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  1. Seems that they are confusing "anti-fascist" with "anarchist"
  2. But the costs of Brexit have started to accumulate already. Most obviously, and ironically, with our fishermen.
  3. I certainly was never accusing you of being racist - far from it. But I would flag something on the "it's a religion not a race" - I don't think the atheists born of Jewish parents were saved from the gas chambers. Of course Jewish people are principally just a subset of the Semitic peoples and there are also Ethopian Jews etc, but given that "race" is such a fluid concept, I think most accept that there is a heavy overlap between religion and our everyday concept of race when is applies to Jews and Judaism. The policies of Israel should definitely be held up to scrutiny and it has done much w
  4. Point taken. Either way, the BOE was once a privately held bank that had shareholders, so hardly surprising that those shareholders were compensated when it was nationalised in 1946. But I was ultimately raising this whole point to call out Arpeggio and his racist tropes.
  5. You're right. I think the two blur together to some extent because Palestine has a special place in the left's heart disproportionate to every other territorial conflict in the world. You will very rarely meet a Jew who is not in favour of Israel's right to exist, so the line between Zionism and Jewishness is blurred. There is also the close link with some of the excesses of capitalism and Jewish people - Goldman Sachs' most senior executives are always Jewish. Given the left's anti-capitalist leaning, the Jewish banker stereotype is easily fed by this one form alone.
  6. I only joined this thread when it was a couple of days old, but going back to your OP, it does feel like a very open question, appealing as much to Jehovah Witnesses, Trump fanatics and those welcoming/fearing Brexit.
  7. Certainly has been (I mentioned this above). Anti-Semitism is found on the left but still attracts the far right, its traditional base.
  8. In some corners of YouTube there are people who genuinely believe that this is going to happen and are praying for it.
  9. Of course - another fiction with its roots in anti-Semitism
  10. Sharing anti-Semitic tropes about the Rothschilds for starters.
  11. A lot of people just block him because he is both an attention seeking tosser and also a racist troll.
  12. It is hardly speculation when they are deliberately invented stories to attack Jews. It has the same heritage as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I imagine an open racist like @Argeggio has read it. From recollection, the biggest original investor in the BOE was the King, who was the first investor and put in £1000, which was rather a lot in the 1680s or whenever. And the internet is littered with Rothschild quotations which are also all total fiction (e.g. "I care not who controls the government, give me control of the money...") which basically reinforce the message that the
  13. The value of shares were replaced with perpetual bonds at pretty low interest rate. Their value had dropped to almost nothing as of about ten years ago due to inflation. However the BOE bought them all back about ten years ago because interest rates had fallen so low they became relatively expensive. There is now no direct external financial interest in the BOE whatsoever.
  14. People who get outraged by mixed toilets (Mail, Express readers etc) dislike it so much that they come up with plenty of bizarre reasons and scenarios to avoid any change. However, it is not only practical reasons why they are mixed. I went to a very politically correct Students' Union not so long ago. Not only had they banned clapping in favour of jazz hands, but all the loos had been changed to joint. This means that men now have to queue for ages to get into a cubical behind the women and the women have to wipe the urine off the seat every time they sit down. No one would b
  15. All shares in the Bank of England were purchased by the Treasury in 1946 under The Bank of England Act (1946). You can't read the legislation if you want. Perhaps the Rothschilds were one of the shareholders whose shares were compulsorily purchased - they probably were, one of many. At no point did the Rothschilds "own" the Bank of England and what "some say" is just helping to perpetuate an anti-Semitic myth. And they do not own a percentage of all the world's central banks. It's laughable nonsense.
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