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  1. They call it radical but it looks more liberal to me.
  2. And next week on BBC educational TV channel, "really basic maths for people who can't even do that" we'll be doing the concept of comparative investment yields. If that's a bit complex for you we'll be doing taking away sums instead.
  3. Don't be so cynical. This is supply side at least, and it looks like new land on the surface.
  4. Is it street-smart of landlords to turn up in mahoosive shiny range rovers to the rougher end of town?
  5. "There are no FTBs to fuel it" Seriously, what on earth does that mean?
  6. I'd rather have a good rental house over a cr#p owned house. And likewise rather a good owned house over a rubbish rental.
  7. Don't forget market timing is very very hard. Hence Greg's position.. But yes.
  8. The liberal elite press are not happy - the Economist also had a 'be careful what you wish for' article. Moneyed liberals with bomad and a London mortgage. The basic fact is that in the event of a major property market correction then you're better off not having just bought a house. The associated economic weakness will hit everyone so it's neither here nor there.
  9. Si1

    Sentiment has changed in the office

    +1 They're complaining that the housing market might not survive a shock, that it's fragile. Now who built up and promoted that fragility?
  10. That's threatening behaviour, arrestable as far as I can tell. "Instead of apologising he is calling for the PCSO who dealt with the incident to be sacked." What a sad little man
  11. Carney is effectively a secret Tory govt minister. Except with little accountability. He should stand down and his major functions be replaced by an elected minister who we can actually hold to account.
  12. The longer the bailouts, the more unequal picking of winners, and the more politically combustible it gets. That's the price of moral hazard.
  13. I do believe so. The govt surely couldn't sell another help to buy scam to the electorate, what with Brexit, taxes and austerity biting more.

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