactions or all these other use cases that we’ve heard are important for bitcoin. The most important thing that bitcoin offers is a new form of sound money outside the control of any authority or government in the world. And that is something very, very important for the world economy. Bitcoin is hard money as opposed to easy money. Easy money refers to money whose quantity is easy to increase, in case there is an increase in demand for it. (edit: if you cannot yourself run a blockchain node to verify that the miners are not inflating the supply of coins, like on Btrash, then you are no better off than on the fiat paper "standard". That is the true meaning of crypto-currency as worked towards for 20+ years by the guys who eventually invented Bitcoin. The Btrash( "centralized sockpuppets"-Satoshi) clowns don't understand sound money. They missed the crypto-currency intention by a country mile). https://youtu.be/ukjDCeuNK3Y
  10. https://www.amazon.com/Bitcoin-Standard-Decentralized-Alternative-Central/product-reviews/1119473861/ref=cm_cr_arp_mb_hist_5?ie=UTF8&filterByStar=five_star&reviewerType=all_reviews#reviews-filter-bar
  11. It's not possible to have a crash without utter complacency. That's what we are seeing. Look at the vix, it's dead. Until it isn't. When this crashes it will be epic. Hyperinflation. Leading economist at the time. Irving Fischer in 1929 just before the market crashed : the market has reached "a permanently high plateau".
  12. The apparent shortage is due to all money flowing to the bond market. The consumer prices are the wrong place to look. That consumer hyperinflation will come after the bond market crashes. The general complacency is misplaced. Hyperinflation will come down like a ton of bricks. The bond bubble is 38 years old, you are mistaking that for a everything is OK. You have been fooled.
  13. The moderator/class monitor/diaper changer has stepped in. Probably knows as much as kosmin. Time to leave this forum to the sock puppets. It's been a laugh a minute
  14. When the asset bubbles burst, especially the bond bubble, then we will get hyperinflation. Then all the money will exit the assets markets and will flow into the consumer market. You will be standing knee deep in fiat paper and it won't be worth anything. When will this happen ? Look at the dollar purchasing power chart above, are we nearer to zero or 100% ? Come on give it your best shot !
  15. Seriously ?! You can't spot the trend Doofus. Sock puppet
  16. Only in your tiny brain. The world of fiat we have now is infinitely worse. By any measure. Globally
  17. Your posts are a testament to your stupidity. Let them stand on their own for posterity, for a good laugh in the future. The US dollar will be hyperinflated , but after its hyperinflated it will be a stable peg . ! Nobody is this stupid. You're a sock puppet
  18. Inflation in France is as practical as you can get. It culminated in, and probably caused the French revolution. It is a case study, almost word for word, for what happening in the world now. Ignore it at your peril. Get some sound money. Bitcoin
  19. Read the book ! https://mises.org/library/fiat-money-inflation-france It will explain the entire process of fiat through inflation and ending in hyperinflation. It will explain how the fiat starts off being accepted, and slowly disintegrates until it is not accepted at all. It shows how repeated reevaluations of the fiat ultimately has no effect. It shows how attempts to back the fiat with unsound money eg. Property, is useless, eventually the economy collapses completely and utterly when the money breaks down into hyperinflation. That is what we are witnessing today. The centralized, ceo-coins in crypto are just another form of fiat. That is why they are being rejected.
  20. Yes. At the point if hyperinflation nobody will accept the fiat. Up until that point people will take it but dispose of it quickly. It's a continuum. Do you know what that is ? Look it up, it will answer your questions. Do you need a spoon ?
  21. You have to get paid in fiat, dummy! I posted the link of the guy that got 15 years in jail for paying in gold. But obviously you didn't read it, because you're a sock puppet. Nobody holds fiat after hyperinflation, dummy. The definition of hyperinflation is : utter rejection of fiat, zero demand. I posted that definition, but you didn't read it, because your a sock puppet ! They may try and give it to you with salary, but you won't hold it even for a few hours. As long as fiat has some value you will preferably use it for payments ie. You will dispose of it as fast as possible for goods and services. You will hold onto the sound money. Greshams law. That is not a contradiction. You only think it is, because you're a bit slow.
  22. you know why you still ask dumb questions ? Because you haven't read the link I posted : https://mises.org/library/fiat-money-inflation-france You know why you won't read that link ? Because you're not interested, you're a sock puppet. The answers to all your questions on inflation are in that link. We have a global coordinated central bank fiat money printing to the tune of over $1.5 quadrillion, what happened in France in 1792 is exactly what we have now, but globally. Read the book
  23. They serve a very useful purpose. They're usually dumb as a post, you'd have to be to do that job. They know nothing, so they act as a foil and others can post facts against their gibberish for education. The facts then stand out in stark contrast to the empty nothing's they post. All good.
  24. A on cue the other sock puppet shows up Tell us, how much do you earn ?
  25. All facts. Those btrash sock puppets are paid to post here. This not the first time and not the first forum they have been caught on. They're usually so dumb, they stick out like a sore thumb : https://mobile.twitter.com/notgrubles/status/979433707986739205 https://medium.com/@WhalePanda/the-curious-relation-between-bitcoin-com-anti-segwit-propaganda-26c877249976 https://mobile.twitter.com/kallewoof/status/979767681891975169
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