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  1. First step towards the end of free movement passed today 👍
  2. 10-20% off prices that are more than double the 2008 bubble, some victory! 😂
  3. I suppose it was better than not seeing more than two decades of HPI.
  4. Is it me or has BTL dropped off the radar at dinner parties, pub talk, other forums etc? On one forum I used to frequent (not housing related in any way apart from a small sub forum) there used to be one person a week asking about it as an investment strategy, now it's tumbleweeds regarding the subject.
  5. https://www.ft.com/content/79d8d9f0-5ed4-11ea-8033-fa40a0d65a98
  6. Interest rates will go negative, prices will continue to rise.
  7. Come on, that's just ******** for some sectors. More than 85% of the IR35 contracts in construction were found to fall outside.
  8. Good news for us with (small) mortgages on illiquid, appreciating assets *winesmiley*
  9. I thought we were talking French people moving to the UK, why would they have a problem gaining employment in their own country? Or is it a district thing? Are the French racist in a fashion that would be similar to someone form Wiltshire hating an Oxfordian like me? 😂 And to think of the Vitriol spouted in the Brexit thread towards thick, working class Brits from the rejoaners!
  10. I will always have Mr Powertool, dragging someone around the TV studio on a skateboard (via a chain attached to his schlong), burned into my memory. Thanks Eurotrash and C4.
  11. It's not when you charge £200 per man, per day and only pay them £50-75 cih because they aren't even qualified or probably not even supposed to be working in the UK.
  12. https://www.migrationwatchuk.org/key-topics/housing number 18, states ‘foreign born’, trying to find the exact article with the time scale. Perhaps it was for new applications, but the 50% figure for ‘foreign born’ is 2-3 years out of date. Note 2/3 of private London rents are to immigrants!! See section 25 below: https://www.migrationwatchuk.org/briefing-paper/438/immigration-and-housing
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