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  1. So glad this pandemic was over last summer. Can you imagine how bad it would be now if it wasn't? Thank God for all the armchair epidemiologists and denialists on here who know better.
  2. No new wars. But the highest American death toll of all wars combined. What an achievement @Warlord
  3. Melania Trump Asks Twitter Users To Follow Her Old Account. They Say No Thanks. The most unpopular first lady in polling history got a predictably snarky response. https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/melania-trump-old-twitter_n_600721dac5b62c0057c0bc54?ri18n=true&ncid=APPLENEWS00001
  4. Trump Supporter Shocked Over Clemency of 'Crook' Who Stole His Life Savings in Ponzi Scheme 71-year-old supporter of President Donald Trump was reportedly shocked when Trump recently commuted the 40-year sentence of a man who stole his life savings in a Ponzi scheme. Kimball Pugmire, who supported the outgoing president and voted for him in 2016 and 2020, told the Tampa Bay Times that he was forced to question Trump's honesty after learning that the president had granted clemency Wednesday to "lifetime crook" Fred Davis Clark Jr., who was sentenced to decades behind bar
  5. Well that's what everyone is doing. Buying and HODLing. It's not like you are short of a few bob after punting all those PS5's at double RRP to desperate kids.
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