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  1. Buy from amazon sell on ebay. Amazon is a cat and mouse game once they discount an item heavily and one gets sold usually the price gets jacked up instantly. Amazon's search function is deliberatly poor to make it hard to find things. Things get listed under the wrong gender and catagory too. I paid £15.43 for that jacket they want £110 for btw. Not into denim jackets but its actually a nice fit so will keep that. I bought Lee and Wrangler jeans for £14 last week. I buy from all the eu amazon sites too as the prices are diffetent across all of them.
  2. There is no need but that does not mean they won't be there. Niche works but depends on the area and clientelle. Some cheap place with poor housing and low wages is not going to need a artisan bakery or fishmongers selling turbot. I just believe the corner shop and bricks and mortar EA will live on.
  3. They still are. All this chite is going to fall apart. The collapse of worthless fiat would cause civil unrest unless tamed. Sure those indebt are fooked when their fixes end big deal. That's better than collapse of society as a whole. I don't care i owe 5k that's been kicked around 0% credit cards with no transfer fees for the last 6 years. Thanks first direct for the £150 to open an account and close one i don't use that also paid me £200🤣
  4. Well i notice lots of free fruits and berries on my walks, there are even a few overhanging fig trees stuffed with fruit. That will get you shitting through the eye of a needle. Syrup of figs.😉
  5. I can see 5% on the way. Still not enough but its a start. It will be nice to see 10k interest a year again
  6. It will kill it all eventually retail that is. Does it actually make a profit though. High streets are for sweet shops, estate agents, coffee shops and takaways the odd post office and small supermarket. I use pubs the post office and the supermarket. I have no reason to go in any other.
  7. Amazon has killed the highstreet and even the virtual highstreet if you are savvy when you shop. The stuff is virtually free, for me it is free as i buy multiples keep a few and sell the rest for profit to pay for mine and a bit of a topup peanuts i know but its a bit of fun. https://uk.dockers.com/products/mens-regular-fit-trucker-jacket-a11750001 How much would pay for that in a sale ?
  8. We all drink for different reasons although a reason is never needed.
  9. Bougt 50euro worth. if it goes back to 100 bucks i have £12m 🤣
  10. My only pleasure now is beer and Schadenfreude. Give me either and i'm happy for a moment.
  11. Living in compounds and having to drive everywhere for the off chance of a shag with some Mcslags is not for me. I just don't like yanks.
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