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  1. Or, presumably, if there is any doubt, seek clarification from the people.
  2. Feed them and they keep coming back for more.
  3. By "they" I meant, Parliament, or the Machine if you like. Come to think of it the Tories could do it by making it quite clear to her that they will not work for, or with her.
  4. Someone who isn't her. I'm sure plenty of hopefuls will crawl out of the woodwork.
  5. Something needs to be done, she's the laughing stock of Europe. Maybe she's thick skinned enough to shrug it off but it's not good for our image abroad.
  6. Surely May can't be allowed to stay after such a crushing, humiliating, defeat.
  7. What on Earth is all the bell ringing and drum beating outside the HoC about? The morons have been at it all day. How to make friends and influence people.
  8. All the more reason for a 2nd referendum then because many on here, me included, thought they were voting for hard Brexet, but others argue that they were voting for May's deal. What a mess. Three way, clearly worded, referendum is necessary to confirm the will of the people.
  9. I was paying over 16% for a time when I had a mortgage. Every month the bank would send me a letter asking me to up my standing order, which I did. When they started to send letters asking me to reduce the standing order, I ignored them, so the mortgage was paid off rather quickly.
  10. Early evening I think, so 24 hours (ish) away.
  11. First things first. If the MPs vote for May's deal tomorrow it will be game over, so email your MP right now and ask him/her to vote against May's deal.
  12. Bruce Banner

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    Mine doesn't need batteries and probably costs less than £1 a year to run, if plugged in 24/7, so I'm not too bothered.

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