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  1. Exactly. And as you said, to anyone looking at that list and not reading the article, read it and put yourself in their shoes.
  2. I don't see many real complaints about the amount, it's spelling out the reality of living like that and the fact the universal credit sh1t show will make it even worse. And even if they were milking it I no longer give a toss about people playing the system anyway. Rational choice given the slave wages I'm seeing out there. With the disenfranchisement the housing props and landlord/corporate subsidies (Tax credits and / UC is just that) have caused over the last two decades, I think anyone who has decided to down tools has more or less the right idea.
  3. Apart from the mobile phone contracts (on which they might be able to save about £28 p/m) and the unspecified household furnishings, I can’t pick many holes in their expenses given the circumstances. so is the FFS an understandable expression at the obscene way universal credit payments are handled? Or is it a bizarre gasp of frustration targeted at family severely down on their luck? It would be good to add some context just so we are clear.
  4. Frugal Git

    Converstaions with BTLs

    Tesla has different issues to aapl and amzn. Aapl has saturation and product pricing to deal with in the mid term. Amzn is fundamentally overvalued. Tesla - the bond and it's (brilliant but crazy) CEO. But I agree with you in general. I've played it long many times too 😉 If you've found what works stick to it. I trade for fun and a little bit of side money.
  5. Frugal Git

    Converstaions with BTLs

    I'm short Tesla as a trade currently - which is bizarre I love the company and will get a model S at some point. But it's just a punt. But for now: 1) Tesla is currently bucking the general market - it's near the All time high, whilst most tech stocks (and Tesla is a tech stock, regardless of industry) are being whacked. If the market continues its current trajectory, Tesla will be hit too. 2) 360 is the important target for the convertible bond. It has to be above that - but I reckon that's a ceiling price. If it successfully converts most bondholders to stock, it'll drop again. 3) Its volatility over the past 6 months is legendary. It is a fantastic traders tool. Regardless of anything else, it'll have a scare before the bond thing is decided. So I'm short at 337. Target price 275. stop loss 370. I'll lose very little regardless, as it's a small position. Nothing but a punt - long term I hope it survives and thrives.
  6. Frugal Git

    Converstaions with BTLs

    Balls of steel 👍 (I am currently short Tesla!)
  7. Frugal Git

    Work Less, Earn More: Is A Four-Day Week The Solution?

    On a 25k salary you don't as much luxury of choice, agreed. If you earn more though - I always wonder why more people don't pursue the potential opportunity and at least ask if it's something they want. I promised myself once I hit 50k, I'd go 3 days for 30k. Ended up doing it much earlier than that, and no regrets. Now my part time wage is greater than the FT one i was on when I did it 10 years ago (non inflation adjusted admittedly, but point is it doesn't have to stop your earning potential).
  8. Frugal Git

    Work Less, Earn More: Is A Four-Day Week The Solution?

    10 years into a three day week now. Could never go back to five days. Still dumping 50% of salary into pension as well. Only positive things to say about doing so, and more productive for my employer too.
  9. Frugal Git

    Where is your bottom? (Stock Market indexes that is)

    I've said it on here many times, but much more satisfying than the idea of stopping work completely has been working part time (in a job I like). I've been doing it for a decade now. The only difficult part was/is switching jobs and getting what I'm 'worth' due to the reduced leverage - but have managed that too. It's worth attempting if you feel downtrodden and can afford to do so. I'm a much better worker for it too. Absolutely no difference in the quality of life and the clincher was too much went in tax/commute etc when I was full time. Still dumping 1/2 my salary in pension through sal sac so effectively living on 1.5 days income. Life circumstances have changed recently so also looked into tax credits etc. If I didn't do that my marginal tax rate was 73%. Altogether recommended.
  10. You are John Gregory and I claim my five pounds.
  11. Frugal Git

    UK earnings growth accelerates

    Doubt this will be an issue. People from abroad are not coming here to chase the money any more (not in skilled jobs at least - if they want to play the benefit game that’s different). The ones that tech employers want - well they know full well that UK wages aren’t very good and they want proper money. Skilled wages will need to go up at least 50% in real terms for this place to be attractive for decent talent.
  12. Frugal Git

    UK earnings growth accelerates

    No question for advertised roles this is increasingly the case. Let’s see how quickly this new ‘market rate’ is applied to people currently in jobs.... 😉 Still I know plenty of people languishing on 36-48k around here with way over a decade plus experience, and plenty of recruiters still coming to me at 45-50k (laughable for the area and 20 years of very varied experience). for those with good, valuable skills and talent, they should be looking for and asking for 70-80k+ now. A lot has changed in a short time. As I’ve mentioned before, the Silicon Valley salaries make 70k sterling look like chump change anyway. We are very very cheap now for American firms.
  13. I did a similar journey (entering from near Dresden) and it's stark isn't it - the contrast between the German autobahns with their never ending roadworks and crappy surfaces - and then those glorious new ones as you enter Poland.
  14. By miles. Go there and see the road infrastructure - makes here look awful. I visited there last year and this year. * minimum wage had increased over 5% this year * General salaries picking up more so * Prices were up significantly on basics + fast food was much more expensive than a year ago it felt * Most importantly housing is still *relatively* well priced. Might as well go there before the HPI cancer really takes off.
  15. Frugal Git

    Pay pressure on businesses in the UK

    That is true 😁 I've been conflicted with it - I used to be much nicer, less hard nosed and a couple of degrees less confident. Nevertheless I learned saying 'Please sir can I have some more?' gets you nowhere. If you can say "I'm worth X, and if I can't get it here I'll have to look around" or "they've offered me a 40% rise, I think I've a lot more to offer here but....." Then that gets you a lot further. Pretty much my experience with women too 😂

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