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  1. Hmm strange I just sold to dollars then bought eth You need to change to dollars to sell doge in kraken wont work in £
  2. I had some bnb left only $4 worth so bought this bonfire chitcoin couple weeks back its £20 now 900% gain. I can see why early whales pump and dump this stuff pancake is very flakey though.
  3. Best scenario would have have been someone with a wallet with a few million on forgotten about then suddenly woken up.
  4. 0xb069fc879b3a61afe74da9448dd911fac929a20a bsc address. Donaldpump These coins get more crazy by the day. Surely the best way to make money is start a coin moon it then whale sell. 🤩
  5. https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2021/05/07/forget-bitcoin-putting-stimulus-checks-into-dogecoin-would-have-made-over-500000-amid-crypto-price-mania/amp/ Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mania is well and truly back and celebrities are jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon with the same abandon they did in the heady days of 2017. While the bitcoin price has soared around 500% since this time last year, smaller cryptocurrencies are far outpacing bitcoin. Dogecoin, the meme-based cryptocurrency originally created as a joke, is leading the pack, rocketing a blistering 20,000
  6. There is no more room down south to go up. 1 bed flats 400k ?? 3 bed semis 800k Detached 1.2m up
  7. 🤣 10c is ideal for me cool million after sales tax and cgt. Im sure a few chit coins will succeed in a few years.
  8. Still not bought was looking at chards 15 sov was just under 5k Might buy 45 i was hoping gold dipped under 1200 but got close
  9. Not too bad for me 15k car owned 7 years still worth 7k to webuyany car probably 9k private. Tax 130 a year Ins 325 Service 200 mot 50
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