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  1. Cannes (France) (AFP) – A Japanese film-maker is shaking Cannes film audiences to the core with a dystopian vision of her country in which old people agree to be euthanised to solve the challenge of a rapidly ageing population. "Plan 75" by Japanese director and writer Chie Hayakawa is based on a very real problem. Japan is the most rapidly-ageing industrial society, a trend that is causing huge economic and political problems as a dwindling number of younger people must support a growing army of the old. Close to 30 percent of Japan's population is over 65, the majority women, and that rate is expected to continue rising in coming decades. In the movie, anybody over 75 is encouraged to sign up for a deal with the government by which they receive a sum of money in return for agreeing to be euthanised. A collective funeral is thrown in for free. Slick ad campaigns and calls from people with soothing voices are part of the effort to get people to sign up. Handsome advisors list the small pleasures candidates could afford with the money. "You'll be able to go to the restaurant," says one. "On the face of it, the government's Plan 75 is full of goodwill and friendliness and pragmatism, but in truth it is both very cruel and shameful," Hayakawa told AFP in an interview. ------------------ Funny thing with Japan is that they're very strict on immigration. You won't find many "asylum seekers" there unlike here (comparable island nation). I wonder if they will have to import more immigrants to keep their social security Ponzi going?
  2. It's an observation that's all and he's in public office so fair game!
  3. £730m. I'm sure our Chancellor can identify with the average person 🤣🤣 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10836285/Rich-List-2022-Who-wealthiest-people-UK.html
  4. He mentions gold once but his main point is on the US economy and whether Jerome Powell has the balls for the task .
  5. Paul Volcker who Schiff references towards the end of the clip was chairman of the Federal Reserve in the 80's and brought in 15-20% interest rates to stamp out inflation. He was considered one of the greatest ever Americans .
  6. Interesting choice for Bailey and co. here: Do they "stimulate" the economy and risk runaway inflation or do they raise rates to fight it and cause a massive recession? The chickens are coming home to roost. @zugzwang Personally think they're that stupid they will go down the hyper-inflation route.
  7. As I pointed out the current leaders are hopeless so a yet unknown is going to have to come forward and sort this out we've got years of this sadly because of the clueless or dishonest crooks in charge
  8. Welcome to my world and @Locke @Social Justice League @TheCountOfNowhereetc. We have been saying for years what's gong to happen. it's like watching a car crash in slow motion. And it's only going to get worse and peoples frustration will become more palpable. We have idiots in charge & they have decided they want this inflation ,well they're going to get it.
  9. .Bravo!!! He is saying what some of us have been saying for years hopefully the bank loses its so called independence
  10. It's not happy days if it gets worse we all have to eat and live so unless you want to live in a Banana Republic it's not going to be a happy day at all I think we are heading this way anyway
  11. I don't see this happening for a few years they're going to be propped up for as long as possible besides we're heading for hyperinflation so what does that mean for house prices will anyone's wages be able to keep up?
  12. But how do we measure the HPC? if I'm right inflation will just get out of control and a two bed terrace will cost £3 million+ We will see some strange stuff going on with regards to prices stuff we have never seen before in our lifetimes. We’re heading for Zimbabwe Venezuela. Cuba, Argentina etc. as a basket case with idiots in charge who are increasingly doubling down on their idiocy. Someone will have to come forward and have the balls to jack interest rates up to 15 to 20% and then we might see something interesting. None of the current leaders will do it so even if you throw the Tories out you still have the problem of Starmer
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