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  1. Picked up a 2010 Suzuki SX4 in May as a second family runaround. Paid £2k in cash for it. Great wee car.
  2. IR's will be rising imo. Take your poison. IR's at 6%+ or rampant inflation where serfs can't afford to eat or pay bills.
  3. Banks creating worthless fiat out of thin air to loan to dumb cannon fodder is running out of steam it seams.
  4. It's not desirable but it's a way of leveling the playing field. IR's should be at least 6% today but the elite don't want that poison it seems. The only other way out is rampant inflation that buries just about everyone. Bent capitalism and worthless fiat rule.
  5. Yes I eat. My point is that hyperinflation affects everyone whether they have assets, debt or savings.
  6. It will also hammer anyone who need to eat and heat their homes etc. £10 loafs of bread on the credit cards until they can't borrow another penny.
  7. I'd rather see hyper inflation actually. Either way, most over indebted are going to go to the wall. Unless everyone gets a furlough type bailout..........for the rest of our lives.
  8. Eventually most working people will just run out of money. IR's need to rise but most mortgage holders could'nt pay their loans if we see even a modest rise to 2% or whatever. A way out would be to introduce a citizens income for all, which would help keep the show on the road.
  9. If house prices only ever go up, then in the future every property will be worth millions of pounds. I guess the 99% will be buying tents.
  10. How does free market capitalism work when we have a few private companies who can create fiat out of thin air, meanwhile the 99% must spend their lives chasing this same created out of thin air fiat. A fooling sham is what we live, every day.
  11. Cummings on now laying into Boris again. These are strange days but this is pure gold entertainment. How bizarre this government has become.
  12. I'm now coming to the conclusion that another lock down is coming and the furlough will continue under a new name. UBI. They will print the worthless fiat and now hand it out to the general public it seems. Can anyone hazard a guess at how climate change, ubi and powerful billionaires are linked?
  13. The whole thing is a total joke. Was watching the GP at Silverstone this afternoon and we had 120k people with no masks and no social distancing. Then I caught the end of the Open in Sandwich and it was the same scene. Meanwhile the idiotic cabinet are going on about bloody pings and self isolating. Countries gone nuts.
  14. Yeah if it wasn't for Brexit and the current government, I would be desperate for a win, but I know Johnson and Co will claim the win for themselves. Rat b4st4rds that they are.
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