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  1. Oh don't worry it's cos of more tests innit....blah blah......false positives....surely. Have all the Covid deniers signed their non NHS treatment disclaimer for them and family yet btw?
  2. Boris the human mistake Johnson is the £1Tr man. Maybe all of the Covid denier fantasists and Brexit loons could all sail from Plymouth and find a new land....tho America is looking like a damn fine destination yet again...
  3. Another tin foiler.....tell you what go and pull all you dregs of intellect together and create a movement that puts all your collective asses on the line in backing this conspiracies by signing a non NHS treatment disclaimer. Off you pop
  4. All well and good that conspiracy of the maskless in a few years but like some whining concept of the modern, want it now culture being smashed in the face by nature...... pandemic viruses hit in waves. Good job you and the idiotic stains in London protesting weren't around when the Spanish flu hit. For this bampot conspiracy to work, identify a) who is driving this, b) how they have persuaded nearly all the nation's on earth to screw their economy in signing up to it?
  5. Does anyone have access to any rates of people infected who have gone on to have longer term complications? In the context of death rates, which are slowed to the point of statistical irrelevance, despite the uptick in infections, this is the one main area to address. The levels of 'sleeper' impact on the body is now key, also in determining if people do get jabbed up by the whacky races global approach to a vaccine or not.
  6. Spoken like the person who has no cognitive understanding of what happened in 2008. Have a look at the nation's debt levels ore and post the 1%'s bailout. As for your last paragraph..... hilarious. Can't wait for the likes of serco to make profit from doing what a robust local and civil service should be doing. You been asleep for the last few months?!
  7. Wholly incorrect. The most shrill noise will be heard coming from the boomer Boris brexit mob. Hilarious levels of irony in this news.
  8. Diversion for the simpletons still aboard the populist bandwagon. If Covid did one thing it is to make the more sane of the trump, bozo Boris brigade realise that populism shits in the little man much in the same way as the neo liberal lot did. Rattling the blame the foreigners sabre predictable and telling.
  9. Can I also add "sad little sop for the Etonian mess" to your first line please. Anyone using "The DC" for Cummings is especially lubed up and ready for supping up more bozo Boris incompetence and negligence. Take it like the sop you are Huggy
  10. And so is the ignorance borne of one's own entrenched, singular perspective when set against a global body of scientific based response. Ironically the countries taking your halfwit, maga response will reap the greatest economic impact. Thankfully populism is being laid bare as an empty husk of rhetoric when set against nature and a pandemic.
  11. One also doesn't have to follow the lazy preconception that anyone serving a true Labour government doesn't just have to be from a slum clearance. I bet you love the term Champagne Socialist as well? Bite size bovine chunks.
  12. Are there any source links for this? Would be good to have a read about this. Cheers ticket2ride
  13. Demonic Cummings possibly using play 101 from The Bannon communications pamphlet....keep the ******s waiting for you.
  14. Also didn't see too much foot stumping from the BBC'S lead political correspondent btw, who showed a remarkably surprising restraint yesterday on Cummings (can't think why...) Vs her outpourings on Processer Ferguson. But yeah it's all a Remainer conspiracy. It was a Remainer who put Abba Dancing Queen on and drove the Cummings Covid wagon up and down the A1, twice.
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