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  1. London's been falling for some time...18 months+ some areas down 20+. From what I've seen most £1M+ sales in the shires slowed to a grinding halt last summer.
  2. Anything of any tangibile value. Gold for example. If hyper inflation hits, it'll be a game changer. Best to panic first, always, look at what the clever people are saying, we should have a year or two until the inflation starts to rear it's ugly head. Just get ready, have a plan
  3. Join the #BoycottTheNationwide on twitter if you like
  4. The trouble with illiquid assets is..... Answers on a postcard if you will.
  5. Unless it's in real terms I was sick of this madness in 2016, I just cannot believe what I am seeing. I am more and more convinced that the CV19 was an excuse to hand the bankers more and more.
  6. It's very bad press that people can't afford homes, doesn't ****ing stop them tho. People will be dancing in the streets when the BTLetsters are repo'd. REPO=GOOD. NO-REPO=MARKET MANIPULATION=FRAUD
  7. It's dragging on a bit, isn't it. Doesnt mean it's wrong. Money's worthless, people haven;t twigged yet
  8. Have you not been following. Debt deflation...massive QE...inflation shoots up...Interest rates shoots up....house prices collapse The UK is even more of a zombie economy now than it was 6 months ago. Get your money out the bank before the inflation hits cause as we've seen today, I'd wager the NW can't stand a house price collapse. Some banks will be shutting and not opening again
  9. Thats what they want. I'd wager there are thousands over the last 2 months that wish they had money in the bank
  10. More magicked up cash, negative rates, inter gemnerational mortgages. There will be a revolution at some point. When this finally collapses it is going to be spectacular.
  11. No, it's fraud. Market manipulation to profit themselves. Fraud, pure and simple. Getting angry is the only way to change anything now.
  12. Anyone coming round to my way of thinking yet ? These ****s will literally stop at nothing. They will not let their asset prices fall for the simple reason, they're ****ed if they do. All those over-levered MPs, all the bankers up to their necks in debt, massive mortgages on homes. The VI is at the top and it wont end well for any of us. We're in proper phase 2 of the railway mania now, collapse will come, real austerity wuill happen, people will be made a scape goat. If rather Osborne be tried than poor gullible my Sunak
  13. It's not their ****ing home till they've paid the savers for it.
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