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  1. Good for them! I’d ask for the same at least to begin with and negotiate down from there. At real inflation > 10%, it’s not unreasonable at all. A pay *rise* should after all be greater than inflation.
  2. In dollar terms, yes. In 2007 I withdrew at $2.05 / £1 at a cashpoint in Cuzco, Peru (there are cash points with USD or local currency as a choice all over South America). Great ‘investment’! i was saying today at work that a £30000 salary was greater then than a £50k one today, in $ terms so we should definitely demand raises if working in US companies 😁
  3. If you believe it was just key workers accepted at airbnbs during lockdown, you would be wrong. There were many ways around it. One hilariously tragic way (in the context of this site) was to say was that you were ‘looking for properties within the area’ and the world of blissful traffic free travel opened up to you. Print out a few rightmove listings, make a few estate agent bookings and you were golden. Just show this page if you were questioned. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/government-advice-on-home-moving-during-the-coronavirus-covid-19-outbreak ‘Yeah we need a week in the Lakes to find the perfect Windermere forever home. Whoops - climbing scaffel pike took a little longer than an hour, I’m terribly sorry officer - but I’ve got to do my due diligence on the local area’s If there was one silver lining to the UKs property obsession it was that. The sacrosanct housing market gave a freedom passport. oh course I would never have indulged in anything like that, I was following the rules like a good little soldier but I know of people who did.
  4. Yes - it was a horrible strategy for employers to do this. Vast swathes of my peers are just not up to scratch, and some are genuine net loss makers in terms of disrupting the few actual productive people. Other vast swathes are actively employed in non jobs, creating nonsensical processes to justify their existence. That some of these new people are now approaching my salary here (I had a premium in the past, and I want it maintained) and in other geographies making 5x what I do for 5% of the impact doesn’t leave me impressed.
  5. Yep, that was the exact strategy I alluded to 👍 Of course doing this is a luxury of only certain jobs - some programmers/engineers can easily get away with this - especially lazy-by-nature-but-highly-skilled ones. If you’re in the gig economy this definitely doesn’t work.
  6. We have already been told at our workplace that our pay reviews have been suspended for the first half of 2022, thanks to basically ‘the employment market being weird’. ‘Weird’ being that they hired average people on inflated salaries last year to outbid competitors, and now don’t have data for what salaries really should be in a more difficult environment. So I’m expecting a fat zero in the next month. It is absolute nonsense, and as always when this sort of thing happens, I make my own payrises by reducing the time spent out of my own goodwill and inner motivation when going above and beyond for my employer. They’ll still get one or two excellent months out of me per year which will still make me very very cheap and much greater value than the average drone. It doesn’t help our household budget, but it always helps my self worth and sanity to do this. And anyway - the reviews always count for sh*t - My guess is I might get anywhere from 3-10% through a pay review in the current climate. That’s buttons. Leverage is the one thing companies understand. So that time saved will be at least in part spent polishing my linkedin, securing an interview or two and getting a substantially higher offer elsewhere. And then presenting it to them with a ‘pay up or I go’. I’m 100% sure they’ll pay up in my case even with a supposed pay freeze. If the job market doesn’t allow for that - no biggie; engage cruise control at work and cut consumption further.
  7. This sort of thing makes me curious ... So they didn't like the fact you had been doing it yourself for a few years and were actively hostile to you for that? Bizarre behaviour!
  8. In all seriousness, what difference does it make with an ICE car? Provided you don’t let it go to the absolute limit and run out, I used to drive from full to empty all the time in my old ICE. It was interesting to see how far I could stretch a tank. I don’t think it had an effect on the longevity of the car or parts that I could see. I don’t do that with the EV because there it does make a difference.
  9. Interesting though @markyh The approved used pricing is all over the place at the moment. https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/ms/order/5YJSB7E41HF227332?postal=PE27 3FH&coord=52.3415399,-0.0732568&titleStatus=used&redirect=no#overview thats an almost identical spec to my car, although it’s a 100 and mines a very, very late 90 with the upgraded mcu2. A few weeks ago those were closer to £70k - they must be getting a lot of S’ back now for people swapping to Y’s. They offered me not far off the price of this - and mine has another 20k+ miles on it, so it looks a bargain. Especially against a new M3P - at least imho. The S is a much better looking car to my eyes and that one is a 2.4s 0-60 monster with a big range. They must have given that owner pretty much what they are asking for it. But that’s also one less car with free supercharging on the road and yeah, I reckon they really, really want those back.
  10. Good spot on what they are doing with the used cars. As a strange and very boring anecdote - my car is one of the weirdest out there. It has full enhanced Autopilot - summon, navigate on autopilot, lane change, fsd visualisations - but totally unofficially. Tesla would still charge me 3.4K for it - and I would get precisely nothing. What happened is that the original owner ordered it before they announced the second gen autopilot (I.e the cars with the extra cameras etc), and paid for the original. Tesla then said ‘you’re getting the newer car’, and asked them if they would like to pay to upgrade to EAP. He/she said no, but because that original AP included lane change, and they couldn’t be bothered to maintain yet another config - they activated all the features anyway.
  11. No, they won’t. They already did that in 2017. Cars with the code SC01 will remain as free transferable supercharging. There’s not that many of those cars on the road - there might be 150k worldwide at best that had that code, and many, many of those have already been traded back to Tesla. You have to do your research and due diligence before buying to make sure you’re really getting one of these. It’s not straightforward and the only real way is to buy from 1st owner privately, and make sure the car was registered in very early 2017 or earlier. There are 6 cars in this country of my particularly special spec. It wouldn’t surprise me if 3 of those have already been traded back to Tesla and have the perk stripped. anyway, it doesn’t matter to me as I have no intention of ever selling the car. I’ll happily pay to replace the battery, and keep this thing going given the free fuel for life.
  12. It was an early adopter perk. up to feb 2017, cars came with free *transferable* supercharging. after that, up to about 2018, and occasionally on specials they had free charging for the first owner only. If someone trades the car to Tesla - they strip the free charging from the car - whether it was originally transferable or not. Can’t blame them. It saves me at least £120 per month in charging costs, and it’s getting more valuable every week at the moment yeah, you can charge up for free in supermarkets for now - but that’s not guaranteed to last and it’s generally much slower charging. You might get about 1/2 a full charge worth in 3 hours. I do use that too, of course - but only occasionally.
  13. Depends. With my model S - I’ve done 20k miles and Tesla are offering what I paid for it privately 18 months ago. It’s a pretty special car though - all the 2020 tech and free transferable supercharging/connectivity, and I think they definitely want those cars stripped of that because the free charging is an insane perk. Many of the owners are getting very, very good trade in prices so that’s affected the used market.
  14. I agree. The best indicator to where things are headed is our own behaviour, and observing the behaviour of others. The lower income people I know are cutting every bit of non essential expenditure. the middle income people are still spending but much more selectively. They are making cuts to discretionary here and there. the higher income people are spending on personal infrastructure improvements (solar, EVs etc) that reduce their monthly expenditure. (This is of the average intelligence or above people in each bracket. The idiots - and there are many in each bracket - are still spending regardless). Our household discretionary income has been decimated already. We are now regularly dipping into savings for monthly expenditure rather than using income. I’m signing up for gig economy jobs because it’s a simple way to make a grand tax free. This is extraordinary stuff. Of course I could just stop putting 40k in the pension but why would I do that 😂
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