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  1. I know that, but there's a lot of talk about it these days and authoritarians must be resisted at all cost.
  2. Perhaps twice a year for the next 20 years? Good business for some.
  3. Other than colds and the odd bout of flu I don't think that ever happened. If I was really rough I'd stay in my office as much as possible and advise them to keep their distance.
  4. "Left at home"? Surely that's a matter of personal choice. Over the course my working life I've been pretty damn sick but always managed to drag myself into work.
  5. A thousand times no! You miss the point, the end does not justify the means. Which is why we have advance directives, to stop well meaning people (professional or family} from ignoring our wishes.
  6. Selfish (Gove), now manslaughter, what next? These sorts of statements just put peoples' backs up.
  7. Don't be silly, we were all forced to pay NI contributions! In my case, both employees and employers contributions came out of my pocket . Personally, I would have opted out of that and paid for private insurance had I been allowed to do so. Come to think of it I had private health insurance for most of my working life so paid twice and cost the NHS very little. Socialists banging on about society make me want to vomit.
  8. So we are in agreement that, for some, an extended nanny state with powers to make decisions on our medical treatment would be a fate worse than death?
  9. Hopefully we will have the option of a state supplied cyanide pill, should your nightmare scenario ever come to pass.
  10. So doctors orders should be just that, legally binding instructions that must be obeyed with no right to refuse any treatment?
  11. It was as though they were all enjoying a religious experience.
  12. Today there is a big change in attitude on the TV news channels. Suddenly the pressure is palpable, with presenters saying that there are still a lot of unvaccinated and asking their guests if the time to introduce compulsion is here.
  13. So now it's official.... Vaccine passport plan intended to coax young to have jabs, says Raab | Coronavirus | The Guardian
  14. Super salesman Jonathan Van-Tam on BBC News, Newsbeat, now, answering questions. Not sticking solely to the science to sell vaccinations to 18+ year olds, ie When struggling for a scientific answer he falls back on suggesting that the government is likely to impose restrictions on unvaccinated. Personally, I'd hesitate to buy a used car from him.
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