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  1. To say at the time we were in the EU and people were free to travel and work across Europe, yes.
  2. If they do negative rates. I'll take my money out of the bank. I know a few older people who have said the same.
  3. If somebody has a problem with our country, if somebody doesn’t want to be in our country, they should leave,” he said. He didn't say the words "Go back".
  4. If somebody has a problem with our country, if somebody doesn’t want to be in our country, they should leave,” he said. Here is his quote. He didn't say "go back". "Go back" was chanted at at a rally when Trump spoke about the Democrats.
  5. I think he has a point. It would be great if a woman could speak on behalf of women oppressed in countries that persecute their own citizens.
  6. I would say again people of all ethnic backgrounds have voted for trump. Proven by the link uploaded. Would you vote for a racist? Would you vote for a racist that abused your right to live somewhere peacefully? Would you vote for a racist that insulted your families ethnicity? My answer to all 3 is NO. I would hope that anyone who did vote for someone who had been labelled a racist had made their own informed decision.
  7. If you read your own quote it says "mostly" not "all". And thanks for being done. I also haven't responded to the "go back to where you came from" quote as I cant find it anywhere on the internet.
  8. Is saying "you ain't black if you vote for Trump" racist?
  9. Again desperate. Manchester is a shithole. Is that racist. No. There are rapist, drug dealers, prostitutes in Mexico. None of these comments Trump has made are racist
  10. I didnt ask for court cases, articles yes. I have dismissed it because it does not conclude racism.
  11. Look if Trump was racist, I would jump on the hate bandwagon but he's not. Going back to my first point. I think Trump did very well with the USA economy especially looking at a world view and comparison. I think overall he was a very good president. Now they have Biden and Kamala, be interesting to see what they do. Cheer on Biden now lefties, stop clutching that hatred for Trump.
  12. Is that not conspiracy theory? You know "read between the lines" warped mentality. Theres nothing between the lines.
  13. Not one quote by Trump in that article. Lots of an "employee" said. Not one quote by Trump that I can say yes that is 100% Racist. Read it and you will see.
  14. If you can send me any links to any racist quotes, Trump has made, I'll read them.
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