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  1. well, Britain was made rich by the empire. Since 1945 the rich have had to sell pretty much everything to the U.S. The country is trillions in debt and are running a housing bubble ponzi scam to keep the rich where they think they belong. We are not a country worth massive oil reserves, or rare earth metals, any company that does well here gets bought out by America. Britain as it has been is not going to continue.
  2. The BoE rate doesn't need to go anywhere, with Term Funding removed the banks have to raise money to lend to housing....mortgage/savings rates will climb regardless.
  3. They'd happily see people starve then ? What a bunch of evil ****s are in the UK. Either way something is going to collapse, we are over the top of the hill and will accelerate to the brick wall at the bottom of the hill now.
  4. I'd snap up that bargain if I didn't think it was really worth £200,000
  5. The corollary of this is that buyers should be offering 50% under the insane asking prices
  6. Five tactics to use when buying a property Now the housing market has turned, buyers have the stronger hand https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/buy/five-tactics-use-buying-property/ Quick, grab a bargain.
  7. Those insanely low mortgage rates were made possible by TermFundng/QE That has ended. It's not coming back.
  8. Who knew the market that is officially still going up had turned ? Anyone keen on grabbing a bargain ?
  9. It's tory propaganda aimed at getting people to buy and think they are getting a bargain.
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