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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-54000714
  2. Wfh but now back in the office. No pay cut. Work locally and school hours only.
  3. Husband works for a large housebuilding (sorry). All were on a 20% pay cut through lockdown but now lifted and back to normal pay as so busy. We just keep saying it can't last....
  4. This is a friend of a friend. They had been trying to sell their small starter home house for months and finally got a buyer and went sold stc just before lockdown. They hadn't sought out a mortgage offer before as selling was taking so long. They d been told however they could expect to borrow in the region of £180k.... Mortgage offer has come in at £81k. They can't use htb as their deposit is too big. I've suggested str but doubt my advice will be listened too. One is self employed, both average income earners still working throughout lockdown but in industries
  5. So real life situation for relatives with a NW mortgage. Both work in the travel industry, both had pay cut to 80% so they took a 3 month mortgage holiday. They said they could now only just break even without paying mortgage... (neither earns much over average salary, in their 50s, wasted money for years on crap, then remortgage debt etc etc). 3 months on. Now one of them on notice from BA redundancy then possible rehire on zero hours contract and pay cut. The others job is looking iffy. They are waiting to hear from NW their options for another 3 months mortgage holiday. Bee
  6. My department furloughed 4 staff. 2 coming back next week, 3rd is shielding so will be back later in the year. 4th I told they ll be back next week but she doesnt want to.... replied furlough scheme has been extended she ll stay on it for the summer thanks. Childcare issues are her reason she cant come back. Her childs school has reopened for her year group but she doesnt want to send her back. She also has 2 older 16 year old kids who live at home, surely that's childcare for a 4 hour shift. Also offered flexible working for her or weekends to help but no none suitable. I understan
  7. Friend works for a big house builder. From June 15% pay cut straight away but also 20% drop in hours worked. He knows it's only time until deep staffing cuts happen. Another friend has been working at 80% pay for the last 2 months. Company holding on by a thread.
  8. We went to see this one a few weeks ago. It's a nice house in terms of space, lots of rooms and would have suited us BUT it's right on the corner of a busy road. They have put double glazing in at the back of the property so once inside you can't hear the road as EA pointed out to me however the minute you open a window the noisy is right inside your house as the road is about 2m from the window. The house has beautiful sash windows at the front of the property BUT every single one of them is going rotten and need renovating or replacing. The house has bathrooms which are large (one ensuite
  9. We've been renting for 3 years and I love the maintenance free aspect however what i don't like is the snooty LA coming round every 12 weeks to check we haven't trashed the place. We've never done anything wrong but they insist on coming round and checking every corner. Maybe i'm being precious but if there is ever a problem I tell them straight away. With 3 young kids it's a nuisance to tidy up and I don't want them thinking it's "normal" for someone to come looking round your house. We've always said we would buy again when we find the right property at the right place. We've seen a few r
  10. Prices still continuing to fall and the market has really slowed down in North Farnham. I'm regularly seeing 15-20% drops on decent houses and they are still not selling. One house has dropped from £500k to £400K and someone who knows them has said they still haven't had any offers. The house was bought a few years back for £250k but they put on a massive extension which must have cost well over £100k, let alone doing up the rest of the house. I really don't think they are going to break even. Spoke to a someone i know today who has been on the market for a few months. They bought at the peak
  11. Friend got her house on in North Farnham only had 3 viewings in about a month and of those 2 not even interested in her type of property but it's in their price bracket. Basically the feedback from the EA is there just aren't many buyers out there. However the first viewing they got ended up with an offer of 250k (asking 275k) however the EA told her not to accept as it's worth more and they'll get it for her hhhmmmmmmmm good luck. Seeing lovely price drops of 10% now on houses in the 500k and below market. I want a 400k house for around 300k so i'll think i'll keep waiting thanks BBB
  12. Hi Buzzardo, I'm looking at North farnham only around William Cobbett School site. Prices beginning to fall in places but it's very hit and miss. Where we're renting now the 1960's 3 bed detached are now selling at £250k but at the start of the year they were £300k. A few desperate sellers brought the prices down which was very kind of them. When we first looked at our current road to buy the big 4 bed detached started at £415k in 2008 and sold at £299k mid 2009. Since then each house that has come on has tried to achieve the £300k price and ended up taken off or selling at £250k We're
  13. Reason to buy this property "suited seller." what is that all about? Mann have suddently started getting more properties near us in Farnham and lots of unusual first lines including "biggest sale ever" in 2 weekends time. Sounds incredibly desperate to me. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-28216603.html?utm_content=ealertspropertylink&utm_medium=email&utm_source=emailupdates&utm_campaign=emailupdates_sep09&utm_term=buying&sc_id=3481158
  14. A very good friend of mine (used to work with me before i left the Company) is a manager for a well known high street store. She said their sales are absolutely dire and the company is beginning to panic as it did a couple of years ago. She's getting pages and pages of price reductions every day and then a few days later they put them up but on a 3 for 2 offer etc. This store doesn't sell high ticket items but your usual books, paper, music etc. She's told me to hold off any purchases until the very last minute (not that i'm buying anything on the high street) internet all the way or home mad
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