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  1. With a bit of luck, Inflation will lay waste to just about everyone. The only way to stop idiots from borrowing worthless fiat to use up the world's resources is to make them massively 'poorer'. Deadbeats all need debtors jail.
  2. Ffs can the moderate tories not organise themselves to get rid of this bunch of degenerates? Getting critical now as the months roll on with disaster after disaster damaging the image of the Tory party. 2024 isn't that far off.
  3. Lol at this fecking country. Rent off the bank but you're responsible for all the repairs and upgrades to the property. The desperation is sickening as every man and his dog can see that the wheels have flown off and are a mile down the hill at this point.
  4. Inflation is running at 20% + in the UK already imo. 6 cans of Beans were £3.50 recently......now £4.99. That's around 40% of an increase ffs.
  5. Apilogies, my comment was in poor taste. What I meant was that Bailey is an elephant man who should not be in charge of the BOE.
  6. Pure comedy.......lol Ugly looking middle aged men should never be allowed to run........anything.......and they know it.
  7. Scotland goes independent, NI joins Southern Ireland and the South East of England becomes a separate state. Just leaves the north/midlands of England as 'Great Brexit'.
  8. Borrowing worthless fiat pumped the market and not borrowing worthless fiat will bury the market, as 99% of the population can't afford to 'buy' a house without begging a bent bank for printy.
  9. The UK ponzi property market is an embarrassment and has at least 70% to drop.
  10. What most don't understand is that a debt based financial system will never make the 99% 'rich', as they are the fodder who are needed to borrow worthless fiat from bent banks, repaying it with 40 years of productive work. The best was to 'not be poor anymore' it to refuse to borrow fiat from a corrupt 'banking system'.
  11. The longer BJ sucks the life out of the Tory party the better for Labour. BJ is doing Starmers work for him every single day he stays in number 10. I'm not a Tory voter, but the majority of the centre party are worth 10 of BJ and the current cabinet.
  12. Fiat is always a road to hell because idiot governments can't stop printing, once they get started. The whole system is a fecking disgrace, but cannon fodder still queue up to sign away their future at the banks door and this shows us all how easy it is to manipulate most of the population. This forum (HPC) is the last outpost, standing against the tide of sh1t drowning the 99%. God bless you all.
  13. Everyone now knows that Brexit has been a massive steaming turd. Time for the UK to re-join the common market imo.
  14. lol it's panic now alright. IR's need to be at least 5% this year imo.
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