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  1. Yes, not many knows Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czechia .... But everyone around the world knows the European Union.
  2. This has been negotiated and agreed upon. Now the compromise needs to be put into effect. No more ifs, no more buts about it
  3. Blah, blah, blah .... Brexit means Brexit! Accept it and move on.
  4. Brexit has been negotiated, sign, delivered and now needs to be implemented. What particularly you don't like about the Brexit?
  5. North-east businesses say they are still facing massive price hikes and huge delays as a result of Brexit red tape. Issues include mounting paperwork, items taking weeks to clear customs and the cost of transport “three or four times” more expensive than before Brexit – if haulage firms are willing to carry goods across borders at all.
  6. Why would anyone trust Brexit Britain again? Just seven months after singing its praises, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is attempting to rewrite the Brexit deal he signed with the European Union. EU officials have already rejected the UK call for a renegotiation, which trade experts say amounts to a brazen attempt to press the European Union to agree to demands that it already rejected during several rounds of talks. Other countries watching the drama unfold will proceed with caution when it comes to dealing with the United Kingdom. It's a risky move that will undermine Britain's credibility as a trustworthy trading partner at the very moment that the UK government is seeking to forge economic alliances far beyond Europe to justify its "global Britain" sales pitch for Brexit. According to L. Alan Winters "It certainly does raise questions about the trustworthiness of this government," It could, weaken its negotiating position. Potential partners, such as New Zealand and other Pacific nations, may just insist on more robust ways to settle disputes in case the United Kingdom tried to backtrack on a deal. CNN
  7. Taoiseach Micheal Martin has called on the UK Government to “reciprocate the generosity of spirit” shown by EU leaders on the Northern Ireland Protocol.
  8. EU will not renegotiate NI Protocol, Ursula von der Leyen says Ursula von der Leyen is refusing Boris Johnson’s plea for the EU to renegotiate the post-Brexit agreement on Northern Ireland when he rang her urging her to reconsider. Following their conversation, a No 10 spokesperson said the PM explained to Ms Von der Leyen that the Protocol was “operationally unsustainable” and insisted she engage with solutions put forward by the UK. The EU Commission president tweeted: The EU will continue to be creative and flexible within the Protocol framework. But we will not renegotiate. Independent
  9. I have a suspicious he could be Farage ... "May 5, 2021 When on a private tour of a European Commission building in Brussels, Mr Barnier asks Mr Farage what he wants from Brexit, and he replies: "Mr Barnier, after Brexit, the EU will no longer exist."
  10. Brexit Unfolded: How no one got what they wanted (and why they were never going to) Britain’s 2016 vote to leave the EU divided the nation, unleashing years of political turmoil. The result has been a sulphurous atmosphere in which many remain unreconciled to Brexit whilst, in a tragic irony, some of those most committed to it are angry and dissatisfied with what was delivered. Left undefined by the referendum, the actual meaning of Brexit emerged only gradually, through the confusing and often dramatic events that followed. This compelling book skilfully unpacks those events, explaining how and why the promise of Brexit dissolved, creating discontent on all sides. Amazon
  11. Supermarket food shortages caused by pingdemic, Brexit and lorry driver shortage sees empty aisles and shops closing There are rising concerns over empty supermarket shelves due to a combination of the so-called 'pingdemic', Brexit-related shortages, coronavirus issues and heatwave are all being blamed for stores having to shut and deliveries are delayed. The driver situation is in crisis, a leading haulage group based in Wales has pleaded for help over the worst driver shortage the company has seen in its 50-year history, and says Brexit is to blame. One of the country's largest food producers has warned the Government needs to act or face the "most serious food shortages that this country has seen in over 75 years". On Thursday, the UK Government's Business Secretary and the supermarkets themselves urged shoppers not to panic buy. walesonline
  12. The Brexit promises given people before referendum are undeliverable. But there are still enough Brexit fools around waiting for the Brexit unicorn to appear. Who is the targeted audience in this dangerous maniac game?
  13. I'm sorry, not playing your game. Fueling sectarianism in NI, to please Brextremists is so wrong.
  14. I’m sorry but I disagree with you about this. Fueling more Brexit extremism in NI is inot helping the situation right now. In the end it was a compromise the EU and the UK agreed upon. No ifs, no buts, it needs to be implemented as it was accepted by both sides.
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