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  1. FTBs getting mortgage rejections - and are the landlords, who would buy those properties instead and happily rent them out?
  2. If only there was an issue which Labour could tap into to bring younger voters to the polls...
  3. Turn of the century, Labour were winning 50+ MPs in Scotland during General Elections. Currently they have one. That's a heck of a loss. Prevailing view used to be that if Scotland went independent, the Tories would be in power indefinitely in Westminster. With the rise and rise of the SNP, that's kind of happening anyway.
  4. Sure about that? The US made nine rate rises over the last decade, before cutting them back. Remind how many rises the UK made??
  5. In its current incarnation, the Labour party seems to be built around Metropolitan Woke Remainers - of who Starmer epitomises. We're moving towards a situation in the US - where the most deprived, less populated areas vote for patriotic right leaning parties and larger, wealthier centres vote left.
  6. Up 2.1% in a single month (two point one percent) Is that the stamp duty saving wiped out in four and a bit weeks? Full report: https://www.nationwide.co.uk/-/media/MainSite/documents/about/house-price-index/2021/Apr_2021.pdf
  7. In 2019, I voted for an obscure party because their economic views were more aligned with mine. I wanted to vote, but didn't feel that any of the mainstream parties warranted my support.
  8. My mistake. It was even more recent. 2017 election saw Scotland send 13 Tory MPs to Westminster, a gain of 12. This partially offset losses in England and allowed the Conservatives to remain in government with the support of ten DUP MPs from Northern Ireland. Without those extra Scottish Tory MPs, the Conservatives could not have formed a majority even with the DUP support. Scottish voters enabled the Conservatives to retain power in the UK.
  9. The same Scottish electorate that in 2015 returned enough Tory MPs to give the Conservatives a majority Westminster government?
  10. Does prolonging education play into this? I know Boomers who left school at 15, went into a trade etc. By the time they hit 30, they had spent half their life working to acquire skills and capital - with no uni debt to pay off either.
  11. Some brutal double digit rises here: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/uk-house-price-index-england-february-2021/uk-house-price-index-england-february-2021 Wirral up 22.3% y-o-y Selby 23.4%
  12. Viewed six places in March following the 95% mortgage announcement. None ticked enough boxes though, particularly price wise. Within a month, the two that sold in 48 hours are for sale again. Two more have been reduced in price, while the one which had been listed the longest has been taken off the market. All anecdotal, but it gives me confidence that this boom is running out of steam.
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