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  1. Scarborough. Monaco. Nice. Easy mistake to make.
  2. Si1

    The perfect storm

    Are you on amphetamines or something?
  3. Not for a while, Hammond will want to save something up for the election.
  4. Crashes always seem to be limited to about 30% overall in real terms. I think this is due to the downside limitations you cite. Anything bigger than that occurs over decadal timescales and is hugely masked by inflation and multiple legs down with inbetween recoveries.
  5. This is the May govt all over - 'housing ladder bla bla'. Upper middle class Tim Nice But Dim.
  6. Si1

    The perfect storm

    It's like black Wednesday on steroids
  7. If he does go down in flames I wonder if he'll live through it?
  8. Nah, he ordered take out meals from a number of Middle Eastern and Chinese restaurants. Got mixed up.
  9. Spend the interest oh things that will be much cheaper 6 months later? Really?
  10. Borders are pretty meaningless though in these terms

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