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  1. Tell your landlord that if he increases your rent (or doesn't decrease it, if you feel brave), he will have to find another tenant and pay the new fees. Problem sorted. The biggest problem is that many people don't have the balls to negotiate properly.
  2. Just criminal. They should end Help to Buy immediately. Crooks.
  3. https://www.propertyreporter.co.uk/property/is-boris-good-for-house-price-grow.html I think they should include the MP of Islington North, he seems to have a good track record of increasing house prices in his constituency since he started representing them back in 1983... Perfect candidate for them!
  4. If there is a SUPPLY shock (Brexit)... they WILL have to raise rates, especially if there is capital flight, which is what worries them.
  5. I am sorry to tell you that groups like Hilton and International Hotels have their stocks at all time highs... meaning they look really profitable (or at least this is what the market believes).
  6. Personally, I would never buy a 1 or 2 bedroom flat. If you get trapped in negative equity with one of them... your professional mobility and your appeal to the other sex just vanishes.
  7. Because the UK is doing great and any dip can only be followed by a quick recovery. Let’s look at the archives for similar news in another country... http://ktimatoemporiki.gr/news/32/
  8. Their measure doesn’t even show growth, as we are still below June 2018 asking prices.
  9. Check the stadistics about the South of England...
  10. They want to have their cake and eat it too... a cake that is paid by taxpayers and indebted FTB.
  11. If you let inflation raise (devaluation of GBP) and wages do not keep up, migrants will go back to their countries and a population decrease will pop the housing bubble. I don’t think lowering interest rates is equivalent to inflating the housing bubble.
  12. What could public organisations (Bank of England?) do to encourage savings...
  13. I think the tenant had to pay some money if the credit check didn’t go well. Now let’s see what LL and EA do about this. The interesting thing is that inventory fees are also banned. Nice tool to blackmail a landlord.
  14. Wow, who will end up paying the costs of lending that much to gamble on a single type of “investment”?
  15. The good thing is that tenants will know in advance their complete rental cost and they can easily move out if they want to (they just have to pay for the cost of the move). Landlords and letting agents are ******ed.
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