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I want to start a thread where we can post all the best graph on the economy and the housing market. This is for bears or Bulls I am not looking for debate but just data maybe followed with a bit of an explanation why you think it is key to our understanding. I will get the ball rolling and start with a few of my favourite charts. I have loaded the ones I could not find a web link for onto http://imageshack.us/ which is free and requires no registration, this way you can link to the image and display large in the post.

This is the key graph for me regarding house prices


This second graph is also a favourite of mine showing how high houses got in relation to earnings.


This I found interesting and can show how some areas were relatively cheap and have jumped to being relatively very expensive, or it just show somewhere has always been relatively expensive.


This graph shows the perilous state of US debt although i believe it need updating now


This graph is a great one for putting the stock market into perspective. This latest ones shows just how extreme the rally has been relative to previous major bear market bottoms.


This one is a good reminder of just how unusual our current BOE rate is


Finally a graph that puts the world trade into perspective (their have been a few good article comparing the current crisis to the 1930's http://www.voxeu.org/index.php?q=node/3421) but this is a good snapshot.


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I've not worked out how to attatch charts yet, but here's an article from Market Oracle with more charts and graphs than you can shake a stick at.

If anyone can attatch the relevant charts to this thread, t'would be appreciated.



From above....


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Mods, I don't ask very often but could this please be pinned, some great charts added already.

Here is another one, inflation adjusted house prices in Sacramento California at peak they were nearly 3 times their historical average and are currently well on the way to adjusting.


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