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  1. Anyone else feel like this post was created as a timely rebuttal to: We've known about the alleged HK invasion for a while haven't we? Just me then I guess?
  2. https://propertyindustryeye.com/petition-calls-for-all-estate-agents-to-close-during-lockdown/ Petition calls for all estate agency branches to close during lockdown You know what to do P.S. love the comments
  3. Oh that is pure joy lol That article makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Burn student BTL scumlords...burn... hahaha!
  4. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/renting/landlords-crucial-part-property-market-wont-government-treat/amp/ Bleating about bleating?
  5. @coypondboy Looking at your posting history, you seem very very keen to push this story/rhetoric? Any particular reason why?
  6. Lol...exactly! A bit of a wiff of mumsnutter in the OP, no? I'm sure there are many that hate that this site even exists, so resort to troll tactics instead. Mods - for the sake of the OP please rename the website to: "WeDontWantAHousePriceCrashCusWereStupidOverInvestedMoronSheep.Com" (...or .org if .com is already taken)
  7. https://propertyindustryeye.com/government-says-it-may-become-necessary-to-pause-all-home-moves/ It must really pain the government to even consider this. About time though if it happens.
  8. The governments priorities are clear to see. But It's still frankly astonishing though that they're (again) allowing house viewings when you can't do much else. I'm starting to think the housing market is the governments only concern. How much up to their eyeballs are Tory party (and other) MPs invested in property/btl? Are there any stats?
  9. I think @rockerboy may have gotten a letter from his tenant saying they wan't a 25% cut in their monthly rent. Soiling of pants time perhaps? I forgot to mention the embolded "NEVER EVER" lolz
  10. Smuggest post ever? Feel free to disagree. Own an over leveraged mini BTL portfolio by any chance @rockerboy?
  11. Posting again about the SN14 vaccine developed by Nottingham University/Scancell, which targets the N protien, not just the S protein that most others do, and most importantly "has the potential to be effective against any variant or new strain of coronavirus in addition to the current COVID-19 strain." "SN14 is a second generation vaccine which offers several potential advantages over currently approved and late-stage COVID-19 vaccines: · Not only does SN14 target the S protein to induce VNAbs that prevent the COVID-19 virus from entering cells but also induces strong T cell
  12. "Offered with vacant posession and potential of ongoing management by current agent, subject to contract." 28 rooms...that's a lot of voids.....hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think student btl could be hit even harder in the new year with students not returning late and students wanting part refunds? P.s. That property looks very small for 28 rooms??
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