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  1. Note it says the "Boom" is over, which it clearly has Benn for at least a year. Nothing new really. We are at the flat lining point now, and it may just stay flat, or hopefully a decent fall.
  2. Some very interesting stuff on the Newsreaders Twitter there. Mostly deservedly negative. Also, the tenant she spoke to, Kirsty, has been getting support, and has been invited to write an article in the Guardian. good to see.
  3. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/sky-news-anchor-criticised-over-patronising-rant-about-about-young-people-not-being-able-to-change-a4118971.html I have posted this in the Section 21 thread, but think it's worth a thread on its own. Shows the total lack of understanding of the renting 'class' by the landlord 'class' in my opinion.
  4. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/sky-news-anchor-criticised-over-patronising-rant-about-about-young-people-not-being-able-to-change-a4118971.html
  5. Hardly post here, but the auto correct has messed up and I can't seem to correct a post once entered....anyhow it's "Spelling may not be 100%" etc.
  6. Just caught her name at the top of the hour, Jane Seyker (speaking may not be 100%) Thanks for the backup, it surprised me how bad the newsreader showed herself to be there.
  7. Just seen the newsreader on Sky News at 11.15 (a blondish middle aged type, unpleasantly smug in this case) talking to a woman is is currently in the process of being kicked out because of this 21 thing. The tenant explained how the landlord was kicking her and her partner out for no good reason, they had paid their rent, etc, and was clearly upset. She was saying how they needed to try to find another place in London, which was almost impossible for a decent amount, and the high fees they have to pay (only renting as they can't afford to buy). The newsreader took this all in and said that in the past she (the newsreader) had rented, but now was renting out flats, etc. She then proceeded to show NO sympathy to the tenant, and infact was bringing up the landlords side, "what about their rights ?", and also said this current generation of renter's complained about the littlest things such as light bulbs and heating 'they don't know how to change light bulbs, or how to turn the boiler on'.... She was SO smug, and had a big smile on her face when the 'interview' ended. I felt physically reviled. Had never noticed this newsreader before, but what a disgusting creature.
  8. https://www.foxbusiness.com/features/10-cities-in-danger-of-a-housing-crash-this-year
  9. I agree with you OP and understand your anger..Shared Ownership is pile of Crap too. Such schemes have simply inflated the market to ridiculous levels. When I see the smiling faces on the brochures for such schemes,and the words 'Great Opportunity', etc, I feel violently sick, and violent, and sick.
  10. I was in Northampton the other day just to.look at the general area, and it had a road basically full of estate agents. It's such an outdated thing in many ways. Also, I have noticed in general in the last six months in North London a few Estate Agents closing offices and also have started to notice more adverts in their windows for staff (for the places that have remained open). There are still far too many Estate Agents on most High Streets, but definitely feels ike it's on the downturn from a peak in 2014-16.
  11. Daily Mail has it quite high up https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6600485/Outlook-UK-housing-market-worst-20-years.html
  12. Hi, Just joined the forum after many years stalking (since 2005 I think). Anyhow, I thought the Big Questions episode on Sunday 06/01/19 was quite interesting, as it was mainly about house prices in London. (Debate Starts at 37 minutes in). Did get the impression that the public mood (in the debate anyhow) really is expecting them to fall now. You could almost taste the sentiment is going that way now. Anyhow, thought it might be of interest.
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