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  1. Looks like May broke down during her farewell speech. Tears of a clown. New clown incoming shortly.
  2. IMO, May was worse than Major, Blair and Brown. She had zero leadership skills and no charisma of any kind. She also failed to listen to anybody and that was her downfall imo. I agree though, if we get Boris or Andrea, it could get much worse....lol.
  3. May will always be remembered as probably the worst PM the UK has ever seen. What I want to know is why it has taken this long to get rid of her. She should have walked in January after the first vote.
  4. lol at May. Pulling her "bold" deal, yet won't resign. ??? For today only though. The talk is she will resign tomorrow.
  5. Aparently Friday is the day when May will be walking. She really is a bit demented imo. What makes someone behave like this? Crazy days..................Next up, the Boris show.
  6. It's just an example of how much is spent over a working life by most people. Even if someone saved/invested half of that figure, with compound it would still be a decent amount after 40 years or however long a timescale the person wants.
  7. People should try consuming less over their working lives. Leasing cars at £300 per month for 40 years = £144,000 Mobile phone contracts at £50 per month over 40 years = £24,000 Sky TV bundles at £30 per month over 40 years = £13,200 So this small example has netted us - £181,200 over 40 years (Compound that and it's a lot more than £181,200)
  8. Constant consuming isn't what we need, but it's the only answer capitalism has.
  9. 100% agree. The current capitalist system is the problem. Demanding continual growth and consumption is a broken model and tbh, it was broken 30 years ago. What we are seeing today is a few desperate specimens (bankers/elites) trying to keep the wheels on, when the reality is that the system needs to be laid to rest. Ask Emma Thompson about "saving the planet". She flew from LA to take part in the London rally after all........lol. "You couldn't make it up" comes to mind.
  10. What we will end up with is a citizens income for all. Productive jobs are disappearing and will continue to disappear. Paying the citizens not to work is the answer. They can still consume, which is all our bent system cares about. To hell with the planet and our natural resources.
  11. IMO, there won't be any kind of Brexit. It will be a "Peoples Vote" and the people will now vote to stay in. Let's see if I'm right. Roll on Halloween.
  12. And let's all forget about "democracy". We have no democracy in the west. All we do is vote in different puppets who do the bidding of the bent financial system, big business and the financial elite. Hilarious that anyone would suggest that canceling Brexit is "against democracy". What democracy?
  13. I've said this for months. There isn't going to be any kind of Brexit. It will be an extension and a peoples vote. The people will then vote the right answer and everyones a winner.
  14. If everyone is honest with themselves, practically no one in the house actually wants a Brexit of any kind. Mogg and Borris are in the total minority. May's a fooking remainer too. And as for democracy, we have never had democracy. All we have is a chance to vote in a different set of puppets who do the bidding of the bent financial system and the entitled elite. So we can all forget any arguments about "going against democracy" if Brexit is kicked into touch.
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