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  1. The fairly low tech solution would be to pump water up hill during daylight hours and use it to produce hydroelectric power at night or at times of high demand.
  2. Does anyone know anything about this company? https://www.powerroll.solar/ They claim to have produced a 0.1mm solar film that could power the country if it was applied to all south facing commercial roofs. It needs to be on flat roofs at the moment but they're working on something that can be applied to roof tiles. The only reason we don't have solar panels is our roof is 90 years old - installation is likely to damage it and it probably doesn't have many years left in it. We're hoping for a reasonably priced Tesla roof type solution by the time it needs replacing.
  3. And the very first thing he did set women's rights beck decades.
  4. We recently bought in a Sussex coastal town, we rented in London.
  5. Yeah, they need to bit the bullet and let the economy rebalance. Some industries just aren't viable anymore. We can't go back to 2019 no matter how much we might want to.
  6. Meh. There's houses on my road SSTC on Rightmove for nearly 20% more than the price we agreed in September
  7. I'm sure we talked about this on here about a decade back and there were examples of tenants being stung for thousands.
  8. You say that, but Tesco bottled water is absolutely foul. I've never tried co-op water but it could also be minging.
  9. Well even the pig of a house that's been on for over a year is sold now (weird layout, access issues, probably tenanted as no onward chain). Something else has come on though so we're not quite at zero stock in my area yet.
  10. Yeah, I've had banks do the same and they get really shirty when you ask them for a bit of proof that they are who they say they are.
  11. Supply is down about 50% in my town since we were looking last summer. There were more than ten houses for sale in my immediate area then, there's currently just one that's been on for over a year.
  12. We recently bought for £250k and a house on our road rents for £1,000 a month. You're forgetting in your calculations that not having to deal with leggings agents is priceless.
  13. Last summer was a much better time to buy than now. My house was on for nearly two months before we had our offer accepted, one a few doors down has just sold in days. Supply is down 40% since August and most of what's on is complete dross. If we were trying to buy now then we'd probably lose the HTB ISA bonus and that's if we were able to make it down for viewings before things go SSTC. Last year we were able to view half a dozen houses in one trip (with a few more that I would have liked to see), today there is one house that look ok on Rightmove.
  14. Searched the land registry price paid data with the street name and partial postcode then scrolled down through the entries until I found the one with the matching date and price paid - the entries all include the type of property and tenure.
  15. That last sale was for the whole house, land reg has it as a terraced house whereas this is a maisonette.
  16. That's true here - we just bought a house and the vendor's live in partner had to sign to say he was ok with it even though only her name was on the deeds.
  17. HIV has an R0 of about 3 and is almost 100% fatal without treatment. Stop talking crap about things you don't understand.
  18. It was eight days during the spring peak but it's longer now because more people are surviving.
  19. That's just not true at all - there were lockdowns for Spanish Flu. The places that didn't lockdown had worse mortality rates than places that did.
  20. Those will be calculated from data that predates schools opening (they're closed in name only). Hopefully removing some children will have an effect on school transmission but I doubt it will be enough.
  21. The only way they'll tell you is if you donate blood.
  22. Myself and at least one other poster disagreed with your interpretation when you originally posted that. The figures are the proportion of all people in those age groups that had died of covid by June, not just people that age that had had covid by then. It does not give you a risk of death if you catch covid. It's only useful for showing the relative risks for each age group.
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