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  1. Well income multiple is a bad metric. A 4.5 multiple at 3% interest rate is different to a 4.5 multiple at 1%. I fixed my mortgage back in March, should I have waited till now, I would have had a 5% discount. You can fix for 5 years at 75% LTV at 1.3%. This is insane.
  2. You view what is happening now as permanent when it is quite clear it is transitory.
  3. @Locke you should listen to the latest podcasts from Freakonomics: https://freakonomics.com/podcast/american-culture-1/ https://freakonomics.com/podcast/american-culture-2/ titled: The Pros and Cons of America’s (Extreme) Individualism (Ep. 470) You definitely fall in the extreme individualistic bucket
  4. It is less a constraining factor in the UK/BoE tandem since the UK has been selling a significant amount of debt that is indexed by CPI. Unlike the USA/FED. Inflating away the debt is actually the best course of action for western governments, the issue will be the temporary pain bright with the change of paradigm
  5. Yeah and he could have shown then net income and how it widened. I am not here to discredit Dorling's work. He is a great mind, a bit too much to the left for my liking but he is a robust economist doing his job properly.
  6. Or it is on a logarithmic scale which makes it slightly insane when we are talking about house prices over 50 years?
  7. Well the advertisement about Brexit where funny, starting 3 months (at least in advance) about how the rules are about to change, and as we all know, where only available at the very last minute. Advertising is doing (in their mind)
  8. More likely linked to the democratisation of tourism than climate change in the UK
  9. I'm seriously considering pitching a tent in the garden to sleep tonight. Thermometer shows 30 in the bedroom and it won't cool down enough before bedtime...
  10. Boris "U turn" Johnson never really left. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jul/18/boris-johnson-and-rishi-sunak-will-not-isolate-after-being-pinged-says-no-10
  11. Must have changed lately. The relentless borrowing and the fact that inflation linked debt is fairly new, means it must have gotten up quite a bit
  12. Meh you are thinking old world. In the new world of moral hazard and bail outs, capital is less risky than what you imply.
  13. It's okay, NHS are getting 1%. Who cares about productive forces those days. Print it up. Après moi, le déluge.
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