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  1. Look the Eastern European’s you are deserting a sinking ship
  2. You can move back to London and hang around the arch's at Charing Cross
  3. I never thought we would have a second lockdown, I feel like giving up
  4. Is that why you were a fully paid up member of the Farage group you thought it might decrease, it will there is just a time lag, you will be back in London in 2 years time
  5. Some times it’s not about the money it’s the feeling of living somewhere forever and then having to move in the name of progress, old people find that very difficult if they have a historical feeling of belonging Just playing the devils advocate
  6. https://www.basingstokegazette.co.uk/news/19036681.basingstoke-gateway-homeowners-lives-transformed/?fbclid=IwAR2a-TKgdbC8Lnl7_LDBFg1C9XyNjHfOU2kIGEn3pQI5miuHRjOODy9JNJM RESIDENTS in three tranquil cottages on the edge of Basingstoke could be plunged into the middle of an industrial estate if a proposed warehouse development gets the go ahead. The owners of Ganderdown Cottages have spoken out about how the development would impact them. They say it will make their gardens unusable, increase pollution and cause safety concerns with increased traffic on the roads. As pr
  7. I am pretty certain they are not happy how this is panning out.
  8. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-26/papua-new-guinea-politician-criticises-australia-chinese-fishery/13089012 The Governor has now hit out at the Australian Government on Facebook, saying Australia had no counter-offer to the Chinese plan and that he "was not satisfied with their intentions for my people to remain the same" when many are living in poverty. "As usual, they came with no alternative plans to counter and deter any foreign direct investment, especially to alleviate poverty and improve social services," he wrote.
  9. No. the Russian population is in decline to Alcoholism, illegal drug usage and the break up of the family structure
  10. What happens between adults behind closed doors is no one else’s business
  11. The Chinese have been hiding their strength they have a lot more power than they show, I think you will soon be surprised at how far advanced they are
  12. Ms Grayling, who had never been on any form of long-term medication before, was prescribed Sertraline, an anti-depressant aimed at treating depression as well as panic attacks and post-traumatic stress. ------------------------------------------------------------ When she bought the flat from housing association Colne Housing, now Eastlight Community Homes, through the shared ownership scheme, it was a time of excitement for Ms Grayling. She was pregnant with her first child and, as a single mother at the time, was proud that she could independently provide a home for her soon-to-be-
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