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  1. Private cars are going to be laughed at by future generations. I've come to the realisation that even paying current taxi prices is still cheaper than running a depreciating asset over the course of a year. I still see huge amounts of people driving crap cars and all they are doing is burning money. Car's are cash pit hell holes that once you get out of the game, you realise how much they actually cost to run per year. Totally ridiculous and most people might as well just burn money on their BBQ, than run a diesel pisher. Fook the car industry and the dealer filth who pedal PCP ri
  2. I didn't vote yesterday. The first time since May 1997 when I first voted for Blair.................................I was 21 back then. I feel bad about not using my vote, but this is the first time that there was no one that I could lie about/convince myself that I could vote for. The UK is dead imo. A hollowed out shell of a once great country currently ran by c**ts that most of the working class think have their backs..........................oh dear...................
  3. Your probably right and I can see the furlough scheme getting extended again. The Tories might as well go all the way and announce UBI. That would be an easy election winner if times get tought for them towards 2024. The furlough is pure socialism (dressed up in a blue Tory suit) that makes Jeremy Corbyn look like Gordon Gekko.
  4. This tells us all we need to know about the average voter. Not too bright.
  5. They didn't want a remainer pissing on their chips, so voted Tory. These b4stards would sacrifice their children to prove the point that Brexit was the right move. This is what thick, poor people do.
  6. The current government is more socialist that Labour, I agree. The furlough scheme tells us that. People sitting doing nothing for 18 months and getting paid thousands of pounds thanks to the taxpayer. Hilarious.
  7. Hartlepool is full of thick Brexiteers so it's no surprise that they voted for Mr. 'Get Brext Done' Johnson before a Labour remainer. Nothing else maters to these people apart from Brexit.
  8. Yeah agree, the Tories have been in power now since May 2010 and the country is a disaster. The Brexit ref was all their fookup too with David Cameron so sure he would win..............that he lost and had to resign.......lol. A right shower of idiots. Labour are just as bad with useless leaders galore.
  9. After the second world war, America needed to show the world that capitlism was the system to follow, so capitalism was made very attractive and the ordinary person was given opportunities that the previous generation could only dream of. Since 1989 the evil communist threat was crushed in Europe, so it's no surprise that since then, capitaism has reverted back to it's original form. 99% serf, 1% elite. Very easy to see what happend from 1945 till 1989. A blip that allowed peasants from council estates the opportunity to see how great capitalism was, so that they didn't want to joi
  10. Agree the average house price would hit nearly £500k if prices double again by 2035. Just another bubble that has been allowed to get out of control by the Tories. When is bursts it'll take millions of serfs to the poor house with it.
  11. IR's should be at least 10% in 2021. Bankrupt time for debt slaves everywhere, but Sunak can come to the rescue and pay everyones mortgage for the next 40 years. It's only printed money.
  12. I can see rates going back to 10% once hyperinflation from all the fecking printing kicks in.
  13. Yeah true, but they need to leave London and will never afford to return. TBH this looks like an attractive option for many at the moment though. £120k doesn't buy a country lifestyle though, in general. They should move to France or Spain imo.
  14. Yeah agree. I was thinking more of millions of defaulted mortgages. Sunak would rather pay peoples mortgages direct than see a house price crash/another banking system meltdown due to liar loans being exposed. We're nursing a dead financial system and western governments are desperate to keep the life support machine switched on, when the reality is that the patient died in 2008.
  15. They only double their money if they sell and live in a tent. Same old nonsense about how property makes you rich. It would work fine if everyone didn't need shelter and could sell their house without buying/renting another. A static caravan/park home is my end game answer tbh.
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