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  1. It is hard to sell something to someone who doesn't want it or doesn't need it......money can only be made from those with wants or needs..... surely must reach a point when enough is enough and any more might become detrimental? People need other people......nobody can become what they want to be alone, we all require help from others. No man is an island.
  2. They have not died, many now work fewer hours......therefore the workforce in real terms has been reduced.
  3. Ah, but the wealthy and or younger skilled can live in many places in the world.....those that have enough money who voted for brexit should have no problem with living in many places in the world......brexit means restrictions and barriers created for both goods and people, unless you can afford it. Are not British state pensions frozen if living in Canada?
  4. ..... can't think straight, the stress of it all.
  5. Agree, that sometimes the wrong jobs that pay more are not the ones that are important and valuable to society.....less can be more, what you don't owe won't worry you.....energy crisis will mean big is expensive, when people with an expensive lifestyle will continue to work for longer to support it, whatever makes them happy, nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't necessarily mean others aspire to be like them or would look up to them, sometimes others will feel sorry for them...choices. Inflation and supply issues are here.......the perfect storm. Those Europeans who have settled here are now part of our society, they have the same costs and issues as us, their inflation level and costs are the same as us, they also need to earn a certain figure, the same as us.....if they have duel nationality they will have more freedom and choices than us.
  6. I don't think it is they don't want to work it is how do people value their time, our time that we sell to others for a price.....would a peers value someone as an individual if they worked for an employer that did not pay them what they feel they are worth, look down on them, where working conditions are poor, when just going to work becomes expensive........why do we value some jobs more than others, why would we want our kids to have one career over another, it is not just about the money, it is about who the employer is, are they using employees to feather their own nests, using them by disrespecting them, employing them for less than two years to avoid workers rights...... As you say some of the best ways of spending time is completely free, people value their time on this earth, it doesn't have to be expensive........nobody should sell their time off cheaply.....people can give their time to others, their time to decide how they will spend it and how much they decide to sell it to others for, what they gain in return......just saying.
  7. It is the high interest rate chargeable on university loans that is the biggest ripoff........4.2%. far more than what a mortgage loan costs......the poorest students pay the most, same as its ever been.....compounded.
  8. Why all the demand for workers......What is the work? What does the work pay? Where are these jobs? What future career path do these jobs offer? What security, sick pay, holiday pay and pensions come with the job? Over the last 18 months very many have stopped working, bringing up kids or other caring, retired, gone back to study, gone self employed, living from savings, living from investments/ property, living from rents......gone back to live at home, taking time out......gone travelling.........very few jobs for life, now contract, agency, part-time, flexible, zero hours....
  9. https://orynski.eu/20-reasons-why-there-is-shortage-of-drivers-in-the-uk/
  10. How much fuel and time is being wasted driving around looking for fuel, and waiting in queues for fuel, that is not good for the environment or stress levels....is there a real-time app that can tell us what fuel petrol stations have, how many in the queue and how much is left?.......when is the next delivery due?
  11. The wrong step would be to make tests easier.....a bad lorry driver is a death trap on the motorway, the wrong step would be to increase working hours, a tired driver on the motorway is a death trap putting many lives at risk. More should be invested in training the cost of training and providing the tests required to keep the country running..... don't require an university degree for that, along with improving on the road working conditions....not rocket science.
  12. Agree they're good to society for their spending capacity, not always their brains or for the job that they do..... doesn't matter how much have to spend, nobody eats or would want to eat the best steak and prawns everyday.....a good or the best restaurant is not an expensive restaurant...they also move money outside to other places...they like to make all places 'look' attractive including themselves, some love to be the centre of attention, some avoid it at all costs and are reclusive......the wealthy always need others more than most of us do.......easy come easy go..... sometimes a lonely place to be........a big responsibility to have, not all are up to it and failure is common.
  13. Nobody wants a shambles but that is what we have got.......I thought we had taken back control, control of what?
  14. I don't think the government will bring in the army to help unless they have to......far to embarrassing for them. Once peoples car tanks are full the queues will become shorter and more petrol stations will have fuel available......like toilet rolls got weeks of supply won't need to buy for weeks.
  15. That sounds like a better more sensible move.....best of both worlds.
  16. Not if cutting down on monthly DD both in number and amount..........
  17. No........how many miles do you drive PA? Where do you get your high miles or Km to gallon or litre car serviced?.....second hand low emissions and running ice cars are not depreciating.....they went down, now they are in demand so values have increased, not making as many of them anymore........ Not talking about high insurance and tax gas guzzlers....pay a premium for running them.......would you prefer to pay £5k for a good low running car or £30k for something else........£25k is a lot to lose or make up.
  18. ........still don't want an electric car.......not at the prices they are asking....EVC..... electric vehicle crash.co.uk.
  19. How much petrol and diesel did we use during lockdown?.......not a shortage in petrol garage's tanks then, once the population has been released from lockdown, driving going back to work, driving on holiday, driving to visit friends and relatives not seen for months only logical more fuel will be used........got to up the ante or run out......no we don't want another lockdown to see us through this.....fail to plan plan to fail.
  20. The level of the salary earned before beginning repaying is not the BIG issue it is the extortionate interest rates charged......a complete and utter ripoff in these days of low debt interest rates, perhaps more would be repaid if the high cost of borrowing money, the high cost of interest charged to study, better yourself, help the country and pay taxes.....do the maths, someone is making from this, not the students that have to borrow to learn.. This year Christmas might just have to be a little bit different......like brexit will make many things have been used to different....
  21. Higher property prices can mean more liquidity can be pumped into the economy.......debt secured by valuable increasing in price property is better security than an individual....more liquidity means more money sloshing about looking for a home that provides a yeild which means higher inflation which means erroding the debt created from nothing.....eroding savings, eroding wages and the reason to work......easier to borrow money secured on assets and living from that, than working for it.
  22. Yes, important to win the leavers over, not ridicule or embarrass them, things happen, all part of history......it is our future that is of importance now.....
  23. Surely having a contingency plan for problems arising is the government of the time responsibility......small government, low taxes and low regulation......leaving it to the free market to do what is right is ridiculous, they will not invest in infastructure to see safe and clean places for truckers to stay with good healthy food available.....they will not increase wages or invest in training truckers if it hits their bottom line......so many different firms, companies, utilities will hold the government to ransom, pay them the money, bail them out, pay them extra to action/do/make things happen to make things how they should be......try getting a driving test, not easy.... can't get a test can drive....... everything seems to be on the tipping point, doesn't take much these days for it to tip over....the net has plenty of holes in it.....
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