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  1. 10% is nothing, the drop will have no affect on those whose house price has increased two fold over the last 15 years, reverting back to a year ago......more will benefit from any drops than would not......magic HPI, increased more each year than working.......we have got to a place where property is not going anywhere fast, but cost of living in the property is going up.......the tables have changed, flipped.
  2. The Tory party party, look after their own.......they have had plenty of time to plan energy security in our country, gas storage, nuclear, wind, housing, NHS, infastructure etc......they do not want to think about the long-term for the country only long-term for those they know and their own jobs, they prefer to hand out money to private and foreign business who say they can do it/deal with it, take the problem off their hands, it'll cost you......those that only do business because they can profitise from taxpayers and QE borrowed money in it for themselves.....those first to handle the money make the most from that money......if not working out they continue to ask and get regular state subsidies, or spend the money and then go out of business.....sorry model didn't work, no claw backs or accountability,and we are back to square one again....too big to fail or make as much as can then fail......staying close to those that hold the money purse, donate and promote them......they work for them because something in it for them........no such thing as a free lunch.
  3. There are only so many better paid jobs..... aren't they the ones losing 91,000 civil service jobs.......lots already are cutting back on non-essential......if businesses not doing well they lose workers and/or wages not keeping up with the cost of living.
  4. They must be sensing unrest will in the future rise, or taking back control, otherwise why is this necessary?....violent crime should be going down.....fraud and theft is going up been a rapid increase in that.
  5. The money that one went to service the mortgage will be spent on the cost of living.....the only thing that might keep houses higher than they should be is people/firms buying the cheap pound with other currencies, earned or borrowed elsewhere.
  6. I don't think anything will be done to lower energy prices or anything much because the government wants us to reduce our consumption of energy, rising prices is one way to do that......the available supply we have to be shared, distributed to private and commercial users/manufacturers....of course those that can better afford high energy and fuel, gas and oil will carry on using what they have always done, higher prices affects them minimally when have plenty......going to be really hard for so many........the government will judge the market and public reaction and might pull something out the bag in the autumn.......many other countries have done much more already......not a loan to be paid back when prices might well be much higher.
  7. Unless in a well paid job, enjoy it and prepared to stick with it, many who can retire will retire when they can, staying working will be no benefit to them, they are selling their time for money that is losing value fast.....treading water. Living in the last third of life, time is worth more than money......teaching old dogs new tricks. Younger people will not want to do dead end jobs on low pay that are topped up with benefits, boring repetitive jobs with no job satisfaction or prospects.......so I can see us going back to earning money in new ways, social media, not having a regular income, ducking and diving, wheeling and dealing, doing bits and pieces as and when can......networking.
  8. Too much......been on here a long time now awaiting for sensible house prices for local working people, since then many more have been totally priced out, people judged by how much they can earn or number of property they can collect rents on, not on the work they do......very clear that making enough money is putting pressure on a growing numbers of citizens....... eventually all hope is then gone, no stake in society, no reason to do something like a job they do not enjoy or doesn't pay them enough, no point in doing it just to enrich others not themselves, from they work they do to the rent they pay.
  9. ....didn't need university......a massive big business nowadays, a huge cause of anxiety to the young, when it doesn't prove much and shouldn't be a measure of how a life progresses......the young today got conned, led into a false sense of security.
  10. Pay-as-you-go.....the big disadvantage is will be renting and spending everything -as- you-earn it. Today's money in today's financial environment of high inflation and low interest rates is at its highest value at the point of creation or on the day it is earned......yesterdays earned money is losing money and value daily. That is why rents collected today, a regular monthly income with annual increases above the rate of inflation is worth more than a lump sum with nowhere to put it, nowhare to go.
  11. No...walking through a huge field of what looks like it could be wheat, too early to say, could be anything, where the leaf meets the stem can clearly see the tiny hairs that show it is wheat not barley or rye......someone knowledgeable in the know confirmed.
  12. Good point, go out and have a good dance, some good music, let off steam, mixing with others.....as youngsters we had plenty of places to choose from.....some great DJs, great venues.....didn't cost the earth and felt very safe.
  13. Now it is not just the poor is it........it has become a prop for all walks of life, the tax collected from the sale of alcohol must be enormous.
  14. Don't know about the productivity bit that is debatable...... generally people need people to interact with, bounce off of, laugh together, share experiences......not all people are the same, there are some that are not particularly social animals and prefer their own company most of the time...IT people tend to be on that spectrum, they do great working solo........then got to take into consideration other commitments a worker has, hours in the day..... sometimes there come a temporary point in a person's life that home working if they can fits in with them, nothing is forever.......happy employees are more productive.
  15. How do you think a bigger house will help your children's mental health and wellbeing?......do you think a child having their own bedroom will affect how healthy and balanced they grow up to be?
  16. You are doing well then.....often kids pick up their parents worries and take it on-board themselves.....kids brains are wired young, their minds are sponges...... don't miss a trick, they learn languages very quickly, they learn about life very quickly.
  17. Agree, and the medicine of choice often seems to be alcohol, those that run the country take it to calm their nerves, and help to get through the day, why they even get it subsidised it is that much of a necessity......other drugs and mind altering substances are widespread, helping to kill pain along with prescription pain killers and mood altering drugs.....where do we go from here?
  18. Agree he acts like a spoilt child at times....how healthy he is, no qualified to say.
  19. The people's stress levels, anxiety, PMA, fears, health and hope for the future..... especially the children, the children that are our future?
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