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  1. It's already been shown that the more you lower interest rates, the more people save to make up for the lost interest (i.e. they feel they need to save even more to be safe or have the same amount as before).
  2. You will find this interesting - https://wtfhappenedin1971.com/
  3. North Korea is akin to Crimea - in that if pushed, China will act to prevent it from becoming a Western outpost or base for US troops.
  4. Gold is going to $10,000 and probably much more. If that makes me a 'goldbug' then so be it.
  5. I don't ever carry a phone anyway.
  6. COVID-19 risks shut down U.S. Mint gold silver bullion production at West Point https://www.kitco.com/news/2020-04-15/COVID-19-risks-shut-down-U-S-Mint-gold-silver-bullion-production-at-West-Point.html
  7. Wait for prices to be well north of $5000 an ounce - minimum.
  8. UK lockdown will likely be extended another 3 weeks. Beginning of May would be an ideal time for a review.
  9. You do understand that a large number of the English elite/wealthy class go on holidays every year to Cornwall? Cornwall has traditionally been the holiday destination for these types of people. Yes, they have other holidays abroad, but Cornwall would still be a permanent yearly fixture.
  10. This is a real book published by the German Central Bank. Something tells me they are very pro gold ...
  11. Roads going in to Cornwall every Summer show just how many people carry vast amounts of luggage and people on their way to a holiday. Obviously in the Volvo estate category, you also have to include all other estate cars, many SUVs, Range Rovers/Land Rovers, Pickups and some large saloons (which can also carry a lot and tow).
  12. Until there are mass-market electric cars that do what a petrol Volvo estate can they are just a waste of time for many. To really be any kind of replacement for Petrol, the EV would need to be able to: - Fit 4+ people in the car with a large boot full of heavy luggage and possibly a roof rack. With all of this also pull a caravan or trailer. - Run at least 250 miles minimum on a charge while carrying all of the above. - Run at 70mph+ for 250 miles minimum while carrying all the luggage already mentioned.
  13. Agree. I was following the pandemic from early January (as were plenty of people on various news forums). It was clearly serious and yet no Western Government took any action at all. They could have ordered more PPE, prepared to hire more staff, set up Operations rooms, stopped flights from China etc etc. Nothing was done. And in places like the US they still aren't taking it seriously even today.
  14. Premium bonds are one of the least safe assets in the current situation. Look at the small print. The Chancellor can basically alter the terms at the drop of a hat - including halting redemptions, altering values, suspending etc etc.
  15. Russia building 16 temporary hospitals to deal with virus: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8155247/Russia-building-SIXTEEN-new-coronavirus-hospitals.html
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