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  1. This could be interesting, already some good questions in the comments, in particular about the ethics & morals of being BTL scum. Q&A: The future of buy-to-let Join our live discussion with FT money deputy editor James Pickford and buy-to-let landlord David Lawrenson at 12 noon on Wednesday June 3 https://www.ft.com/content/65ff4517-91d2-4b5e-b2dd-2f66656c2d73
  2. Will help-to-buy restrictions cut the price of new builds? https://www.theguardian.com/money/2020/jun/01/will-help-to-buy-restrictions-cut-the-price-of-new-builds "...Q I am looking into buying a new-build property and am considering using the help-to-buy scheme. I have weighed up the benefit of using the scheme and feel the interest savings over the first five years would outweigh the potential for the government’s 20% stake to appreciate in value substantially over the same term. My main concern is that help-to-buy will be restricted from next March to first-time buyers. I am a second-time buyer so wouldn’t be able to use the scheme. However, there is evidence that help-to-buy inflates new-build property prices (encouraging them to build more, I assume) so would it be better to wait until after next March and see if new-build purchase prices come down once the scheme doesn’t apply to most buyers? I am looking at a four-bedroom property at about £300,000 so assume that size of property wouldn’t be a popular first-time buyer choice and therefore most buyers would have less purchasing power once the scheme is withdrawn. Any thoughts would be great. SL"
  3. That was kinda what I was getting at, if the Nationwide are saying 13.8% with their overtly bullish bias, how bad do they really think it's going to get? They are clearly not trying to talk up the market/sugar coat it any more, maybe all the VI's hope if they say prices wll fall sharply then they hope (i.e. can dream) prices will recover sharply? But I don't think it works like that. p.s. yes, how they can claim be accurate to an 8th of a percent...whatever!
  4. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-8372271/Homes-face-14-price-slump-says-Nationwide.html Have I taken a hallucinogenic drug!!?? What the flip!!! I can't see this on their website though. Please say I'm not dreaming!!?
  5. The Boris stuttering and stammering show lol. That's what happens when you can't remember the truth Yvette Cooper causing him all kinds of grief, she absolutely nailed the argument about parents and Cummings, and how Boris is just prioritising Cummings over the public, really interrogating him and he has nothing to say back cus he's full of poop.
  6. Earlier this week: https://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/news/westferry-printworks-consent-revoked-after-jenrick-is-accused-of-bias/10047157.article Westferry Printworks consent revoked after Jenrick is accused of bias "...Planning consent for a £1 billion scheme designed by PLP has been quashed after the local authority accused housing secretary Robert Jenrick of being biased towards developer and tycoon Richard Desmond Jenrick granted permission for the Westferry Printworks development on 14 January, despite it being heavily criticised by Tower Hamlets, the Greater London Authority (GLA) and the government’s own planning inspector. The scheme, which was brought forward by media tycoon-turned-property developer Richard Desmond, included 1,524 homes as well as shops, banks, bars and offices on the Isle of Dogs site in east London. But the government has admitted Jenrick’s decision was unlawful after the local authority, Tower Hamlets Council, launched legal proceedings in March. Tower Hamlets alleged that the timing of Jenrick’s decision demonstrated his bias in favour of granting permission to the scheme, as consent was given one day before the council’s revised Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) rates came into force." And back in January: https://www.building.co.uk/news/jenrick-overrules-officials-and-green-lights-east-london-resi-towers/5103740.article Jenrick overrules officials and green lights east London resi towers "...Mace is development manager on 1,500 home scheme at site owned by media tycoon Richard Desmond Housing secretary Robert Jenrick has used his ministerial powers to approve the supersized version of PLP’s Westferry Printworks scheme – against the advice of a planning inspector. Client Westferry Developments, which has appointed Mace as development manager, already had consent for a 722-home version of the scheme, to be delivered in four towers of up to 30 storeys on the 5ha Isle of Dogs site after then-Mayor of London Boris Johnson used his powers to approve the scheme in 2016". Scum...all of them. And like you say @Si1 Jenrick is clearly as self serving as they come...IMO. See above...So yeah...disgusting behaviour...IMO.
  7. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/biased-robert-jenrick-backed-moguls-1bn-isle-of-dogs-deal-kxgw67jlj Biased Robert Jenrick backed mogul’s £1bn Isle of Dogs deal
  8. Just heard about this on BBC breakfast, make up your own minds but typical disgusting behaviour IMO... How is this legal? https://www.insidehousing.co.uk/news/news/planning-permission-for-1500-home-development-quashed-after-jenrick-accused-of-biased-approval-66558 Original overruling in January by Jenerik https://www.planningresource.co.uk/article/1670893/jenrick-overrules-inspector-allow-1500-home-east-london-appeal
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52797002 Coronavirus: Sports events in March 'caused increased suffering and death'
  10. This + 1 ....as much as I want to see the back of this toad and enjoy seeing him being grilled, it's deflecting from the number of deaths and all the other things you mention. But also very significant, not enough people are talking about the three weeks of dithering that has caused 1000's of extra lives lost. (which Cummings would have a huge hand in deciding incidentally) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/three-weeks-of-dither-and-delay-on-coronavirus-that-cost-thousands-of-british-lives-05sjvwv7g Maybe the government have played a blinder and use this as a distraction tactic, if they'd fired him sooner we could have gone back to talking about the real issues?
  11. Has Dominic Cummings requested this thread be moved to off topic for less exposure? We know he has a "lot" of influence...just ask Boris.
  12. Leeds6? Is that another big area that's been overun by student BTL scum too? I'm in the Midlands next to one of the biggest fake uni's/ex-polytechnics in the country It's heart warming to know that's it's not just the individual over-leveraged BTL student scumlord turd that's going to be done over, but also much higher up the "investment" chain. These scum are are going to get what's been coming to them for a long time. I wonder if the student let market could a potential trigger in the same way AirBnB could be?
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