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  1. Also most depositors were insured up to 15k I think? Not many have over 15k in their current account. Anyway,, wipe out should have occurred. This is a good thing to happen, Capitalism rewards good behaviour and smaller banks would have stepped in (YES, THERE ARE SOME!). The current system of bailouts and moral hazard is NOT capitalism or FREE MARKET yet @zugzwangand some economists continues to peddle this lie They give capitalism a bad name!
  2. Barclays REFUSED BAILOUT FUNDS. There were some banks that could have stepped in and took the custom. If depositors are wiped out that is HARDL UCK. just like the good old days in the 1800's where banks who overextended went bust all the time and the economy was not affected. Indeed around this time became the biggest revolution ever (pre-1913) all without bailouts and central banks (in US) . Ask yourself how this was possible ? @zugzwang
  3. Absolutely ridiculous. In previous generations i.e the 1700's, 1800;s etc. banks went bust all the time and were not bailed out by governments or central banks. Those that got involved in bubbles or overextended went BUST and people lost their deposits. People soon did their homework on where to park their savings. Effectively, depositors in the TRUE free market rewarded good banks. You need to read some history on panics and banking crisis's pre 1913.
  4. Some would not have gone bust - the GOOD banks. Pure capitalism rewards GOOD Behaviour. The GOOD banks would have stepped in and taken all the custom .
  5. What gets my goat is the like of @zugzwangspreading malicious lies that the current "system" is "free market capitalism" when it is NOT> .. It is corporatism or government cronyism. Bailouts are not free market and to suggest they are gives capitalism a bad name. As I said, a pure form of capitalism would have let Natwest go under and uninsured deposits lost. Hard luck,.
  6. Of course ... the banksters have both sides bought off. Wonderful isn't it /
  7. The taxpayers' stake in NatWest has been reduced after the chancellor authorised the first sale to private investors since 2018. Sky News reported on Monday how UK Government Investments (UKGI), the state-owned company that controls the shares bought following the bank's 2008 financial crisis bailout, was preparing to offload 5% of the stock. The sale raised £1.1bn and took the government's holding in NatWest - formerly known as Royal Bank of Scotland Group - to just below 55%. The shares were priced at 190p each and were sold 4% below Monday's closing price of 197p. It cry
  8. Furlough hasn't ended yet. We're still in "stasis". Wait until it ends if it ever does,
  9. Wait 6 months after its ended. They have extended it until Sept and kicked the can like I said. Once the can cannot be kicked further then we'll see some action!
  10. Was Enoch Powell wrong when he opposed immigration in the 70's ? I watched a video of him recently on youtube opposing immigration from the Commonwealth and this was a drop in the ocean compared to what we've had in the last 20 years. He said it would eventually cause tensions in communities, depressed wages and insecurity etc. I'm against all immigration I think we're well and truly full up.
  11. Higher Prices Leave Consumers Feeling the Pinch https://www.wsj.com/articles/consumers-adjust-to-higher-prices-11620552601 (Paywalled)
  12. ... and soon the UK? Prices are rising everywhere you look https://edition.cnn.com/2021/05/09/investing/stocks-week-ahead/index.html About time with all the money printing. The tsunami is coming and people will feel the squeeze.
  13. Ironically Guardian Media Group used a tax-exempt shell company in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying corporation tax when it sold its 50 per cent holding in Auto Trader to Apax Partners in 2008 Did you know this?:)
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