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  1. it has many nice bits shame there are not more of them though. i hate the town. it does have the fast train going for it though. too many retail shops does spoil the broth.
  2. all this is merely from my comment of why has crypto not risen when trillions of fiat have been printed and distributed. surely BTC and gold is the safe haven ?
  3. They said brexit would wipe 20% from the value of homes i seem to remember ? our leaders did not understand how many people sit on the side lines without a voice.
  4. You know the reason you like it because you believe the value will rise exponentially in fiat value. none of the above.
  5. no shrinking violet policies please. go for full on authoritarian https://www.amnesty.org.uk/press-releases/philippines-dutertes-coronavirus-shoot-kill-order-deeply-alarming?utm_source=google&utm_medium=grant&utm_campaign=AWA_GEN_coronavirus-dynamic-search-ads&utm_content=
  6. i bet your average oligarch has more than that stashed in the engine room of his yacht.
  7. i do pack up my sales for the day so i can realize my £500 profit for the morning 🤣
  8. your posts say a different story🤣 only that much emotion can be from internal rage. i understand it must be difficult when you are not in the driving seat, it`s hard to stomach being directed by others. i feel for people that live under those conditions i really do.
  9. my vote finally upheld. bring on the unemployment repo`s and business shutdowns.
  10. how far can the claim go back ? had many vw group diesels vw seat audi no skoda yet 🤣
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