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  1. There's been a graph showing take levels by age group Vs time and it seem most have now levelled off, and the 20-30 is slowing down rapidly. Given the cost of premier League tickets from when I used to go, not that many in 20-30s actually went. Somebody really wants digi-ID cards by some means as premier League stadiums are filled with mainly vaxxed anyway, unlike nightclubs so the Vax % isn't the concern but the excuse.
  2. Still relying on the TFH crutch? In any case to add to what @Bruce Banner said, scientists may not be pro a particular party of government, but many are pro a style of government. Anyway, a quick look on BBC and theres nothing about marches, but they did have an article about plastic bag shortages - No doubt such journalism is only possible due to the unique way they are funded! The BBC may relent on their ignore policy if the Guardian gets jumpy about covid ID cards though, or even if their youngest members of the workforce wake up to it.
  3. An apparently it's an amber country if you return here🤔. It gets little coverage as there's no doom value it covering it. Israel is the other country to watch as well to see what happens once a vax campaign is nearly done. What did I say about people resorting to tfh as a debating crutch? 😁
  4. Adding to @Bruce Banner points, people like yourself are lazy 'strawman' use the TFH or anti vax labels, try to link to magnets or simply insult people as a way of avoiding dealing with a fundamental issue and important points you find hard to argue against: 1. The vaxs arent fully tested and being rolled out to 10s of millions without them being informed properly, and to make it worse any concerns about the lack of medium and long term risk profile is entirely valid, but the debate's 'filtered' since December. AZs product being banned and restricted is evidence of issues that ought to have been picked up earlier, and mRNA is a new technology anyway. 2. People are being coerced into it without any debate even of the ethics legality and morality of where one persons medical non-need for something competes against someone else fear of something, whilst likely protected themselves. No balanced person would describe these concerns as TFH as they are genuine issues where the first may turn out to be no concern yet the second is really thorny anyway. The narrative is to avoid these tough issues.
  5. So coercing people to have semi tested medication they don't need in breach of the Nuremberg code is "incentivising"? 🤣🤣. All, Q. Who pays the covid bill...young working folk families or those that lockdown & vaxes were actually for? Q. If 43+ Tory MPs will rebel on Vax passes, will gov risk a HofC vote, back down, or something else?
  6. I wonder if any of these governments implementing or threatening people with these things have considered the long term damage of the state and the people has been done? Or even the medium term damage? Will older vulnerable generations ever consider being grateful to the youngers ones?
  7. So what's the logic for vaccine passports if everyone is immune by jab or by nature? 🤨
  8. Political plus psychological , societal and a practical issue. The bio science bit of it all is fascinating, but the "and now what" inevitably ends up falling into the other categories.
  9. It nothing to do with intellectual levels - it's just some people have wider views and an appreciation of issues beyond purely the biology science of it all and it's outcomes.
  10. Illustrates my point just now about risk interpretation, which is further distorted by 16 months of media doom and drama.
  11. You're forgetting people respond and react to risk differently. Even IF you could measure that risk statistically with scientific accuracy and told people they have a x% chance, they will all respond differently....ie not like yourself.
  12. So which country does the most testing per head after the USA and India? Which country does the most per head of population? When the UK had near zero cases compared to Europe for example did you refer to that area as the "plague continent"?
  13. Looking at the govs announcement details they are targeting theatres too, so bingo halls should be included by that definition. The whole Vax ID farce is nothing to do with risk as you say.
  14. People are still being coerced into medication. It's not the nhs, the state or yourself that decided if they want medication or not. It was agreed at the end of Ww2 that civilised countries don't do this. Ps if your going to try sarcasm you need to add wit and humour.
  15. Except that's not what is happening...people are being encouraged and coerced to take something they don't medically need.
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