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  1. I don't disagree. Even with bangernomics, it's not cheap to run one. You're right, hiring or taxis make a lot of sense for light users. Does anyone run a car for ~10k miles per year for less than £200 p/m all in (that's depreciation, insurance, fuel, tax, tyres, maintenance) p/m? If so that's impressive. I'm currently in a state of blissful delusion, because my owned outright Tesla costs me nothing to charge, and maintenance is negligible. But even if I amortise the cost over the 15-20 years I plan on owning it, and cross my fingers for no big bills, the opportunity cost of otherwi
  2. Bloodbath imho. Very similar to oil 2008. Big drop around 20k, a little bull trap and then whoosh down. but ... and this is the important thing, it didn’t die.
  3. Good stuff, and I totally agree it’s about *way* more than housing. I followed ‘wish I could afford one’s philosophy about being aggressive about earnings and building up a wedge, but not compromising my part timeness, and pretty much yours on not being too cheap, and Durham born/dorkins on finding satisfaction in living in a certain way. That blend has put me in a good position. thanks to all unorthodox thinkers on here.
  4. On housing, what I’ve noticed is that (not all, but most) million/multi million pound houses round here look like they are well, well worth it. 400k houses in the same locale I wouldn’t pay 200k for by comparison. 200k houses, 50k is what I’d pay. So yeah, I think there’s a point where more money gives better value with housing, for sure.
  5. Agreed. My user name is no longer appropriate really. Once I reached pretty close to FIRE money, it hit home how I was watching my net worth fluctuating around a 100k every few weeks with market movements, and was still sometimes being a bit tight over little things. At that point, you have the large cod.
  6. I appreciate the following entrenches inequality, but financially educated parents with decent assets start passing them down early, so there is no chance of it *all* being gobbled up by the state through iht/care home fees and so their kids can actually make use of it. I guess one problem is for many, the biggest % of their assets are in the family home, and that means equity release (spit) or downsizing (which IHt rules actually disincentivize)
  7. As I posted 100s of times, It amazes me that working people eligible for tax credits/universal credit don’t all dump everything above minimum wage in their pension, given those contributions increase the benefit payments and they barely lose out of their effective net income.
  8. That would be difficult, given the ultrawide I use doesn’t have one. And neither does either of the ones flanking it. declare your hidden camera or face the consequences of a claim under the act.
  9. Where did you get that footage? I’m claiming a copy under the data protection act.
  10. the crisp investigator: Was in Poundland yesterday. I had never seen ‘4 packs’ of walkers (25g packs too). But they are now here, and obvs for a pound, given the location. I haven’t seen 6 packs of walkers for a £1 deals (3 for £3 type ones)for a while - Morrison’s and the local coop used to always have them. All £1.25 (2 for £2.50) now when on offer. Which makes them a better deal than the Poundland one, but 25% inflation in crisps is here.
  11. Was about to say the same. Parts of central London or near financial/tech jobs now look - and it pains me to say it because it’s purely relative - superb value compared to many other places. The flat, boring ‘tech hub’ city I work in to the north of London, lauded by most because everyone is supposedly so bloody smart there is a f**king joke by comparison. The house / flat prices are the same but the salaries at least halved for the top talent. I reckon for my role (engineer, non management) max the best of the best negotiator with the scarcest of skills could get as a permie is
  12. It should be obvious I don’t give two sh1ts what the government care about prioritising. Or what most people think. thats why I’m on this thread.
  13. Also maybe I’m extremely strange, but I also did not and do not want to own more bitcoin then I think is reasonable for one person to have. I have zero interest in being rich. I just want to have no worries and freedom. theres 21 million of them, and 7 billion people on earth. Owning 1 is already in some ways highly excessive 😁 3 mBTC is a fine amount in the grand scheme of things.
  14. Alts are more fun, and you have more chance of making a 1000-5000% gain for sure starting now in a shortish time period. you also have a great chance of losing 99% in that same time. if you’re a trader go for it. But I’ve lost easily 40k trying to trade, and the opportunity cost of that and some of the things I tried to be smart with and sold runs is well into the millions in ‘if only’. But I’ll stick to BTC/ETH and that’s it. There’s a comfort in keeping it simple. integrity is worth more than money - sod rigged housing. it seems to have a bigger financial pay off too
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