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  1. I thought the deadly COVID was the most important priority at the moment. HPI is a close second first in the UK though.
  2. It's over yet most people are still obsessing about house prices, new cars, holidays and lunching with fake friends. 2021 will knock that out of them.
  3. With regards to living standards, the last 75 years have been a blip in human history. The Boomer generation think the way they live/have lived their lives is the historical norm........which of course it isn't. Too many resources have been used up since WWII and now the games up, just as the boomer generation are checking out. All good fun until the music stops..............that would be about now.
  4. It's Agenda 21 in action. The powers that be are determined to stop us consuming to "save the planet" and tbh, that's not all bad. I laugh every day at some of the TV adverts still lusting after the good old days. These companies should really just do the decent thing and go bust. Who we really need to watch is the Chinese as they want to be the main world power. Now, lets see inside that Wuhan lab near the wet market..................
  5. Most new cars are utter rubbish because they don't need to last anymore time than the PCP contract. I really hate this new consumer world of always paying for something until you die. Fook 'Em and their cheap tat.
  6. WHO is in China to find out where this deadly virus came from. They should make a beeline for the lab that it was released from imo.
  7. I can see lockdowns going on forever as humans usually can't beat nature. We haven't had lockdowns for Flu/Virus outbreaks in human history. Why would the world shut down everyone and everything this time unless is was Agenda 21 at work driven by those fooking cents who meet in Davos each year? These deadly virus lockdowns have set a precedent that lockdowns are easy to pull off, if needed.
  8. lol she wouldn't be saying that if the homeless started robbing to "save for a deposit".
  9. Incoming new Brazilian strain of COVID, yet the UK isn't testing any flights arriving from Brazil and the airports are still open for business..................... Victoria Atkins this morning said that it was a "Delecate balancing act between contolling the virus and not putting too much burden on the economy and travel measures"........lol It wasn't about the economy when they locked down for a third time, but Brazilians with coughs and fevers are welcome here anytime. It's truely amazing that they still haven't closed the airports. Tory idiots, so I guess the UK will be in
  10. Totally agree. Making products easily fixable isn't what manufacturers want, as they want to sell you the same thing again and again until you kick the bucket. (consumerism in action) Best not to play their game and refuse to buy their cheap rubbish.
  11. I think crass stupidity is spending that amount of money on something that doesn't affect 99% of the population. Cancer kills many more people per year then bloody COVID-19 ffs. Pure hysterical nonsense. If the fooking NHS had been funded correctly over the past 20 years or more, then they would be able to cope today. As usual is all back to front thinking.
  12. We should be spending £500+ billion on Cancer Research, Alzheimer's Research and other worthwhile causes like the NHS for example, rather than fighting a 'deadly' virus that affects a few fat people and a few old people. (a few in relation to 65 million individuals) It's a nonsense.
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