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  1. That's a notable uptick after the practical end of the SD holiday. Last month saw mental viewing and sales. Interesting to see if this calms down next month.
  2. Since I'm only asking about the market within the past week then that's a lot to infer....?
  3. Your observations please. Anything happening since 24th July. Let us know what you see.
  4. It's only a journalistic piece, these are always simplified. Are you saying that the income gap with housing may be behind the flattening of that curve? Seems obvious indeed now you seem to have said it....
  5. Yes it is a logarithmic scale but that has the advantage of deemphasizing compound growth. I like the way Dorling described it: "On a log scale, a doubling of prices appears as an identical increase regardless of the actual prices. Looked at in this way, rises in housing prices have been slowing down over the entire 1973-2021 period."
  6. This is a great chart, showing the rate of increase of house prices in proportional terms is reducing with time. I wonder if it just means the props are just getting saturated, that there aren't any more props to add? https://ukandeu.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/danny-dorling-3.png
  7. Is this North of 250k houses, which are out of the stamp duty holiday now?
  8. They've just had a boot up the backside by the house of lords, I see.
  9. Interesting. Would you agree that this week should pretty much be the practical end of the influence of the stamp duty holiday?
  10. But maybe another month until said houses actually come to market??
  11. Delinquencies were suppressed by forbearance, furlough, and a repossession ban which ended in May. So yeah.
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