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  1. Obviously a lot do have the large deposits, or otherwise the housing market would have pretty much collapsed.
  2. It's a large property and Usk is a pretty desirable location. To me, "ordinary" is three bedrooms and about 1200 sq ft. In Cardiff that will cost about half the price of the properties you list. Still expensive and you'll need a household income approaching £100k plus deposit, but not totally out of reach to ordinary people.
  3. Just reading this page, I can see why I have stayed away from this thread for a while.
  4. 😆 You missed the possibility that perhaps I trawled though 500,000 posts to find one where he revealed his vaccine status.
  5. "please shut up about it" - how many times do I have to say the matter is closed, but you keep on posting on the matter in replies to me. Perhaps I misinterpreted your prose, but this rather theatrical turn of phrase, employing the rhetorical tricolon, suggested some level of pride.
  6. I keep on saying the matter was closed but you keep on bring the matter up. Make up your mind! But yes, once your vaccination status was public, and now you have changed your mind and decided to make it a private issue.
  7. It is a fair point, but I put up a hypothetical example of a disease that was deadly and required a weekly self-administered vaccine. Bruce Banner was clear that he would rather die than have to do that. COVID ius rather different, of course. Yes, you will probably catch it, but you most likely won't die from it.
  8. It's difficult for those us without a medical background when the CDC says things like this: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/lab/grows-virus-cell-culture.html https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-covid-rna-idUSL1N2LS27P Obviously they must be using the term "isolated" in a different sense to the one they are using.
  9. Gosh, "silly" and "little" - both barrels, boom. As I said, I consider the matter closed, but yes, I imagine that you now are vaccinated, because you wanted to make it easier to get to France, but as you no longer wish to talk about, I will not bring the matter up again.
  10. Yes of course, but a few months ago he was proudly telling us that he wasn't vaccinated, so it was he that chose to make this otherwise private matter public. But as I said above, I accept that he has changed his mind and will not bring the matter up again in relation to his current status,
  11. So you don't want to answer the hypothetical. The black death killed a third of the population of Europe, so we have clear historical basis for such things.
  12. Were we? I don't know. What fear levels? You chose not to quote anything that I said which could be promoting fear, and what is claimed without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
  13. I don't think I am being silly or argumentive. You were happy and rather proud of your unvaccinated status in May and thus made it a public rather than private matter, yet now are rather touchy about the subject. I have my suspicions as to why you have changed your mind about discussing the matter (and I think everyone else can guess as well), but you've made it clear that you do not want to discuss your own vaccine status, so I will respect that hereon and consider the matter closed. Now let's get back to talking about vaccines for everybody else (other than yourself).
  14. That's your choice. A lot of people to have to inject themselves on a regular (diabetics) and put up with up it. Perhaps some of them do prefer death to the mild inconvenience.
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