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  1. Furlough might extend for the travel sector, they seem to be hit with daily rule changes and not just by our government. I think everyone else needs to say goodbye to it (never got any myself grrr).
  2. It’s better than York, Reepham has a range rated for .50 cal rifle shooting on one of the old now disused RAF bases. Not many places in the country offer that - yes I really do rate cities based on nearby shooting facilities 😁
  3. Well I haven’t been there since I was an infant in the 80s, so I have the same understanding as everyone else. Parents have friends their obviously. I remember growing up and thinking it was normal to know lots of people who had been shot, which seems odd now of course. My dad had three mates who had been shot, one in the the leg, one in the arm and another in the head by his own son. Nice place 🤣
  4. The increase in deaths is not a one off. The grim reaper has arrived for a bumper harvest set in motion 70 years ago. I also suspect that the average age will fall, the healthy war generation are more or less gone now and their generally unfit/overindulging offspring are not going to be living long enough on average to hold the numbers up.
  5. I’ve got no issue with the market finding the correct rate to pay lorry drivers and a load of other jobs that cheap EU workers have suppressed for years. It’s these distortions that have kept goods and services so low meaning people have more money to throw at property, it will just need to rebalance. If I were a lorry driver I would be annoyed, having just had a terrible time dealing with customs since Brexit (remember the Dover debacle at the end of Dec), but you are about to get a decent pay day for your troubles and the first thing the powers that be want to do is invite a specific load of cheap labour back into the country just to deny that from you. Also drivers were never really recognised during lockdown - we had clap for the NHS but frankly compared to the lorry drivers they were almost non essential. Imagine if all the hospitals had closed during the pandemic - bad for those who were sick, but then compare it to if all the lorry drivers had stopped working - nation anarchy within days.
  6. Yep, I’ve been into the office 4 times this year - It really highlighted to me how unproductive I am in the office environment, lots of distraction, people wanting to talk, ‘oh can you just come to this meeting…’ etc.
  7. Surely this has absolutely eff all to do with HS2 or Brexit. The fact that the Government and the opposition keep playing with our freedoms was the reason this happened. How anyone can play it any other way mystifies me.
  8. It will be like one of those whiteboards that Dominic Cummings presented last week - total unrelated jibberish notes and mental farts with ‘DONT LET HOUSE PRICES FALL’ in capitals and triple underlined in red on it somewhere. That will be the level of the planning.
  9. Back to the Future 2. They literally have a zoom call in it, though they were still using faxes lol.
  10. Goes to bank to borrow an extra £50k and gets it just like that and then wonders why the price of the house they want has gone up £50k. One day they might figure it out...
  11. I thought the link between how much the banks could lend out and how much they had in deposits had been completely severed as they can just get the dosh directly from the BoE directly via various schemes like the Funding for Lending Scheme, is that running out now?
  12. That’s good, no? Isn’t that exactly what happens immediately before the popping of every bubble ever?
  13. During a MAD scenario as is the entire concept.
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