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  1. I think there are way too many variables and too few relevant data points for Zoopla estimates to ever be accurate. In my mind it’s just a tool to help ramp prices and encourage people to sell. Zoopla make money out of listings, actual prices are irrelevant to their business model.
  2. Holidays abroad this year, last 2 years most people stayed in the UK
  3. I think if you want lack of regulations in general or "liberty" then either move to a second or third world country or move to the USA. All of them have problems just like the UK. Just different problems. Bringing it back to housing though, what I can guarantee is there are many people in this country who squeal about mortgage rates and how painful it is that interest rates going up and want a bail out etc. I am VERY confident that less than half of those people didn't vote for this government, either because they voted elsewhere, or not at all. If everyone had to vote then it would be much better for a party with a majority mandate because it would be harder for people to whinge and whine that only a few folks voted for these people and they didn't ask for this. It might also force political parties to be a lot broader in their thinking because currently they can be strategic about the groups they're targeting, knowing that less than half of the adult population actually bother to vote. Frankly a general election vote is NOT representative of the people of the UK at all.
  4. let's just say we wouldn't be the first country to introduce it. I think there are arguments for or against. The biggest argument I can see is that turnouts are very low in the UK so the election results are very unrepresentative of the electorate as a whole.
  5. We shouldn't have funded them at all. Most other countries didn't and they survived just fine Regardless of lockdowns or not, the furlough schemes etc could have been avoided completely by other emergency measures imposed on banks, councils, utility companies etc. DIdn't need to throw money at random people in a completely unjust and unjustified way. In fact it would have been a good wake up call for many individuals on how exposed they are with their personal finances which would have overall been a good thing for the country in my mind. I agree that prices won't drop 9% but some might. Petrol has historically fluctuated in price a lot and I can easily see it dropping back 20% again at some point. Other prices may drop back a bit but I think that the UK is hit more than most because we have a general labour shortage thanks to a combination of Brexit & Covid which will continue to drive wage inflation. I also don't have a lot of confidence that the government won't just crumble under pressure of strikes and hand out huge payrises causing inflation to get even worse
  6. or make voting mandatory in general and postal votes requiring a clear verifiable excuse like a disability
  7. Not sure if anyone has posted this but about time it started making the newa https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-10952297/amp/Bank-England-Governor-Andrew-Bailey-rack-inflation.html
  8. I don't know. There are always reports that in immigrant communities it is rife but I've only seen this proven on a few occasions. Covid loan fraud, how big of a problem is it ? Pretty sure that most people would say that the covid loan fraud is a much bigger deal because it involves money. However, voter fraud involves the entire budget of the UK Please don't think I'm support BoJo here, he's an idiot and will be gone soon enough. But I've always found it quite surprising that no-one ever asks for ID at the polling station. Quite unusual compared to other European countries. Personally I think it's hard to argue that a lot of people don't have some form of ID in this day and age.
  9. I don't think the SNP have a clue what it looks like because I don't think they've run the numbers. Frankly, it's not in their interests to do so because it won't look good. Even independence isn't in their interest in the end as they will not retain power beyond an independence event - they will become irrelevant as a political party. Their entire being relies on the "fight for independence" continuing. Its clear that they don't have competent enough people to run public services. Every time their performance is called out they squeal independence and how much better it would be. They never address their failings. I'm pretty sure that Scotland are thinking they're going to get a massive bung from the rest of the UK to start their new life. Not a chance as far as I'm concerned. If they want to go then I'm fine with that. Personally I am British, not English. I don't believe in independence for any of the 4 countries even though I'm actually from England and England would be better off on it's own financially. Pretty sure they did prove there was Russian interference in the Brexit vote through social media etc.
  10. This is their problem not England's if they want to do it. I don't have any desire to stop Scotland from becoming independent. What I haven't seen from the SNP is any real form of analysis, thinking, planning on what an independent Scotland would look like. Where's the budget plan? I mean if you're going to recommend to the country you govern that they go independent then you really need to be able to show people what it looks like. If this exists then I'd love to see it. Right now the SNP have some of the worst performing public services in the UK even though they get higher tax money per capita. Independence might well be the way forward, but the people in charge of Holyrood are almost certainly not the right people to lead an independent Scotland.
  11. Yes, but not checked that against any proof that the person is who they say they are.
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