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  1. Goves job is to basically say to the tory heartlands in the shires and home counties that he'll do something to stop all those beastly new planning regs allowing new houses in their backyard..... ...whilst simultaneously saying to younger voters and those not on the ladder he'll get millions of houses built and do something about those beastly planning regs that is preventing it..... ...any year now. With a completely straight face, Whilst actually doing bugger all. Much like that lovely Grant Shapps chap did in fact, and every housing minister for the last 20 years!
  2. I was struck by the admission that our entire political system is completely shambolic and not fit for purpose. Crucial life and death decisions and 'war time' policy decided informally by largely unelected 'advisors' and civil servants behind closed doors. Not even discussed in cabinet let alone parliament. No. 10 apparently a total mess. No accountability by design and totally incompetent people in charge of massive projects. Mostly pathetic questions by the committee, just let DC answer whatever he wanted. I still have no idea what dc was doing in No 10? Adviser that bj fundamentally disagreed with and didn't listen to? Supposedly 'worked on procurement' - what work? Fast tracking donors?? They just glossed over anything awkward. Even reluctant to mention Barnard Castle until the end, letting him waffle on about Durham. Hancock is apparently a liar, but no one asked specifically what lies, and just a vague 'I presume u have some evidence' without asking what it is. They hardly questioned or challenged anything he said. Honestly Judge Judy would have done a 10x better job! The whole polictal system stinks and is completely broken top to bottom, and it just seems to get worse and worse.
  3. Could be a good day to bury bad news....?
  4. Great work GB!! - thanks for this, I really miss PB. This deserves its own thread / a better title - maybe the mods could pin it for a while to help spread the word?
  5. I think quite a few BTL landlords are on 2 / 3 year 'teaser' mortgage rates, and some are in for a nasty surprise when they go to roll it on to another low rate 2 year deal and find that suddenly their whole portfolio is assessed and they no longer qualify for any of the low rate deals. And they no longer meet the t+c's of their current deal either so are stuck on the crappy SVR rate sweating their nuts off as their mortgage costs have increased massively, just as s24 starts to bite.
  6. I don't really get what the nub of this story is, what are uber refusing to do? Surely they don't object to the people driving young women around cities being properly vetted and checked out? It's in their interest to weed out potentially dangerous drivers to protect their reputation? (Whether they 'employ' them or not they represent their brand) They must have to comply with similar conditions and requirements in every city they operate in , so what's different about London? Why isn't anyone who picks up passengers for hire and reward anywhere in the U.K. required to have a simple face to face check of their licence, correct insurance, criminal record, immigration status, ability to speak some basic English and maybe a quick health check at the doctors before they are issued with an appropriate licence to carry passengers? TBH I assumed this was pretty much already the case. You have to do most of this to drive a HGV or be a taxi driver so I can't see the problem. Massive fines and vehicle confiscated for anyone unlicensed. (I don't doubt it would be overpriced and over complicated by the authorities though) Why would an uber driver rape or assault their passengers? Surely your exact location, who you picked up, the route etc is all logged and recorded and totally traceable back to the driver? Even if they switched off their phone they'd have to account for that. Why don't uber insist all drivers install cameras in their cars - one dash cam and one showing inside the car? There seems to be more to this than meets the eye, is how uber operate in London different from other major cities around the world? Surely all these problems have been solved multiple times!?
  7. Also in that article... "Sweden takes last place for the third time due to its tightly controlled rental market." anyone know how Sweden are managing this so successfully? I.e. What controls do they have in place and how do they work? thanks.
  8. Nice find! Delicious bear feast there... No more buy-to-let Britain: UK tumbles down Europe's top places for property investing as crackdown bites UK drops ten places in the best locations in Europe to invest in property High house prices already meant it was only in 15th place, now it is 25th Best place to invest in property for yields is Ireland, followed by Malta "British landlords have seen average yields plummet 19 per cent over the past year following an onslaught of tax changes, leaving the UK crashing 10 places in Europe's buy-to-let ranks." "It follows 18 months of relentless change for British landlords who have had to absorb a 3 per cent stamp duty surcharge on all new property purchases since April last year and began to see their tax relief on buy-to-let mortgage interest cut back this April. Mortgage lenders have simultaneously cracked down, demanding more rent to cover buy-to-let mortgage payments at the start of this year while landlords with four or more properties will find it tougher to get finance from the start of next month. "
  9. From the Beeb today... Aberdeen 'worst hit' by hard Brexit, experts predict Aberdeen could be the city worst hit by falling economic output due to a "hard" Brexit, experts have predicted. A new report from the Centre for Cities and the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics, said all cities would see a fall in output due to increasing trade costs. Aberdeen and Edinburgh were both ranked among the ten most affected cities.
  10. Estate agents' profits plunge as housing market slows Link Two of the country's estate agent chains have posted slumping profits in the face of a slowing housing market. London-focused estate agent Foxtons saw profits plunge 64% in the first six months of this year. Another estate agent, Countrywide, also saw profits tumble, by 98% in its case. The firm said it would not pay a dividend. Foxtons' head said demand had slowed in the face of "unprecedented economic and political uncertainty". Countrywide said house sales exchanges were down 20%, 24% in London. Wow. Cuntywide profits down 98% ! Holy crap.
  11. Apologies if I missed a thread on this, but how come there was such a divergence between Halifax and NW in 2015/16 when they were so closely correlated before? More exposure to the London megabubblefroth? Can we expect a corresponding over correction for Halifax figures? Here's hoping!
  12. Great news! And prominently on both bbc news website and radio 6music news all afternoon - nice? I hadn't realised just how bad the monthly figures had been for 2017 - not crash cruise speed (Great blast from the past there!) yet but sentiment is definitely turning negative at last. That said prob b up 0.9% next month whilst NW is down a bit - as someone said def not all manipulated and coordinated!?
  13. As per usual this story has the feel of being very carefully managed and massaged, there's so many gaping holes and unanswered questions. Very interesting post re. The electrical surges a few years ago - not heard that anywhere in the news. Makes you wonder if multiple small fires started simultaneously could have been exacerbated by crap flammable cladding and plastic windows. Maybe the other towers that were evacuated had similar power supply concerns? The poor people effected are going to get very frustrated and angry soon - I can see how the fire + incompetent under and then over reaction + sense of a cover up would be ripe conditions for a summer of demos and then inevitable riots. I see the beeb are saying a 'total of 79 people died' - I thought they'd said it would take weeks to know an accurate estimate but we'll never really know for sure?
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