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  1. I have a family member who works/worked for Thomas Cook and could get me a discount. Back when I did packaged holidays I did try and give them a go but the website was so clunky and terrible I never took advantage. I would just go to Thompson/TUI where the holidays are all neatly laid out by destination and airport, so website wise it was utter garbage - and walking into a high street store to book a holiday, hahahaha- who does that?!!
  2. Yes it does make me feel vindicated, i have had the odd argument where I have tried to explain that it is the supply of credit and not the supply of houses that has been setting the price of housing. Problem is people are so brain washed that even a full blown apology on the telly by the men in suits will not reset that belief.
  3. I don’t watch much telly, but when I have recently I keep seeing this advert begging me to put the RSPCA in my will - they must all be getting desperate or have seen the coming bulge in boomers about to croak it.
  4. You may mock but the UK populace is far from the unarmed mass it is often portrayed to be, I find this an enlightening read: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/section-1-firearms-held-on-firearm-certificates-in-great-britain/section-1-firearms-held-on-firearm-certificates-in-great-britain There are as many Tanks on people firearms licence as there are blunderbusses! The latest government stats (31st March 2019) show that there are 1,375,556 section 2 shotguns and 346,000 rifles (129 of which are .50 cal https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/nov/23/sajid-javid-abandons-plans-to-ban-50-calibre-military-grade-guns). From the government statistics we can see that the demographics of firearm ownership is 94% male and 70% are in the 18-64 demographic, so not entirely last of the summer wine. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/812296/statistics-firearm-shotgun-certificates-england-wales-2018-2019-hosb0919.pdf Buckshot is section 2 ammunition and is therefore readily obtainable for anyone with just a shotgun certificate, maybe its just me but someone being able to fire 27x9mm lead balls at 1300fps in under a couple of seconds before reloading at an effective range of 50-100 yards isn't something I would laugh at. ANYWAY
  5. Good luck to them if it gets that bad. Heres some one basic stats for the uk. They would struggle to scrape together 100,000 troops. Meanwhile the population is 65million (at least) and in that rabble there is 600,000 shotgun certificate holders and 150,000 firearms license holders.
  6. I rent and even I think this is a dumb idea. What if you don’t rent the place you want to buy? If the place you were looking at is currently being let you suddenly have a competitor with a price cut and first dibs to complete against, reducing the already tiny pool of decent available to buy to an even smaller size. They really don’t have two brain cells between them to rub together in that shadow cabinet.
  7. Excellent, of course they can afford to do this as the Aussie market is also toast. Nice to see this vector of that crash spreading in a real world example.
  8. The 3yr/10yr yield inverted on 22nd March. That was when the smart money took notice, we are basically right up against the wall in the head on smash at this point.
  9. Im still having trouble coming to terms that Q1s 0% growth was enough to prevent them going into technical recession. From the sounds of things their manufacturing sector has collapsed. I’m going for a shock -0.8%. Im slow - it was -0.1%
  10. I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. There’s a big difference between the overt theft though inflation and in your face charge. Maybe if bitcoin didn’t exist I might be inclined to agree with but it does and that genie is going nowhere. Lots of the oldies will keep more cash at home and break in figures will rise (for everybody) as a result - I think you are right about that! Unintended consequences and all that.
  11. If you bank credit is being eroded in nominal terms that will have a huge effect. People with any savings would start withdrawing it and putting it literally anywhere else - under the mattress, gold, shares, premium bonds, bitcoin etc. Don’t underestimate how many people have a ‘little’ bit saved up. Losing purchasing power is one thing and most people don’t notice or care, the bank helping itself to your funds every month is another thing entirely.
  12. I last bought in April when I saw that the US 10 and 3 year had inverted. I bought again today as I think gold has long way to go, the fact that the mainstream media haven’t made a peep fills me with confidence. When the average joe starts talking about it and I see cash for gold everywhere then I’ll dump it.
  13. I thought record gold price in GBP was £1178? Not quite there - but soon 😀
  14. I see the new housing minister is a millennial - a rich one, but at least that age group are starting to get their hands on the levers of power.!
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