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  1. Cheers guys - I'll await tomorrow's latest instalment with the usual suspicion and cynicism
  2. Are you sure? According to this thread last month's were out on the 29th of March..
  3. IIRC figures are usually released in the last few days of the month; however today is the last day of April and they're not out yet. Does anyone have a link to a summary of the release dates for this info please, if there is one? I'm sure they'll be along soon anyway, so we might as well treat this as the usual monthly prediction thread. I'm hoping for accelerated losses in the SE and perhaps a bit of a fall in annual growth from last month's 0.7%, but I don't expect it to go negative yet..
  4. Unworthy of its own thread and I'm not suggesting that ebay will fold but the halcylon days appear long gone. Back in the day I used to use ebay a lot to both buy and sell; I still buy the odd thing (although now check sellers elsewhere as many places load their prices to cover fees so are cheaper direct) but have given up on selling for so many reasons (bias towards buyer welfare, absurd rules, poor moderation). Historically I remember very few promos for either buyers or sellers. More recently I've seen a lot of incentives for both - listings fees have all but gone for sellers and regularly there are wide-ranging 10% off offers for buyers (meaning ebay must be making basically nowt on the sale). I've also just got a £5 off voucher valid on items over a tenner - so could potentially save 50% on a £10 item. Potentially decent savings if you use them wisely. While it's perhaps not reflected in their share price more recently, I can't help but think they're not doing as well as they once were..
  5. Absolutely - in addition to the annual -3.8% reported in London the ONS also states -1.8% in the SE. As the ripple spreads leaving ever-increasing amounts of the country in negative territory, so the national decline accelerates - as @Clarky Cat 's rate of price change graph seems to corroborate given the steep decline in the past few months. Following that trend the national annual growth value could well be negative next month; which IMO will be a watershed moment and wake a lot of people up. As usual there's some excellent commentary on this on Wolf Street - which makes the point that this is primarily an affordability issue, but one that should also be further-compounded by the dreaded "Brexit uncertainly" being drawn out for another six months.
  6. Grand Perhaps we could pool some links here then mix and match them ourselves / tailor them to specific ads or house builders to target their specific weaknesses such as quality issues / profits / executive pay etc. Probably want to keep things as varied as possible as simply pasting the same generic response on all of them will flag it as an orchestrated campaign which IMO would lose it credibility and leave it open to action by facebook..
  7. I recently found that my once-trusty ad-blocker is now failing to stop this sort of crap getting into my news feed. There seems to be very little interest in them tbh and I do my best to post factual and restrained comments / links about the horrors of HTB / new builds on those I do come across. Seems that nobody with a VI is monitoring them as the comments don't appear to get deleted. While I bitterly resent the tidal wave of advertising that internet content providers try to drown us with (thankfully the adblockers take care of 95% of it with FB being the only "problem page"), I think these FB "news feed" ads are a bit of a golden opportunity tbh. The comment facility allows such ads to be deconstructed / undermined / questioned in a manner that is directly attached to the ad - so potentially anyone viewing the ad also sees the criticisms attached to it. Given the limited interest in such ads comments are limited reducing the potential for anything negative to get quickly buried in a sea of positive interest from debt-hungry muppets. I don't think it's outside the realms of possibility that if implemented well the attachment of criticism to such ads could potentially cause more damage to their cause than the ads do to support it. IMO it's beautifully ironic that the ad becomes the carrier / host for the agent of its own undoing Anyone for a little propaganda campaign? I think I might set some time aside today to gather a range of anti-new-build / anti HTB articles from a range of news sources and construct some pro-forma comments to copy and past into these ads
  8. Sounds like there are some friendly, open-minded people on MSE. I certainly think there will be a lot of "bitter little muppets" once the scandal of HTB really comes home to roost over the next five years or so and those who've subscribed realise the horror of what they've bought in to...
  9. Nice to see the true nature of this nasty little charade is slowly gaining the mainstream media coverage it deserves. As I've said many times before HTB is going to be the next big government-backed scandal IMO; it'll be interesting to see the prices of new-builds plummet even relative to the collapse we expect in other house prices. Of course the question remains of who will end up carrying the can for this disgusting act of exploitation and profiteering - it sure as hell won't be the developers or scumbag Osbourne. My guess is that once again the taxpayer will be left to foot the bill for all the sad-face, hard-of-thinking muppets who'll be pouring out their sob-stories of being mis-sold the "dream home" that's plunged them into many thousands of pounds of negative equity 🙄
  10. Hopefully even more so a few more months down the line when someone has helpfully made it into an animated GIF
  11. Nice work - see the ripple in all its glory While the headline national figure still clings to the positive side of zero, In-keeping with the maps there's some good stuff going on beneath the surface in the quarterly annual change figures: - London's losses continue to accelerate (-3.8% this quarter versus -0.8% last quarter), - The Outer Met also continues to decline, albeit by not as much (-2.0% versus -1.4% last quarter) - The wider SE follows suit (-1.1% versus 0.0% last quarter) - These are dragging England down, resulting in the first negative growth figure for the country for a long time, at -0.7% It's slow but definitely heading in the right direction, and looks like the London loss-leader might be gaining momentum too.
  12. Perhaps, although certainly nationally the sample size seems adiquate to and easily identifiable trend in the right direction! Interestingly now you mention it, looking at the graph the numbers do (unsurprisingly) seem more volatile in recent data.
  13. Good news indeed. It's interesting looking at the annual price change in the downloadable "Regional Historic Series with Interactive Charts"; which shows a decent, fairly linear decline in annual growth from its most recent peak of around 9% in Feb 2016 to -0.5% currently. In addition the trend seems to have accelerated slightly in the past three months, and is (unsurprisingly) exaggerated (both in terms of magnitude of peak and recent rate of decline) in the SE. It's been slow death until this point, but as things continue to unravel I expect it to accelerate further, FWIW..
  14. "The former Staples stationery chain, Office Outlet, is in administration, putting 1,200 jobs at risk"
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