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  1. British farmers will be decimated. While recovering from the Corona crisis they will have to deal with cheaper low standards US food on top of that they will be hit by Boris Brexit tariffs.
  2. What do you mean by herd immunity? I'm still not convinced the herd immunity works in this ongoing bearings.
  3. You're having a laugh right now, aren't you? I thought the EU citizens were the core problem of the Brexit.
  4. No deal was never an option, not even now when Brexit is done and dusted. It's easier to say than done. No deal is just undeliverable catchphrase.
  5. Compromise? What do you mean? You are in favour of no deal and not a compromise, aren't you?
  6. UK can't afford No deal now, after Brexit. US is not going to help with mega-deal. I think No deal is not an option, the UK need a deal with the EU and the clock is ticking.
  7. Come on Dominic, you can do it! I'm loving him, don't stop him now I'm having such a good time ...
  8. I think his days are numbered and many Tories now realised how damaging this backstabbing of public trust is for the Conservative party.
  9. The pressure is building up and Dominic Cummings' time is running out. I hope he will be gone by the end of the day.
  10. You could be right, in two weeks time Dominic Cummings will be long gone.
  11. I take your point but that isn’t the way I see it. Instead, I think that he will be gone.
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