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  1. After a while booze does nothing its like drinking water so there is no point drinking it anymore. Ask gazza 4 bottles of whisky a day and 16 lines of charlie.
  2. Daddy is just another rigged pile of chite like everthing else. FFS the passing mood of one bloke on twitter can shift the price by 50% is not a good thing LOL
  3. Die before money becomes a problem its looking the best option out of a box of rigged chit.
  4. Maybe the ink or paper has run out this time.
  5. The fear of dying is more damaging and disturbing than dying itself, you could say its a self forfilling prophecy.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-57280115 😂 A suspected Bitcoin "mining" operation illegally stealing electricity has been found by police who were searching for a cannabis farm. Officers had been tipped off about the site on the Great Bridge Industrial Estate, Sandwell, and raided it on 18 May, West Midlands Police said. Instead of cannabis plants they found a bank of about 100 computer units. The force said the cryptocurrency "mine" had stolen thousands of pounds of electricity. Inquiries with network operator Western Power Distribution found the electric supply had been bypassed. Bitcoins getting a nasty rep now. 🤣
  7. Most of life is luck i agree, But luck needs effort, perseverance and a continual need to drive forward. Not many have all.
  8. Rock the kasbah will work eventually.
  9. tiny bit of leakage and your cover is blown. maybe they can work out the last position from gps then calculate where you are from the gyroscope built into smart phones and it monitoring steps to calculate distance when offline. only need to upload that when next online and your bust.
  10. well no one can predict the ramping by elon other than elon.
  11. Twice this year some woman has stuck a card through the door begging for the house to be put up for sale. 🤣
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