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  1. From memory, I think the planned the Max9&10's were to have telescopic undercarriage which would have given them more room to carry bigger engines on the ground presumably without having to redesign the wing or fuselage to take longer fixed size undercarriage which would be more complex to get recertified.
  2. I am sure if the USA didnt ever go to the moon, the watching and listening Soviets would have called them out on it. I think one attraction of conspiracy theories is they are often very imaginative but often have origins in something more credible but go off into the land of fanciful thinking. David Icke ranting on stage has a certain entertainment value and some of his observations of unexpected co-incidnences are thought provoking but they are the basis for some 'odd' stuff! Still, his calling the elite "reptilians" has started to become a standard joke about them.
  3. If you asked the billions living in the so called 3rd world "would you like western living standards in exchange for the 50/50 risk of 0.5c change?" what would the reply likely to be?
  4. Why? A lot of production had gone to China so at the time there was a concern the remaining production left would head to Eastern Europe for lower costs. Yes we host loads of EEs but I doubt that was the sole 'intention' of open trade & FOM. Maybe I credit TPTB with even less intelligence!
  5. Has anyone else heard of the hype curve? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hype_cycle AI will change capitalism (or whatever distorted version of us we now have) but not how people over-predict. Remember Virtual Reality was going to do the same? The internet would make everybody millionaires?
  6. A Spanish colleague of mine explained that while in the UK we massively under-record unemployment, in Spain it's common than here for people claim unemployment benefit but then do low paid work still. In effect subsided work - although still counted as unemployed though, but if we were to include tax credits as unemployed as per the Spanish definition, what would our colours be on the map?
  7. I seem to remember at the time there was a bigger concern that businesses would decamp and move eastwards than what happened. The rule of unintended consequences applies surely? EEs also moved to other European countries where tax credits don't exist too don't forget.
  8. Indeed, and reported in the guardian desperate to discredit anything but the status quo. There's also a saying that you shouldn't be anything on conspiracy that you can't blame on incompetence first! Is an over inflated HPI a conspiracy?.....I suspect a side effect of decisions where this side effect was underestimated and basic economics forgotten. Help to buy in theory superficially seemed a good idea but...... Climate change a hoax? No as it started with genuine concern but snowballed into other issues. It's completely possible to be annoyed with TPTB without being a conspiracy nut.
  9. Sorry the second part was badly written but is based on several notable instances where climate scientists have huge amounts of data and then use mathematical algorithms so process them which can be used and abused to produce the result you want. Professors Manns hockey stick, and the Uni of East Anglia email leaks in particular spring to mind. ie. the consensus authors missed an opportunity to get better than 97%!
  10. Another consideration might be over that 20 year period are the AGW confirming papers written by the same people? IE a small number of scientists publishing the same opinion repeatedly. In any case, the author forgot the usual climate trick of processing your results with an algorithm that gets a result you want....a typical climate scientist should find it's a >100% consensus? 😱
  11. Unfortunately, there's also a long history of a small number wanting change (fair enough) but this can become twisted and turn into something worse and run out of control. "Good people will do good. Evil people will do evil. But for good people to do evil takes religion". I would replace the word religion with idiology personally and ER and climatology is now an ideology.
  12. It may not just be a crisis in science here but a crisis in civilization. In the last 300 years understanding science and technology and rejecting beliefs (IE religion) has resulted in huge improvements in living standards, life expectancy etc and now the West has lost its confidence and direction. Much like ancient Rome experienced. ER are in part a result of this 'crisis of civilization' and have adopted a 'belief' interpretation of a infant science.
  13. Look up Dr Judith Curry. She was a 'believer' but now shes nearer retirement she whistle blew on how the IPCC and funding etc all worked.
  14. Nasa/NoAA have been caught titling their historic graphs upwards over the years to get the 'expected' result. All the same, 'believing' or 'denial' are not scientific viewpoints (they are political/ideological hence my early point) so shouldn't enter the debate and ego of any size won't override science. Whether your 'believe' or 'deny' gravity, have an ego or 10% of an ego make no difference if you jump off a cliff... the laws of physics don't care about these. The laws of physics that determine the climate aren't affected by believing, denying or ego. Science does allow- in fact encourages- people to question things and point out things that don't tally. Yes we need some social change, but twisting science to achieve it is tantamount to going back to the dark ages. The 'belief' in AGW is now the status quo so being a 'denier' isn't opposing change but is challenging the status quo.
  15. Those numbers will be tricky to directly correlate to temperature and equally how many people died as a result of the cold winters of 1962/3? It works both ways hence making the ideal temperature impossible to pinpoint. Remember the 'global warming' seen is under 1C and in one day we will experience 10-15C variation and 30C over the year, to keep things in proportion - ie its tiny trend and buried in far larger year on year variations anyway. Humankind has excelled as a result of much longer warming trends exiting the ice age. Humans only spread to the UK about 6000 years ago as the arctic ice receded (no doubt driving up cave prices as they went 🙄). So further warmer (IF it actually happens) shouldn't affect our race as adversely as alarmists claim.
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