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  1. Would be inclined to agree, given the current state of 'look at those ghastly Tories you voted for with their snouts in the trough' approach. They fail to say what they would do. However, the last election saw them propose economic policy that was OBR costed (something the Tories failed to do), that had strong policies based upon progressive scandi and German approaches but we're utterly overlooked and played down by the rabid press. This issue is still alive and kicking and the Everest peak that has to be scaled.....when we know it can't be. Hence why we have a overtly corrupt government, chock full of cronyism, that lies shamelessly and still gets away with it. Why? Because we have tax avoiding billionaires who don't want progressive policies. The same group who own large swathes of the UK media. Hence we have people in Hartlepool, Boro, Stoke etc who think an Etonian liar has their backs. Lets face it politics is gone. Democracy is an illusion. The voters brain addled by lies and half truths presented to them by a complicit and bovine mediascape
  2. If you had held your nose in 2002 you would have said property by now. Very sad to see the conformational bias on this site push another person into the delusion of holding out for something that just isn't going to happen.
  3. You missed Brazil, sure they could take you and the conspiracy loon arpeggio. You'd love it over there right now, perfect for the lockdown denier this time of year.
  4. This sentiment is when you know the shysters at persimmon and co have won. Amazing. My gaff is approaching half a millennia and does the whole house thing rather better than the grot boxes of the last fifty years. Warm in winter, cool in summer....those things like a low slow roof on the prevailing wind. A roof and walls that insulates through the basic material used. Built through necessity not bottom line bingo. But yeah knock them old houses down so the lovely chaps from our modern day house building cos can sign you an NDA and stick you in a grot box.
  5. Welcome to villages in the north. Of my experience of villages round west and particularly north Yorkshire they were victims of two things....the property boom conversion of amenities as you point out to houses and also the under or non existent funding of council things like parks, playgrounds, sports clubs. Coupled with some of the northern types who do well out of provincial finance style jobs in York and Leeds who use these villages as a glorified dormer stop and it makes whole swathes of villages dead and lacking any community. Down south and from my more limited experience there seems to be a lot more on offer. (Have two pubs, library, two shops, two hairdressers, hardware store, some vintage homeware pop ups, takeaway vans, tennis court, big playground in a village of 1800.... would never come close up north to having any of that.)
  6. Some of the guess can get very bitey but as you say one can navigate relatively easy. Really love walking to the local shop and bumping into folk and chatting. Is the same at the pubs. You can go out without the good lady and still sit down for a few pints and a chat with someone you know. Something that is also great for kids. They grow up somewhere where they are part of a community. We used to go out pre co#£d as a group occasionally and they'd be lads in their late teens, late 20s and us older lot. Teenagers being in a suburban environment may actually encourage more loneliness I would imagine. Yes the transport is an issue but seems to be decent jobs and have good rail links to city's and busses to towns. The difference between a northern village and southern one might be notable.
  7. Yes true re the cars. One bubble into the mobile bubble. Suburbia largely as dormers for white collar workers now characterising it in the present day. Community long since avoided.
  8. The blankness of surbubia....where in more middle class areas means you barely know your neighbors. Countryside you get to know loads of different types and ages, you say hello and chat rather than head down, modern co-existance characterised nowadays by insularism
  9. Haha no. So are you a Milton, Shipton, or the even posher lot up at Ascott? 😀
  10. Yep and lays behind a lot of the them and us mindset, quite rightly shown by locals. Has been amusing seeing the surprise of others who have also moved in to the area that we have made good friends with locals far better than the 'what you got/where you from' brigade who associate size of house, profession etc with the types you should be perceived to be hanging around. The pretension in this set is strong.
  11. Had the misfortune of reading this. She lives not far from me and found the article laughable. Her definition of a new group of friends was irony in the extreme. There is a real problem for locals here with this set of people. We've moved down a few years ago and people locally are really friendly (more so than the parochial, snooty fest that was harrogate). The people who aren't are the M40 set, who are repugnantly showy. Even if they don't live in the most spectacular of places. There are some amazing pubs and a good range (again better than the supposed heartland of Yorkshire). Yeah taxis are expensive but I am sure Mrs toffee nose could afford more than the slave Ubers she is used to. Total London, upwardly snotty attitude. It's not clever but gave her some stick on Instagram, the affected bint.
  12. What a scat spray of shite, Alex Jones lives strong in this one. What were you doing for these groups pre the pandemic? Ah no they are totems to your own alt fight mania.....even when science and fact bears testimony to the impact of Covid, to the impact of lockdown, all on a global scale there are still those in the alt reality spouting conspiracy, conspiracy but, but, but cargo cultism semantics.
  13. Heard this from friends of a similar age. Much going for them but the advent of dating going online, being commoditised and social media layered means loads end up in this odd limbo land where dating is only tangible via the medium of swiping/presenting your life in faux social media for initial evaluation. That said the lads I know see online dating as a blocker on getting intimate. With girls happy to send messages back and forth in lieu of actually getting a date and so on. Many have not been out on the old notion of 'the pull'. Chatting up and then getting to know a stranger in a bar just seems to happen very seldom now. As you highlighted, this seems to be impacting female, urban professionals. Interestingly the old approach to dating is still alive and well in the local villages around my way.
