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  1. It was expected and just a matter of time until the vocal Brexiters find fault with the deal, because it's not what they wanted, and call it not the right Brexit.
  2. Trump pledges 'very big trade deal' to UK's Johnson. Another promise that was waste of time. UK and US fail to do mini-trade deal as Trump exits The UK and US have failed to do a much hoped for "mini-deal" over trade in the last days of the Trump administration. There were hopes the US would lift tariffs on imports of Scotch whisky and cashmere imposed last year as part of the Boeing-Airbus trade dispute. The US was also looking for tariffs on its exports of bourbon to the UK - part of a separate trade dispute over steel - to be settled. But the BBC understands that a
  3. Two National Guard members pulled from inauguration duty Two National Guardsmen have been removed from the security mission to secure tomorrow's inauguration ceremony amid enhanced screening measures by the Defense Department. The duo held ties to fringe militia groups, according to the Associated Press. BBC
  4. Boris Johnson says Labour activists using Universal Credit vote to incite hatred Boris Johnson has compared Labour activists to the Capitol Hill protesters, as he said the Universal Credit vote will incite "the worst kind of hatred and bullying". When Tory MPs voted on free school meals in October last year they were subjected to a torrent of abuse. Multiple MPs including Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, were banned from their local pubs after landlords were angered by the vote. Yahoo
  5. Never say Nevers, but this record will be hard to beat Trump Could Exit With Worst Approval Rating Of Any Modern President CNN polling released Sunday morning found 34% of respondents approve of Trump’s performance, one point below his previous low in the network’s surveys. A poll released Friday by the Pew Research Center offered a harsher review of Trump with just 29% of respondents saying they approve of his presidency. Trump could become the lowest-rated of a
  6. Fishing firms hold London protest Fishing businesses hit by post-Brexit export problems have demonstrated outside various government departments in Westminster. Having left the European Customs Union, UK exports are subject to new customs and veterinary checks which have caused problems at the border. Extra paperwork has made it difficult to deliver fresh produce to mainland Europe before it goes off. Boris Johnson last week told a committee of MPs that fishing firms impacted by disruption would be compensated for "temporary frustrations". BBC
  7. Meanwhile, the reality hits hard UK fishing industry faces £1m daily losses after Brexit The Scottish fishing industry is counting the “crippling” costs of new bureaucratic requirements to export their catch to the EU. The sector is losing £1m a day due to delays processing new paperwork for export, and reports of shellfish rotting in ports. Unsold fish are rotting on docks, seafood companies are hitting the wall, but Jaco
  8. A new Covid strain from Brazil may prove resistant to current vaccines. Yahoo
  9. You don't look like one, more like Tea party dogmatist.
  10. I've almost forgotten. When will Trump go on trial in the Senate?
  11. I have no idea what are you talking about. Who is we?
  12. You went too far left with your comment, weren't you?
  13. Who is going to clean up the trash left behind by Trump/the magician?
  14. I asked you first, I just want to know where are you getting your wisdom from?
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