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    Sorry? say that again - how much did house prices fall in NIreland after the GFC?!

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  1. Seems like it’s The Fundamentals v CB Interventionistas. feels like 8-nil to the CB Interventionistas. ... my question is about timing... when is IBTL going to step up and score 3 for us, lads?
  2. Really good man thank you for the links. Will get reading. For what it’s worth- I thought the John Kay book was really interesting- be a contrarian seems to be the attitude. Seems to me like Property has begun its decline and stocks will be next. It’s the timing that’s the thing.
  3. Looking at the M Armstrong signposts versus John Kay - style realism I think it’s really interesting to consider whether fundamentals will prevail or if crazy will continue. Question for Sancho Panza if youre on for it and you’re there- Where do you check to find out for sure how much stock market trading stems from borrowed money- margin calls?
  4. Wait til they get a load of all the Cheques I will be unleashing.
  5. The valuations should revert to mean Sancho Panza but the wealth preservation angle could lead foreign capital to seek safety - parking capital. I thought Italian bonds would just keep sinking but seem up and US treasuries down today.
  6. Depends if you think global money will seek a safe haven that isn't government.
  7. I reckon nobody really knows, Viceroy. if I had to pick a team I would be marching towards the enemy trenches with DB. No question.
  8. Tricky for sure. DB has been on the money. MA paints a broad/stroke future picture. Avoid bonds, get into equities before the panicky foreigners do.
  9. True. Hard to step back. Wish I had earned it through QE/TFS. Then it would not matter.
  10. I sold it all a week or two ago because it was so volatile and rubbish... but checked in on Friday morning and decided sod it bought a big chunk and watched it go updownupdownup over the day. Holy God it was rotten. Then it went up and held and was great. And now I think we’ll sod it it’s not Mothercare so you never know. People will need gas...so Fingers crossed for the next week and beyond. ... I reckon this hold for the longterm thing sounds lovely but is horrible when you watch every hour because you’ve had to earn every penny. Self employed here myself. Learning as I go. Don’t want to lose out...but also want to ride the next wave.
  11. Go on then -Chronyx/ what’s the plan for this week...it’s hold tight to the IBTL for me and see if I can move a chunk from one of my picks which isn’t doing well to one that is... might make a bit...
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