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  1. Despite being a highly paid professional I am working on the assumption I will need to work till 67, and must have no mortgage or rent, and forego most luxuries. That way I won’t be disappointed.
  2. Whatever you think of what he says about bitcoin, I think he is bang on with the miners. Even o all that speculative anti-fiat money already in crypto stays in crypto, those who are a bit wary of the high prices of crypto, will look at these miners and start to get interested if Gold begins to move again. There is so much more money about to enter the financial system due to the old Biddy in the White House and the cray Fed, who won’t touch rates until it is too late, that people will buy anything, and Gold/Silver and the miners look like a no-brainer right now. I was right about Oil last summ
  3. I am about 10% Gold (miners, ETFs and physical) but going to increase now because I think it is just about the last thing to experience a mania that hasn’t already. I am in the process of buying a house at the moment, but expecting to get gazumped every morning as things are “febrile”, and if I do, will abandon the market because it is insanity, and we may need to leave the UK in the next few years so don’t want to buy at the top. So I am thinking I really do need to get out cash fast now if I am not buying a house. Bitcoin may double treble, quadruple etc from here, but I feel nervous going i
  4. I am in the process of buying...if it goes through, I will be relieved in some ways, I am buying at the top end of a fair price, but in others, I just think this will end very badly, especially if Rishi doesn't extend SD holiday again...I could see all of 2021 increases evaporating by October. I will totally pull out if he doesn't and I am unable to complete before end of June, and the buyers won't come down.
  5. I voted Labour in 1997 and bought a house for 115k the same year. Sold it for 245k in 2002... Love to be reminded of why I block half the cretins on this forum now though.
  6. I voted for Boris twice having never ever in my life voted Tory before, but only because of Brexit, and to keep Corbyn out, but I had to hold my nose...now I am one of millions deeply regretting the fact that we had no choice but him. Princess Nut Nuts is running number 10 now, but their days are numbered, and then we will have an establishment replacement like Gove who will be even worse. British politics is an absolute nightmare, and our democracy a sham.
  7. The SDP were th old liberal party, but these guys are more like Reform or Reclaim. Very appealing. Their policies are actually sensible...but as a previous poster said, TPTP guarantees endless moronic policy from the LibLabCon nightmare we have endured forever.
  8. Lack of supply and other factors such as Londoners borrowing against current properties to finance either a bridging situation or a second home have fueled a mania that is repeated in countless countries. Once all the old biddies come out and start selling, we might see a change in the dynamics.
  9. I am buying a house too and agree with you to an extent...just don't like newbies coming on here shrieking BUY NOW...smells of EA/VI trolling. Seeing that multiple big banks are going to offer 95% mortgages from June will change things a bit...but they were before COVID too. Not sure how many of these the government will guarentee...that will be the key. If it is a limitless blank cheque then it will have a big impact, but if it is limited...nothing burger. The current situation may be a passing mania and demand fizzles out, supply rises and people who have bought than one house, or over exten
  10. You have been posting “panic panic bit a house now” posts. Troll.
  11. I think you need to learn to differentiate a quote from another poster to the original poster before you are rude about people. The Count is quoting my comment and making a comment about that. Since early January things have been going crazy, there is a mania down here. We are in the process of buying a house at the moment, but expecting to get gazumped, at which stage we are out and will stop looking. Very bad market to be buying in.
  12. The ultra rich have been buying property in New Zealand because it so far from everywhere...seen as a bit of bolt hole. I agree on the culture side of things...complete back of beyond, and near absolutely nowhere. My wife is a kiwi and we want to retire there, the recent price increases are a nightmare for us. I've seen the world, and would be quite happy to end up there and never leave. Most houses now have installed air pump heaters/air conditioners which are fine for the few really hot days or days below 15 in North Island. If I didn't have family there, I would not consider moving there as
  13. There are certain types of house to steer clear of at the moment as they are going for way over the odds. Nice, family homes that have been renovated, have good kitchens etc. They sell in a day and are over priced. The house I bought is about the same price houses have been since 2016, but maybe 5% more...not much though. Been on the market a long time...needs some work, which I am happy to pay for. If the market drops 30-40% I will be miffed, but I can afford it. I just don’t see that happening though. Crashes take a long time to recover from and the Tories will already be thinking of the nex
  14. It is not going end well. No one will escape unscathed except the greedy horders.
  15. All I know is that every decent house that goes on the market in our area sells within a week. period. I have seen asking prices creep up now too. There are a few that hang around for months because they are priced too high and need work. Developers aren't interested if they can't turn a serious profit. I have seen a number of houses go on and I phone up a day later and they are gone. We had an offer accepted on a property that had been on for a few months and they reduced twice. Still slightly overpriced in my view, but I am prepared to suck it up. We can afford the mortgage, I have as secure
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