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  1. With that concluded let's move onto life's really deep conundrums....would you rather have spaghetti fingers or jammy ears?😁
  2. Essentially how the sugar tax came to be, although this 'nudging' was more subtle and debated and discussed than covid measures and didn't go as far as putting people under house arrest or encourage them to eat experimental biscuits.🙄
  3. I do go into the big smoke and on the trains and tube it looks about the same really this week. The odd person still wearing, but what once may have been one person per busy carriage is now two per busy carriage so a doubling - well from near zero baseline at least. Not a scientific study I should add.
  4. Plus trust in those who advise the authorities (including who if anyone scrutinises them, or supply solutions), and trust in assessing how well or badly the measures have performed. I would guess scandi countries have more trust in their governments yet were lighter on measures than most others. Germany has an obvious split in trust and the results appear reward the gov skeptics now....hence the topic arising.
  5. The phrase "a way of life" may mean a newer, wider thing: Medical technocrats decide what the masses should be scared of, and persude gov's to implement policies to counter their perceived risk. No discussion will be tolerated and anyone not buying into it is derided as "discourteous to others". The media assist this way of life as triggering people's anxiety's gets 'clicks's and engagement.
  6. No government had any powers to do so. To do this may risk debate, discussion through the quirks of way democracy does (did) work. That doesn't mean 'they' wont try again with non lockdown measures though later on still. Face masks first, WFH, digital ID next but no actual lockdown is most likely what the pressure will be for.
  7. I think the trend you've seen is where interviewers aren't interested in finding stuff out that their viewers might find interesting but trying to create a 'media moment gotcha' for themselves. It's more common in the mainstream in part because they have limited time in a news broadcast, but the new breed of online news channels have more time and can't abuse their guest as their 'media moment' fodder as they simply wouldn't come on.
  8. This graph hasn't got as much discussion here as I expected but it does echo a similar X-Y plot I saw of this country last year where local authorities where plotted with vaccines rates on one axis and cases on the other. There was a distinct positive correlation in what should have either been noisy or negative correlation. The UK didn't have the east/west divide of Germany though.
  9. Indeed they do. But even when in the middle of it trends and patterns emerge if policy makers looked and not blinded by their dedication and investment in the solutions and narrative.
  10. A very high price that won't just be financial. I wonder how historians in centuries to come will look back at the whole episode? The time centuries of social and scientific enlightenment reversed? The time humans pretended they beat nature? I'm sure it won't be as flattering as people look at it now even.
  11. IT at the time wouldnt have been up to the job (outside a few niche IT jobs) but also paying people to sit at home on furlough with printed money would have been unthinkable pre 2008. Also covid's impact on mortality rates would have been masked by the typical rates of the time so would have been less noticable.
  12. There was another lockdown over the following 20/21 winter and they planned that or at least it's very slow exit. They could have exited that lockdown quicker than they did still,and infections had possibly peaked around or before lockdown 1 started (hard to be 100% sure without testing) but certainly plausible. There little mention of the breakdown of vax status vs infections now since the surveillance reports were wound down.
  13. While people are critical of the gov for being slow into lockdown, they were very slowing coming out once the peak had passed almost as if they are over compensating. Also the predictions given by sage didn't help as gov probably knew they were poor but the option was decide ignoring sage or factor in their advice knowing it was poor.
  14. If any kids are reading your posts, here's the evidence kids....don't take drugs.😆
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