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  1. Yes, but a FTB won't necessarily feel a massive burn. If the wages keep mostly track with inflation, the debt is eaten away.
  2. @spyguyhave you bothered looking at the first 3 posts before going on a rant about "lefties"?
  3. This government is trying to use the same old and failed recipes. The only thing they matters is to prop the market. Housing for young people comes long last in the priority list. Disgusting and vile
  4. Well who knows what Corbyn would have done? wink wink #allthesame #IvoteToryBecauseWhoElse
  5. Agreed, but Oxford Street is having its own form of blight with the tax dodging sweet shops popping around. I should have a look and see if some are closed actually
  6. Thursday on Oxford Street, I will struggle to get to the M&S to get an overpriced sandwich. So many people around Life is a dream
  7. Right to buy is not fine. It is an unnecessary hand out from the state. Council houses are needed in this country and work better to ensure proper allocation of resources (here housing) to the people who needs them. There is a private market if you want to have more freedom.
  8. How can you write this when they just suffered the worst by election loss in memory, from a true blue constituency
  9. Not really, you clearly did not read the judgments
  10. Personally my biggest issue with the anti abortion movement is that their collective responsibility seems to stop the moment the baby is born. Also the fact that men can more easily walk away from their duties towards the child than the mothers.
  11. 25 years ago the country was less divided than it is currently. Only since 2016 are we really considering the prospect of a split.
  12. Two things 1) the fact that some Western democracies still don't recognize abortion rights is an issue, but at the same time it is mostly down to the will of its people. It is a long collective journey 2) Now for the US, a lot is at play: the supreme court is using a bogus revisionist view about the history of the country to justify its current decisions. So while they told the States that decision on abortion is to return to the States, the restricting laws on carrying firearms has been denied to the state of New York. Partisanship of at play. The will of the people in Red States is not heard, there is a failure of democracy. The heavy gerrymandering of the past 30 years means that republicans have a disproportionate political power compared to the voting base. Ex: Austin, TX a city very blue but which still shows red. Now why it matters to you/us. The country is heading for a split. The attack on the federal government will lead to it, the republicans being so rabid in everything they say are hammering the wedge Nixon started to use to try to keep himself in power. The consequences of the US splitting will be huge. And have a direct impact on your life.
  13. I see the Putin apologists are out in force today. The reasoning so far is analogous to blaming a girl having been trapped due to the clothes she had been wearing
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