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  1. Package holiday doesn't help, we just need the test. We have somewhere to stay and just book the ferry. Tests seem to be upwards of £150 and we would need at least three each for a return trip, that's £900, good money spinner for someone, jobs for the boys . Edit: Actually, it's not quite that bad. I've done a bit more digging and PCR tests, suitable for France can be bought in UK, online and high street, for about £90 each, and antigen tests suitable for UK, can be bought in French Pharmacie for about £30. then there's the two tests you need to buy for use in UK, which I've found fo
  2. So how do we get these tests? The UK government list is hardly user friendly. List of providers: general testing - GOV.UK (publishing.service.gov.uk)
  3. My aim is not to control anything, I'm fed up to the back teeth with all the control freakery, I just want to get to France with the minimum of fuss.
  4. Sold after a week? Sold subject to contract is not sold. Houses around me have been alternating between for sale and SSTC for over a year.
  5. But I want to do my hugging in France and I need a test that is as rare as a unicorn, and as expensive as a prime ministerial bribe, to get there.
  6. On TV right now... suggestion of using daily lateral flow self testing to replace isolating.
  7. Any ideas how people could meet immigration test requirements quickly and easily?
  8. It could be sold for £50 a pop to people who want to cross borders. At the moment, we're almost at the point of borders being open but negative tests required at £200 a pop, if you can find out where to get them.
  9. Okay, so you couldn't engineer such a device. Maybe others could? The main difficulty I can see would be getting the test data to the chip, security is less difficult?
  10. But it would only be updated via USB, hence could not used for surveillance. How could a QR code be used to transmit the result of the test? Test date and time would be transmitted via chip.
  11. No, you missed the most important part of the specification, it is vital from a privacy point of view that they could only be read if connected mechanically to a USB port.
  12. I'm not sure what the obsession with PCR tests is but I suspect it's because the authorities don't trust folk to report a positive lateral flow test, rather than an accuracy thing, so they want a test that has to be confirmed and recorded in some sort of lab? So, could we have cheap as chips lateral flow tests with chips that phone home? Not sure about the best way of doing it but SIM and credit card chips are "cheap as" and could surely be developed to work with PCs and phones? I envisage something that needs be plugged into a personal device and as such could only phone home with indivi
  13. I don't know anyone who takes a blind bit of notice. As for me, when stuck at home in UK I probably average less than 14 units a month and that would be in one session when the kids visit. When in France, or Spain, it's 14 units or more a day.
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