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  1. Group 2 is rapidly growing which makes lockdown ever less efficient, they need to accept that that game is over. It’s like trying to hold the tide back, at this point it would be better to accept defeat and learn how to swim (ie do a Sweden).
  2. For me a crash happens when the falls are big and long enough that even biggest HPI VI has to admit prices have fallen and the general narrative on the mainstream media is that prices are going down. Phrases like ‘You can only win on bricks and mortar’ and ‘Renting is dead money’ fall out of common use.
  3. I handed in my notice and moved back to my parents last month. I was renting a nice city centre flat but working from home meant what used to work pre covid was no longer appropriate. Looking to buy in the spring.
  4. I don’t know except for situation where you need lots of hands for short periods. If the work can be smeared out over a timeframe that 1 person can do it then I don’t see how you are wrong.
  5. Yeah this was annoying, since I think much of the house price rises have been from fraudulent bounce back loans.
  6. Yeah much more targeted. The non jobs that were furloughed, ‘because it was a nice thing to do’, will be gone now.
  7. I am inclined to agree. Capital gains on primary residence must be in the works - a gain is a gain after all and I can see it being pushed as the fairest way, especially since the age group most at risk of Covid will paying the most. The ‘my house is my pension’ brigade will go mental of course.
  8. To be fair it was more of a question, given the unprecedented stay at home order. Lots of people at home with the heating on unlike a normal year - I’d say the general HPC hive mind is saying no from the replies.
  9. Just spitballing, since this is a huge change year on year. I was always under the illusion that there was never much space capacity in the grid, a couple of percent or so? Maybe there could be a combination of events such as lots of demand combined with a high pressure system sat over the North Sea rendering wind power out? Maybe.
  10. Just having a think about unforeseen consequences (like back when I thought covid might be an issue) and it has come across my mind that this year could see a record spike in energy usage. Many more electric cars charging than previously and a much larger chunk of the population at home all day than usual etc. Could we actually be looking at rolling blackouts this winter? I am also aware lumber futures have been high recently (shortages particularly in the US), I am aware that lots of coal burning plant such as Drax have been converted to US wood pellet - I have no particular knowledge o
  11. Anyone heard anymore about furlough extension? They mentioned that something might be coming at the end of the nightly news on BBC yesterday.
  12. Not sure if I do, but I know that one of the qualifying factors for me would be that I would have to own it without a mortgage.
  13. I will never understand this thinking that the school timetable is fixed and should be used to dictate the timing of these things. The same thinking was applied back on the original lockdown with Easter and they left going back to school till September (cold season). The kids should have started the new school year in June, they would be nearly 4 months in by now!!
  14. This furlough needs hitting on the head. We will end up with a group of jobless people who were by coincidence in the right place at the right time getting super benefits meanwhile everyone else who is jobless gets the regular benefits - that system is broken and can’t continue. Much better to take that money and spend it directly, warships, infrastructure whatever and employ people that way. At least the nation will end up with some assets to go with the debt that way. Furlough is just throwing money away on nothing.
  15. This. I know someone on furlough, who now has another job in a completely different sector earning roughly the same money as the first job, they are quids in whilst furlough continues.
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