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  1. And there we have the problem with modern education in a short passage. Take the stinky stick out of your but, insert it in your gob and do us all a favour.
  2. You are the problem. Yours and the millions like you who have complete intolerance of all views that don’t align with yours is the source of so much ill today. It is (collective) you and your arrogance that pushed so many from the centre and created Trump. Your conceit that only you are able to think correctly and that anyone who deviates from that position is a “Mail reading idiot”. In my life I have adopted positions both left and right on different issues, but you...you are incapable of nuance, empathy or reasoned thinking. You are the disease at the heart of our society that was once toler
  3. Lol, oh the irony hearing someone like you talking about the idiot end of the population. Teehee.
  4. The Mail is a mixed bag in terms of reporting and those who never read it and use generalisations to smear all those who visit the site are very ignorant of not only the broad range of views but also its power. It is very popular in the UK because it is free. It is also one of the few sites that represents the center right viewpoint that has dominated UK politics pretty much forever. People here and on the Guardian seem to forget that outside of London and Brighton, most people are small c conservative and detest the BBC/Guardian type thinking. The Mail has writers who are dead center, and tho
  5. I bought a fairly huge chunk of Oil stock here, the US and Canada a few days after you. Everyone in the know was screaming how ridiculously under priced BP, Exxon et al were. Not made out like Bitcoin, but I will be holding these for years and one day they will pay big dividends compared to the price I paid. Yummy.
  6. I only make offers when I think a house is good value. This was on at 2019 prices. Still high, but not ridiculously overpriced like many I have seen of late. That is changing though. Seen lots of reductions from mid-December and oodles of “NO CHAIN”.
  7. Maybe Sunak has realised that he has created an even worse situation by doing what he did. Maybe he also realises that he is open to accusations of corruption by being seen to stoke an asset class that he has a lot of money invested in. Wouldn’t normally stop a Tory, but I think he is actually a reasonably decent man. We will see. Fatso might sit on him and make him extend it after all. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9128309/Rishi-Sunak-delay-tax-rises-autumn-end-Stamp-Duty-holiday-March.html
  8. There has been a lot of crazy behaviour, so it would not surprise me. But I think, although am not predicting, that is the last of the crazy season. Remember, if someone is a cash buyer, and they can find a house with sellers ready to move, and have solicitors ready, they can still beat the SD deadline...that will end in the next 3-4 weeks, then it will be crickets and tumbleweed.
  9. I suspect this is what happened to me last week. I offered full asking price cash, but the seller didn’t bite, and it was taken off the market a short while later. I think it might even have been my own mortgage advisor! Ultimately, I would not cry if these vermin get burned badly if things crash.
  10. Yep, as I just said, the Mail spoke to someone from the government who has said that the SD holiday won’t be extended. That should end this currently insane situation, and allow the market to correct as it should have done last year.
  11. According to the Daily Mail any idea of an SD holiday extension have been shelved. Of course Boris may overule his pet chancellor and make him U-turn. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9128309/Rishi-Sunak-delay-tax-rises-autumn-end-Stamp-Duty-holiday-March.html
  12. Article in the Telegraph. Of course people are begging for an SD holiday extension, which may come, but there is more to it than that I suspect. I think reality may well soon start to bite. I am not predicting it, because I have given up doing that, but I would be very surprised if things carry on as they have. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/uk/property-market-nears-crisis-number-collapsed-sales-soars/
  13. Good point. The market is now frozen, and I am seeng reductions and lots of “NO CHAIN” listings. I made an offer last week, asking price after 2 days on the market. It was fairly priced which I why I went for it, but they took it off the market 2 days later. They ether think they can get more by waiting till spring or the lockdown spooked them. Couldn’t get to the bottom of it, the agent was very shifty. I think it is the former as they will buying into the headlines of house price boom etc. They may have a rude awakening come April...but they may not. I have no idea any more going to keep ma
  14. For the world, indeed that is true. Well, not completely, it always has been, and add in power.
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