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Moderators and administrators monitor your compliance with these rules and dispense disciplinary action at their discretion.

  • No posting of vulgar or obscene material, or other inappropriate or illegal material.
  • No posting of someone's personal details, i.e. name address, email address etc.
  • Please refrain from using swear words in posts.
  • No posting of copyrighted material (or links to copyrighted material such as torrent sites). THIS INCLUDES COPYING AND PASTING NEWS ARTICLES FROM NEWS WEBSITES.
  • All content posted by you will become the property of housepricecrash.co.uk. We reserve the right to check any private messages between posters for reasons of site security.
  • No derogatory comments against others, including slurs based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, or political affiliation. No personal threats or harassment.
  • Always treat fellow posters with respect and courtesy.
  • No business offers or advertising of any kind.
  • You must not have a name or avatar that is very similar to an existing member to avoid any confusion.
  • You may only register one User ID. Multiple IDs are not allowed.
  • ID's must not advertise a website e.g. mysite.co.uk.
  • No impersonation of other users.
  • No irritating posting styles, including use of all caps and excessive punctuation.
  • Discussion must be on-topic only. If there is no board where a subject belongs, post it in the "Off Topic" section or contact a moderator or administrator and ask where to post the thread.
  • Responses within a thread must remain "on topic" to that thread. The mods will exercise discretion and will delete posts within a thread that appear to "invade" the thread or digress from its subject and is not up for discussion.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that you comply with any copyright with regards to published material and your avatar.
  • To report a rule violation in a board post, click "Report this Post" to inform a moderator.


Moderating a forum such as this is not an easy task. Although the majority of us would prefer to say exactly what we want, when we want, it is not always possible to allow this for obvious reasons.


Whilst we try to be as open as possible in the moderation of the forums, the moderators do not have the time to enter into public debate over the rights and wrongs of every moderating decision. Any posts questioning a moderators decision, or the forum rules, will be deleted.This is a privately owned forum and as such no one has an automatic right to post here. The moderators will, at their absolute discretion, delete the account of any member whom they feel is a disruptive influence. This decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.


Although a lot of people, me included, are extremely broad minded and will not be bothered by the use of any known swear word, there are those amongst us, ladies in particular, who find swearing unacceptable. We have a swear filter to automatically censor most common swear words, but, as it is possible to circumvent this by using similar characters, we sometimes have to manually censor some words. Obviously, some words are worse than others, but generally speaking, if a word is in the swear filter, it is deemed to be unacceptable for use on these forums.


We get a number of posts reported by members for varying reasons. Deciding how to act when a post is reported can be difficult, as not all instances are clear cut. In these cases we have to exercise our judgement as to whether or not the post is appropriate and act accordingly. Hopefully, we get it right more often than not, although one thing is certain, we will never please everyone.


This is a thorny area and one which we have given a great deal of thought to. Most, if not all of us, post under a pseudonym, so that if we make a potentially libellous statement it may be possible for the person being libelled to seek redress from this website. Clearly this is not acceptable, so we need to censor posts that we feel are potentially libellous. However, there is a possible alternative and that is for the person making a potentially libellous statement to do so under his real identity. We would be interested in any comments, particularly from members in the legal profession, but could it possibly be an alternative to censorship if the person responsible for the post were to edit and insert the persons real name and address, in cases which concern us, so that any litigation would be directed at him and not this website? We can't imagine that any person making a libellous statement would wish to do so under their real name, but, it may give at least a theoretical alternative to censorship in cases of potential libel.

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