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  1. Naive. How has Astra Zeneca not proven its worth ? Focusing on one type of tech - great. Right up until the point something problematic might appear with that tech and they are forced to stop using it or move onto something else.
  2. No I don't think that is true, or at least, if it was I think there is a good chance it may not work. The reason is that if HTB is really aimed at subprime then many people are very unlikely to be able to step up. In fact we are now getting more reports of people being unable to move off the bottom of the ladder that they entered in with HTB. In reality of course there is no such thing as prime and subprime, there is a spectrum. I think propping up houseprices may be a welcome (for the Tories) side effect, but I don't believe its the primary aim of the exercise.
  3. Trouble is from that I get the impression that Labour despise the people they want voting for them. They can't beleive they actually had legitimate concerns about their jobs and lifestyles that had changed under Nu labour. They must be idiots who just want the empire back. Smacks very much of the "Gordon Brown" bigot event to me. Where the workign class got to see what the Labour leadership thought of them. I don't think Johnson gets that easy a ride from the media. I don't think Trump did either. In fact I got the overwhelming impression that they were massively biased against Trump
  4. Yes. I can see it now. Hartlepool voter. Hmm, shall I vote based on who I think is best placed to deliver prospects for local jobs, my kids education, health, covid response or shall I vote for the party based on the fact that it sent a couple of boats to an island to marshall a protest 1000 miles away yesterday ?
  5. No one cares about what the Daily Rage is on about. It's all nonsense. If you buy into it more fool you. Like someone complaining about when they went to France they were stopped by armed police ! British people stopped by armed police ! Which is nonsense of course because all the police their are armed.
  6. HTB has by its very nature got to be awful ! The reason is that HTB essentially exists to replace social housing. Which is not being built. If you are going to replace that with some sort of traditional house buying scheme (mortgages) then it will by its very nature target subprime lending. It will have to make mortgages as affordable (in the short term at least) as possible, in order to ensure that people who wouldn't necessarily qualify for mortgages can afford them. It actually poses two interesting consequences. The first is that it will essentially remove the right to buy o
  7. I don't really get the remainer obsession with gunboats. It's a protest. A large number of boats in a small space, and probably not that well controlled. It needs marshaling like any protest, both to ensure people not involved can continue to go about their legitimate business, and for safety reasons. We could send over a couple of squad cars and a mini bus full of fuzz firing up the blues and twos, but here's the news, they would probably sink. Thanks to the RN and also the French Navy who were also on hand to help, the protest went off without incident and from what I gather o
  8. Reminds me very much of the old Labour trope trotted out on here recently that "Labour lost because of the right wing press". The problem is blaming them is just a convenient excuse for not getting their policies correct and being able to pile the blame on something that is out of their control, rather than actually addressing the real issues that people didn't want to vote for them.
  9. The very title of the thread is pretty goady. Why is it that it's always one side that gets called out and not the other ?
  10. Self employed people tend to be very self reliant. It goes with the job. Even those on low incomes probably want as little to do with the government as possible and would prefer to look after themselves, with certain caveats. The problem with a lot of the UK public services is that they are incredibly badly managed, but hard to fix. Shoving more cash into the gaping maw doesn't really solve the problem. I doubt very much if I had to pay 10% more tax I would get better services. It might distribute redistribute some of the wealth though. I think that normally the Tories are a bit tigh
  11. Yeah maybe I did fall for it. But he did what he promised - he did get Brexit done. No success ? Well maybe you have a short memory. I remember not long ago just an endless cycle of political deadlock. Don't see that much anymore. There's the odd bitter and twisted remainer still ranting, but its done. probably not dusted. There are a lot of details and issues to sort out moving forwards. But they won't present any near as much problems as what's behind us. Vaccine procurement should indeed be attributed to them. It's one of their successes. I don't thing dismantling the NHS is
  12. It's hard to tell because their medical system is breaking down.
  13. +1. Economies are like oil tankers. You don't turn them round on a sixpence. The debt trajectory shows a doubling of the debt in 2 years following the GFC under Labour. Then it shows the Tories trying to get it under control for the next 10. Which they finally just about did until we hit covid. I think if the debt trajectory had followed Labours spending we would have been at 2 trillion in maybe 2015. The Tories by my guesstimate have bought us 500 billion of wriggle room on where that would be. Of course that assumes Labour would have continued racking up debt at the same
  14. Well I guess on whether Labour know how to run an economy, that depends on whether you view the GFC as a Labour issue. I don't believe it was wholly on them, but I do believe they bought into the behaviour and values that led up to that process, so they can at least partially own it. The Tories inherited a debt trajectory that was hard to turn around, but they did it. If they hadn't, god knows where we would be after covid. I think there would have been a decent chance of severe financial disruption before covid had hit due to an anomalously high public debt. I think most people
  15. They are solid, immovable, easily identifiable and no one actually needs them. Just tax them hard.
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