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  1. Thus is the agenda, maybe they don’t want anymore Eastern European’s or Jamaicans but they do want Chinese, to be a true melting pot you need lots of different
  2. What is their standard of living like, is it very similar to their environment, or have they created wealth.
  3. The British Empire really was about stealing resources from Black and Brown people, the wealth of Britain is stolen, Your dislike of the EE's stem from the fact they do not treat you with the respect that you think you are due. Democracy was given to Hong Kong by Chris Patten as to cause Chaos with China.
  4. Personally i have been neutral on Brexit, BUT this makes the arguments of the past few years completely pointless.
  5. How can anyone hate this man, you will have to find someone else to be the bogeyman
  6. I always thought Cornwall was very expensive compared to earnings, as i imagined you get a lot of people who want to retire moving their. How have prices moved since you sold I cannot imagine you could pick much up for £100k or even less
  7. Never heard of it, let me google, wow it is real place., did you intend to upsize/downsize or are you after the same amount of space, London seems to be crashing, a friend works for TM Lewin and told me most of his sales are/were tourists and without that inflow of capital prices will have to retrench to are related number. I do think you have called it right, How much did you sell for and what is your budget to buy.
  8. What part of the country, ie City?
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