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  1. EU Commission to end AstraZeneca vaccine contract at expiry “The European Commission, in agreement with the leaders of many (EU) countries, has decided that the contracts with the companies that produce (viral vector) vaccines that are valid for the current year will not be renewed at their expiry,” the newspaper reported. It added that Brussels would rather focus on COVID-19 vaccines using messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, such as Pfizer’s and Moderna’s. “We need to focus on technologies that have proven their worth. mRNA vaccines are a clear case in point.” Reuters
  2. EU negotiator Barnier spills Brexit secrets in new book Mr Barnier watched his opposite numbers come and go. When Mr Barnier asks Mr Farage what he wants from Brexit, and he replies: "Mr Barnier, after Brexit, the EU will no longer exist." He's wary of underestimating new Prime Minister Boris Johnson despite all the comic bluff and bluster. In September 2019, he perceives him to be "advancing like a bulldozer" - determined to flatten opposition. As just three months later he jumped into a JCB and careered through a fake brick ball, vowing to "Get Brexit Done." BBC
  3. Vaccine minister should resign for suppression of AZ side effects and continue to use it in risk group.
  4. Be careful what you wish for: How Brexit is crushing UK pensioners' dreams of retiring abroad Five years ago, Joe voted for his home country, Britain, to leave the European Union. Since Joe retired at 65, he and his wife have been traveling to Spain every year, in both summer and winter, to stay at a caravan site in Benidorm, a popular holiday destination on the eastern coast of the country. But since Brexit formally took place, things have changed for UK travelers. More than anything, he regrets not having been informed of the consequences Brexit would have on his life choices.
  5. I think the order isn't limited to a particular strain, and the UK will get what was ordered, first generation vaccines. And what do you mean by boosters? I would make sense, if revaccination will be done by second generation updated vaccine for new mutations.
  6. How can you easily change AZ vaccine for different variants? Last time Boris tries to achieving herd immunity, it didn't go very well.
  7. How can you explain so unbelievably low UK's numbers? The UK numbers doesn't add up, aren't they?
  8. Once again, you are incorrect. That figure exceeded 422,000 between 2016 and 2020. Some 46,400 and 63,500 Irish passports were issued to residents of Britain respectively in 2015 and 2016. This rose to more than 120,000 in 2019 alone. In total, between 2017 and 2020, some 358,900 Irish passports were issued to British residents, the official figures suggest.
  9. More than 420,000 Irish passports issued in Britain since Brexit vote The number of Irish passports issued in Britain surged following the Brexit vote. The number of passports issued to applicants resident in Great Britain – suggested that figure exceeded 422,000 between 2016 and 2020. Neale Richmond said: “The harsh impacts of Brexit and the attack on the rights of so many UK citizens has clearly motivated many to realise their Irish citizenship rights.” This accounted for nearly 12 per cent of all Irish passports issued within those four years. Independent
  10. There is rising discontent among Unionist pro-British groups in Northern Ireland over arrangements linked to Brexit. Security forces say several dozen men in Belfast mounted an ‘orchestrated attack on police’ in second night of disorder. Unionist protesters threw 30 petrol bombs at officers and torched cars during a night of “disorder” on Saturday in Newtownabbey, a suburb of northern Belfast. Three cars were also hijacked and set on fire. In March, Northern Irish loyalist paramilitary groups told British Prime Minister Boris Johnson they are temporarily withdrawing support for the 1
  11. What are your opinion based on? Can you provide link to support what you are stating is true?
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