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  1. The corollary to this is...house sellers are struggling because no one can pay their bubble mania prices. Luckily lloyds will be buying them all soon....
  2. I think there are some people being paid to post on here and disseminate fear, the total and utter b*llox they're posting now is a site to behold. We even have the trolls admitting their trolls and trolling. It's comical. There's nothing up for sale, there's nothing coming on the market, the housing market has collapsed, prices must surely follow. The UK is in a right mess and it wont truly recover till this grotesque bubble mania is gone for good.
  3. If commercial tenants are struggling to pay rent...how about residential tenants ? It's all too good to be true.
  4. 1. Millionaire property owner ( the property being the millionaire not the person ) can't afford to do their kitchen up 2. Bloke who works for the police, looks like a tramp, holidays in a caravan, smokes roll ups cause he's skint 3. Pilot, 20% pay cut, keeps shouting at his missus everytime she talks about buying something 4. Finance bloke, all he says is..."Have you see how expensive this is". 5. ex-Finance bloke, lost his job, will never work again, looks like an alky now 6. Bloke in advertising, seems to be doing well but was about to lose his job till the corovavi
  5. The other side of the coin that no one is bandying about is that there has been a lot of money destroyed and more is coming.
  6. I find that hard to imagine. That's why I rely on this photo
  7. 1. If there is a lot of money sloshing about why are all the professionals I know complaining about being skint ? 2. It will end, just not in the way many people here hope.
  8. Do you have any stats for made up b*llocks on web forums ?
  9. Outright disregard for the law IMHO The prices are criminal too.
  10. Remind ,me, why are you on a site dedicated to a house price crash telling everyone how much your house is worth
  11. I dont know if this is true, but Labour stood a remainer in the seat. ( sits shaking head ). The people running labour either dont want to win or the have totally misjudged the feelings of British people. the bit I dont get is the same Brexiteer voting Northern poor people are supporting that fat lying **** despite him offering millions of HK immigrants access to the UK and have made it easy to get a work visa to come to the UK. They'll wake up one day and realise the EU wasn't the problem the British establishment was. It'll be too late by then.
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