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  1. Full report - London leading the monthly falls and also - (initial) asking prices in London are now cheaper than a year ago https://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/content/uploads/2021/01/Rightmove-House-Price-Index-Monday-18th-January-FINAL.pdf
  2. Interestingly, this not-normally seasoned index is up each and every January
  3. Front page news on the Sunday Times today, with claims that the situaton 'threatens the housing market'
  4. 95k sigs on the petition so its certain to move to the next stage of consideration. This should at least get the government to confirm its intention either way and provide clarity.
  5. It's on the front page of their printed edition today Edit to add - see bottom right and the lovely graphic!
  6. Comment on that website from a slightly earlier thread: Top 4 essential reasons to leave your home in lockdown:- 1) Your house is on fire 2) Medical emergency 3) To buy provisions to keep you and your family alive 4) To view a property you most likely won’t buy
  7. Daily Mail-o-matic It’s that simple – this gives you a new Daily Mail headline every time you click the button. http://www.qwghlm.co.uk/toys/dailymail/
  8. Based on sales in the pipeline and average house prices, it's about £1,000,000,000 of foregone tax revenue - assuming no extension
  9. The govt's response at 10,000 sigs for those who haven't seen it: This response was given on 10 December 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown caused uncertainty for those buying and selling residential property and property transactions fell by as much as 50 per cent during the first national lockdown. To stimulate immediate momentum in the property market and to support the jobs of people whose employment relied on custom from the property industry, the Government decided to introduce a temporary Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) relief. This relief increased the st
  10. Petition Extend the Stamp Duty Holiday for an additional 6 months after 31st March 2021 Extending the Stamp Duty Holiday for an additional 6 months will assist many buyers who are looking to move to a property that they will not be able to afford otherwise. This will help to stabilise the housing market 54,336 signatures https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/550545
  11. Testing the public reaction to the idea. A few angry Facebook posts will no doubt cause a u-turn.
  12. In another sign of rethinking the emotionally-led decisions of the first lockdown, the Dogs Trust has apparently been swamped by people selling on puppies which they now realise require lots of work...
  13. Despite the report title, this is likely to be based on Oct and Nov 2020 data...
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