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  1. Slowly slowly catchy monkey. A lot of people who wanted to buy a house this spring, and are blinded by that desire, and could never contemplate the idea of prices falling, are steaming in there. Prices may even rise a bit, although I would be surprised if they did. It won’t be until the furlough tide has gone out and we see the real damage to the economy that the penny will drop.
  2. Great article in the Telegraph on the rise in activity, and basically saying it is a false dawn and Will be followed by significant problems in the housing market: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/uk/property-hunters-swap-london-south-coast-demand-soars-market/?li_source=LI&li_medium=liftigniter-rhr ”House price growth was flat over April, Zoopla said. It is still too early for the true effect of lockdown to be felt in the price data, which typically relates to sales agreed in the previous month, but estate agent Knight Frank estimates that the value of agreed sales has fallen by 5pc between March and May. For now, there are three big factors to watch. To what extent the availability of mortgages for buyers with low deposits increases, which will determine first-time buyer purchasing power, and what happens when the furlough scheme and mortgage holidays end, which are supporting 8 million workers and one in seven households respectively.”
  3. There were more than that who voted against Boris last year...move on, Cummings and Boris can tell the wets to get lost. Cummings is the target of the left/remain establishment to try to get rid of him before we enter the most crucial part of the Brexit negotiations. Steve Baker is an absolute prat for using this to grind his axe against Cummings. He needed to wait till after Brexit.
  4. Tory MPs are often not conservative. The only exception is Steve Baker, but he is still smarting from the fact that Cummings excluded him from any significant role in the election or Brexit.
  5. The left are the professional protesters camped outside Cummings house with their pathetic placards. The left is Emily Maitless giving her predictable anti-Tory comments on Newnight. The left is part of the Tory party that does not represent the right. the left is Kier Starmer jumping on the band wagon calling for Cummings to go. The left is part of the Church of England that forgets its core command not to judge others as it loses it mind at the prospect of punishing the man who helped completely destroy their hopes in December last year. What have they lost, any remote shred of credibility that they may have started to rebuild over recent months. Gone.
  6. The left lose again. What a waste of 2 days of our lives, the biggest nothing burger in history.
  7. It’s really quite sad...they lost, but they can’t accept it. Amusing, but also a bit tiresome...even Kier Starmer has moved on. Yawn.
  8. Hehe...quite quaint and endearing seeing these losers still blather on about this stuff.
  9. Love watching the left foam at the mouth in a lather of self-righteous indignation lol.
  10. I have been to all those cities more times than I care to count, and am quite glad of the break from “jollies”. I feel for the new crop of “youngsters” entering the corporate world who were looking to get their snouts deep in the profligate trough of company largesse...Zoom is not quite the same as cocktails on the veranda in Seville. I hate f$%^king zoom...>20 hours this week.
  11. I got really lucky. I had a 3 week trip to New Zealand just before the lock downs this year...flew back on March 15th and the airports wee already dead, so quite happy to sit it out for a year before I fly anywhere again. Also I do quite a bit of unnecessary flying for work (internal company meetings mostly), and these are usually on cramped short haul flights, so super glad I won't be doing that for a while.
  12. I am expecting some pretty hefty discounts in business class due to the fact that very few business people will be flying much for a long time. May have to wait till last minute though, or upgrade on check-in.
  13. I would prefer to pay 40% more and there be no middle seat. I also pay extra to fly business class long haul. I think the people who can afford the better seats are less affected by this crisis than those who buy the cheapest. If the business and premium seats are full on a long haul flight, the airline usually breaks even.
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