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  1. maffo in oxford

    Rent controls - James O' Brien - LBC on now

    If there is a youtube link, can someone please share?! OB is a Baizuo-gammon
  2. Please don't speak for me, Brexit should have meant out altogether i.e. no deal, leaving the customs union, ending freedom of movement and the influence of the European court. Trade negotiations between the EU and TROTW in the two years then following the vote. I take no blame for Parliament ******ing up the process.
  3. Recently on some other forums, messages boards and social media platforms I have noticed that the resident BTL gurus have cottoned on to the fact that they can't increase rents to cover their increased costs (due to section 24). Apparently this will be resolved by "letting via Airbnb innit, get a normal month's rent in only a week". Is the demand really there?
  4. maffo in oxford

    Realistic House Price Calculator

    There will be no such thing as a realistic house price when there is unrealistic amounts of credit being lent by banks, what with them suffering practically zero consequences of doing so.
  5. maffo in oxford

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Why not start one yourself?!
  6. Wiltshire is much more affordable than Oxford, still a little bit overpriced but thankfully there are places accessible to most buyers. Older Flats have come down considerably so even Honda plant workers can buy here, a far cry compared with BMW and Oxford 😣
  7. I paid 20% less than the typical asking price from 2-3 years ago. I can handle another 30% with ease, it wouldn't even put me in NE.
  8. I purchased my detached bungalow for less than 4x local joint wages earlier this year, and that was with a decent deposit. Even without it was still less than that figure, I highly doubt they will drop much further, if they do it makes it easier to trade up.
  9. Borrowing to excess is excusable, only if it's meant for buying a home.
  10. maffo in oxford

    Restaurant chains suffering?

    Fergus or Judith?
  11. How about MMR rules and BTL taxation affecting the sale price (post implementation), rather than emotional reasons?
  12. maffo in oxford

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Block and render is solid, cheap and can look fantastic with a bit of thought, especially in art deco style.
  13. maffo in oxford

    Pre - Fab Cost £65,000

    CDM: Construction design and management regulations, mostly the appointment of health and safety responsibility for a project. F10: Notification of a building project to the HSE, needed if the project exceeds 30 working days, 500 labour hours or has more than 20 workers on site at any one time HSE: Health and Safety Executive i.e. the big boys!
  14. maffo in oxford

    Pre - Fab Cost £65,000

    It would be as easy as it is now i.e. nothing stopping you apart from needing some contractual knowledge such as CDM reg's, F10 HSE notifications, possibly contacting council/highways about sections 38/278 if a frontage, roadway or access is altered/required, notifying planning, building control and utilities etc. The design and construction aspects you can offer to sub contractors.

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