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  1. You are right in some ways, the British have started to dislike foreigners, I do not believe the genie can be put back in the bottle
  2. The queen charges £60 to view the staterooms at Buckingham Palace how much would you pay to view a house in surbiton
  3. I am too old for sex with a 20 year old, I prefer good food to women, I just look
  4. I was certain if I flirted with her, her husband would have pretended to looked the other way if I purchased for £650k, everyone has their price, and she is in her 20s married to a man in her 50s, so it would not be the first time she has considered this.
  5. It is free and I can study human behaviour, I love the human interaction and the free coffee, tea, and wine I have a secret camera which I film things on and play back the situation working out the alpha male, and study words to see the history and call to action behind them. I went to a house in Walthamstow recently the owner was an English IT bod in his early 50s married to a 20 something Croatian girl, who pulled out her puppies to breast feed their baby, all for my benefit as they thought I would enjoy that and then spend £650k for their house
  6. I am nosy and sometimes pretend I am a prospective buyer to go around the homes of people, so I can get ideas for decor or what might work in my house, I take pictures for diy projects, It is better than going to museums and if the punters think you are genuine they throw in tea and croissants, I always wear a blue blazer pink shirt, people always judge on the jacket, with a disposable email and burner phone it’s a good hobby
  7. Is this number based on what the property would sell for, rather than what it is purchased for
  8. Semantics, most will not be able to, China has played a blinder, I am going to assume a crash in living standards
  9. If it were us, we’d invest in real estate. A certain four-bed Bloomsbury apartment, maybe. Ridgmount Gardens has a Victoria brick facade, two bathrooms and reception rooms, period fireplaces and windows, and access to a communal residents’ garden. It’s also where Bob Marley lived when he first arrived in London in 1972. The reggae singer came to the UK as a support act for Johnny Nash and toured with his band The Wailers in the hope of landing a record deal. Spoiler: he met Chris Blackwell, owner of Island Records, released a string of politically charged albums, spent more than 570 weeks on the Billboard Top 200 chart and – some say most importantly – inspired a forthcoming jukebox musical, soon to hit the London West End. It was while living at the flat on Oakley Street that Marley finished recording ‘Exodus’, the album which catapulted him and his ‘One Love’ mantra to stardom.
  10. No, I do not think so as food fuel and consumer goods go up in price house prices will go down. Oh my god i am starting to agree with this forum,
  11. The problems of South Africa are linked to the rise of China and the change in direction of money.
  12. Zadok Khan is becoming very right wing, where are his woke credentials
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