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  1. Very simple, bond rates are close already very close to 0%, they cannot go much lower.
  2. Problem is, when there are negative interest rates, if you are a corporation, they charge you to keep money in the bank, it’s not yielding 0% there.
  3. Huge difference... one can’t be printed, while the other one has a surging supply.
  4. Not true. The effort required today is 4 times greater than it was 20 years ago. Not fair.
  5. My answer: yes, we are being tortured. Not by COVID, but by the housing bubble (fits the definition of torture perfectly). People hate the lockdown just because it makes them lose money to help those who could die because of this virus. Selfish bastards.
  6. They have managed to create a new section of quarterly averages (averaging last three months) to try to spin a manipulated idea of house prices still rising by 2%... If you average the last 3 months compared to the average of the same 3 months last year.... that’s just a cheeky way to dilute the drop that has occurred this month...
  7. The annual house price change number has a negative sign in front! A little victory that can officially announce the start of a new trend.
  8. That would mean higher interest rates... or a even more massive loss of credibility for the Bank of England.
  9. Time to start a website called: houselocationslide.no
  10. The forecasts are done a few days before the announcement.
  11. So... you know more than the economist of the main banks... Clear case of hindsight bias
  12. People in April would have been just closing deals agreed in February or early March. If something it highlights how many people backtracked or tried to renegotiate before completion.
  13. Let me remind you that the consensus of economist was expecting 34,000 applications under the lockdown circumstances. A normal month is around 66,000.
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