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  1. I suppose it depends on what you believe "compulsion", aka the law actually exists for.
  2. To me this is actually true. We are moving to a point where the belief in society is that no one of sane mind would actually argue that not wearing a seatbelt is a good idea, and that people that do so are in some way mentally deficient. It then becomes an argument as to whether people who are mentally deficient should be protected by society against themselves. There is clearly a danger of infringing rights by extension though, for example smoking. But it can probably be gauged by public opinion whether people have a right to self harm or not. I think the overwhelming majo
  3. Clearly it is for both your good and the public good. What proportion of each is arguable. Unless you don't count having your brain smashed in as in your own good of course.
  4. I have seen a lot of stories in the daily rage about the tragedy of young people (under 40 and often with families) dying of covid. Suffice to say in nearly all of those cases the victim has appeared to be morbidly obese (in the mens case often described as "strong"). Obviously anyone dying, especially the young, is a tragedy, but there are clearly things you can do to help yourself.
  5. IMO it tends to be older people that are more self reliant and want independence from government. The problem is that they then behave in a way that isn't condusive to the public good. There is a halfway house between wanting to ignore everything the government says and obeying everything it says without question. It tends to be the younger ones with the sad faces in the daily rage saying "the government let my granny die".
  6. The other thing to note is that the government really is in a no win situation. If it had locked down before and after Xmas it would have been "Tories cancel Christmas and wreck the economy". They don't and well, we know where we are as a result of that, it's "Tory policies killing pensioners". Grown ups realise that it is more difficult to be constructive than destructive.
  7. No one has actually mentioned the more infectious strain, which is probably the root of where we are now. People are too quick to want to blame government action.
  8. It's a tough call. Either shop earlier when some cozombie might sneeze in your face, or shop later when all the products in the shop may be coated with the virus from the days punters. For me I tend to shop as late as possible because I judge the threat from contaminated shopping to be less than that from sneezing idiots and feral kids. Edit : I'm not sure why anyone would shop at peak hours and not just because of covid.
  9. The problem is that the age of the trial set (which I believe was average age around 50) was not consistent with the average age of the current vaccination set in the UK (which is probably mid 80s). Since your immune system becomes must less active as you age, this could explain the discrepancies. The problem for me is that my guess is lots of people who are vaccinated believe it is a binary issue and that once you have had the vaccine you are immune. I've heard some anecdotes from people who provide services who have said that there are much larger numbers of 80 year olds turning up
  10. Well it was killed pretty effectively in summer. Kind of interesting to know how much of that is due to lock down and how much due to the effects of summer (whatever they may be).
  11. The BBC was going on about trampolines the other day. But no buying up 100 of them and ruining MCC's easter
  12. Well at the time he did it, I doubt whether there were many people disagreeing with him, or at least not loudly enough to stop him. I doubt there were many goldbugs shouting from the rooftops in 2000. The stats speak for themselves. 20 years of non performance and he felt it could be put to better use. Him thinking this situation wouldn't change somehow in the future ? Hubris maybe. There is some theory that says that if something has been around for a long time then it has a higher probability of being around in the future (the pyramids of giza often used as an example). If you want to t
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