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  1. My age that's what's hurting. Lol. 2 more years I'll be 35.
  2. There are so many cash buyers out there too. Where has everyone got their money from? I not know for people to have money like this ever. People have £100000's in cash. I've been looking for 2 years now. I keep getting told no, from EA.
  3. Jesus help me. I cant afford anything like £194k nevermind £260k god knows how much its worth now, then.
  4. I agree. Those interest rates needed to go up years ago. But these 5% deposits are available until 2022 and come with a 5 year fixed rate. I can see how they are going to attract loads of people. I'm worried if I'm honest. I just think the prices are going to boom. When they actually needed to come down or stay stable and gradually decline.
  5. It absolutely doesn't. And its panicking me because theres hardly anything for sale and most are way over priced.
  6. Lol. Cant argue with you there. Made me laugh because have you seen some of the words in welsh lol
  7. Thanks yes our wages are not great. I went PT after trying to pay £500 a month in childcare fees. I was able to change my hours from mon-Friday to Friday-Sunday. Which has been so much better. But still my wage isnt fantastic. My partner's is better but still not amazing.
  8. Because you need to be able to speak welsh to get jobs.
  9. Erm no I haven't. I'm looking to buy for myself but overall it's up to anyone else if they buy now or wait. The 5% deposits starting in a weeks time are, I think; are going to massively inflate houses and create more demand. So is now the right time to buy? No 10 years ago was. In the last year, with people saving even more due to working from home, many have saved up large sums. It's up to anyone when they buy and I've always agreed that house prices are way over priced. But I just dont know how they will ever come down.
  10. I've just looked yes you're right. It says 30th September. Jesus.
  11. I know loads of men called Rachel. You're right lol
  12. Lol it was actually a serious question. It's very sexist on here isnt it!
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