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  1. the mirage of affordability. Mmmm - always round the next year and never the now. Seems the waters have moved out in certain, poorer areas: Colleague has just had £135k bid accepted on this, on at £155k and last sold for 195k in 2005 http://www.williamhbrown.co.uk/buy/property-details?r=HEA103002&src=1&searchType=buy&geographyName=LS6+4ES&radius=1.0&minPrice=140000&maxPrice=160000&includeSSTC=0 More affluent areas still only 0-5% down since 2008 So with two years more saving till we get to a comfortable level of deposit will we see the bond market strike, the downgrading, the move from soft austerity to a blood fest needed to shock and awe the market into steady 10% yearly drops etc? all it seems like at the moment is this pretend and extend stage sailing on and on. The HPC will seems to be faultering.
  2. Yes let's all look down and blame. Again we have all (well most and some on here) been beckoned to look in the wrong direction by design.
  3. Interested if any HPC’ers know of any blogs, data sources like ONS or Tullet Prebon-esque sites that give economic forecasts and projections? Just trying to piece together a macro strategy to map out what the economic situation will be like in 3 years and although I know the pretty dire trudge of stagflation making this a recession of attrition (IF we avoid any black swans) with the weakest dropping first I need some semblance of data as well to back it up. Yes what fun! Will try not to be too HPC bear like but some of it will slip in for my unsuspecting audience. Any learn’ d HPC help is most grateful.
  4. Great hour on the gob smacking, built in 1% gravy train in the US. A modern world walking into the hands of the very few. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p010jx3m/hd/Why_Poverty_Park_Avenue_Money_Power_and_the_American_Dream/
  5. Dare not bet against the second most powerful bank in the world. Yeah cheers Flanders.
  6. As an aside...... Quite interesting house price discussions on Pistonheads: http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=205&t=919385&mid=0&i=9040&nmt=How+far+will+house+prices+fall%3F+[Volume+3]&mid=0 Surprisingly open some of them to the reality of the 'boom'. Any HPC'ers??
  7. Had to drive an A1 TDI for a few months and as much as it was nice inside (when decently spec'd) i couldn't help think why would you spend that on a new car at that size and so underwhelmingly enjoyable to drive...£20k+ total insanity....it drove me to 3litre twin turbo straight six relapse.
  8. Bigger stuff (engine wise) are falling fast - not surprising given fuel costs. Anything with decent go and higher fuel and insurance (Golf R32's, Focus STs) are not pretty depreciation wise. Same with the Imprezas etc That said this does offer up great deals to be had on nearly new cars. Buying new is not a good option with such big falls over the first couple of years. Finance is a get. Used my savings in the end to get my current car - could only get to 9.7% so using my savings at 7.5%. Strange that the Uber expensive end of the market is doing so well!!! Damn 1%'ers!
  9. Shouldn't that be.............Leeds leads the way with greatest number of George A. Romero zombie shoppers. As for the City mmmmm, Hotpotch of architectural inconsistancy, wielded by penny millionaire developers, with middle of the road national retail chains and 'AAArvey Nicks (which evidently makes Leeds some kind of shopping mecca of the world). Better than Manchester.....really? Don't talk to me about sophistication, i've been to Leeds.... My link
  10. Great post. The plates are spinning and we are giving far too much credit to the banpots in Office that they can carry on for years to come, they don't strike me as being in control. The ever decreasing circle of record low IRs, money printing and the counter of inflation and (sterling linked) imported inflation on goods is getting closer and closer to a mighty collision. Chuck a Euro shaped grenade in for good measure and i see it as 30 minutes into a 90 minute match, this was always going to take time.
  11. Yes, seems that way. Maybe the slow, death by a thousand cuts is driving the pedlers of boom to reality. About time!
  12. My local Favourite: Ian Briggs FRICS, Dacre, Son & Hartley, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, 01943 600655 - Markets tend to be driven by two main factors - fear and greed. Only when buyers no longer fear price falls will the market recover.
  13. On a base level that is true but frankly when i think of future generations and my own kid i cannot help but think i couldn't give two craps about the £12billion smile on the faces of those, either too naive to get where this country is or actually part of the cast of financial vanity and folly that helped us here. With the 'official' debt topping £1 trillion (and a few more beside) the Olympics have been a bad joke written for others to look back on in the future. On a purely day to day perspective yes there were great stories but as with most things nowadays it always comes with a cost. An Orwellian pagentary.
  14. Very probably but that will just ratchet up inflaton and squeeze disposable income - suffocating those struggling to afford mortgages. Yes there might be further props put in to keep things stodgy in the market but again, at another turn, they can only go so far due to the monumental debt. Merely Policy tinsel. It seems these are the months and year of ever decreasing circles as we begin to see the can hitting the cul de sac wall. By the end of 2013 if one of the big worries (German election/Euro bonds, PIGS defualt, UK bond strike over debt, Chinese cool off, Middle East kick off and oil spike) does not come through and impact on HPC they might just have pulled it off.
  15. Your summary is a great snapshot of UK boomer style living....and my own young families position. The media will and has started to mention the boomer position and it might be trendy for a while to talk this up in political circles but guess who holds the balance of votes? We are locked into this for sometime + the younger IR only/MEW-ing set (i know plenty). That this is all turning our gaze away from the real rotten root that needs pulling - the banking and corporate tax indulged, head-in-trough cartel.
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