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  1. These prices are exactly why I would never live in London. Its a joke. For that money you could get a more than 3x that space with a decent garden + garage in an easily commutable area.
  2. The way I read that thread is that banks or brokers are checking that people are paying their taxes. The specific reason being that HMRC are front of the queue and the banks don’t want to be behind HMRC in the collection queue if the borrower defaults. Did you read that differently?
  3. Really sorry to hear that, AnneD. I've experienced this with my wife's family as well and it's really very upsetting, particularly those who give up a lot of their own personal freedom to care for ageing parents. I have long since realised that money, or the chance of money, makes people show their true colours and it often isn't pretty. I really wish you all the best with your personal health.
  4. "Is the earth flat" "are house cats nocturnal"
  5. The difference in value, vs volume doesn't stack up either. On average you'd expect them to be proportional.
  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/18/stamp-duty-tax-raid-prompts-sharp-drop-buy-to-let-lending/ Investors borrowed £4.4 billion for buy-to-let purchases in March 2016 as they tried to get in before the changes took effect. But lending in March of this year stood at just £900 million, amounting to a drop in the value of lending of almost 80 per cent. Meanwhile, in March of this year there were just 6,500 buy-to-let loans issued but before the stamp duty shake-up was announced it was routine for more than 10,000 to be agreed every month, according to the Daily Mail.
  7. It's no different to the stock market in that respect. Now that sales data is freely available people can develop algorithms like Zoopla have. In the same way that automated systems built on those algorithms cause larger and more exaggerated swings in the market, indexes like Zooplas could easily do the same to house prices. That data wasn't available during the last housing crash and will add a new flavour to this one I'm sure.
  8. Bored at work so thinking about brushing up on some new technologies. I thought I might grab the land registry data from the government's website and make a simple site to start displaying some data. Obviously there's a lot of people doing this and the info is pretty easy to find. However, there are always interesting ways to display data. Does anyone have any thoughts about how they might like to see this data presented or mined ? I'll probably start off with the boring stuff first to do the basic learning but would be interesting to have a goal in mind which might help those on this site gain some new insight or prove / disprove some "gut feelings"
  9. Most of your ideas fit with my ideals. Not sure why so many on here are so against benefit cuts when most seem to be genuine believers in living an honest life and being self supporting. The UK has badly lost its way when it comes to government spending.
  10. You're effectively saying that we've made all the important progress and now it's just refinement. That's an incredibly small minded view. I expect us to continue to develop new ideas faster than ever, not slow down. If we are teaching our undergraduates to think like that then we are screwed.
  11. Even better is if the compulsory purchase happens down the line but the tenants up and leave earlier. No one is going to rent a place which is known to be in line for bulldozing soon, since they'd just be moving again. A nice void coming up potentially!
  12. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/mark-carney-bank-of-england-jacob-rees-mogg-michael-gove-brexit-economy-a7376206.html this journalist needs his head testing. We're a first world country. I'm fairly confident we can find someone at home to do a better job.
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