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  1. Quick we need Carney back to force the banks to start lending again!
  2. That's a pretty minor thing to worry about. Plenty of benign reasons for blocking someone on Twitter. He has a professional profile to consider too.
  3. He's always been cynical of the bubble imho, not a schill, one of the good guys. Called out HTB for the scam it is right at the beginning of it.
  4. My local spoons has both. The percolator jug is refilled frequently and is the higher quality. Suspect it's a covid risk currently though.
  5. Historically people bought houses but rented flats. Why would you take financial liability for something that someone else has control over (the leasehold)?
  6. The big servicers and dealers have economies of scale and loss leaders. I'd have thought there's little chance an indie can compete for that except by reputation or combined with other work.
  7. Nonsense. Changing demand curves shift markets. That's the point.
  8. Not necessarily. It's a market remember. Supply demand curves shift.
  9. Yes. I think a long decline is a significant possibility.
  10. Cities can certainly enter a secular decline. Rome, Detroit, Tokyo, Istanbul, Venice. However you wouldn't expect it all at once. There'd be resistance levels on house prices on the way down, as you imply.
  11. Bielsa's a very wealthy man. Got millions in the bank. Still prefers to work in a café. Completely accessible to the Leeds fans. Well liked bloke.
  12. And then you buy a sandwich and a pastry too. Great for getting a bit of solo work done with a laptop. Interestingly, Leeds United's manager Marcelo Bielsa has a corporate tab at his local Costa where he goes to do work, tactics planning etc, including his coaching staff etc.
  13. I don't even know when I'm going to need a coffee when I'm out. So I'd be no better off if I made a flask every day just incase.
  14. That's absent things like revolutions, world wars etc
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