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  1. I usually ignore every survey or any site asking for my thoughts as I 1) can’t be bothered and 2) reluctant to share any of my data unless I really have to but I received an email from Rightmove asking to take part in a survey regarding my future plans I gathered it must be a way of spinning a positive narrative as they are not able to release any meaningful data during the lockdown so I thought I’d participate as I was curious. After answering a few questions on personal circumstances, your life during lockdown, post lockdown the question that of course is the whole point of the survey comes up regarding your opinion on where do you think house prices will be a year from now and I found it initially laughable that the lowest number you could select Down more then 10% Of course this survey should not be taken very seriously but as it’s been conducted with an impartial moderator or anything but it annoying to think that this will be enough to get a prominent article in a few of the tabloids to say that the UK public remain confident and that the slump won’t be that bad
  2. I had the exact same problem when contacting Hargreaves Lansdown about transferring £4000 from my current ISA into there LISA scheme after some confusion I contacted them they told me once you have maxed your ISA allowance for this year it cannot be transferred out until the next financial year. if you have deposited money into your ISA from previous financial years however you are aloud to transfer that money to other ISA schemes even if you have maxed out your allowance from this financial year it sounds more complicated than it is hopefully this is of helping to you
  3. Hello all, have been following this site for a while now decided to join up now because it seems impossible to have a sensible conversation even amongst my own friends and family about about the deep impact HPI has on our every day lives. I have to admit I personally feel aggrieved by the system I have been working for 12 years now never been unemployed worked hard chased every extra hours overtime That came my way saved every penny I can in accounts offering pathetic Interest rates whilst house prices have more than doubled (I live in south east London) I am nearly 30 and I’m losing hope
  4. I wonder how much of the UK economy total value is created by means other than borrowing
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