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  1. Smart ones probably already offload I the convenient Covid loan fraud/Stamp duty holiday bounce.
  2. I think this jobs market is a short term blip, a recession is looming and the picture will go the other way quite quickly when it bites.
  3. I’ll take the 4%, which is what the historical norm seems to be! That would crush house prices.
  4. Yeah I agree, it’s like your avatar, once that jenga tower goes a little bit, it is going the whole hog.
  5. Trying to front run the narrative. ‘House prices are going up’ became ‘House prices will flat line’ to now ‘Ok they are going to fall but not by much’.
  6. This is hilarious, this guy is done. He sounds like the lazy employee who uses the slightest hint of IT hiccup to bunk off work.
  7. Hang on, we are sacking 91k who work for £x amount of tax payer money to then give £x amount of tax payer money away to people for nothing. As a tax payer, I’d rather get something for the money than nothing (unless it’s a direct rebate of my own money to me - which I can almost guarantee it will not). I’m still in favour of making the furlough payments a loan in retrospect that has to be paid back. If it’s good enough for students to pay for their own unemployment benefit I don’t see why the furloughed lot were any different.
  8. There will be rising material and labour costs but they are small fry compared to the land cost. If land values fall I’d argue it would more than offset the increase in materials and labour going forward. I know big building companies have banked sites already and will want to recover that cost - maybe they will have to be like any other business and make a bit less profit on the houses built on that land?
  9. What happened to the gazillion pounds people had saved during lockdown that was going to be unleashed when the pandemic ended that the BoE was talking about last year? Oh yeah it was nonsense, people spent it immediately during the lockdown on junk, expensive pets and bidding houses up. This sort of thing: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/jun/30/covid-savings-britain-built-up-second-highest-level-on-record-in-early-2021
  10. I’d like to see a tv company pull him up and challenge him to live on 30p a day for a month and film him do it.
  11. Not with full recourse mortgages, the bank will be having its pound of flesh either way.
  12. Yeah, but this is different. We also have record price inflation. All those house rich, cash poor biddies who are all paid off mortgage wise are about to/have had a similar shock to their outgoings just from gas prices. Very few people come out of this unscathed
  13. Interestingly you don’t need a good reason for a shotgun certificate, just that you want one and the onus is on the police to show good reason why you can’t have one. It’s the other way with a firearms license, the applicant has to show good reason for ownership. Something to do with the English bill of rights and our right to own a shotgun (hence why it is a certificate and not a license).
  14. Second homes should be getting double council tax whether they are rented out or not in my opinion. This is just opening loopholes whilst seen to be doing something.
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