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  1. As above - with Mikhail. Anyway, noted that you aren't anti-vaxx. Everyone on each side has a slightly different perspective, which is what makes it entertaining.
  2. I apologise - I misunderstood - and so, apparently do others.
  3. 'Vadst43' looks like the first half of an email address from a disposable email address generator.
  4. So nice of you to grace us with your presence and valuable contribution. With comments like "CNN🤣" we could do more with members of your calibre. But you didn't answer, who is paying you, and why the disposable email address?
  5. Yeah, I've been paid by Mossad since 2005 to post anti-house price inflation information. And who's paying you, new joiner with no apparent interest in house prices, using a disposable email address?
  6. It's a Republican state, of course, and COVID, like climate change, is a political rather than scientific dogma in the USA. It has got to the stage where people are refusing it on point of principle, even though they know it might kill them, but accepting it means accepting socialism, gun control and AOC or something. Michael Freedy in the story above was due to get it, just didn't get round to it. But Kim Maginn, the Arkansas grandmother sounds like a classic graduate of the scientific department of the University of Facebook.
  7. About 90% of the population have antibodies now, and most of those who don't are young and getting infected (including my own child who is currently infected, and enjoying the novel experience of not being able to taste). The 10% who don't have antibodies still constitute 6m people, so the virus will spread around for some time to come, but that still may occur fairly quickly.
  8. Your valuable insights have really listed the quality of this discussion. Perhaps you would prefer the Fox version: https://www.foxnews.com/us/vaccine-dad-sends-heartbreaking-text-before-death
  9. I thought he hadn't from stuff I read, so I was a bit surprised that he implied it was something of a secret. Anti-vaxxers are a number of shades, as are pro-vaxxers. And to explore your analogy, if I had to get a vaccine every single week of my life to reduce my chance of dying (i.e. make a real lifestyle change), it would not seem worth it for a small percentage risk of dying - akin to reducing salt, processed food, or reducing my alcohol intake (the latter I probably should do!). But this is just going for a quick injection at a centre near you, free of charge. It does not seem proportionate to pass it up given the cost/benefit calculation, unless you have grave concerns about the safety of the vaccine. But each to their own.
  10. Some shout with glee that it means vaccine/lockdowns aren't working.
  11. Apologies - I assumed that you were one of those who had decided not to get the vaccination. However, if it were my choice, my decision as to whether or not get the vaccination, factors would not include two fingers up to Boris Johnson. There might be some things that I would risk an early grave for, but making an unacknowledged statement to Boris Johnson is not one of them. But each to their own.
  12. But that was his personal decision - most don't take that view. For the average OAP, a partial lockdown doesn't make all that much difference anyway. Although from memory, I think he wants to go to France, but can't now because of the near zero risk of harm from a vaccine. I do like Drat's question posed above - if an anti-vaxxer like Bruce is happy to take high risks with his own life, why does he oppose the minor risk of a vaccine?
  13. He's a regular at Ministry of Sound - the closure of nightclubs was a massive change in lifestyle for him. And you ask two excellent questions. The first in particular.
  14. I suppose that makes sense when you get to your age
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