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  1. Third, inflation meant the share of your mortgage on your household expenses decreased overtime at a fast rate. So one would "struggle" for the first few years whereas now the burden is not lifted.
  2. My issue is about how people can reach wealth orbit: you can increase your wealth without working. So social mobility dwindles, and capitalism dies. Wealth is not taxed, hidden in trusts, off shore juridictions and you get the Duke of Westminster being the 7th richest man in the UK not paying tax because the system protects him.
  3. I can smell some happyguy in this type of answer, anyone else?
  4. Your constant deflection is hardly hiding the lack of brain activity that goes on your side
  5. Mate, you know 2 words: Hysterical and drivel. You can't post any actual fact, any research and you want to be taken seriously? Come on grow up.
  6. By telling him "it will cost X every year until the end of time and you can sell whenever you want without tax" Instead of "hey stump up Y and you don't have to worry about any tax for the end of time, but if you ever sell it you may have to pay some big tax" Which one do you think is better to make sure properties are not speculative vehicles?
  7. Apparently you already lost your ability to debate, you can't even put some facts down from the beginning. So hysteria is more akin to your automated answer. When you will show me that the boomers have contributed fairly to the system you will start earning some respect. Hey maybe you will come around and learn some stuff from this website, meanwhile you earned an ignore list
  8. What truth? that the boomers are selfish bastards that earned an unfair amount of wealth through no hard work whatsoever? The stealing from hard worker is happening right now, 45% marginal tax rate I have to pay. Every additional penny I get half of it goes to HMRC. Way to promote hard work!
  9. That's the thing hun, what you are describing is not really what happened. People got lucky to buy cheap, they did not work harder than the current generation. Stop using the only 2 neurones you use to type that BS like a Pavlovian dog.
  10. Yeah, I would not bank on that though. The old money has a lot of power in this country. Leasehold is one of the best example of this kind of legacy.
  11. I feel like this is a massive missed opportunity about having a massive tax shake up. Something that encourages income generation and does not preserve wealth accumulation so much. We are still tinkering with the same old bs: CGT / SDLT. Media is to be blamed too. They easily confuse income and wealth.
  12. Terrible, great collection of posts that don't invite to too much debate ...
  13. Scandinavia ___________ exists a) still b) no longer
  14. Really one has to wonder how there are still companies operating in Scandinavia, they should have all gone by now. Or your simplistic version does not hold.
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