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  1. A year? When will it report though if ever? What's the betting it will also be limited in its range to avoid too many damning verdicts or conflicting with too many present narratives? The 'price' of avoiding the rise in cases have to be balanced in too, and we surely must be at herd immunity point by now or close whether by nature or vaccines? Certainly by autumn if not?
  2. We did exit most of lockdown back in July 2020 and it was three months before cases picked up again which is quite a lag (took me by surprise). The 80% herd immunity number (as far as I can tell) originates from a R0 of 5, so in reality is lower if the R0 is lower, and it hard to know how many have actually had/encountered cv19 already especially spring 2020. Keeping an eye on significant unseasonal hospitalisations if vulnerable age groups is a better metric than cases now.
  3. We all know when there low virus prevelance false positives becoming a large number of 'cases'...there in lies the legal 'problem'. People hiding behind 'science' to justify actions can have serious consequences for society. It's no different to abusive Saudi laws hiding behind Allah in the end.
  4. Except when people are placed under house arrest on the PCR outcome the two start to crossover and science can't exist in a vacuum (if ever it can anyway) 😒
  5. People will (maybe @Bruce Banner or not). Afterall as you say "no painty star of David on neighbours door, no drivey new VW beatle for you".....
  6. I don't use FB but yes I have heard it's rife problem now. The BBC are even worse because the demand £159pa for the same behaviour and deserting journalistic duty, but as rule object to any information exchange that excludes them as it makes them and their funding model redundant. Understandable but not acceptable. Twitter thrives on debate/argument/interaction so isn't quite as bad as it relies on opposing views. Exactly and the likes of FB and BBC are totally compliant with it and risk being becoming the vehicles towards the china-esque social credit score. Unwitting or not the
  7. The narrative is "its true" but no one in TPTB seems to commited to actually claim it and be held on it, if that makes sense. Even if it is true, it still a "so what" situation with vulnerable as protected as they can be now. As I mentioned before a vaxed international traveller or pub patron is still potentially a carrier , while a recently tested one isn't. So which mechanism do you prefer to let people into the country or pub on? So why is the TPTB massively going for one over the other? Ps are you sure you're not using the antivax label for anyone who sees things differen
  8. Massive coercion to be vaxed, then operating an arpartied via their 'green pass' to force the remaining to comply by restricting them unjustly. Despite all this they haven't fully reopened too. I should say I don't live there, but reliant on anecdotal posts on Twitter about it, which isn't ideal but given the censorship the MSM are doing that's all that's left😔 That will be the narrative coming soon I'm sure and whether it's true or not, is irrelevant. It borrows from the "masks protect others not yourself" playbook for self policing in public too. I did hear there's a plausible t
  9. When the vaccines came along they were (or should be) a game changer for the vulnerable. They maybe some risk to them but on balance it's worth it if they are given the informed option. The problem is TPTB are obsessed by a national roll out now, they are ignoring the higher than expected side effects on younger folk (many of which go totally unrecorded via the yellow cards) on people not vulnerable and pushing on regardless and relying on the likes of YouTube and facebook to censor any questioning of this. That's worrying, especially when Israelis experience is a guide.
  10. Not really as the odd number comes out higher than the previous probably due to reporting quirks but the all important trend is downwards. Also the number of tests being done varies too so adding more 'noise' to already low numbers. In theory yes, but there will be someone panicking about it to justify more extended measures. Anyway, today was zero reported covid deaths day and zero fanfare for it and if you wanted to know that you would have to hunt it out. The Nandos-esque Covid alert level for the nation is still 3 (ie medium spicy) and not dropped to lemon & herb if anyo
  11. The obsession with them is all consuming for them, but I read Israel's experience was to intimidated everyone into it, which did work and then no shops or bars etc cared about covid ID/bio passports then as take-up has high so no point with the admin or IT cost. Silly thing is a vaxxed traveller is still a potential carrier, yet a recent negative tested person isnt🥺. That negative person could then be infected on the plane by the vaxxed person😲. In any case the vaxxed person poses a bigger threat to the destination country...what does this tell us? 🤔
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if more evidence that asympomatic transfer doesn't happen will crop up now. If vaxs reduce a mild case to asymptomatic, it will used to promote the advantage of Vaxing all. While ignoring the main premise of the last year of lockdowns for the healthy of course.
  13. I was (one) of the people talking about little c conservatives earlier on. Agreed there is a massive open goal for a party. The nearest I have found is the SDP (no idea if they are related to the SDP of the 80s) but they are very minor I don't they they field many candidates even.
  14. Ah but think of the entertainment value it's brought people today😉
  15. Plus those same people will claim "what the gov or others should do for the country and greater good is XYZ" which often a euphemism for "what other people should do that benefits me". Such is human nature.
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