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  1. Over million quid for a three bed house where two of the bedrooms have no windows and there's no garden? They're having a laugh.
  2. Exactly. The trend line is massively distorted - it has one full normal cycle (1982-1995) and then mega bubble. Being below the trend line now just means that stuff is relatively cheap compared with other times in the mega bubble - whoop di doo.
  3. Are you sure it's not another repo like the one above?
  4. Dunno, I'd guess the £280k was the bank's valuation when they repossessed it - it's too round to be the outstanding debt when you take arrears into account.
  5. Because they're allowed fleece existing tenants until next June.
  6. Tenants can just move out without notice on the last day of the tenancy but landlords always need to give notice.
  7. They can't do that anymore - section 21s can't be issued until at least four months into the tenancy.
  8. I know at least one estate agent around here that doesn't take mark as SSTC or take things off until completion. I'd guess that's fairly common now.
  9. That's actually really big for for two bed flat in London.
  10. Everyone who does a self assessment has now seen their first section 24 tax bill. There'll be some who had no idea about the changes, thought it wouldn't apply to them or didn't realise he bad it would be. Some of them will now be late payers because they didn't have the money on hand to pay it. I expect a fair number of BTL properties with motivated sellers bto hit Rightmove in the next week or two. Then you've got the landlords who don't do a self assessment. HMRC hasn't been bothering to chase a lot of these since the tax owed isn't worth it. A lot of these are now worth chasing and will soon be receiving pants soiling letters.
  11. I've been seeing the odd thing advertised at about what it was bought for in 2015, some slightly lower. SW London, zone 2/3.
  12. I know some people pledged some money but I doubt anyone actually paid him.
  13. Asking rents are up, doesn't mean actual tents aren't falling.
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