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  1. https://metro.co.uk/2021/05/17/landlord-fined-for-dumping-tenants-belongings-in-the-street-14597450/?ito=facebook|social|metroukfacebook&fbclid=IwAR1BnngpKZuAgtvd1Sl5GfkexGr6qkBX9ur525NvA2yDdbPOjSo6N8tlgTA A landlord who kicked a man out of his home by changing the locks and throwing his stuff onto the street has been fined. Antanas Danilevicius had fallen behind on his rent payments and returned home from work to find his belongings including his son’s toys strewn across the pavement on February 4 last year. Mr Danilevicius’s clothes were also packed up along with his TV, Hoover, wat
  2. Because it is now true, in the 19 century brits were among the most intelligent hard people in the world now that is the Chinese
  3. Money I love money, FYI I have never hated anyone, how would that profit me, I only do things for gain or knowledge
  4. Off course he is, he is as British as Queen Victoria
  5. No one gave them £50k, they worked hard for it, my cleaner is from the EE no Brit would do that
  6. Yes, I have heard this from actually a Brazilian who said him and his girlfriend were both getting Furlough and they have gone back to Brazil so no London rent to pay, money for nothing not sure how it is going for them
  7. I have not recovered from Furlough, I work 3 days a week my manager said "I am happy to have you back 5 days a week" I refused 3 days a week is good enough for me, He also mentioned the Polish have gone the romanians are also drying up, I can feel a shortage coming
  8. The international situation overrides the local situation that is why people turn away from the established political parties
  9. Aime Choi*, her husband and two daughters never imagined it would be so hard to find a place to stay after arriving in Birmingham with eight suitcases last November. The 44-year-old says they decided not to delay leaving, as they feared the authorities in Hong Kong might stop them from going. The family had never been to Birmingham, but Choi says she was inspired by a Hongkonger living in Britain who posted a video on YouTube showing good schools and job opportunities in the West Midlands city. The family brought HK$2 million with them, and it was hard enough arri
  10. https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/society/article/3131795/house-hunting-hongkongers-hit-brick-wall-britain-landlords?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-en-GB Tom Lau* pays his landlord his rent of HK$6,300 (US$811) in cash every month. The 36-year-old has a room in an East London house owned by a mainland Chinese family. The owner subdivided the three bedrooms into six, and Lau is among eight people living there. Three of the others are from Hong Kong too. “It is like a black market. I don’t even have a te
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