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  1. Well in fairness he hasn't been cancelled, his free speech hasn't been curtailed as you say
  2. Mishka - you should go to these rock concerts, chill out let your hair down - https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2022/05/23/f-ck-war-watch-russian-concert-goers-chant-protest-invasion/
  3. Yes. Buying a house is hard enough at the best of times without false advertised prices and unclear buyers fees and stuff.
  4. Well I just don't like the corporate world. He can't be surprised then that he's been suspended or whatever, and I doubt he's poor.
  5. Although offering a sober opinion at a conference seems a bit of a stretch to be punishable. He didn't suggest anything illegal or surreptitiously screwing customers.
  6. What actual price is it on for? £50,000 is that the start bid or reserve on the online auction? But there's a bit it now price apparently too, which they're not divulging. And a buyer's fee. Seriously the seller can do one. Such a lot of opaque nonsense.
  7. https://moneyweek.com/investments/property/house-prices/604717/fred-harrison-house-prices-will-peak-in-2026 Fred: Yes, there's going to be a huge crash. But the question is, when? And I'm afraid that conventional economics doesn't answer that question very efficiently. Fred: (in 2026) They’ll level off for a matter of months and then they start to go down. T
  8. @rollover Little Mishka! Mother of God! Russia just used its high precision missiles to destroy the public toilet block in downtown Odessa. This is serious. Where will the brave defenders of Ukraine go for a pee in-between taking out Russian armoured vehicles with western supplied ATMs? Gloucestershire Live: Putin humiliated as £4m missile only destroys a beach toilet. https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/humiliation-putin-4m-missile-only-7113978
  9. My wife's family did - close knit Catholic family, the good sort, spent generations looking after and cuddling each other. Especially the kids. You will get very short shrift with them if you do not offer correct physical and emotional shelter to your children.
  10. When I was looking for my place in Leeds I specifically avoided stuff that was in the BTL range - specific size of house to satisfy LHA housing benefit requirements to get most yield for a given housing benefit level. As it happens they would be too pokey for our wants anyway, but the marginal capital outlay difference to get something better was pretty small and to my mind made the more expensive non BTL houses much better value - to live in if not invest.
  11. Yeah sounds fair. That certainly could be currently evident in some of the ass-end places like Doncaster, Halifax and Hartlepool.
  12. The banker giving the speech wasn't arguing against the science, he just thought mitigation will be more expensive than adaptation in future.
  13. Well I didn't get enough/any affection etc as a child but I've sought out significant counselling/intervention etc since and I swear I will try my best to break the cycle.
  14. Plus ooop norf we tend to be delayed by a year or two anyway and then there's X years to get to the bottom. As you said personal circumstances. I wouldn't buy IT NOW because prices and rates are up on last year, in particular interest rates. And as I said it wasn't just a market issue, it was a capital allocation issue so putting it into houses or shares would have been buying near peak too . I certainly won't generalise and say this is why buying a house always makes sense because it doesn't.
  15. Because I have children and I hope they won't have to put up with this nonsense.
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