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  1. Done...no more of the annoying Corbyn-promoting demented moron.
  2. I need to get to that PC and sort this ASAP, the guy is a total tool.
  3. Ah, I need to do it on my PC...can’t seem to do it on my iPad. He really is an advert for momentum and why so many people in this country detest them. If only we could put them on ignore in real life.
  4. It’s a shame that the function to ignore irritating posters like Zugwang has been dropped. This kind of moronic garbage litters what would otherwise be a good discussion.
  5. Thank you for saying so perfectly what I was thinking.
  6. It has definitely started in Canada...I got out just in time. The stand off here will end before long if Brexit is completed one way or another, but I think sellers will be in for a nasty surprise if they think an agreement will result in millions of buyers coming out of the woodwork.
  7. HovelinHove

    Interest rates going down

    You're a bit sad aren't you...I didn't troll you, I disagreed with you. grow up!...I've been on this forum for 17 years and you are easily the biggest t1t I have come across.
  8. HovelinHove

    Interest rates going down

    No d1ckhead (since you feel free to use insults)...we have not had free market capitalism for a very long time. Markets and financial institutions have been protected by government money. Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen and now Powell manipulate the market to protect those that would go bust in a genuine free market. Moron.
  9. HovelinHove

    Interest rates going down

    OMG you are for real LOL
  10. HovelinHove

    Interest rates going down

    I agree completely with you.
  11. HovelinHove

    Interest rates going down

    Is this a joke post...must be irony, can’t imagine anyone would actually say this for real.
  12. HovelinHove

    Interest rates going down

    I read that this morning. I think the key question that article raises is whether the Fed is too late. Many economies are already contracting, and the snowball may have started rolling. Even if it delays things, the article really suggests that it will only kick the can down the road for a year at most. There is a lot of stuff in there that makes very sobering reading. There is very little that the Fed of other CBs can do this time around except go full on Weimar followed by debt forgiveness and a global currency reset.
  13. HovelinHove

    Interest rates going down

    At some point this will bite the older generation in the backside. Corbyn is toast because he didn’t get behind a second referendum, but the UK will have its own Ocasio-Cortez, and likely win a future election on the basis of some sort of inter generational wealth transfer such as forgiveness of student debts paid for by a retrospective tax on property gains. Of course that would crash the property market and mean no money was raised...but socialists don’t think too much about the economic consequences of the promises they make.
  14. HovelinHove

    Nationwide Jan 2019

    It’s a stand off. Just need no deal Brexit, and the whole thing will implode. Millennials need to get on board with WTO Brexit and their dreams of affordable homes will become reality.
  15. HovelinHove

    Sadly, I see no other option

    For someone so young you have acquired an astonishing level of cynicism realism. Yes, they will do everything but let house prices go down. They would rather destroy the entire economy than let property crash. I ended up giving up and moving to Canada in 2011 so I could own my own home having sat on the sidelines since 2002. In Canada the same situation started to occur there except provincial governments have tried to actually stamp on the market. I have now moved back for family reasons and its like freeking Groundhog day. I am probably going to need the bank of Mum and Dad to get a reasonable home here...oh yes, and I'm fifty FFS.

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