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  1. As I said, had the referendum been won by one or two votes I may have been angry and resentful, but it wasn't, so I'm not. Although I would like to see us back in the EU as soon as possible. Now can we please stop the ad hominem comments and get back on topic!
  2. Lol, such anger. It's just a poll to see what the opinion on this forum is and so far it's firmly in favour of your opinion so you want it shut down while the going's good and stifle any further debate. Now can we please get back on topic and discuss the subject rather than the existence of the thread.
  3. I will, and had "leave" won by two votes it would really have grated, but they didn't, so it doesn't!
  4. As I said a few posts up, neither of us ultimately voted! https://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/238135-should-the-uk-seek-to-re-join-the-eu/&do=findComment&comment=1103686037
  5. I don't give a damn what you do or don't buy. She changed her mind, in the end she couldn't bring herself to vote leave. My wife and I have always wanted to be in the EU. I wonder how many thousands voted to leave in an attempt to get rid of Cameron, in the expectation that there was no chance of a leave vote prevailing? Yet another reason to have a vote to re-join.
  6. Not quite. Both my wife and I always wanted to remain in the EU, and although we didn't vote, had we done so we would probably have voted to leave, as a protest vote to get rid of Cameron, which shows the danger of tactical voting . Regardless of what we may have voted, had we done so (although neither of us ultimately did), and for whatever reason, both my wife and I always wanted to remain in the EU and would like to re-join at the earliest possible opportunity.
  7. Democracy is an ongoing process, not the result of one vote.
  8. Of course we understand money, but with age one becomes more risk averse. Losing a high proportion of our capital is not something that we have years to recoup. So for me, and many others in my age group, holding on to what we have is the name of the game. As for bargains, I hold lots of stock of things I will need, all bought at large discounts.
  9. We have an opposite opinion here because I would regard it as removal of essential checks and balances and another step in the direction of potential dictatorship.
  10. They tried that (prorogation) but the Supreme Court put a stop to it. I gather that BJ is now working on closing that path of contestation.
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