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  1. Yeah I agree with you not all companies that will go bust are/were zombie companies, but if the demand is now not there, then they may be flogging a dead horse by trying to keep afloat with bailouts.
  2. tbh, there's no point in keeping non jobs and zombie companies alive. The money would be better spent setting up a 'Universal Basic Income' scheme for all, imo.
  3. The Tories don't have the money for any of this. It looks fecking desperate to everyone. A grand to keep people in non jobs. £10 off McDonalds meals and VAT cuts on food, bringing in even less money. Edit - and how could I forget the stamp duty holiday......lol. Crazy days.
  4. "Eat Out To Help Out"........lol £10 off meals on August......................really desperate times if this is what's needed.
  5. The system is set up to keep the financially feckless solvent so that they can pay interest their whole lives. I always laugh when I here official talk about people "not getting into debt" and to be "financially literate". That's the last thing on earth our current financial system wants.
  6. Most working age people don't own anything anymore. House are all mortgaged and cars are all rented on PCP deals. Everything else is bought with the credit card.
  7. 100% agree. The system is broken when millions of people who are likely to lose their source of income are encouraged to spend and borrow more money. Total nonsense.
  8. The Tories are going to start charging NHS staff to park again. That will make a huge dent in the furlough bill..............lol
  9. Say goodbye to the shitty post WW2 experiment.........lol.........I laugh all day at the world since 1945...................lol
  10. Housing market = Over Middle class non jobs = Over Working class non jobs = Over Zombie businesses = Over Tory Party = Over Most just don't know it yet.
  11. Consumer capitalism is finished. House prices are the side show that keeps on giving.
  12. I would love to see the 1% destroy planet earth. It will be 'Rocket Price Inflation' for those ugly c*nts soon. Who can get to Mars first, only to realise that there is no fookin air on Mars. Musk can give the c*nts canisters when they arrive with 30 minutes worth of o2. After that their eyes will be poping out of their fecking heads and it will be................death. It's a sad story...........
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