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  1. I don't know, but as I mentioned 1.3k is extortionate. I bring up this subject and I see apathy all around. Child benefit is now 21.15 quid a week, an extra 14 per extra child. If you earn more than 50k, you quickly get nothing. As I showed earlier at 50k, the cost of nursery makes it hardly interesting to keep on working. But hey, it seems everyone around here find that paying the equivalent of minimum wage is a good deal, I guess I live in a different world.
  2. At 1.3k the cost of nursery per month coming out of your net salary, you are trading fairly even. 45k means 2.85k a month net, deduct nursery costs, you have 1.5k left to pay rent, food, bills, transport. Childcare is a massive issue in this country, and nobody talks about it. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/04/these-countries-have-the-most-expensive-childcare/ UK, more than twice as expensive as other OECD when used as %age of net income.
  3. I never had to understand how the benefits systems works for me, but I wonder what sort of benefits a young male can get that would allow him to do nothing. On the other hand, I have seen a young single mom paid 45k choosing to go on benefits so she could see her daughter grow up. And I can't blame her for that. Fixing childcare in this country would do a lot to free up skilled workforce.
  4. I read as well somewhere they have to request permission from the embassy in order to get the funds across. There is a de facto control of capital. It will be solved with their system of Guanxi /favours
  5. Don't mention the triple lock being removed. Kzb will have a sob story coming from the bottom 1% of the pensioners to justify it.
  6. what a load of tosh! people don't need big houses when they are retired, if you want to have people to support pension (which you advocate for in other parts of this forum) you need children to pay for those. You are maybe going to argue that people have kids no matter what and that owning a home is not a factor in the decision process?
  7. More than 40% compared to less than 20%. The dot shows today's figure for each group
  8. So when it is most of a generation, you can be considered lucky? I see you understand basic maths.
  9. People are not moaning, people are showing how it is: much harder, a large portion of the population without any mean to access to life staples that provide security and relieve mental stress. Putting your head in the sand is a valid strategy, just don't get surprised that it doesn't fix anything
  10. Your arguments are anecdotal when the issue at hand is proven statistically. The 18-30 used to earn 30% of the housing wealth when it is now 3%. The boomer generation had it easy: high starting inflation to 0 means their debt naturally eroded away. Then you go on pile in into his luck to say: l"ook not too bad! And look I line boomers with bad pensions" In terms of argumentative value, it is worth a good zero
  11. Well something structurally has shifted since 2007. It's been 14 years now, at which point do you accept the new reality. Increased price seems to increase stickiness: paying sky high SDLT for the privilege of moving for instance. Yes prices are out of whack, it will create social unrest and it is not good for society, but so far TPTB has the printing machine on, and armies no sign of slowing it down, let alone stopping it.
  12. Am I the only one to get annoyed with the use of Fahrenheit instead of Celsius? Is it a ploy of daily mail to celebrate imperial measurements? Same BS as the blue passports? Worse actually... Try to give a positive spin while we ride out Breaksh!t ?
  13. London appears to be a young place where they fill the boomers rentals
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