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  1. Taking advantage of the stamp duty cut, I like the location and yes do intend to settle in the area. Will be in this for around 4 years minimum.
  2. Is anyone actually buying? I was in the midst of buying a place last year but pulled out. No chain. I’ve seen a place in SW London. Offer accepted but I don’t know whether to go through it. Circumstances wise - In the parents home and this will be my first main property. The premise on the forum is that a crash will be soon, but I’m weighing up when that’ll be vs how long do you actually wait? What do you see as a real ‘crash’? Is anyone actually buying?
  3. 1 beds in Clapham Common going for 410k + . People are most definitely still buying
  4. Money printing has gone on for years and will continue to do so. It's all subjective as to what is a 'significant' drop. Most on here will be wanting a 20/30% drop which won't happen. I'm looking in the Clapham south area, prices have slightly dropped for a few however the majority all look like ex local authority properties or on top of shops.
  5. Are you really debating the link between food shortages and house prices? Has that what's it come to when wishing for a drastic drop in prices? Sorry to say we won't face a food shortage.
  6. Out of interest where in South London? I've been looking in the Clapham/Balham area.
  7. Has anyone read this? U.K. House Prices Seen Growing as Much as 3% for Rest of 2020 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-07-27/u-k-house-prices-seen-growing-as-much-as-3-for-rest-of-2020
  8. If you're looking at properties in the 300-350K range, not a first time buyer, is it better to take advantage of this SD cut? Or wait until furlough ends/ the potential of further recession/downturn?
  9. If a property is on two EA’s, I initially made an offer with one. It was rejected and then I made an improved one with the second agent, as I wasn’t happy with how the first one went about proceedings. How does this work in terms of introduction fees for the seller?
  10. 1 bed near Clapham south tube station. It’s about five min walk from the tube/common
  11. How much would prices have to reduce off the asking price for you to consider buying now? Or would you just wait no matter what post general election/Brexit. Seller has reduced 25K off initial price and potentially accepting my offer which is 31K under the asking price. Property initially listed back in 2018 for 75k above what the listed price is now. Not sure whether the price potentially agreed now is a good price or wait for post Brexit etc
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