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  1. Just like the people who voted in the EU Referendum in the 70s (and regretted voting to join), these young people can wait 40 years for the next referendum. The current one stands. As it has to.
  2. Quite right. This is why all the polls can be ignored. Particularly the ones at the moment.
  3. Talking about no confidence vote now.
  4. Indeed. And he raises the issue of Art 89 of the agreement whereby we will be bound in perpetuity to all decisions of the ECJ. It's an absurdity. It's a fundamental part of leaving that we are no longer bound by the law or courts of the EU (unless we so choose to be bound - but this should be on a individual case by case basis).
  5. They obviously haven't been paying attention. A 'twit' he is most definitely not. He is highly intelligent and highly articulate. Possibly these people you talk about are jealous?
  6. Plenty of us do. I would have walked away from the EU in the days after the Referendum.
  7. Presumably these are mentally ill people?
  8. Nobody I know has changed their mind. What makes you think people would have changed their minds? Absolutely nothing has changed. Zero. The position is exactly the same and all the arguments are exactly the same. We just need to walk away now. Either that or put someone who actually wants to leave in charge.
  9. For the record, ALL regions of the UK except for 3, voted (quite clearly in many cases) to leave. There is simply no basis for anything other than leaving. Results by United Kingdom regions Region Electorate Voter turnout, of eligible Votes Proportion of votes Remain Leave Remain Leave East Midlands 3,384,299 74.2% 1,033,036 1,475,479 41.18% 58.82% East of England 4,398,796 75.7% 1,448,616 1,880,367 43.52% 56.48% Greater London 5,424,768 69.7% 2,263,519 1,513,232 59.93% 40.07% North East England 1,934,341 69.3% 562,595 778,103 41.96% 58.04% North West England 5,241,568 70.0% 1,699,020 1,966,925 46.35% 53.65% Northern Ireland 1,260,955 62.7% 440,707 349,442 55.78% 44.22% Scotland 3,987,112 67.2% 1,661,191 1,018,322 62.00% 38.00% South East England 6,465,404 76.8% 2,391,718 2,567,965 48.22% 51.78% South West England (including Gibraltar) 4,138,134 76.7% 1,503,019 1,669,711 47.37% 52.63% Wales 2,270,272 71.7% 772,347 854,572 47.47% 52.53% West Midlands 4,116,572 72.0% 1,207,175 1,755,687 40.74% 59.26% Yorkshire and the Humber 3,877,780 70.7% 1,158,298 1,580,937 42.29% 57.71% Leave in blue:
  10. That's what they said before the referendum. In any event, presumably we would have to have a referendum every year at that point. Why would the second one be any more valid? Nearly 50% of the population (to go on your figure) would still vote to leave.
  11. Proceed to no deal then. Get on with it. Just walk away (as we should have done the day after the referendum). If they dare to have another vote people who voted to leave will just vote leave again. Nothing has changed. The issues remain exactly the same.
  12. We haven't had the crash yet.
  13. Errol

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Cinemas are basically pointless now. You can watch it at home on a 55inch 4KUHD TV with surround sound (if you want). And you can watch the good films as well - i.e. those made about 20 years ago.

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