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  1. Can you pay Rightmove to remove transaction details? They're trying to flip it for £200k more than they paid in June.
  2. I wonder what proportion of people don't get around to doing their self assessment until the 31st of January. What proportion of them just won't have the funds available to pay a bill of thousands when they're expecting hundreds?
  3. Tesco and the water companies put our population at about 80 million.
  4. He's apparently tryng Busta's plan on avoiding SDLT and CGT by forming a partnership. Didn't we decide that wasn't going to work?
  5. They're crying about it on Mumsnet now and getting a complete pasting. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/3240066-rents-will-soon-be-rising-and-the-poor-will-suffer Enjoy!
  6. I think it's a per week/month amount rather than a yearly one - I've certainly paid NI in months where I've done a lot of work even if that's pretty much the only work I've done all year. Since he's planning to just do one payroll a year he'll fall foul of that.
  7. I just emailed their generic email address and gave them examples of dates and listings where the EAs had done it. They emailed me back a day or two later saying they'd look into it and a couple of weeks later saying they'd told them off.
  8. What they're doing is reducing the price then putting it straight back up but it stays on the first page with the reduced tag. There was an agent near me that was doing it so I dobbed them in to Rightmove and I haven't caught them doing it since. If you can be bothered doing the same it gives you a nice glowing feeling.
  9. Did anyone see a physical copy of The Standard yesterday? How prominent was this article?
  10. This time

    Nationwide Dec 2017

    +0.1% after a large pinch of seasonal adjustment and a splash of revision of the previous month.
  11. This time

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Itsy are still opening new branches so I would assume they're fine, they also have a supermarket line.
  12. This time

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Train stations and airports.
  13. This time

    Rightmove Dec -2.6% m/m

    The stupidly overpriced stuff just doesn't sell which is where some of the massive discrepancy between asking and sold prices comes from. The Rightmove index also only counts initial asking prices so 5-10% negotiated off an asking price that is 15-20% down from the initial asking price gets you down to a sold price of 75% of the initial asking price.
  14. This time

    Pitchfork moments

    I'm no art expert but it doesn't look right to me either.

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