  14. Internet dating has taken the chance aspect out of the equation. Can't imagine what it is like nowadays. Horrific. Prescribed to certain people based on well researched looks and cash potential via social media. Youngsters literally never going out on the 'pull' anymore. Just swiping.
  15. Have seen a fair few friends fall foul of these types. They expect. Whilst sat at home with their brains and reality slowly rotting. Has led to my more successful friends having terrible relationships. That said we all (if you were on an average or above salary) used to have the choice whether one or both spouses had to work. The monetising of our right to shelter has meant that was sacrificed under the banner of equality and both halves slogging their guts out paying their modern mortgage indenture. Fine balance tho....as the well to do stay at home mums seem mostly empty, a bit mad (the effect of social media possibly) and oddly intimidated by the other female halves who do work.
  16. Great Monday morning post. There is that feeling that social media has created a speed date style approach to protest.....BLM, what really changed both sides of the Atlantic. The inequality, grinding Social deterioration that was the precursor has still not been addressed. This will be another case. The knee jerk protests addressing the action but not the issues driving such situations. Has much to do with the Twitter facejerk mentality. We consume even our points of protest nowadays, then move onto the next topic not the day. Hence they don't get outraged at a nurse up north being macheted to death, or an northern ex army lass from Donny being butchered but metropolitans get triggered by this. The point about the risk to others is central. Would have every sympathy with them all post June and we are back to normal but Europe is still in a pandemic. The same mindset that also see's no-one question why she was walking such a distance alone at night and off round a mates house. Neither of these in anyway should mean horrific loss of life as a consequence but it does illuminate the odd times and approaches people thereafter take, where domestic abuse up north does not have the merit to protest and vigil as someone rolling the dice down in London. To me this sparks of a load of bandwagon jumpers at the event and I do, oddly for me, have every sympathy with the cops.
  17. Immense word btw. Bravo and will use that. However, bs on the rest of that last paragraph. Ever read The Sun?
  18. We were indeed an odd isle. One which with social media has heeped yet more oddness, schism and individualism. At its heart is what Adam Curtis called out recently, the malignant racism which sits at the heart of the middle class and glinting flashes seen with the neo lib metropolitan set. The faux progressive mindset that patronised but didn't help black poverty in the 70s and the vigil by selection does seem to be a question I can't square here. One of our own. The feeling at this end from my wife was why was she out walking late at night, why was she visiting friends... lockdown really is just meant to apply to the non metropolitans it seems. Specsavers, having your swinging German mistress round, weekends in the country still etc etc. She also expressed surprise at the kick back against blokes in all of this. She was being cat called and leered at whilst a teen in the 90s. It's not right at all but why does it apply now and why not look at dodgy coppers first. Surely that's the issue? The copper who murdered his lover last year....remind me of the sentence?! Manslaughter as he was wrestling her out the car. Feck me. They've been like it for decades. My best mates dad was high up in the Bournemouth nick. He chucked him and his mum around. They couldn't do a thing. The force openly said so. This was the 00s but this culture doesn't vanish overnight. But then in our clammering idiocy, that you point out, the actual issue isn't the issue. It's the pushing over of a metropolitan neo lib, it's the trampling of flowers. Get your selves down an away end at football, that rough house treatment has been there forever. But then thats a load of lads from Bradford and we didnt count. All reeks of a metropolitan, neo lib movement showing its also quite happy to feck off any social contract to beating this pandemic.
  19. "“They were doing that all over. They were basically trying to get everyone to go by being really intimidating and hostile,” Sweet lord, those there yesterday have never been an away fan at a football match. That's friendly, try being kettles, hit round the legs, have dogs snapping at you from a few inches away. And that's just Sheffield Wednesday away. Part of the problem here is that a fair few had a taste of policing reality. They've also got to get a grip in the context of a pandemic that is ripping through Europe again. Fair enough in normal times and would feel massive sympathy but feck me, one rule for me individualism lands again.
  20. Yes, good point but the she wasn't a good wage earner living in London.
  21. Innocent question. But why the vigil? Why now? Why not any of the considerable amount of other females murdered this last year? Yes it's churlish to raise comparison but the nurse who was macheted to death by her ex partner last year not more of a cause? As opposed to a London based marketing manager who walked miles at night back to Brixton? Interested why this has seen such an outpouring. The location and class perhaps speak volumes. The neo lib lamenting. So to I feel some bandwagon, let's defy anything attendees....the whiff of Piers Corbyn sniffing round there yesterday too.....
  22. It was more about the general media and ensuing, general public opinion. However, I know personally from some gers fans that it did kick off and wasn't "allowed"....they got away with it due to numbers at points but way more arrests made in Glasgow than yesterday. Plus there was a notable media/backlash that the neo lib types didn't receive at all. Look at the pictures, how many people were there yesterday and it was no different from the examples I gave. One lot got pity and cross party support, the other examples did not.
  23. Can't help but see the irony of the outrage. BLM, white working class, protty rangers fans..... gathering bad. Neo lib types doing the same....how dare the police. Never thought I would say this but feel sorry for the police. Fecked on both sides by their political masters and media stooges.
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