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  1. Excellent! I love these weather threads. Winter is coming!
  2. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-17/no-deal-brexit-odds-greater-you-may-think
  3. EU's Fear of a No-Deal Brexit Stench Is In The Air, but May Won't Seize Upon It I’ve been in Strasbourg this week and the good news for Brexiteers and Mrs May is that the atmosphere was redolent with fear. Fear of a no deal. https://sputniknews.com/columnists/201901171071562766-eu-no-deal/
  4. Russia’s gold & foreign currency reserves surge for third consecutive year https://www.rt.com/business/448930-russia-foreign-reserves-growth/
  5. Errol

    School debt.

    More insanity. Buy gold and silver. Nothing will be standing when this farce ends.
  6. Errol

    Household debt record highs

    Agree. Which is why so many people are online now. No stress at all - you just go to Amazon (or wherever) click on what you want and then go back to doing whatever you were doing. Old fashioned shops will have to do something extraordinary now to get people to use them again.
  7. Errol

    The Rise Of The Russian Bear Thread

    Russia To Overtake Germany As World's Fifth-Largest Economy Despite years of international sanctions and low oil prices, which pushed the Russian economy into a recession during 2015, UK-based global bank Standard Chartered predicted in a report published this week that Russia will overtake Germany as the world's fifth largest economy, possibly as early as next year. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-16/russia-overtake-germany-worlds-fifth-largest-economy
  8. Retail therapy is dead apart from in the high end stores. It's still interesting in places like Harrods but otherwise people aren't going to do it.
  9. Errol

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    You do realise that you can garner a massive amount of information from electricity usage data? A huge, huge amount. It's deeply personal and sensitive information.
  10. Errol

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    Just remember - they are not compulsory and there is no law making you have one.
  11. In the situation you describe gold will be almost unobtainable to anyone who doesn't have it already. Price will be $10,000 + - probably a lot more. Gold kept in vaults/banks/storage will have been seized (or locked down, with cash given in exchange).
  12. Bear in mind that the German population is one of the strongest gold buying groups in Europe. They still recognise money (as opposed to currency) - probably as a result of their unpleasant experiences in fairly recent history.
  13. Errol

    Household debt record highs

    Nature will correct the over-population. Europe needs to build a wall, guard the seas and get ready to repel the invaders.

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