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  1. The range rover on the never never era Sat outside the rabbit hatch new build of dubious quality and pricing.
  2. HPC forum, taking an interesting topic and suffocating it in argument and over simplified, knee jerk logic Cheap food = cheap ingredients This leads to numerius health issues, including obesity. if tou haven't got loads of cash you cannot afford to access healthier foods. it really is that simple. Having worked with and for a number of fmcg companies it's not rocket science but then again goes against the increasingly daily mail narrative of an increasing many on here.
  3. It's another binary Ralph wiggum approach. BTW it wasn't a top trumps moment. It was just highlighting yet again that the issues have been seeded for a long time. Inevitable.
  4. Can supply a list of 72 soverign nations the US has tried regime change of since ww2, if that would that help? Might also want to read up on the activities of the NED? Or maybe here's one for some of the binaries....its a bit edgy but will help connect to dots as to why this particular war has been baked in since 2014..... https://youtu.be/RVsB07CcSNw
  5. Yeah spouting amnesty International videos and bbc newsnight reports on the far right...such bile. Yeah Olive Stone, soviet hero. Btw your calcification wasn't needed. That wasn't even argued. What was but clearly beyond you, was the aspect of what the country could have achieved but didn't since 2014. Instead it's been hampered by issues I flagged on the links via bbc newsnight and amnesty, links you skipped. Such a shame..... I mean we could also talk about NED influence pre 2014 but waaaaay to much for some here. Btw grayphil good to see you back positing regularly after your covid embarrassments. It seemed like you ran away from being very wrong....the kind of wrong that costs lives if any of this message board twaddle actually stood for anything. Let's hope you get this 'one' more correct. Tho the nuances, as with a fair few on here, seem to much of a stretch for you to grasp. You lot just settle for the binary, bad man done a bad thing, ralphie wiggum approach.
  6. So basic in your grasp of your so called 'facts' you are the product of The Sun comments section. The word nuanced is sorely missing from your grasp of the situation. Fact 1 (from your list of top Sun picks). There was an election in crimea over sovereignty but don't let that worry your simplistic view of when elections do and don't count. Just as per happened in 2014. Wait less than 18months and vote in UN observed elections, nah hillary has sent black ops and suitcases of cash. Fact 2&3 please do name the right wing militants who wear a black Sun who've been operating in that region. A region, pre the messed up actions of mafioso dictator, that was majority russian. Perhaps read up on the amnesty report on what happened to gay rights activists in the region. Remind me what the ethnic balance is donehtsk is please? Actually don't. Again the country of ukraine was a post US meddling basket case, tonnes of natural resources but a nation set up like so many....on the hoof with no clear direction. Again does not equal what is happening now but the west walked away and left this situation to burn. Fact 4 - links below you naive so and so. Of course the numerous bbc reports and amnesty observations are all propaaagandaer.... Fact 5 - Syria, wow. You can barely grasp the basics in real time of the pretext of ukraine, Syria? If you want to we can talk about the use of isis there, so too indiscriminate bombing by the west but its beyond you. You also missed seemingly the 2.6trillion bombing of the middle east of the last 20years. Ps maybe better to reference Grozny but then you really know very little and explains why you didnt. The Sun won't give you the knowledge you need.... Fact 6 - no one is questioning that. As you see from my posts it is horrific and abject what is happening. Hopefully a sign to younger generations that the boomer generation approach with war is utterly pointless and moribund in future. Although this message board struggles with seeing the hypocrisy of US meddling (cos they love the regime change) pre 2014 in overthrowing an elected government (next elections were 18months away), an election over seen by the UN. Wholly myopic, basic binary grasp you have but hopefully others will think the links informative, those that can get beyond the good guy bad guy bovine narrative. For those that dont get their ques from the murdoch press.... https://www.amnesty.org/en/location/europe-and-central-asia/ukraine/report-ukraine/ https://youtu.be/hE6b4ao8gAQ and lets hope some on here can see that having a non binary view does not somehow make folk putin assets....what is this Mccarthy era stupidityl?!
