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  1. Well I may aswell stick an oar in. In Jan of this year the Monetary Policy Committee published a speech called and I quote 'lets talk about negative interest rates' and my first thought was.....oh here we go. But now it looks like rates may infact not come down but potentially go up. Oooo exciting stuff, who knew policy was a spectator sport. [ and really at 0.1% we were only one bad shave from negative rates anyway] What I think 'could' happen as both the Fed and BOE have said the price rises are covid related and may spike, but will come down again to previous levels, is that rising int
  2. 4.2% wow, whats been the largest contribution to that figure, where are you really seeing prices rise, food? Well 'our' inflation rate [CPI] 'only' rose by 1% from March 20-March21 and 0.3% MoM from Feb21-Mar21. So we arent quite at US levels currently.
  3. Food for thought for the 'buy or rent' debate Source:https://www.ulster.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/828051/1779_AHSS_PrivateRentalReport_H1-2020_DIGITAL.pdf Source: https://www.ulster.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/861223/UU_HPI_Q1-2021-4MB.pdf
  4. Prices in Belfast are still 'cheaper' in relative terms than surrounding areas. So you wait a year and prices, say, go up another 10%. For them to 'crash' 10% the next year and you sort of back where you started. Except you have a year paid off your mortgage? Any benefits I dont know...? Put it this way, the government and their policies are currently fully behind supporting house price inflation. Source: Land Registry [reported quarterly]
  5. Halifax data is derived only from property data that Halifax bank [part of the Lloyds banking group] has lent on. So basically its house price index is only from their mortgage data. For perspective: Mortgaged property purchases make up 70/75% of all transactions. The remaining are cash purchases [i.e non mortgaged]. Of that 70/75% of mortgaged properties halifax makes up only 8%. Nationwide building society, by comparison, makes up 20%. So Nationwide has a big data set, is all im saying. Apr data released a couple days ago for reference: https://www.housepricecrash.
  6. Velocity is like turnover of money if you like. Sorry, poor description but say I have 'money', with that money I go to a restaurant, spend £30 there. [part of that is profit for the owner, he buys, for arguement sake a new pair of shoes] I also tip the waiter/waitress £5. With that £5 they think, instead of walking ill get a taxi home. Pays a £5 for the fare. Cab driver then spends that on a sandwich or fills up with some fuel etc etc and so on. So because the economy isnt 'fully open' that turnover rate or the velocity of money is 'low'. Or 'lowered'. Property sales help, as you ha
  7. Why has marathon digital holdings outperformed BTC over a year? Would you say investors place more of an onus on mining rather the underlying? Sorry 2 questions today, why do you think Canadian listed bitfarms is so 'undervalued' compared to marathon holdings. They have more hash power...?? They claim average mining costs per BTC are 7,5k Looking to make investment in the 'space' but im stumped. What have a missed? Dave
  8. According to Land Registry the UK average house price is £249,309, I wanted to run the numbers to see if was more financially savy to rent a property for 25 years and then buy for cash. Working out the House Price Inflation to calc 'opportunity lost [or gained] etc and address how would you buy for cash if you have to spend 'dead' money on renting. Not sure what the figures will work out to, lets take a look [there will be assumptions!]: Average house price [Jan 2021 figs]: £249,309 Lets assume someone has a 20% cash deposit = £49,861 Therefore mortgage required: £199,447 [£249,
  9. Ooo interesting just isolating those two factors. Can't wait to see the results of the poll - love data! Agreed As in negative 5% or 5% down on the UK average?
  10. Hey Paul - chart shows % monthly drop in prices for flats & maisonettes in Edinburgh, whilst compared to other locations. Not sales volumes or transaction times. Dave
  11. There is revenue as advertisers pay to have their ads on the Braver browser...? Appreciate your response none the less, prehaps its time I sold my BAT or took some money off the table then. Maybe trade out of bat into BTC.. Sorry I know I ask more questions than Im probably contributing in this particular thread, as previously stated im a crypto noob - looking to learn. With that said would anyone, no matter how silly a figure, be so kind as to give me an entry into BTC. Im not a tyre kicker, it will be acted upon, and it would be very appreciated - seriously. Very cool
  12. Thanks for sharing @Biggus Oh wow, eloquently put sir. How? [Out of interest - only if you'd care to indulge me] Buying physical gold Long 'paper' Gold Long Indexes [XAU...?] Call options Mix of all the above...maybe
  13. Awesome post Sounds like a tough one but do whats right for you and your children. Adam Smith said “best result comes from everyone in a group doing what's best for themselves” Although John Nash [made famous in the film 'a beautiful mind' staring Russel Crowe] said that needed 'improvement'! Why not?
  14. You've lost me, I asked a question... I was responding to the content in the Bloomberg interview kindly posted by @Buffer Bear, with Dawn Fitzpatrick CIO of Soros Fund Management. She raised the subject, im assuming you didnt watch the video. And to say 'noone' cares - when you have the Chief Investment Officer of one of the worlds largest funds, talking about it is a bit short sighted no? When you say no one cares, you mean you dont care, right? Either way thats cool though. Sorry, I am new, and I have sought to educate myself on BTC and learn more and was h
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