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  1. And you are right, I personally said that it is not happening yet. It will be happening when everyone in London will be talking about it. I've friends looking at the moment and were not aware of the latest bearish news about price dropping in London. So we have a bit of a way to go, but we are close, a small recession will immediately impact the housing market, right now it feels like the calm before the storm.
  2. Well you mentioned North London, which is more than those 2 postcodes. I will see what I can do. It's more a small data analysis / days visualisation that I need to do. But the N4, N5, N8, N19, N15, N16 seem to have peaked and I see more and more people reducing below 2015/2016 prices. It's anecdotal, so prone to perception bias and we could argue day and night over this without agreeing
  3. I disagree on the all time high in North London, but I will try to substantiate this in the coming days with some data from the Land registry. Anecdotally I see more and more properties on Zoopla being priced lower than last sold price.
  4. It is a lesser evil, but stamp duty remains a bad tax, whoever pays it. Effectively you could now mortgage the stamp duty. Mark my word, if it passes, it will be branded as "moving tax" which it is effectively
  5. If it is a 1929 scenario, extremely few wins. Some people lose more than others.
  6. Quick answer: not yet. I will claim crash when there is fear in the street and news about repossessed stories. I would say we are contemplating the precipice at the moment.
  7. At the right price, there is a market for everything. The discount will be steep to justify the service charges. Here is an example: https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/50065809?search_identifier=a22fdf328388c33fcfc371c626fef3f0 Sold in 2011 for £312,500 Asking price in 2019 £375,000 When you compare this with how much London went up, yep not a so good investment it seems
  8. Majority is super tight, Boris is rubbing too many tory MPs the wrong way. It will be hard for him to act.
  9. I am no Landlord, but rent caps don't work. This is one of the few topics where economists have reached the most overwhelming consensus on. Please, anyone, show me one example where rent caps have had the intended consequence of improving the renter's quality of life. For failed examples I can oppose: New York and Stockholm
  10. The same day: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/buy/telegraphs-ultimate-guide-buying-first-home/
  11. Maybe people will remember that it is literally build on sand
  12. Yes, tax holding wealth more, tax income less. Encourages hard workers.
  13. It is a rented property, they "promise" 20k pa, so close to 5% gross. Miserable for such an illiquid asset
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