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  1. The personal attacks are getting too much. Time to lock the thread for a couple of day while everyone cools down?
  2. Well you sense incorrectly then. This is about life and death, not some stupid game. The people who contract long-covid and their familes care about 'cases.' Which once again it has to be pointed out to you that it is not just the death statistics that matter. 🙄
  3. What happened zugs? I have not been following their news but thought that Israel was doing well.
  4. BREAKING NEWS: New York City will require vaccines for entry to restaurants and gyms 10:24 AM EDT August 3, 2021 New York
  5. I remember walking around these areas before the olympics as they developed the infrastructure thinking who'd want to live in these dumps. How wrong was I.
  6. Good investigation by CNN into a few of the tragic cases of those who had the opportunity of getting a covid vaccine but have now sadly succumbed to the the virus: https://edition.cnn.com/2021/08/03/politics/covid-victims-who-said-no-to-the-vaccine/index.html The tragedy of Covid victims who said no to the vaccine Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN Updated 1258 GMT (2058 HKT) August 3, 2021 CNN)They didn't have to die. This is the terrible truth of America's new pandemic battlefront, as the malicious, highly infectious Delta variant surges, targeting millions who sadly left it too late to protect themselves with safe, free and effective vaccines. Michael Freedy, a Las Vegas father of five, could still be the light of his kids' lives. Instead, they will be always haunted by one of his wrenching final texts before he died on Thursday: "I should have gotten the damn vaccine." Kim Maginn, a 63-year-old Arkansas grandma and fitness enthusiast, should still have years to watch her family grow. Instead, her daughter, Rachel Rosser, a nurse, is left to ask why she couldn't convince her late mom to get her shots. "I'm angry that she didn't get vaccinated. And I personally feel guilty that I didn't try harder," Rosser said. Unfortunately, Maginn had reasoned that if she was going to come down with Covid she would have gotten it by now.
  7. Well done. 👍 Just keep DCA and/or BTFD and in one cycle you will be golden. 👏
  8. When he was not at the water cooler brown nosing his way up the greasy pole he was probably busy in the GS fraud department. Busy trying to hide it from regulatory oversight that is: Parent Company Name: Goldman Sachs Ownership Structure: publicly traded (ticker symbol GS) Headquartered in: New York Major Industry: financial services Specific Industry: banking & securities Penalty total since 2000: $16,381,931,839 https://violationtracker.goodjobsfirst.org/parent/goldman-sachs
  9. Going for GOLD! How east London homes have shot up in value since 2012 Olympics with price of properties in Waltham Forest more than DOUBLING Average house prices in East London have shot up since the capital hosted the 2012 Olympic Games All six Olympic host boroughs have witnessed house prices rise by more than both London and UK average Waltham Forest recorded biggest increase, with a staggering 106 per cent uplift in prices (£487,133) there Barking and Dagenham recorded 86 per cent increase in prices (£308,760), according to analysis Average house prices in East London have shot up since the capital hosted the 2012 Olympic Games, with the value of properties in host borough Waltham Forest more than doubling in nearly a decade. All six Olympic host boroughs - Newham, Hackney, Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets, Greenwich and Barking and Dagenham - have witnessed house prices rise by more than both the London and UK average, according to analysis by Nationwide Building Society. Waltham Forest recorded the biggest increase, with a staggering 106 per cent uplift in prices (£487,133) there since 2012. Barking and Dagenham recorded an 86 per cent increase in prices (£308,760) while the value of homes in Hackney shot up by 66 per cent (£553,032). https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9855507/How-east-London-homes-shot-value-2012-Olympics.html
  10. Mumsnet confrimation that it's still frenzied buying with most being 'snapped up' in days. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4308469-How-is-market-nearby-you-now
  11. The attacks continue: Go back to office if you want to get on, says Rishi Sunak Chancellor tells young that working from home could harm their career Rishi Sunak has told young people that going into the office can be “really beneficial” to their careers and warned that video conferencing was no substitute. The chancellor said that working from home would not have enabled him to build strong relationships that had stood the test of time and he cautioned against allowing remote working to become the norm. Ministers have dropped formal advice to work from home and instead “expect and recommend a gradual return over the summer”.
  12. That ‘they must be dossers if they want to WFH’ perception comes from the very old fashioned thinkings of middling luddite managers soaked in presenteeism.
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