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  1. I dont think he has been so bold in calling a crash within a year. He gets his clients out of the US dollar and into foreign dominated and mostly dividend paying stocks around the world and in other currencies. He is and always has bet on a declining dollar and a currency crisis. He does not change his views on this he just think it's a matter of time and positions his clients respectively. You can either buy into the strategy or not. He has many clients he has helped to diversify. One day, maybe in 15-20 years who knows he and clients could be sitting pretty on some large gainz. He says "i'm the economic tortoise".
  2. No. I've not looked into it much and as a smoker they will charge me a fortune probably Private health insurance should be tax deductible for everyone either in full time work or self employed. It would take a huge burden off the NHS . Another stupid policy from Blair/Brown that we still feel the effects of ! @zugzwang
  3. All the more reason to allow those under say <30 to take private insurance and deduct it from their taxes as used to be able to until Blair/Brown removed it. Same for Self employed.
  4. Anyone working should have private insurance for BUPA or whatever. How much does private health insurance cost? The average yearly premium on private health insurance is around £1,500. This works out at about £125 a month, but lots of people pay much less. The amount you pay depends on your insurer, what's covered on your policy and your own circumstances and current state of health. The NHS is really a massive organization and expensive to run. I think we need more BUPA and less NHS. *Note As a smoker I'd probably be fooked but there you go.
  5. He came within 50,000 votes of getting elected When you say "you had the chance" you're probably addressing many of his voters. I don't vote and never intend to so never had that opportunity.
  6. There is no good reason why the state should be involved in broadcasting ! Privatise it along with the BBC , it's about time . Sell, sell, sell! BTW, i like Channel 4 news and that's about it. I hope if they get sold they keep the news programme going. I think they do some good reporting although I believe it is ITN.
  7. US centric but he makes some interesting points about GDP, fake growth, etc. as he drill downs the latest numbers.
  8. Spent Xmas day in there one time in Brum (many years ago). The manager gave me free whisky. They're good eggs IMO
  9. House of Representatives just adjourned for August recess (6 weeks). No extension of their eviction moratorium. Could lead to a lot of homelessness.
  10. At least we''re not eating out of rubbish bins, eh?
  11. And as you know very well we have crony ,corporatist capitalism. You can still just about make it here and in the US with an idea and access to capital markets (entrepreneur ) though its' getting harder I agree. And both the US/UK have progressive income taxes which seize parts of your labour and also Central banks which is another plank of the Communist manifesto. SO yes, there are elements of socialism/communism which serves the elites in a crony corporatist system. The model they crave is the Chinese Communist system hence its praise by crony capitalists like Charles Munger
  12. Always an excuse.... the root cause is socialism or communism. They all have that in common and as Mises says it destroys everything until citizens are eating out of rubbish bins (literally... as in North Korea another command economy) Wake up
  13. thank you for clarifying,... I'm not an expert but think their wont be much there by the time i get that old!
  14. You still haven't explained why Cubans are waving US flags and demanding an end to socialism on the island or the looting in South Africa or when Chavez destroyed Venezuela with socialism, or Mugabe with Zimbabwe. Great system
  15. @scottbeard(who works in the industry) doesn't think they will raise the retirement age much more though I suspect it'll be 90 odd sooner or later. The alternative is just to make meagre increases and erode it over time so by the time we retire it;ll be akin to 60 quid a week like JSA .i.e a pittance. Best save, save save and not rely on these scumbag politicians who are robbing our future with their big spending and borrowing.
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