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  1. Gigantic Purple Slug

    Household debt record highs

    They are pretty good at that I agree. See stuff like car sales collapse for example. You might see arguments like Brexit, or diesel emissions. But often you won't see the deeper narrative like previous record sales were funded by everyone is maxing out on credit or that they were funded by compensation.
  2. If she isn't supposed to use parliamentary procedure what procedure is she supposed to use ? I think for me nothing is going to get done on this until it has to. The eleventh hour. It doesn't matter whether you give them 6 days or 6 years. They aren't going to make a decision until it is forced on them. So it doesn't really matter if it is forced on them now or not. In fact I think that it pretty typical negotiating strategy, you fold something at the very last minute to get everyone to agree. But you have to be sure when you make that concession that there is no further time to argue.
  3. I suppose the question is at what point "the best interests of the country" takes precident over party politics. Is that 24 hours before the vote, 10 minutes before March 31st or some other time ? I think the time that May should have asked for opposition help is long past. Looking at the situation with the benefit of massive hindsight, if she wasn't going to go for the route of getting Labour support, then what was her plan in order to gain a majority for any vote she came up with ?
  4. Isn't it the job of the opposition to oppose ? You can argue on the quality of that opposition. But ultimately the job of the opposition is to bring down the government so they can then implement their own policy. So they focus on that process first. The opposition role is destructive and only constructive as a means to an end. If May wanted opposition support then she should have gone down the route of a government of national unity a long time ago. Whether that would have produced anything better than where we are now is debatable.
  5. I don't think you can blame either side for using the full tools at their disposal for trying to achieve their preferred outcome given the difficulty of the situation. When the rules are changed on the fly to favour one side or another though, I think that can be reasonably argued to be inappropriate.
  6. I agree with most of the stuff you say. The great tragedy to me of May's deal is that although it represents reasonable compromise, it pleases no one. I don't think that parliament defying the referendum result will end well. I don't see (despite their claims) that any party will want to offer a new referendum based on the mess this last one has created. It is likely to open up even more cans of worms. And even if the parties did promise future referendums, who would believe them based on past performance ? I don't see it as a simple process for us to rejoin once we have left. I don't see how it can be. The EU needs member states that are fully committed to the union and want to push it forwards, not ones sitting on the sidelines complaining endlessly about further integration. It is likely we will have to rejoin on punishment terms with full commitment to further integration. Is that likely to be something people will vote for ? I believe that both the major parties are struggling terribly with trying to reconcile the different viewpoints of their members. I don't see how that can continue indefinitely.
  7. Gigantic Purple Slug

    Household debt record highs

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46827785 UK economies fate in the hands of the shopper.
  8. Retrospectively, looks like the leadership contest came at just the right time for her.
  9. Gigantic Purple Slug

    Household debt record highs

    Is it just me, or does that graph show the unsecured debt per house at £15,000,000,000 ?
  10. Gigantic Purple Slug

    You seem angry...

    Ask him to put it in writing. Then next time something goes t*ts up and he's not happy email it back to him.
  11. Gigantic Purple Slug

    More than 30,000 UK retailers in 'significant' financial distress

    Yes. But you have to be an unashamed consumer and adopter of new fangled stuff to buy them. Generally new electronics stuff is more energy efficient than old. It can also be more environmentally friendly to produce. Although obviously you've got things like lifetime and build costs to consider. Capitalism generally works towards producing stuff more efficiently at lower cost because that is one route to more people buying it and making more profit. Lower cost is often aligned with environment friendly, although not always. The problem is often in the "more people buying it" aspect rather than just the environmental impact of the single item. My guess is the enviromental impact of a single flat screen tv is far less than a crt version. But the fact that 10x more people in the world are able to buy them by far negates the benefit.
  12. Gigantic Purple Slug

    More than 30,000 UK retailers in 'significant' financial distress

    It's never as simple as that because newer things can be more efficient and better for the environment. See LED bulbs for example : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/household-bills/10756999/How-to-save-240-a-year-with-LED-lightbulbs.html
  13. The issue with the UK and the EU is that the UK has never been committed. What we voted for was a customs union, a trade agreement. Not a political and monetary union. The EU needs political and monetary unification in order to survive. It needs members committed to this in order to form the superstate. What it doesn't need is half hearted members sitting on the sidelines constantly bitching and resisting any movement forwards.
  14. AFAICT there are no issues that a second referendum actually solves. The country is divided and will still be divided whatever result a second referendum returns. If remainers are confident of the dire consequences of leaving the EU, then probably best to let them take effect and build political pressure to rejoin that way. Of course, we will not be able to rejoin on our terms.
  15. I think May's deal will go through. This is more about getting the rebels in line than it is broadcasting a message to the public about the chances of Brexit. I think Howler had it right pages back. Once the rebels failed (and failed badly) to unseat May they were finished. May has shown consistently that she will do everything she can to push her deal through. Basically there are two nuclear options left to her, resigning and general election. GE and the deal vote failing to me are to some degree the same thing. If the vote fails my guess is Corbyn will call a vote of no confidence. The rebels ran out of steam once May passed the leadership contest. The big issue is now resolving how the rebels are seen to get something out of capitulating, which is difficult because the deal is hard to alter. Perhaps this is an attempt by the government to make voting for the deal the lesser of two evils for the rebels. I don't see how parliament will rescind article 50 after they voted 4:1 to invoke it.

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