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  1. The problem is unlike Germany WE CAN'T AFFORD IT. He has also "cancelled" next years budget. We're officially a banana Republic heading the same way as countries like Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, etc. TORY MPS : WAKE UP
  2. This gov't kicks the can down the road so don't expect them to take the tough medicine now .
  3. A quick search on nurses: Many nurses are opting to leave the NHS and move to a foreign country in pursuit of better pay and conditions. About 5,500 choose to emigrate last year and this the largest amount within the past ten years.
  4. I'd be interested to see the stats unfortunately their not easy to find..
  5. So why do many leave for US/Australia, etc? They get better pay and conditions there. I've seen it on the telly
  6. I'm really at a loss to explain it. The Tory MPs are revolting against any further lockdown so that's good news. I think Boris and those advising him are utterly foolish!
  7. For that you can buy tubs of ice cream in the supermarket. What a rip off. I hope you enjoyed your break anyway.
  8. Brady is going to force a vote next week on the emergency powers used by Boris to impose restrictions; --- Brady told the Sunday Telegraph: “In March, parliament gave the government sweeping emergency powers at a time when parliament was about to go into recess and there was realistic concern that NHS care capacity might be overwhelmed by Covid-19. “We now know that the NHS coped well with the challenge of the virus and parliament has been sitting largely since April. There is now no justification for ministers ruling by emergency powers without reference to normal democratic pr
  9. Exactly. But they say this could change in a month or two with "exponential" growth. We will see. There is a lot of hysteria. I hate the media.
  10. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich held secret investments in footballers not owned by his club, while they played in matches in 2014 against his side, an investigation has discovered https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54229269 @Si1called this one!
  11. The tory backbenchers dont want another lockdown they have made it clear i think.
  12. Sir Graham is sticking up for us and @Peter Hunhates it . No more lockdowns!
  13. 'infected' does not mean fatal. Most people getting it are asymptomatic and fine after 10 days of isolation.
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