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  1. TheCountOfNowhere

    What will collapse next....

    We only have to be right one, you trolls need to be lucky every year till the day you die. Do you feel lucky punk, do ya.....obviously note. Dunno why you're bothering trolling now, can hardly be worth your while, maybe you get paid for it, that's even sadder. What a s**tty world with people like you in it.
  2. TheCountOfNowhere

    What will collapse next....

    P.S I see Fommo's promptly replied, perhaps he doesnt realise he's blocked and what that means. Ahhh, to be simple. I'll read it in a few months, when I need a good laugh. I meant to say Fommo, Catch you late fine people of HPC.
  3. TheCountOfNowhere

    What will collapse next....

    I still hold the view, the crash is still in progress in real terms, one way or another prices will hit rock bottom now. The UK is in such a big mess now, most places are though, too many people, too few resources, too much greed and control at the top. Nothing lasts forever, maybe we are witnessing the end of the road for Britain as was. I think we all know on here that since the Banks collapsed things have not been right, they've tricked the masses into thinking things are OK and even have managed to profit from the people who are so thick they actually need protecting from themselves and these unscrupulous c***s. I've said it before and I'll say it again, owning a house is the least of peoples worries now. I have to say one thing tho, I've made 2 or 3 posts in about 6 months on here after a relentless 10 years and each time Maffo in Oxford, whom i blocked a long time ago has had a dig at me, he seems to be indignant about me post from abroad, does he know that have the internet outside of England? The man, well maybe not a man, could be an estate agent, must have a serious problem to troll someone who posts ever 3 months Nothing like showing your hand is there, what an ejit. I'd encourage others to ignore him as well. He must be a little bitter husk of a man to be trolling after all this time, maybe he can't accept that maybe pwopatee wasnt the thing to be in over the last 10 years, maybe he cant understand that there was a fortune to be made elsewhere and that some ( many on here ) saw it and profited while waiting for the nominal house price crash to come. Though maybe he's now realised. This house price crash has taken so long and there was so much cash floating about it's made owning a house pointless, dead money, if you didnt grab the magic money tree with both hands then you've not been reading. All that money from those mortgages/levered investments have found their way into some peoples pockets, while some sit in clover others sit in debt. It took so long I found myself at the point there was little point waiting any longer and I didnt have to stay here, no house you see, what a great thing to be actually free. To troll someone who's cashed in their chips, said ***k the UK and their housing bubble and gone into semi-retirement at least 2 decades early is the sign of a very very very bitter and twisted individual. I have children to think of and clearly tying myself to a massive debt to house them when some other moron was willing to do that on my behalf was ludicrous, all that money tied up, all that lost opportunity and even at 2% mortgage rates, the interest on the payments are BIG just because the buying prices were so big. Best let someone else take that risk. Think of all the rich people who paid £200 for a TV set in 1950s only to find 60 years later you can buy one for £200, shoulda rented. I wonder how many of those fine Remain supporters are actually people farmers terrified that the BoEs prediction of a house price collapse will happen, believing the bankers was their first and last mistake. The trolls must be sweating right now, thinking they might lose. Here's the sucker punch....they've already missed out, they just dont realise it yet. I can hear her try and convince herself that I'm wrong, but I'm not....here's the proof. My investments and savings post 2007 are way way way above that read line. Meanwhile you've been bailing out bankers. #PMSL. Thanks for the dosh Fommo in Oxford, thanks ever so much. Enjoy your houses, while you still have them.
  4. TheCountOfNowhere

    What will collapse next....

    Purple Bricks, down 65 % Countrywide down 98.6% Foxton down approx 90% Persimmon ( ****s) Down 23% This baby is going down What's bitcoin down now, 70%, it probably wont exist in 12 months. I know 2 people who invested heavily in this now. On top of that, May's Brexit Betrayal, that alone could cause civil strife. Why did no one see this coming and get out the country with all their profits before it was too late....
  5. TheCountOfNowhere

    What will collapse next....

    The what will collapse in 2018 is a bit specific, things are about to get a whole lot worse through 2019/2020, so its time for a more generic thread. MODS: can you merge the What/who will collapse 1st in 2018 into this thread please ?
  6. Just popping in to say hello. Been watching things from afar two things.... 1) Seems to me the collapse has started 2) One of two muppets keep saying the BoE wont raise interest rates, despite them reluctantly having to raise them twice this year. A little birdie in London ( bearing in mind I've called the last two IR rises ) tells me rates will have to go up in January. Anyway, enjoy the poll. Im still watching.
  7. TheCountOfNowhere

    Countrywide share price

    Only just heard this good new, down to 10p at one point. We could see them die!!!! GIRFUY
  8. TheCountOfNowhere

    Interest Hike Aug 2nd - Will They / Won't They?

    They'll need more....
  9. TheCountOfNowhere

    Interest Hike Aug 2nd - Will They / Won't They?

    Cheers. I'll still be tuning in to gloat ive pretty much given up now till we see a BIG event
  10. TheCountOfNowhere

    Interest Hike Aug 2nd - Will They / Won't They?

    you lot are desperate. They are already 3x what they were a year ago. any sudden inflation shock and they'll be riasing then 2% at a time. its like the empire has blown up a planet...I can hear the screams.
  11. TheCountOfNowhere

    Interest Hike Aug 2nd - Will They / Won't They?

    Message for the trolls GIRFUY. The BoE have no option but to raise. This is being orchestrated, as it was on the way down. Uk rates will go higher than the US. For sometime my theory on rate rises has been ignored, mocked, laughed at. I've been expecting this raise, last couple of meetings. It simply had to happen. Thankfully I'm heading to France at the end of the week so I can watch this collapse in comfort, ill pop in to say hello to all the pwopatee "winners" from time to time. I think we'll now see 2% by end of 2019, at which point house prices will be heading off a cliff. If you can't see it coming you're an idiot or a troll. Au revoir.
  12. TheCountOfNowhere

    Is Prime London Crashing? - Merged Threads

    That's what they've been doing for a decade!!!! Collapse and civil unrest are inevitable now.
  13. TheCountOfNowhere

    IO Self-Cert tale of woe

    I'm still here, watching from afar. The bankers are still robbing us, the politicians still supporting them, the VI trolls still trying to convince people to join the pyramid scam,the people still haven't realised they've been robbed. I'll be back when the collapse starts.

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