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  1. Indeed - all valid. Though not doing salary sacrifice (for pension) complicates matters in terms of reporting etc I believe. The problem is the means testing for it to work for you. No more saving for a deposit on a house etc - as soon as you hit 6k savings, boom - that UC is tapered fast. A piddly 16k and its 'spend that first'. So much for social mobility and aspiration. So yeah, you would have to commit to the idea of deferred gratification 😂
  2. I happily paid tax for many years, up until 2007/08. I grumbled a bit about paying tax up to 2013 in the initial QE era. Then they announced help to buy. *Game over* for me paying any more tax than is legally necessary to notionally be a part of funding this. I adhere to every legal rule, but I will take advantage of every single way that I can legally keep as much as possible of the efforts of my productivity and investment gains. I will probably be paying a truck load of tax in the next few years, because I'm at an income level that will make it utterly unavoidable, but
  3. The decent electric bikes really start in the low/mid 2k region - but it's worth stretching to those. If you want a road bike - look at the orbea gain range or the Ribble sl-e. If you want a hybrid, get the Ribble cgr Al e. Both are in the low/mid 2k range and readily available for cycle to work. You can go much much higher but the gains become very marginal. Dave Brailsford might have based his success on that but you don't need to be an idiot like me - the difference between my bike and one of those is .... not a lot when you're actually riding it.
  4. Where did you get that idea? I have said repeatedly on here, yes, that the rational choice *is* to do everything you can to claim UC by reducing your income if you are cash/asset (sub 16k worth) poor, rent and have kids on a modest income. You've been screwed by housing inflation, so make the system work for you. I'm not asset or income poor, so that's not an option for me. I can't sacrifice down to those levels of income and I'm way past escape velocity on assets now.
  5. (Especially when you consider that a family with two 50k earners would receive the full whack child benefit - and two personal allowances, but one 60k earner with one personal allowance doesn’t - at that point it really has to be done because the rules are so ridiculous).
  6. At a 70% discount, who cares? At a 60k gross salary after pension contribs we would have £3333.70 per year in child benefit taken away. At 50k gross (after getting the bike) - that child benefit stays. If I stick to the 60k I would keep about 5800 of the gross over 50k after tax and NI. And no bike. if I sacrifice to 50k, I get a 10k bike, and that 3333.70. So net cost of bike to me - ~3k because there’s an ownership payment too. at this point I do it on principle 😂 and it wasn’t me who made the rules either 🤷🏻‍♀️ https://www.gov.uk/child-benef
  7. Ok then. Next year it’s 40k more into my pension, 3.6k into partners, another 10k road bike on cycle to work, maximise ISA allowances, more gold, more shares, more crypto, a Tesla that’ll be charged with solar and attempt to further reduce spending. whatever I can do to reduce income tax receipts whilst this dreadful behaviour continues. Ever since help to buy was announced, this has been the default strategy.
  8. As livid as I am about not being able to get bitcoin in my HL sipp prior to the stupid FCA ban (my fault too), I do have the eth ETN 😁
  9. Well, thinking about it I’ve made similar decisions so I can well sympathise. In 2008 I held shares that would have seen me a multi millionaire today, but flogged them for very minor profits. I had a large amount of Nvidia at $8, arm when it was 80p, aapl at $6 equivalent (its split since I was playing with it). that said back then I also shorted Amazon 😂 learnt my lesson eventually - these days I more or less do what you said and sell little bits as the price goes up sometimes, or just flog my stake and keep the rest as ‘free’
  10. Bloody hell. I didn’t read in detail to see he was all out. It doesn’t quite make sense because what I did read showed he was right on its potential back then - frequently saying it could easily hit 5/6 figures. interesting though - the distribution of bitcoin has indeed been aided by the early miners/buyers cashing out, when their personal dreams were achieved. That’s quite a lovely thing. and so it goes on.... on the topic of earning ‘interest’ on bitcoin, well that just screams dodgy to me, and utterly against its ethos - don’t quite know why I feel that way, just do 🤷🏻‍♀️
  11. Agreed on the significance of 21. And on the rest of the message. That said, if you assume that most holders do not have more than 2 wallets/addresses (dangerous assumption I know), then assessed based on https://bitinfocharts.com/top-100-richest-bitcoin-addresses.html ....there’s only about 450k addresses with over 100k USD worth at current values, so it’s likely that holding ~3 btc *probably* puts anyone with that currently in a club of less than a million members.
  12. It’s kinda nuts when you think about it - the relativity of it all. 2013 - world gasps at someone who swapped 10000 for a couple of pizzas 2021 - we gasp at a guy who swapped 650 bitcoin for a house deposit in 2013 or something 2028 .... - people gasp at me for swapping 1 for a Tesla model S in 2021 (I won’t be doing that - whether it goes up or down!)
  13. Was just reading the beginnings of this thread. Traktion talking about having 650 btc and selling for a house deposit 😳 @markyh- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333855734623 😂 hd7950 is now going for pretty good money again.
  14. Impressed with nicehash - whatever happened since that hack, they’ve developed a lot. The (crypto to crypto) exchange seems reasonable. Quite tempted to do some pointlessly silly trading with the Sats (maybe buy some chainlink, swap out to some Xrp, over to eth etc etc) just for fun. Once I hit 1 mBTC in there (ETA < 3 days more mining ) I might just do it. I know, I know. Hodl the sats. But makes a change from betfair for such thrills. apologies to @MonsieurCopperCrutch- I’ll probably try out lightning later then.
  15. That is so terribly delicious. Your lack of being able to form a logical sentence ends up meaning your statement makes more sense.
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