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  1. Mortgages at only 0.95%, basically being paid to have mortgage and prices drop 😘
  2. Inflation will flatten off, the next interest rate move will be down to zero 🤑. House and assets prices will raise and the bubble will get bigger
  3. Considering the global pandemic, and economic fall for some, I'm surprised we haven't seen more distressed sales
  4. Cash in the flat and live in Thailand like a king for a couple of years.
  5. What would you say it would be worth now now on the open market?
  6. Always a boom before a crash, I've been generally quite bullish until a saw the RPI inflation rate, US at 4% Interest rates must rise. Get on the best fixed term rate as soon as possible, even if you have to pay redemption fees
  7. The next interest rate will be down. Although fixing into a good low rate deal would be a good idea, Halifax 10 year fixed rate 1.48% is basically free money- shop around lots of great deals around
  8. Most labour voters are not socialists, the labour part is social democratic party not socialist.
  9. So Corbyn making a video telling people his pronouns and sir keir starmer getting on his knees is a trope? Labour is run by a north London identity obsessed elite. They despise white working class people and especially women
  10. The lads down working men's club wanted to hear more about trans rights, pro nouns and BLM. What were labour think of? Black trans lives matter
  11. Ten year fixed rate Mortgage 1.34% Halifax UK Inflation 2% Your being paid to borrow - FREE MONEY And you wonder why prices are going up?
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