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  1. Millions are coming and we should welcome them. Get over it already.
  2. I told everyone that days ago. No exclusions.
  3. Boo hoo. Triple lock ends tomorrow. 😭
  4. Don't just be an observer then. Doesn't sound like YOU talked out.
  5. Might not have caught it there but most likely passed it on there. Anyway why did they go to the pub if they had just been tested?
  6. Yeah nothing about the government failing to following WHO advices.
  7. First pubs in little England have now had to close just 2 days after Saturday due to customers testing positive.
  8. BREAKING NEWS: First English pubs to close in coronavirus scares days after lockdown eased https://apple.news/A_l_Oa1FRSRu4CjeopkGHlw
  9. Nope I cannot find any link were he did tell us.
  10. BREAKING NEWS: Boris Johnson blames care home owners for deaths from coronavirus https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-coronavirus-care-home-death-toll-uk-update-a9604426.html
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