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  1. There are problems and probably always will by some, but I don't think EU is going to disintegrate any time soon.
  2. I see what you’re saying but I think you disagree with yourself on this point. Maybe you are again out of focus.
  3. You must be joking! You just overgeneralising and there is no need for that. Now, there's only problem with Conservatives especially the hard part of them, the Tories infighting and inability to agree on Brexit.
  4. I’m sorry but I disagree with you on this. The best choice right now is revoke article 50 and remain.
  5. I'm looking but, I can't find anything. I still don't know what exactly she said, what the truth is and where to find it.
  6. What exactly she asked for that was crystal clear?
  7. What does she said that was crystal clear?
  8. It sound like Olly negotiated only what he was told to negotiate.
  9. I would prefer cross party Brexit option that is united not divisive.

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