  7. Some utterly gawping responses. Pure subjective waffle and little content of debate. "Illusory", wow. Nothing like chucking a word around that has naff all to do with what I've posted. Because worrying about inflationary impact on some of my friends, who are already struggling, really fits that bill. Abject response frankly. As for you IMHAL, The Sun is missing you from the comments section. Confusion of VIs a more nuanced response but again, in the new vein of HPC, all subjective spouting. Your penultimate paragraph was interesting (tho makes out russia to be the grand manipulator of a huge number of variables around geopolitics, social tech advances and renewables) when it can't even invade its neighbour with out calamity such is their corrupted and hollowed out structures....and then I read your last paragraph. Dear oh dear. Get that tin foil helmet you confused dear. For some no number of amnesty reports or actualities can sate their childlike need for a black vs white, good vs bad simplification. Hence the slurs when challenged. Strikes me as a clear narrowing of intellect on these pages. A great shame. Quite incredible also how reactive some of you are on here to being challenged with facts. Myopic doesn't even cover it, dripping with bravado from your middle class keyboards. Laughable. Don't worry Boris will keep you all safe. And you all are contributing so, so much by posting on a message board. Ukrainians are greatful.
  8. Your response to the Oliver Stone documentary is utterly subjective via the link. We are indanger of a Mccarthy type denial of any facts pertaining to a balanced view in the west. I note you didn't address the facts I highlighted in my post just the subjective interpretation of a documentary, with your response being from a group that I can only say, 'well they would say that'. Ultimately ukraine had ten years to make good with their huge industrial and agricultural potential and spent it by pushing for a reality that just doesn't exist. Allowing nationalism to ferment (fact), following a path that was created by regime change agents of the US. It was always on borrowed time. Its another illusion state created at the meddling of the west. Shall we talk Lybia? Afghanistan? How's Iraq? 72 nations since the second World War either changed or attempted regime change. Again this is not an apologist line for the billionaire mafioso style scumbag. The hurt and harm he is causing innocent folk. The heart wrenching impact. Yet do I want this country to be dragged into conflict? Do I want folk i know who barely eat all day through poverty being slung further into trouble at the behest of an illusionary nation that has been used as a proxy for East west tensions? No. This is yet another case of middle class high horsing and myopic moralising. Easy from your cushy sofa less so when you are being hit by 15%+ inflation and struggling to feed your kids.
  9. Perhaps because of covid scars HPC moves from being informative to myopic yet again. It's horrible to say but there's more nuanced debate on pistonheads. All very black and white. People making valid points about ukraine post 2014 (TV stations have been switched off, there are clear far right undertones in the country - reference amnesty international and what happens to gay rights activists, there have been ethnic blood shed). If you don't know or accept that perhaps spend more time reading and less time message board arguing. The seeds of this were laid in the build up to 2014. The overthrow of an elected leader (fact), why not wait till the next UN observed elections?....ah yeah because the US was doing what it does best, regime change. Of course I blame the despot mafia leader in Russia, of course this invasion is sickening (can the boomer generation inclined towards the old methods of war as enabler please f*ck off). Of course we all wish for a younger, future facing leadership for russia but yet again the seeds speed for so much ill yet again sowed by USA. This should have been handled much sooner. Yet again the masses will pick up the tab whilst the few benefit on both sides of the Atlantic. BTW anyone fancy watching Oliver stones take on ukraine.....shan't hold my breath, no doubt (to use an hpc bingo word of late) he's a useful idiot too.
  10. It's almost like with some responding here to a heartfelt post by a business owner (you know the types that the Tories loved before they went fullbatsh|t loco on the Alex Jones, Nero right coolaide) don't actually see the great big dollops of political, social and economic detritus pouring forth from the government of the day. Maybe it's deep-seated guilt or maybe they are just like the oaf they voted in, a cult of personality disorder.
  11. The man after a few weeks of repeating an outright lie about our leading G7 growth (worryingly no media or politicos correcting him), shifts focus with some of his boot licker MPs to Ukraine and us leading the global stage here..... Yeah that call to Putin he had to miss today due to this utter steaming catastrophe of arragonce and entitlement. The Tories deserve to be rejected for a generation. Enough to deserve mass protests. Certainly. He's be gone in a heartbeat but then we are the bovine nation. It really does need a public reaction, whilst we still are allowed..., to show the elite this post 2009 freak show has run its course .
  12. Would agree with this totally. Also reflects society. Entrenched in partisan myopia, on both sides, of which social media has hastened and deepened it. Blinkered to the reality of the fluidity of the world....of in this case a pandemic that is and will hopefully become endemic. Antivax deniers now seeing the stopped clock telling the right time off the back of this.
  13. Aren't you mistaking the progression of a virus....a not unexpected, hopefully, transition to endemic and with it the need state of future vaccines for the stopped clock approach? Seeing this evolving pattern of denialsts, anti vaxxers now jumping on the 'see, weren't we right. The virus/vaccine was weak/not working all along'.
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