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  1. The UK faces a no-deal Brexit unless Boris Johnson keeps the promises he made when securing the withdrawal agreement, the EU’s chief negotiator has warned. Michel Barnier accused the prime minister of trying to back away from the written commitments in the political declaration signed with the European Commission. He declared there would be no trade deal unless the text he negotiated was complied with “to the letter” — and claimed Britain had more to lose from the failure of the talks. “The UK has been taking a step back — two steps back, three steps back — from the original commitments,” Mr Barnier said Mr Barnier said in an interview with The Times newspaper. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-trade-talks-no-deal-agreement-boris-johnson-barnier-eu-a9540721.html
  2. Fingers crossed for tonight 20:22 our time, weather 50:50 chance.
  3. The government noddy at today's No 10 briefing refused to answer questions about Cummings. He also refused to comment on public opinion, MP's email inboxes, and the 1,000,000+ signatures in the petition to sack Cummings. The scientist, however, in response to a question about Cummings, made it quite clear that in his opinion the rules apply to everyone. So, BJ's instructions are still being followed by his cronies, but the question was asked and every time they refuse to answer, the public anger increases. Roll on PMQs .
  4. He'll probably try but Starmer will have a plan to deal with that nonsense.
  5. Annoying sarcasm is also the tool used by his supporters on this forum. Take a look, they're all at it, one only a few posts up.
  6. Cummings' instructions to his troops is to use sarcasm and false laughter wherever possible.
  7. Latest news for those of us waiting to escape from this Brexit hell hole. From early June, France is opening her borders and scrapping the 100km travel limit and there will be no 14 day quarantine . Except for people arriving from countries that impose a 14 day quarantine on the French . We must be bloody awkward to make sure we get (hard) Brexit done .
  8. It always was. The cabinet was hand picked for that purpose, Covid is being used as a tool.
  9. "If it's good enough for Dom, it's good enough for me"..... Said a member of the public interviewed by a Sky News reporter doing a piece on social distancing.
  10. George Eustice was asked, on BBC News, whether he was happy with BJ refusing to accept any questions regarding Cummings in yesterday's briefing, he waffled for a minute or so but said nothing. If the government continues to ignore the Cummings issue, I know at least on person who will ignore any lock-down rules from the government and do what they think is best for them and their family.
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