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  1. But will China ask Chinese company to fly with a Chinese designed and made aircraft, on internal routes? Policy going on for a decade, trust built if no crash experienced, and there you have a 3rd competitor.
  2. You can't be vaccinated within 28 days of having been tested positive to COVID. So people dying did not get a chance to receive a vaccine.
  3. Oh I know, I will keep rooting for people to be able to buy. One way or another, I hope HP crashes in real term: income / asset price. I am not too bullish on the deflation scenario TBH, so I am not that worried either.
  4. I am about to buy House is decent, area is nice, mortgage will be less than half of my salary or my partners (read less than a quarter of our combined income). If the crash materialises, then so be it. 37 yo and at last buying something
  5. What else do you think? Mastercard fees are (were in our case) capped by the EU.
  6. The daily dose of: "Brexit, the gift that keeps on giving" https://www.ft.com/content/39f553a0-00c5-48ad-a8ee-0b9fd75554b0
  7. You know Count that you are victim or survival bias? All the sh!t houses have go to the sh!ter. I am not trying to imply it is perfect now, but don't get your rose tinted glasses on. Apparently planning permission came to law in 1948. But I doubt before on a Lord's estate you would be able to build how you want and when you need it.
  8. 7 years to reach the epilogue. It's gone, anyone is going to miss them? (aside of the commercial landlords)
  9. Would the UK be able to shift to a new model? In France it is common to buy a plot of land and get the house you want / can afford built on it. In some parts like the South, you won't have 2 identical houses. I have seen a similar business model in other parts. I guess you still need different type of competence when build to order and build to scale
  10. It is not a new problem though. I once got lost in North London near a TFL / Arriva bus depot and you had people living with kids in camper vans. You have all the people living in boats, and this is not just in London. Stories of homeless people living in tents in forests.
  11. I don't know, it seems you struggle with understanding English. Let's compare your initial statement with the ongoing working document you have kindly provided. vs So let me explain the difference for you: The first one (your quote) is definitive, the second one is hypothetical. Here you are drawing conclusion from something that did not happen, nor has it even started to be debated. You (nor I) know which way the wind will be blowing on this one. What you did is more than taking a shortcut, you are disingenuous.
  12. Are you clairvoyant? Are you coming from the future? Is Turkey a member of the EU in the future?
  13. China, on the outside, I will concur they seem to be doing the right thing to pull ahead. India ? They have a highish growth, but for the most populous country on earth, far from pulling their weight and far from being a united country that could pull ahead. Russia? wtf, is there one thing this country is doing right at the moment?
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